14 Amazing DIY Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen or Bathroom

diy kitchen backsplash designs

When it comes to DIY backsplash ideas there are a zillion unique options out there, with a huge range when it comes to price and difficulty level. Here are 14 of my favorite:

DIY & Upcycled Backsplash Ideas

Fabric Backsplash From Engineer Your Space

fabric and tempered glass backsplash

Engineer Your Space created a backsplash with fabric stapled to a piece of plywood, then placed a piece of tempered glass in front of it for safety and protection (this idea looks to be about $100-$150…. so it’d be a great idea for a renter who can’t actually add a real backsplash).

DIY Details: Engineer Your Space

Whitewashed Wood Paneling Backsplash From House Bella

diy backsplash inexpensive whitewash wood paneling

Sara at House Bella added whitewash wood paneling to her whole kitchen and it looks so, so neat.  She installed the paneling both as a backsplash and counter front update for less then $100… so I bet supplies enough for just a backsplash would be awesomely inexpensive.

DIY Details: House Bella

Handmade Tile Installation From Oh Everything Handmade

clay tile backsplash

Betty from Oh Everything Handmade added these gorgeous clay tiles to her kitchen and gives a great detailed tutorial on it. I love the design of them, so different from the subway tile we all see (and love) everywhere! Tile is obviously the most expensive of your options, but if you’re in a home you plan to be in for a bit, or a home you plan to flip, I think it’s totally worth it.

DIY Details: Oh Everything Handmade

DIY Faux Tile Backsplash From Upcycle Nation

diy faux tile backsplash

Upcyclenation.com has this great DIY kitchen backsplash. They wanted to spend under $50 bucks so using real tiles was out. Instead they used paint to emulate tile. And to make it even better they used paint they had leftover from other DIY projects. All in all this DIY backsplash only ended up costing around $25 bucks!

DIY Details: Upcycle Nation

Faux Stainless Steel Backsplash From Recaptured Charm

stainless steel backsplash

I think this kitchen backsplash looks amazing. It is elegant, timeless and very functional.

This faux stainless steel backspalsh kit from 1005 Designs comes in panels that are cut to shape and installed with simple tools. Construction adhesive is used to stick the panels to the wall and clear silicone sticks the trim to the panels. 

DIY Details: Recaptured Charm

$10 Kitchen Chalkboard Backsplash From Anyone Can Decorate

chalk board backsplash

A chalkboard paint backsplash… What a great idea! Chalkboard paint has a great color and texture but until I saw this DIY design I have always thought of it as something to use in the kid’s playroom – but it looks fantastic in the kitchen too.

The texture is a nice substitute for more expensive materials like slate or granite – but the chalkboard surface could also come in incredibly handy.

I think I would keep a piece of chalk near the coffee maker and leave myself little notes. It sure would look better than the post-its I have covering the refrigerator door.

This is probably one of the easiest projects on the list, 2 coats of the chalkboard paint is all it takes. And the best thing… Total Project Cost: 1 can of Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint – $10

DIY Details: Anyone Can Decorate

DIY Plank Backsplash From Shabby Paints

diy plank backsplash

Another cheap, simple DIY backsplash idea that looks absolutely amazing. This was a bathroom project but the idea could just as easily be transferred over to the kitchen.

This DIY backsplash is made from cheap wood paneling that you can buy at home depot for around $10 bucks. You will also need some paint. Shannon, from Shabby Paints, recommends chalk-Acrylic or reVAX to get a stained or washed wood look.

You will also need a nail gun or an electric staple gun that uses brad nails for this project. You can pick one pretty cheap and once you have it you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

DIY Details: Shabby Paints

Faux Herringbone Backsplash From A Beautiful Mess

herringbone backsplash

Tile backsplashes can look amazing, but they are expensive and a pain in the butt to install. So the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess decided to just paint the wall to look like tiles instead.

I’m not sure how well this technique holds up if you are standing in front of it, but it looks great in the pictures.

This project would most likely take an entire afternoon and a very steady hand – but the actual materials needed are minimal. Here is what you will need to complete this project:

  • Paint pens
  • A ruler to create a herringbone tile pattern
  • A carpenter’s square
  • a subway tile cardboard template
  • Touch-up paint

DIY Details: A Beautiful Mess

Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash From Reality Daydream

DIY Mason Jar backsplash project

Here is an artistic mosaic backsplash for your kitchen using pieces of broken mason jars. This style may not be for everyone, but I personally LOVE it.

This is not one of the easier DIY projects on the list, there are alot of steps involved and it can get very messy. This is an incredibly time-consuming project since you have to manually fit and press each piece of glass into the grout. But the finished effect is well worth it!

If you decide to try making your own mosaic backsplash please read the DIY tutorial first – it will save you from making some very painful mistakes along the way.

DIY Details: Reality Daydream

Stenciled French Style Backsplash From Snazzy Little Things

stenciled backsplash

Jeanette over at Snazzy Little Things meant for this backsplash to only be a temporary solution until she could afford tile, but she loved it so much she just decided to keep it.

The process was not too complicated. First, a layer of Spackle was applied for texture. After the Spackle dried the backsplash was painted a dark base color (in this case Dark Chocolate). A lighter bronze metallic paint was then dry-brushed over the entire surface to make the texture pop.

The trickiest part of this project was the stenciling. Take it from me, If you have never stenciled before you may want to practice on a test board first to perfect your technique or you risk messing up your wall.

DIY Details: Snazzy Little Things

DIY Black and White Vinyl Backsplash From The Gathered Home

diy vinyl backsplash

Brynne from The Gathered Home was looking for a way to update her boring white tile kitchen backsplash. She wanted a solution that (1) didn’t involve paint, (2) was super affordable, and (3) She was able to complete in one afternoon!

That really didn’t leave many choices. So, what did she come up with?


Yep those little black triangles you see in the picture are just black vinyl triangles she cut out and stuck right over the existing tile…. Pretty clever actually. And the best part, you can buy a roll of the vinal material for around $16 bucks!

DIY Details: The Gathered Home

Pallet Wood Backsplash From Circa Dee

rustic pallets backsplash

Want an authentic rustic DIY backsplash on the cheap? Try using old pallet wood panels like they did over at Circa Dee.

For this project the pallet wood was cut into 18 inch segments then glued to the wall with liquid nails. The tricky part is arranging the various shades of wood in an artistically pleasing pattern.

This DIY project was so popular on their blog that they created a follow-up post to address some concerns from commentators – one of which was how cleanable the wooden backsplash was. You can see the replies to all the concerns HERE or view the original post below.

DIY Details: Circa Dee

Whitewashed Faux Brick Backsplash From Remodelicaholic

So, what are your options if you want to get rid of your super-ugly, outdated tile backsplash? You could demo the whole thing, then hire someone to replace it with more modern tile…

Or, you can just cover the whole thing with Faux brick… Phew! Much easier.

If you aren’t familiar with Faux brick, it’s a great way to avoid the mess and expense of remodeling while achieving a surprisingly realistic and elegant look.

The fake brick is surprisingly lightweight so installation is easy. The brick paneling is cut to fit the backsplash and outlets then is attached to the wall with liquid nails. To make the brick look more realistic, you can add a slightly distressed finish using various paint texturing techniques.

The best part was our faux brick backsplash didn’t require any heavy duty demolition or construction and it was super duper inexpensive! Like… $75 for our entire kitchen inexpensive. And we were able to knock out this entire project in an afternoon.

Lauren from Bless “Er House (the original DIYer)

DIY Details: Remodelaholic

Stone Kitchen Backsplash From Home Stories Atoz

garden stone kitchen backsplash

Here’s another great rustic style backsplash made from garden stones. This one looks super expensive and difficult to make but thanks to some simple hacks it was much easier than you would think.

The first hack is that the stones were not individually placed one at a time – they come in 1-foot irregularly shaped sheets that are pre-arranged on a backing – so you basically just slap the whole thing on the wall at once. Then you place more sheets around them in interlocking patterns.

The 2nd hack is a material called Simple Mat which adheres the stone sheets to the drywall. So, this is not like normal stonework where you have to work fast or the glue will dry, Simple Mat is like super-strong double-sided tape, so you can work at your leisure.

DIY Details: Home Stories Atoz

What kind of backsplash do you have? And if you could have any kind, what would you install or create?

diy kitchen backsplash designs
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