3 Steps to Winterizing Your Home

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I think winterizing is one of those things that absolutely differs from region to region… so my post is really about what I do to winterize here in New England. Let’s chat in the comments about other things to do, hmm? 🙂

1. Shut off the outside faucets! Pipes freeze, yo. So once you no longer need to water outdoor plants, shut off the valve for your outdoor pipes. It’s super easy- if the valve handle lines up with the pipe it’s on, if it sticks out away from it it’s off:


2. Get your furnace cleaned. This is an every 2-3 years thing, but for energy efficiency and fire-hazard reasons you should get this cleaned out regularly and before you turn the heat on for the first time that year.

3. Seal up your windows. This can mean a few different things:

  • Plastic over the windows helps prevent the chill from getting in. We do this just in the basement because it’s in a different heating zone and we’ve had pipes freeze down there. A whole kit at Big Lots was about $12 and comes with sticky tape for around your windows (that will not leave a residue!) and plastic, then you use a blow dryer to firm it up.
  • Check your molding- if there’s not a sealed seam between your molding and your wall around the windows caulk it up. That’s where some serious drafts come from.
  • Roll up some old newspaper or foam to put in between your screen and glass pane. I don’t know why, but dad does this so I do this. So there!

What else can you think of? Let’s help each other out here.


For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.

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