3 Ways To Promote Your Blog With Social Media

Today I wanted to share a bit about what happens around this little blog. I started Sandpaper & Glue about a year and a half ago and have since earned a modest following not only on the blog, but on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well. Here’s my two cents worth of tips, tricks, and experience:

  1. BRANDING! It’s strange to think that something as all about you as a blog needs an actual brand, but readers are quick and savvy and fleeting and it’s important they know it’s YOU when they stumble upon something. Also, everyone uses social media differently and at different frequencies, so the more ways readers have to connect with you the better off you are. Here’s how that’s done:

Keep your names and look consistent.

Get yourself a logo or a pattern to use consistently.

  • Put solid thought into what colors, style, patterns are most you– look around your house and at your wardrobe to see what you tend to be drawn to. I recently designed my whole blog for the new year, I created a new pattern for the background and a new header. This then meant I had to create a new thumbnail for my Google Reader and Blogger followers, a new Facebook cover photo (because headers are not the same dimension), new Facebook tab buttons, and a new Twitter background. Whew!
  • I happen to be handy at Photoshop, but PicMonkey.com is a free photo editing site I highly recommend you check out. Also keep in mind you don’t have to be an artist to create a brand, it can be as simple as picking a color scheme or sticking to a font.
  • Let me step back for a second and address something in that first bullet- create tabs on Facebook that match your brand. This isn’t nearly as difficult as you’d think; this article by Her New Leaf gives you step by step directions on exactly what to do. I made the images for mine in Paint and followed her directions and I had it done in less than an hour… doesn’t get much easier than that. To get my Twitter feed linked up as a tab, I installed this app then just uploaded a new image. Please email me at [email protected] if you need any help with this!
facebook header

2. UNIQUE CONTENT IS KEY! You can’t expect people to follow you around the interwebs if they’re going to see the same thing everywhere they go. Of course you’re going to have some crossover: I have a Project Central board on Pinterest where I pin all my tutorials- but I have lots of other boards I pin to as well. My blog posts automatically link to Twitter, but I mainly use Twitter to talk to other bloggers and reblog cool things they’re up to and giveaways they’re hosting. My Facebook page has a Twitter feed tab and I sometimes put my blog post links as a status, but more often than not I ask questions or share images there.

pinterest view

3. BE YOURSELF! This one takes a while to figure out. I used to link up to a weekly fashion post about what outfits I wore that week, which was a good way to drive traffic to my blog. But I got bored with that real fast, and when I thought about it I realized why- I don’t run a fashion blog and the traffic I got was from readers interested in fashion, so they weren’t going to stick around. That’s when I got a little more clever and created the Pinterest Food Challenge: Once a month I cook something I’ve pinned, then I share the recipe and review it. (Don’t forget to create a logo for anything recurring!) This drives people from Pinterest to my blog and vice versa. Think about how your social media can work with your blog in an interesting way, but just every once in a while because unique content is key. 🙂

pinterest food challenge

So there you go- my very wordy, boring pictured tips! I do hope they help, and feel free to get in touch with me if you need any assistance or have any questions!

with glasses

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