3 Window Treatments That AREN’T Mini Blinds


On Tuesday I posted about some things I wish I knew my first month of home ownership, and it led to some pretty solid conversations but in the comments and in messages. By far the biggest one was that so many of you also did not know about non-mini blind options for your windows. I’m so glad I wasn’t alone on this.

I thought I’d do a quick roundup today of some easy alternatives:

1. Bamboo Blinds. This is by far my most favoritest option. I love them. And yes, you can have bamboo blinds and also (high and wide!!) curtains… in fact I encourage you to do so because it looks freaking great:

bamboo blinds
one || two

These can get a little pricey, but they’re sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s as well as a bunch of sites online. You can get them in a zillion different color shades and a bunch of styles (I like the matchstick style- lots of small strips of wood instead of thick longer ones). Plus they can be paired with light linen curtains or fun patterned curtains, or no curtains at all because you’re broke from spending more then $10 on window coverings.

2. (DIY) Roman Curtains. If you’re like me and you’re stuck with rooms full of mini blinds have no fear! You can turn them into Roman curtains and be instantly more sheek and fascinating.

Roman Curtains
one (no sew!)  || two (no sew!) || three (a little sewing)

I like the heavier fabric look of the curtain in number three, by Homemade Ginger, but I think it all depends on the space and where you put them. So grab a 50% off Jo-Ann fabric coupon, get some amazing fabric, and turn your awful white mini blinds into a work of art!

3. Pelmuts! I literally just learned what this word meant like a month ago, and if you say it out loud more then a few times it just sounds like gibberish, but basically it’s a big old fabric box you can put on top of your window. SO if you have mini blinds already, throw a pelmut up to hide them without loosing the option of having something to pull down for privacy if you want it.

DIY pelmut
one (and more info here) || two || three

I know what you’re thinking: holy crap, my grandma’s house is full of pelmuts! Are you sure about this, Stephanie?  Yes! I am so very sure that this is a viable option and with the right fabric it can be super stylish. Maybe just steer clear the 1950s floral your grandma knows and loves.

So there you go friends, 3 options to help you hide and/or replace your white mini blinds. If you’ve done any of the above, or have some other options, feel free to leave a link in the comments!!

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