A Very Wild Baby Shower

Saturday we threw a jungle themed baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law and I had a blast setting up for it… and also, I absolutely can not wait for my nephew to be born. Hurry up September!!

I love theme parties- everything looks so united and together and on purpose. Also, they do not at all have to be expensive. I’m a huge fan of working with what you’ve got:

My mom and my sister in law’s mom picked up green and yellow table cloths and these little palm trees, then we used beanie babies to hold the trees down and roar it up a bit ::heh heh::

You can get the table cloths and trees at the dollar store, and the beanie babies we already had on hand because I was obsessed with them while I was younger. We also had some jungle stickers that we put on either side of these centerpieces just to break up the solid color a little bit and to act like a runner.

I wrapped the gift from me and the gift from my parents in brown packing paper, then I used construction paper to create a tree and a lion head. I sort of just winged it and didn’t use a template, just kept cutting until it looked right.

You can also see here that in the windows we strung up green yarn and used little clothespins to hang hang jungle themed baby socks, which they got to keep after the shower.

We used the community room of a condo complex for the party, so around the room we put the extra beanie babies along with a few other animals I picked up along the way, like this giant tiger from my friend’s son.

The favor table had little blue diapers, which I think were made from folded napkins. Each one had a mint in it that said “It’s a boy!” On this table I put my extra tiny beanie babies- gathered from McDonald’s happy meals about 15 years ago.

We’re not huge on shower games, but we did want to do at least one so I made up zebra striped bingo cards and personalized them for my sister-in-law.

Before the parents-to-be open their gifts everyone fills in the slots with what they think she’ll be getting (clothes, stroller, diapers, etc.) then as she opens them they check it off. The first one to get a straight line wins!

Ok, I have saved the best for last— the food!! I made some super cute monkey cupcakes:

Seriously, I can’t even handle it. I used snack size nutter butters for the ears, chocolate chips for eyes, a vanilla wafer for the muzzle, and frosting for the nostrils and mouth.

Because monkeys love bananas, they were of course banana flavored cupcakes. This Martha Stuart recipe was a breeze to follow, I doubled it and got about 30 cupcakes.

Our friend Lauren from The Pink Petal Cakery also created this amazing piece of work for us:

A few others things we did included using some leopard print scarves to drape over the gift tables, setting out small vases of flowers, and getting green and yellow jungle themed plates/cups/napkins.

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