Learn Your Alphabet Coloring Pages

Learning ABC’s sets the foundation for a lifetime of literacy and learning. Make it fun by combining the lessons with art. Too often, our youngsters get bored with repetitive drills in school. Adding some color and creativity makes it fun.

Alphabet coloring pages
A is for Ant coloring page

A is for Ant

B is for Bear coloring page

B is for Bear

C is for Cat coloring page

C is for Cat

D is for Duck coloring page

D is for Duck

E is for Elephant coloring page

E is for Elephant

F is for Frog coloring page

F is for Frog

G is for Giraffe coloring page

G is for Giraffe

H is for Hippo coloring page

H is for Hippo

I is for Iguana coloring page

I is for Iguana

J is for Jellyfish coloring page

J is for Jellyfish

K is for Koala coloring page

K is for Koala

L is for Lion coloring page

L is for Lion

M is for Monkey coloring page

M is for Monkey

N is for Narwhal coloring page

N is for Narwhal

O is for Octopus coloring page

O is for Octopus

P is for Pig coloring page

P is for Pig

Q is for Quail coloring page

Q is for Quail

R is for Rabbit coloring page

R is for Rabbit

S is for Snake coloring page

S is for Snake

T is for Tiger coloring page

T is for Tiger

U is for Unicorn coloring page

U is for Unicorn

V is for Vampire Bat coloring page

V is for Vampire Bat

W is for Whale coloring page

W is for Whale

X is for X-Ray Fish coloring page

X is for X-Ray Fish

Y is for Yak coloring page

Y is for Yak

Z is for Zebra coloring page

Z is for Zebra

If a child doesn’t grasp their ABC’s in school, it can be incredibly frustrating. These pages can serve as an at-home tutor to enhance mastery. Or perhaps you want to help your youngster get an early start before they ever set foot in a classroom. Maybe it’s none of the above and they just want to have a good time!

For the younger set, these pages will help enhance fine motor skills. This, in turn, will help penmanship. Coloring the letters becomes excellent practice for composing them.

Our coloring pages combine the visual of the letter with an adorable animal. This reinforces the connection between letter, word, and meaning. Challenge your kiddos to identify the animal that corresponds with the first letter of their name – or better yet, each letter of their name! We have a snake, a tiger, and an ant in our home. What about you?

Alphabet coloring pages
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