As Final As It Gets

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The gallery wall is “done.” As done as it can be! About a week ago one of the black frames from the lower section fell off and broke   When it did though, it sort of made a new shape to the gallery and I decided to go with it.

frames on wall
Now, the wall sort of starts on the bottom left and works it way up to the top right and I think the curve of it makes this hodgepodge of a wall look a little more orderly and on purpose.

I added another circle shape to the top right and lowered the “F” on the bottom left to even things out and create the diagonal line a little. Luckily, some of the lighter weight frames are just attached to the wall with velcro so moving things around is easy and doesn’t expose any nail holes. The pictures on the wall aren’t final because a few of them just have scrapbook paper in them, but I’m all done buying frames:

black and white frames on wall

I also like how now all the black frames are straight lined and plain and just the white ones have the embellishments, so it’s not TOO over the top. Three of the black frames are wooden dollar store frames repainted, which really helped to keep this inexpensive.

What do you think? Is a gallery wall for you? What have you been up to around the house lately?


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