Basement Transformation

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This post is very picture heavy, as it should be, because it shows the slow but steady transformation of our basement. The first half of these pictures were taken with my old digital camera (boooo Panasonic!) and the second half were taken with my new one (yay Canon!). I think the difference is quite clear.

Let’s dive in:

old setup basement

Here’s a view of the old set up from the stairs straight to the wall- because I had a kitty corner tv stand the whole room was set up at an angle. It actually wasn’t terrible, but we knew we could do better if things were lined up straight.

another shot of the old setup basement

And here’s a “before” shot taken from in front of the stairs faced out into the room- hi Dutch!- no, that orange blanket is never folded.

dark wood TV stand from Best Buy

I cashed in my credit card reward points and we bought a dark wood tv stand from Best Buy. The wood matches the dark edge of the sectional and the casing of the surround sound speakers. Here’s Matt setting it up.

viewing area from the stairs

Things are looks much better now- albeit a little shuffled behind the “viewing area.” We’ve centered the tv and lined the sectional up with it. We distanced the sectional based on the size of our tv (42 inches) and the spacing of the surround sound. And by “we,” I mean Matt- this is totally his thing.

view from the corner back right

Here is the view from the corner of the room behind the couch: On the left hand wall we set up DVD shelving to display collections, collectibles, and autographed movies. Those big wicker baskets you see will eventually be tucked into the movie shelving shown in the picture below and we plan to get an occasional table for behind the couch.

DVD's at the back

Finally, here’s the view from the left side of the tv looking forward to the room entrance. Yes, we have over 4,000 movies.

Overall, because I was able to cash in credit card points all this was done for nothing. The only new piece of furniture was the tv stand.

Still to do for this room:

  • Paint the walls “medieval forest” green
  • Paint the movie built in’s the same light green as our sunroom
  • Install surround speakers into the wall
  • Install wall to wall carpeting (not for another year or so)

So it’s not looking great yet, but it’s much more functional and comfortable for sure. Also, with all the movies in their home we were able to get rid of about 15 boxes that had been hanging in the guest room.


Mission Possible

Great Success!