Bathroom Prep Work

About a zillion years ago I mentioned we were going to be redoing both our bathrooms, and we’ve finally got going on it. Upstairs, after much to-do, and my handy dad, our new vanity is installed. Unfortunately downstairs is looking a hot mess:

How's THAT for a pinnable image!

How’s THAT for a pinnable image!

So before I rehash the disaster that was installing vanities, I just want to bullet off some bathroom redo prep work steps first:

  • A while ago Matt thought he took care of the mold on the bathroom ceiling. Unfortunately it came back with a vengeance, we think because we just used regular ceiling paint and also because we kept the door closed 95% of the time (trapping moisture in). This time around I bleached and scraped, then painted it with mold & mildew resistant paint. And, because we’ve got a new vanity that has actual doors on it, we can keep the bathroom door open.
  • Next up, I removed the handle bar next to the toilet (maybe there was an elderly person living her at one point), and spackled the 6 screw holes it left in the tile. I also spackled and sanded a bunch of other spots in the tile, instead of re-grouting them, because I’m going to paint the tile anyway. The grout is like 1/8 an inch thick, which obviously is not very thick at all, so I think it just really wore away over time.
  • Our bathroom tub was nasty, partly because it was that way when we moved in and partly because I may or may not wash paintbrushes in it. So I got some rubbing alcohol at the dollar store, soaked some cotton balls in it, and let it chill out on some of the paint stains. That REALLY did the trick to get rid of most of it, and I wish I had known that before I spent hours of my life scrubbing it with at least a dozen other things.

I feel like prep work is initially the least rewarding, but in the long run really makes the final touch of the room.

I’ll share more on the vanities and updates next week, but if you’re following along on Instagram you’ve already gotten a bunch of sneak peaks:

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