Bathroom Vanity Organization

I posted about our bathroom upgrade already (how I painted the tile and made a geometric wall pattern), but I thought I’d do a quick post about the vanity organization today.

My vanity has always been a place where old, saved makeup goes to die. When we upgraded to one with more storage I didn’t want to just fill it up with more stuff so I spent about $20 on organizers– everything from dollar store desk supplies to kitchen containers, to I don’t even know what it was but it was $5 at the Habitat Restore. Let’s get into it.

bathroom organization

For the top draw I decided that any makeup I hadn’t worn in a week could either be thrown out or live in the towel closet (“special occasion” make up, you know- like waterproof mascara and colored eye color since I usually stick to beige). I spent a whopping $3 on this drawer: the circle containers came bundled and the rectangle ones were sold separately (all at a dollar store):

vanity organizer, bathroom organized

The bottom draw of our vanity actually has a trick toe kick that pulls out as part of the draw so it’s really deep and offered a lot of space for all my hair stuff, of which I have far more then makeup because New England weather requires different supplies with each season:

unlabeled- bottom draw

The wooden divider ($5!) holds travel sized toiletries: hand cream, conditioner, soap, body wash. You can see it also holds nail polish and my makeup cleaner. What, you don’t take all the toiletries from your hotel rooms and save them just in case?….

In front is my Juice Plus (you can learn about it here), blow dryer, hair sprays (one for each straight hair days, wavy hair days, up in a ponytail hair days).

Then to the right I have 3 containers from the kitchen section at Marshalls (about $12 total). One is for straighteners and curlers, one for brushes, and one for miscellaneous sprays/gels/etc.)

So the moral of the story– look at things not for what their labeled use is, but for how it can help you overall. Those tin desk organizers are AWESOME at all sorts of things, and the long skinny kitchen containers are the perfect size for all things hair.

How to do you keep your beauty supplies organized?

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