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Today is the start of a 31 day challenge- in which each (week)day of the month I’m posting one quick and easy tip you should know right at the beginning of home ownership.

My absolute biggest tip: BEIGE IS NOT THE ONLY NEUTRAL. Look, if you like beige and brown I have no problem with that. Heck, my bedroom is a light cream color. But… there are other options. I know! ::gasp::

I used gray as a neutral in both my living room and sunroom, and if you think gray is depressing, think again, because those are the 2 most awesome rooms in my home:

zebra striped chair, Moroccan stenciled wall, stenciled wall how to

Ain’t nothing depressing about a Moroccan stenciled wall and zebra chair

striped walls, gray striped walls, gray and yellow, gray and beige

The walls are off white and gray, the bar is brown. AND THEY MATCH JUST FINE.


Check out this old post from Centsational Girl for more tips and ideas on injecting color into neutral spaces . 

Also, for reference, here’s a quick little list of when to use which sheen:

  • Flat paint: use for walls in living rooms, bedrooms, ceilings, or furniture
  • Eggshell: use for walls in hallways, dining rooms, kitchens
  • Satin: use for walls in bathrooms, or furniture
  • Semi-gloss: use for windows, trim, doors, and cabinetry

Most of my walls are satin, because that’s what dad told me to do, and they don’t look bad. But our den is eggshell and I freaking love it (less tv glare) and our living room is too and it looks much much better. Apparently it’s harder to clean, but I haven’t had that issue.


For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.


31 days challenge

Sometimes you gotta live with it: 31 Days