15 Best Giant Teddy Bears

best giant teddy bears and stuffed animals
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One of the most popular gifts to give is the teddy bear. Teddy bears can be gifted for holidays, birthdays, congratulatory celebrations, and as get-well presents after an injury, illness, or difficult time.

Giving a teddy bear or other stuffed animal for any occasion shows that the giver wishes to provide comfort and happiness to the person they give it to. That’s because there is something so comforting about stuffed teddy bears and other stuffed toys.

They’re soft, cuddly, warm, and always smiling, so it’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular toys for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a teddy bear for a child, a significant other, or a good friend, this list of teddy bears, which is organized from largest to smallest, is sure to have just what you’re looking for.

Best Giant Teddy Bears

Giant Teddy Brand Premium Quality 7-Feet-Tall Bear

Giant Teddy Brand - Premium Quality Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear (Amber Tan, 7 Foot)

Though this teddy bear is two feet shorter than the the largest bear on our list, seven feet is still incredibly large for a teddy bear. This tan bear has a welcoming smile, shining eyes, and adorable paws on his hind legs.

Many reviewers bought this bear as a gift, mostly for kids and adoring girlfriends. The common theme among reviews is being pleasantly surprised by how large and well-made this giant teddy bear is.

The soft fur and ample stuffing make this bear the perfect cuddle partner for kids, girlfriends, and teddy bear enthusiasts.

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Joyfay 6.5-Feet-Tall Giant Teddy Bear

Joyfay 78" Giant Teddy Bear Dark Brown Valentine's Gift

This huge teddy bear is over six and a half feet tall and is sure to make a big first impression, whether as a gift or as an addition to a bedroom.

It’s soft brown fur, big black nose, and gingham neck bow make him one of the cutest bears you’ve ever seen. People who purchased this teddy bear say that the quality is terrific, it was packaged well, and that they were shocked and pleased by just how big he is.

This giant teddy would be perfect for a child’s bedroom, a Christmas gift, or a gift for a special person in your life who loves teddy bears.

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Giant Teddy Brand 6-Feet-Tall Panda Bear

Giant Teddy Brand Giant Stuffed Panda Bears (6 Foot)

Pandas are the gentle giants of the animal kingdom. Their intimidating size is outweighed by the cuteness of their black and white markings and their generally lazy attitude. This giant stuffed panda bear looks just like a real panda, with soft fur, a sweet smile, and gleaming eyes.

People who bought this say they were impressed by the size and quality of this huge stuffed toy. He makes a great pillow and has just the right amount of stuffing. Thanks to this giant panda, you can bring home a bear that is about the size of a real panda, but you won’t have to buy bamboo in bulk.

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YESBEARS 5-Feet-Tall Bear

Yesbears Giant Teddy Bear 5 Feet Tan Color Ultra-Soft (Pillow Included)

This adorable five-foot bear comes with a pillow that says “I Love You” and is as soft and cuddly as can be. Unlike most of the other bears on this list, this bear’s bow is removable and the pillow isn’t attached, either.

The company describes this five-foot-tall bear as shed-free and fully stuffed, so you won’t have to worry about missing stuffing or getting teddy bear fur all through your home.

Reviewers love the size of this bear and the quality of the stitching. While this is another terrific gift for loved ones, one reviewer said they purchased this bear to ease their anxiety and depression. So, this bear may also be a great pick-me-up for yourself or someone else who is struggling.

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Anico 5-Feet-Teddy Bear

Anico 59

All teddy bears are cute, but this may be the cutest large bear on this list. This bear’s big, soft, brown nose, adorable smile, and giant paws are irresistibly charming.

This big teddy bear is available in brown, dark brown, tan, and as a black and white panda. Reviewers say that this bear’s fur is perfectly soft, it has plenty of stuffing to keep it upright and comfortable to snuggle with.

The description of this bear states that it fits into a size 2XL shirt, so this could be a great way to display tee shirts or you could add a certain school or athletic shirt to show team spirit.

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5-Feet-Tall Purple Teddy Bear

5FT Giant Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush, Soft Cuddly Stuffed Bear, Large Stuffed Animal Plush Toy with Big Footprints, Gifts for Girls, Girlfriend, Kids on Valentine's, Birthday, Xmas, 63in

A nice change of pace from the basic brown bears, this purple bear is soft and snuggly, just like the others, but its fun-colored fur makes it really stand out.

This bear is also available in bright pink and cream white, in addition to the other basic brown bear colors. It comes with a purple bow, realistic eyes, and adorable paw details.

Many people used this bear as decoration for baby showers, birthdays, and as décor in nurseries. The purple fur and cute details on this bear make it a great gift for the special girl in your life.

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MaoGoLan 55-Inch-Tall Giant Teddy Bear

MaoGoLan 55 Inch Giant Teddy Bears Big Cute Plush Teddy Bear Huge Life Size Teddy Bear Large Stuffed Animal Toys for Girlfriend Children White

This cream-colored teddy bear is just shy of five feet tall. It’s a great size for surprising someone with a huge bear without it being overwhelmingly large.

The ultra-soft fur, neck bow, and long legs on this bear are its most notably adorable features. This bear also comes in blue, pink, and purple.

People who bought this bear were most impressed by how well-stuffed it is and the overall quality of its construction. The fact that it easily sits up in a chair is another great feature that was mentioned.

The multiple colors this bear is available in makes it a wonderful gift for anyone from a newborn baby to a significant other.

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Misscindy 47-Inch-Tall Teddy Bear

Misscindy Giant Teddy Bear Plush Stuffed Animals for Girlfriend or Kids 47 inch, (White)

If you can’t fit a teddy bear the size of a compact car in your house, this teddy bear may be the perfect alternative. At just over four feet, this smaller version of the 6.5-foot bears is perfect for the “wow” factor of a big teddy bear without taking up an entire room.

This bear comes in many different colors, including cream, light brown, blue, and gray, so it will fit into any décor. People who reviewed this bear said they loved the size and quality. Some reviewers say that it needed a bit more stuffing or for the stuffing to be adjusted after shipping, but if you’re looking for a soft, snuggly bear, this is a great choice.

The size and style of this bear make it the perfect gift for children and adults.

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Vermont Teddy Bear 4-Feet-Tall Get Well Jumbo Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear Get Well Gift Teddy Bear – Get Well Stuffed Animals, Jumbo, 48 inch

Bears are the perfect gift to give someone who is recovering from an illness. Since most illnesses mean lots of resting, what could be better than a cuddle buddy to help them get comfortable?

Made by one of the most well-known names in teddy bears, this Vermont Teddy Bear is made with premium fur, signature Vermont Teddy Bear eyes, and recycled stuffing. And the best part is this bear is guaranteed for life, so little rips and tears are no big deal.

Reviewers say that, when given as a get-well gift, this bear was greatly appreciated and helped their loved ones on their road to recovery.

This chubby guy comes with a “Get Well Soon” neck ribbon, so your loved ones will know you’re thinking of them and wishing them well.

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Toys Studio 3-Feet-Tall Gray Teddy Bear

Toys Studio 36 inch Big Teddy Bear Cute Giant Stuffed Animals Soft Plush Bear for Girlfriend Kids, Grey

This fuzzy bear comes in many colors, including blue, pink, and white, but the soft gray fur is a standout favorite. Just from the photographs, it’s easy to see how soft and fuzzy this bear is. It’s large facial features and gray tulle bow make this bear even cuter.

Reviewers love how soft and cuddly this bear is. People have bought this for many reasons, including as a gift and as a dog toy.

At three-feet-tall, this is a great size bear to be given as a gift, as it’s not so big that it’s overbearing, but it’s large enough to be an exciting and unique present.

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Holly Home 3-Feet-Tall Teddy Bear

HollyHOME Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush Giant Teddy Bears with Footprints Big Bear 36 inch Brown

This teddy bear comes in light and dark brown and includes a neutral neck bow. Some of the best things about this bear are the shining eyes and the details on the bottom paws.

This bear has great proportions, so rather than having abnormally long legs like some bears, it looks like a normal teddy, just super-sized.

People who purchased this bear say that it made a great gift and they enjoyed the compressed packaging so it’s easier to wrap. This would be a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for a child.

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Cybil Home 35-Inch-Tall Teddy Bear

CYBIL HOME Giant Teddy Bear Soft Plush Bear Stuffed Animal for Girlfriend Kids,Pink,35 Inches

Just shy of three feet tall, this charming teddy bear comes in lots of different colors, including three different shades of brown, gray, pink, and more. The soft fur and welcoming facial features are some of the things people like most about this teddy bear.

Its fur is incredibly soft and its smile brings joy where ever it goes. While most people purchased this as a present, some people used this bear for first birthday parties and baby showers. So, this bear is great as a gift and as a decoration.

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Pawley Kid’s 34-Inch-Tall Stuffed Teddy Bear

Pawley The Stuffed Teddy Bear - Cute Stuffed Animal for Kids - Adorable Plushie Bear 34”

Most of the other bears on this list are great for both children and adults, but one look at this adorable bear and you’ll know it’s geared toward kids. From its uneven ears to its wispy hairs on top of its head, this bear is as adorable as they come.

Reviewers say that their children absolutely love this bear and it holds up to a lot of wear and tear. Pawley also comes in a variety of sizes and even has an option that includes a Pawley storybook.

If you’re looking for a great teddy bear gift for a little one, Pawley is a terrific choice.

GUND Snuffles Laying Down 27-Inch Teddy

This stuffed bear is a bit different from the others on the list, but its unique design may be just the thing you’re looking for. Rather than sitting up as the other bears on this list do, this GUND Snuffles bear looks more like a pillow with a face and paws.

Reviewers say that this bear is ridiculously huggable and many who bought this as a gift ended up buying another for themselves.

This bear comes in a variety of colors and even comes in a smaller 18” size. It will make a terrific gift for pretty much anyone and it’s a great thing to buy as a self-care gift for yourself.

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Trudi Premium Italian Designed 22-Inch-Tall Ettore Teddy Bear

Trudi Premium Italian Designed Ettore Giant Teddy Bear, Big 22-Inch Plush, Amazon Exclusive, Brown Bear

Fuzzy, fluffy, and oh-so-cute, this bear has everything you could hope for in a stuffed animal. Though this bear is considerably smaller than the others on this list, its handmade quality and beautiful design make up for its smaller stature.

People who purchased this bear say he has the perfect amount of stuffing and his craftsmanship is unmatched. His longer fur is great for calming snuggles, especially for children with sensory processing needs. This would make a lovely gift for a loved one of any age.

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Personalized 9-Feet-Tall Teddy Bear

Your Custom Personalized Message on American Made Giant 9 Foot Teddy Bear Soft 108 Inches Pink Made in USA

Clocking in at an incredible nine feet tall, this may be the biggest teddy bear that money can buy. Soft, cuddly, and available in a variety of colors, these bears are made in the USA and they have a neck ribbon that can be personalized.

At nine feet tall, a bear this size requires a little out of the box thinking when figuring out just how to fit it into your home. You could use this giant furry guy as seating, to replace your pillows on the bed, or even as a cuddly napping spot for younger kids.

While this bear is a terrific gift, it may be a good idea to reserve such a massive gift for people who you know have the space to keep it.

Bringing Home Bear

Picking out a teddy bear, whether as a gift or for yourself, is an exciting and important task. There are thousands, if not millions, of teddy bear and stuffed animal variations for sale, so picking the perfect one can be a difficult undertaking.

Hopefully, this list of the best teddy bears available will help you to narrow down your choices and pick the best bear for the occasion. Once you’ve picked your bear, be sure to check out our article on how to choose the perfect name for a teddy bear.

With a thoughtfully chosen stuffed animal and the perfect name, the new stuffy in your or your loved one’s life will feel like a part of the family in no time.

best giant teddy bears and stuffed animals
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