15 Best Ice Cream Toys For Kids

best ice cream toys for kids

Oh, the things I do in pursuit of journalism.  My fingers stick to the keys of my laptop as I type this.  An empty bowl of Breyer’s strawberry cheesecake ice cream sits on the desk next to me.

Truth be told, I had no desire for anything sweet– much less ice cream– until I started writing this article.  Twenty-million calories later and I’ve finally [unbuttoned my pants] and corralled a roundup.

By the way… Big Happy House earns a commission through the following hand-picked links at no extra cost to you.

There are wooden sets and plastic sets.  Some are cloth, some are chalk, some are Play-Doh.  All are guaranteed to delight your youngster.  Toy ice cream pretend play sets teach your child about imagination and creative play.

If you’re looking for something a bit larger in scale – be sure to check out my round-up of The Best Toy Ice Cream Trucks, Stands & Stores.

Melissa & Doug Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

The Ultimate Pretend Play Ice Cream Toy

Melissa & Doug nailed it yet again with this pretend play ice cream set.  It comes with a menu and play money, so kids can select– and pay for– their treats, just like they do at their favorite ice cream shop.  The scooper is very realistic, with a lift and release feature, and is excellent for little hands honing their fine motor skills. 

Each of the scoops fit snugly on top of each other in either the ice cream cone or the cup.  This pretend play ice cream set truly has it all, offering endless ways to imagine and combine ice cream ideas.  Bonus points for the counting lessons associated with the play money.  

  • Recommended Age:  3-6 years
  • Number of Pieces:  28 pieces
  • What’s Included:  wooden ice cream counter, 8 ice cream scoops, 6 toppings, 2 cones, cup, scooper, tongs, wooden spoon, and 6 pretend $1 bills
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Learning Resources Smart Snacks Alpha Pops Set

Best Letter Learning Popsicle Treat

What a fun, colorful way to learn letters!  Practice upper and lower case letters with these detachable pops.  A word of caution, each pop is double-sided, so spelling options are limited for those youngsters more advanced with their letter recognition or requiring duplicate letters for a certain word. 

Creative options in terms of pretend play may be somewhat limited, seeing as how all pops are similar and there’s very little variety.  Those who want play ice cream other than popsicles are out of luck with this one.  

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  26 pieces
  • What’s Included:  alpha pops click together, so little ones can match lowercase to uppercase letters, and vice versa
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Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Cone Playset

Best Realistically-Detailed Set

Perhaps this mama is just craving ice cream, but gosh– this looks good enough to eat.  The detail is exquisite.  Because of the magnetic [there is no way for the magnets to come out, fear not!] scoops, the scoops magically stick to both each other and the cones.  

In fact, they are so strong, you can turn the cone upside down with a single scoop of ice cream in it and it won’t go anywhere!  

Everything also stores easily in the sturdy container.  Realistic scoopers allow for fine motor skill practice.  Some parents hoped to see more than two cones, or a cup, but 0verall this set is quite realistic and your child won’t be frustrated trying to make things balance.  

  • Recommended Age:  3-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  10 pieces    
  • What’s Included:  4 magnetic ice-cream scoops, 2 cones, 2 magnetic scoopers, and a container with lid
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Melissa & Doug Wooden Frozen Treats Set

Best Velcro Set

This durable wood set primarily contains treats other than the traditional ice cream cone.  Here you’ll find popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and Italian ice.  It uses velcro as an adherent, and at least one parent complained that their velcro was flimsy and came loose rather quickly.  

Overall the reviews were overwhelmingly positive– as I expect to see with Melissa & Doug toys– so this may have been an isolated incident.  Be sure to have fun mixing and matching all the numerous popsicle combinations.  

  • Recommended Age:  3+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  24 pieces
  • What’s Included:  6 cookies, 3 ice cream fillings, 2 double-sided Italian ice inserts, 6 multicolored ice pop halves, 2 Italian ice cups with lids, 2 spoons, and a reusable menu card
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Play Circle by Battat – Sweet Treats Ice Cream Parlour Playset

Best Plastic Set

Now this is the full ice cream experience!  Complete with syrup toppings and sprinkles– and even a whipped cream cherry and a banana for an ice cream sundae– this enables kiddos to have fun with their toppings as they conc0ct the perfect ice cream dish.  

The two spoons are miniature ice cream cones, which is an adorable touch.  For those looking to collect, Battat makes lots of sweet-treat themed sets [and food sets in general] that would complement this nicely.  

  • Recommended Age:  3+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  21 pieces
  • What’s Included:  4 ice cream scoops, 2 cream toppings, 2 bottles of sprinkles, 2 syrup bottles, 2 ice cream swirls, 2 sugar cones, 1 banana, 1 banana split dish, 2 cups, 2 spoons, and 1 ice cream scooper
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Learning Resources Pretend & Play Ice Cream Shop

Best Set With Apron

How adorable is the blue apron with the ice cream cone on the front?!  Let your child put on the apron and strengthen their hand/eye coordination as they serve the ice cream.  

This set definitely contains small parts that can be a choking hazard, so this is not the toy for those on the younger end of the spectrum who still struggle with putting things in their mouths.  

A magnetic scooper gives precision control over the contruction of desserts. The primary parental complaint I discovered was that the cardboard material the ice cream carton is made of doesn’t last.  

One parent also noticed that the plastic that comprises the whipped cream is of a different consistency than the ice cream scoops and doesn’t always stay on top very well.  

  • Recommended Age:  3+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  18 pieces
  • What’s Included:  4 scoops of ice cream, sugar cone, cake cone, sundae dish, banana split dish, ‘splittable’ banana, scooper, 2 spoons, apron, write and wipe menu, ice cream carton, and pretend chocolate syrup bottle
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HABA Biofino Ice Cream Venezia

Best Embroidered Play Ice Cream Set

We’re huge fans of unique toys in our house, so this would be a huge hit.  Made with a cotton and polyester blend, it is machine washable [cold setting – air dry] for easy cleaning.  Not only are they washable, they’re too crafty to be shoved in a bin somewhere– display them on a shelf or by pillows on a chair.  

They are realistically sized, as opposed to miniature, which is a plus.  I feel like this is a ‘sophisticated’ version of traditional toys, as if we’re come cutting-edge European family with our handcrafted toys.  On a completely unrelated note, I would sew a strap on this and use it as a cute purse for tween or teenage girl.  Or, um, myself.  

  • Recommended Age:  3+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  4 pieces
  • What’s Included:  2 cones and 2 [reversible] scoops of flavored ice cream 
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Le Toy Van Honeybake Collection

Best Mix and Match Sets

After Melissa & Doug Le Toy Van is probably one of the most prolific manufacturers of Toy Food set on the planet. They are a family owned company based in England who has been creating ethically made toys from sustainable materials since 1995. I absolutely LOVE their toys.

I have listed 3 of their Ice Cream Toys below. Whether you use one individually, or the trio as a set, Le Toy Van offers high quality products that have delighted children for years.

Honeybake Colourful Wooden Carlo’s Gelato Pretend Ice Cream

An excellent gender-neutral, well-made gelato set.  Use this toy as a teachable moment to explain the differences between ice cream and gelato, and introduce Italian culture [any excuse for a pasta dinner] for your evening meal.  I love the way this wooden set doesn’t have magnets or velcro, but instead stacks.

Honeybake Ice Cream Pretend Kids Playset

The product description says it’s “timeless” and “nostalgic” and I couldn’t agree more.  Something about colorful wooden toys elevates the play experience a notch up from plastic.  Don’t get me wrong– I fully appreciate plastic toys– but this reminds me of the sturdy toys of my youth.

Honeybake Collection Ice Lollies

One of my favorite activities to do with my kids is making popsicles, so it was a welcome surprise to see fun popsicles and yogurt bars in this set.  This mimicks something we do regularly, and could easily make after play time.



Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Shop Chalk Set

Best Chalk Ice Cream Set

As I type this, my two children, teenage godchilden [twins], and toddler niece are hovering.  That’s five kiddos ranging in age from 4 to 15, two boys included.  I paused their party to ask their opinions and the verdict was unanimous:  “COOL!”  

I cannot imagine there would be much that would appeal to such a diverse cast of characters, but this is a fun and creative way to maintain the ice cream theme while allowing kids [all-ages, really] to express themselves creatively.

Chalk never gets old, but something about the ice cream motif and stencils makes this extra exciting.  Too often art-as-play isn’t embraced as it should be, and this set offers the perfect solution.  

  • Recommended Age:  3-12 years
  • Number of Pieces:  33 pieces
  • What’s Included:  double-sided sign with stand, 3 stencil sheets, chalk paint stamper, and much more
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Toy Chest NYC Wooden Ice Cream Set

Best Organizationally-Friendly Set

What really speaks to me about this play set is the way there is a place for everything built within the set– and it’s still aesthetically pleasing.  There’s a variety of ice cream scoop flavors, fruit slices, and dessert bars.  

Use the fruit as a teachable moment for nutrition.  The parts use velcro to connect.  I also could not help but notice that there was not a single negative review regarding this product.  In fact, multiple parents called it “perfect.”  

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  15 pieces
  • What’s Included:  ice cream service counter, an exciting blend of frozen treats, changeable ice cream toppings, frozen fruit pops, ice pops, cones
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Imagination Generation Ice Cream Maker Playset 

Best Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain Playset

Imagination Generation Ice Cream Maker Playset

This reminds me of sitting at the counter at Wiles-Smith Drugstore having vanilla milkshakes with Mom.  I appreciate the nostalgic nod.  

The temperature label displays in Celcius temperatures which– as you should know I love by now– is a terrific teachable moment.  One thing I found slightly amusing was the fact that these cones were distinctly waffle cones.  In my house, one of the most polarizing battles is waffle cones versus sugar cones.  

Turnable knobs and stackable parts round out a solid set.

  • Recommended Age:  3+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  9 pieces
  • What’s Included:  various parts
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Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Party Play Food Set

Best Play Doh-Ice Cream Cones

Who doesn’t love Play-Doh?  This is one of our two favorite Play-Doh choices.  This particular set goes back to basics with cups and cones.  Your dessert maestro will love the colorful confetti that comes within each of the Play-Doh containers.  

There is more than enough for everyone to enjoy, so your child has endless options for solo play, or engaging with siblings, friends, or neighbors.  Play-Doh transcends generations– and with just cause.  

  • Recommended Age:  3+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  27 pieces
  • What’s Included:  2 cups, 2 bowls, 4 cones, 2 cone stands, scoop, banana stamper, decorating tool with 3 rails, ice pop book-mold with stick, fruit book-mold, 2 spoons, 2 creation cards, and 6 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound 
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Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker Play Food

Best Play-Doh Play Ice Cream Maker

There is no wrong way to do Play-Doh.  What differentiates this set from the previous one is that it focuses more on the ice cream making and decorating process, as opposed to scooping on cones and cups.  There’s also more color combinations because there are more cans of Doh.  I’d definitely recommend this set for the older kids.  

  • Recommended Age:  3+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  assorted
  • What’s Included:  2 creation cards, dishes, cones, and other accessories for imaginary ice cream parties, 6 classic Play Doh colors [in 2 ounce cans] and 2 Play Doh plus colors [in 1 ounce cans]
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Wood Eats!  Traveling Ice Cream Parlor Playset

Best Portable Ice Cream Sundae Set

Imagination Generation Wood Eats! Wooden Play Food Traveling Ice Cream Parlor Playset with Popsicles, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Sundaes

Made of durable wood, this brightly colored set offers lots of fun frozen treats.  From ice cream scoops to macaroons to ice cream bars, this set has a sweet play dessert for everyone.  You can even build your own ice cream sundae! 

The illustrated box allows for easy cleanup and storage– and the green ribbon makes the entire unit portable.  Carry it as a purse or tote as you move from one location to the next inside the home or out in the backyard.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-4 years
  • Number of Pieces:  25 pieces
  • What’s Included:  colorful single scoops, scooper, cutlery, other frozen treats
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Dragon Drew Ice Cream Toy

Best Budget Set

Dragon Drew Ice Cream Toy - Pretend Ice Cream Set - Ice Cream Set for Kids - Wooden Ice Cream Set

Similar to the Honeybake collection in terms of quality and aesthetic, this is a budget-friendy buy that won’t leave a dent in Santa’s wallet this holiday season.  The set comes in a durable cardboard box that doubles as storage.

Everything is stackable– meaning no velcro or magnets– so some parents say that it doesn’t fit as securely as its counterparts.  With multiple inviting colors, combine creations to your heart’s content with this stellar set.

Clocking in at a little over $20, this set gives everyone something about which to smile.  This ice cream cone toy works as a full-blown present or a luxe stocking-stuffer.

  • Recommended Age:  3+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  21 pieces
  • What’s Included:  6 different flavored ice cream cones and 2 colourful ice cream lollipops
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Am I the only one who required ice cream mid-article? Surely not! As I am so fond of saying, let everything be a teachable moment and find ways to enrich your family’s culinary experience and regular lesson planning.

If you are looking for a more substantial culinary play experience be sure to check out our roundup of the 25 Best Kids Kitchen Sets.

best ice cream toys for kids
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