14 Best Indoor Jungle Gyms & Climbing Toys For Toddlers & Preschoolers

best indoor jungle gyms and climbing toys

A kids jungle gym can help your little ones learn how to climb, slide, crawl, and play. It’ll also help develop their fine motor skills and strengthen their little muscles while they learn how to build bonds with their playmates.

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Indoor Climbing Toys – Top Picks

What Are Toddler Climbing Toys?

Put simply, they’re fun climbing structures that bring the playground inside. The playsets will allow your little ones to be active, jump around, and develop social skills all from the comfort of your own home.

But most indoor jungle gyms don’t stop at having just one climbing feature. Instead, they can come with all sorts of fun additions, like slides, crawl tunnels, ball pits, and even monkey bars.

You can buy climbing toys for indoor and outdoor use, although the ones that go inside are usually more versatile. They’re also much easier to carry around and move from one place to the next.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to assemble almost every jungle gym you buy, but it’ll all be worth the trouble once you see how much fun your tots are having.

Now the question is, which play-set should you get? Most climbing toys are made of plastic — they’re lightweight, easy to assemble, and you can even put some in your backyard.

We’re here to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 11 best toddler climbing toys currently available on the market.

Toddler Foam Climbing Blocks

Welcome to the wonderful world of foam climbers, a long time favorite of Nursery Schools and Day cares around world. They are safe, easy to clean and kids can play on them for hours without getting bored. The ones I have listed are all made of top quality materials and will last a very long time (as log as you ban sharp objects from entering the play area)

Just a little warning – the prices of some of these will shock you. It may seem like a lot of money to spend for a climber that will only be of interest to your kids for a year or 2 max. But the great thing about these is that – even after your kids outgrow them as climbers, they will still find uses for them for years to come.

They work great as crash pads for general rough housing. The larger models can be incorporated into Indoor Forts, Reading Nooks or my favorite use – they can be repurposed as obstacles for Nerf Wars.

Most of the manufacturers make multiple models and configurations. They are all modular, which means you can start small and build an entire Foam Climber city over time.

Milliard Soft Toddler Stairs and Ramp Climber Gym Toy

Best Budget Foam Climber

The Milliard Soft Ramp is perfect for those of you who have young kids at home and want to get them something that they can use for years to come. In fact, the company says that even one-month-old babies can play on it (with adult supervision, of course).

Milliard’s gym toy is one of the safest toddler climbing toys on the market right now. It’s made of soft, but sturdy polyurethane shapes that you can use separately or attach together. Also, they come with a lead-free, stain-resistant vinyl cover that you can easily clean.

This two-piece step-and-slide play-set is compatible with different brands, so you can also get more pieces if you want to create an elaborate indoor obstacle course.

Things to Consider

The one area where the Milliard Soft Slide falls short is the Velcro strips. They’re simply not big or strong enough to make two (or more) shapes stick together.

What We Like:

Perfect for younger kids
Safe, soft, and sturdy
Features a step and ladder
Easy to clean, no assembly needed

Our Concerns:

The velcro strips aren’t high quality
Not suited for older kids
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ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Foam Play Set

Most Popular Foam Climber

The SoftZone playset from ECR4Kids is one of the most popular toddler climbers on the market, with over 1400 mostly positive reviews on Amazon it strikes a perfect balance between quality and price.

The set is similar to the one from Milliard, only a bit more elaborate. This five-piece activity set is lightweight, sturdy, and you can mix and match the different shapes to make a unique obstacle course.

The stuffing is a phthalate-free foam that’s easy to clean and has a non-slip bottom.

Also, you can get this indoor climbing toy in three fun colors: Earthtone, Contemporary, and Assorted.

If you don’t like any of those color combinations Costzon makes an almost identical set of foam climbing blocks for about $20 bucks less. You can get the HERE.

It’s perfect for kids that are anywhere between nine months to three years old as they can safely play on the textured base without the risk of slipping. Also, since the play-set is so light, your tots can rearrange the pieces any way they like.

Things to Consider

The Climb & Crawl shares a similar problem with the Milliard Soft Stairs — it’s difficult to get it to stick to the floor. The parts move and slide around too much, so you’d have to get some more velcro to get the whole structure to stick together.

What We Like:

Phthalate-free foam
Has three different color stories
Versatile and lightweight
Helps your kids work on their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills

Our Concerns:

The play-set moves around too much and doesn’t offer much traction
Not for bigger kids or preschoolers
Check Price On Amazon

FDP SoftScape Cascade Corner Toddler Climber for Toddlers and Kids

King Of The Mountain

Factory Direct Partners is another company with a really nice line of Foam climbers for Toddlers. They have around 15 different models, most of which are pretty similar in configuration to other brands – but the Cascading Corner Model (pictured above) is something a bit different.

This 3 level climber is designed to fit into the corner of a room and I can just imagine kids playing on this for hours on end. This is one of the highest toddler foam climbers I have seen which also means the slide is about 50% longer than most.

Because of the scale and configurations I can also see this piece being used for pretend play – doubling as a castle, pirate ship, space ship or volcano.

It comes in 3 different color combinations and is made from easy to clean leather-like polyuethane materials that comply with all environmental and safety requirements.

Things To Consider

The only downside of this model is that it is not as configurable as some of the other models, your kids can’t move the pieces around. It is also rather large and is designed to stay in one place. You can however add additional pieces into the mix for a truly epic play space.

Also, because it is higher than most foam climbers you will need to be a bit more vigilant in your monitoring duties. And very young kids may be intimidated by the height.

One more thing I should mention. As of this writing this model does not have many reviews on Amazon. Normally this would preclude me from including it in a roundup – but all of their other models get amazing reviews and are made fromm the same materials – so I figured it was safe.

What We Like:

Good for pretend play as well as developing gross motor skills
Available in 3 great color schemes
Epic Slide
Reasonably priced for the size

Our Concerns:

Not configurable
May be too scary for very young kids
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Children’s Factory Butterfly Climber – 4-Piece Climber for Babies and Toddlers

Best Foam Climber For Pretend Play

The butterfly climber by Children’s Factory is another great option in the soft climber category, especially for very young kids and babies. It has a very low profile and the main body is one piece which makes this particular model very safe.

While this may not be as versatile as some of the other climbers on the list when it comes to active play, I think the addition of the Butterfly theme puts it in a whole different league.

I can see this climbing toy being used for pretend play as well as just straight up climbing and sliding. If they were smart Children’s Factory would create a dragon version of this toy, my son would have gone crazy for that when he was 3-4 years old!

Things To Consider

This foam climber is a bit expensive when compare to other similar models. You pay a premium for the cute butterfly design – if you don’t think the Pretend Play aspects will interest your kids you may want to look at one of their other climbers with modular pieces instead – like this one.

What We Like:

Cute butterfly theme will spark your child’s imagination
Super high quality materials
Low to the ground so safe for kids as young ass 8 months

Our Concerns:

Not modular so you kids can’t move pieces around
Expensive compared to other comparable sets.
Check Price On Amazon

Children’s Factory Gross Motor Play Group

Most Epic Indoor Climbing Toy

The Children’s Factory kids jungle gym is the be-all and end-all of foam obstacle courses for toddlers. This incredible climbing toy features 28 colorful pieces that are perfect for any larger household or even a daycare!

With 28 separate pieces, there are endless different ways your little ones can arrange and have fun with the playset. They can use the shapes to climb, jump, slide, or build forts.

What’s more, the cushioned foam pieces are easy to clean and the ideal choice for kids that are between 8 months and three years old. The pieces have tailored seams and no sharp edges and you’ll get a two-year warranty for this incredible indoor jungle gym.

The only thing it’s missing is a half way decent name! Gross Motor Playgroup… Really?

Things to Consider

We hate to say it, but Children’s Factory has the same problem as the Milliard and the ECR4Kids — not enough velcro strips. So you might find yourself running to the store for more before you get to assemble the whole obstacle course.

What We Like:

A versatile set that promises hours of fun
28 colorful pieces that your kids can arrange any way they like
No assembly required
Easy to clean
Two–year warranty

Our Concerns:

There aren’t enough velcro strips
The pieces can easily get unattached
Check Price On Amazon

Indoor Jungle Gym Climbing Toys

Step2 Panda Climber

Best Overall

If you want something that’s versatile, easy to assemble, and able to keep you kids entertained for hours — the Panda Climber from Step2 is for you. It’s an activity gym that features a two-step ladder, a large platform, a slide, and a crawl-through tunnel.

The Panda Climber is extremely easy to assemble and you can put it up or take it down in less than an hour.

It’s also pretty lightweight, which means you can move it around wherever you want and it’s good for both indoors and outdoors. The poly plastic set is durable and easy to clean.

Things to Consider

If we had one negative thing to say about the Panda Climber, it would be that its weight limit is only 60 lbs. So while it will definitely work if you have one or two kids, we wouldn’t recommend it for bigger families.

What We Like:

Lightweight and easy to assemble
Has a ton of different features
Durable and easy to clean

Our Concerns:

Won’t be fun for kids over the age of 5
The weight limit is 60 lbs
Check Price On Amazon

Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym

Best for Younger Kids

The 3-in-1 playset from Eezy Peezy is perfect for youngsters who love to explore and be active. It features a slide, ball pit, toss target, and of course, a climbing structure. Since this kids jungle gym is made from durable plastic, you can set it up both indoors and outdoors.

All kiddos that are between one and three years old can play on the Eezy Peezy jungle gym. They’re bound to have loads of fun climbing up and sliding down the playset, but if they get bored, they can also play with the toss target.

When you order this indoor jungle gym, you’ll also get 50 neatly-packed balls to fill out your ball pit.

Things to Consider

If you’ve never assembled a playset before, the Eezy Peezy might give you a bit of headache. The indoor jungle gym has a ton of nuts and bolts, and the instructions aren’t exactly precise.

What We Like:

A great choice for younger kids
Has a ball pit, toss target, slide, and climbing structure
You can set it up both inside and outside

Our Concerns:

Difficult to assemble
Poorly written instructions
Check Price On Amazon

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Most Popular

Do your kids love climbing trees or hanging off the monkey bars at the playground? Are they between three and eight years old? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, you should get the Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower.

Just like the previous set from Eezy Peezy, this one can also be installed both indoors and outdoors. It’s made from high-quality plastic that’s supposed to have enhanced UV protection, so the bright green color never fades.

The plastic tubes and connectors have a unique self-locking spring system to ensure that they never come apart. Your kiddos can jump around from one bar to the next, and you don’t have to worry about the tubes giving way or breaking.

Things to Consider

As you can imagine, the Eezy Peezy comes with lots of parts and you might have a tough time assembling it. Also, due to the interlocking mechanism, once you put it together, disassembling it will be almost impossible.

What We Like:

Made from durable plastic
Features an innovative self-locking mechanism
Can be installed indoors and outdoors
Lightweight and durable

Our Concerns:

Difficult to assemble and take apart
Not for younger kids
Check Price On Amazon

Lil’ Monkey Olympus Jungle Gym, Toddler Climber Playground

Best Design

If you want something similar to the Eezy Play jungle gym set, but easier to assemble and store, we recommend the Lil’ Monkey Olympus playground. It’s the perfect climber for all tots that are two to five years old and it’s guaranteed to provide them with countless hours of fun.

The climber from Lil’ Monkey is made from glass fiber resin plastic and it’s extremely sturdy and durable. It’s also UV-resistant and weatherproof, so you can put it outside and not worry about the color fading.

But the reason Lil’ Monkey got the Best Design title lies in its foldable structure. When your kiddos are done playing, you can just fold the whole thing in a matter of seconds and put it away.

Things to Consider

The Lil’ Monkey playset comes with a bunch of different parts, stickers, and screws that can make the playset difficult to assemble. But if you follow these instructions, we’re sure you can get the whole thing set up in less than an hour.

What We Like:

Perfect for toddlers that are between two and five
Made of durable plastic
UV-resistant and weatherproof
Features a foldable design

Our Concerns:

Lots of parts that might be difficult to assemble
The instructions that come in the box are difficult to follow
Check Price On Amazon

Step2 Skyward Summit

Best for Older Kids & Daredevils

We want to start off the Step2 review by saying that this jungle gym is meant to be installed outdoors. But if you have enough space in your home and want your kids to be able to climb this life-like rock set, we say why not go for it?

The Skyward Summit has four unique climbing sides that your little ones could scale and pretend they’re on Mount Everest. They can get to the top using two different climbing cargo nets and nine different grips!

With this indoor jungle gym, your kids can let their imagination run wild and pretend to be mountain climbers or pirates, for example. Also, it’s perfect for kids that are anywhere between four and eight years old.

Things to Consider

While you’re assembling the Skyward Summit, you’ll have to get your power tools out and widen some holes. We also recommend having somebody help you put it together as it can be quite a time-consuming process.

What We Like:

A great choice for older kids
Features a platform, grips, and cargo nets
You can install it indoors and outdoors
Weight limit is 320 lbs

Our Concerns:

The construction can be difficult
The instructions aren’t written well
Check Price On Amazon

Quadro Junior Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Climber

Best Modular Jungle Gym

The Quadro Junior outdoor jungle gym and climber is one of the more intricate playsets on our list. It’s extremely interactive and your kids can actually have a say in how they want it to look.

Once Quadro sends over the 299 pieces that are in this playset, it’s up to you and your little ones to get creative and design it. You can build a fort, a boat, or a house; your imagination is the only limit.

Another cool thing about the Quadro is that you can assemble it both indoors and outdoors. Also, if you have any other Quadro playsets, you can connect them with this one to create an amazing obstacle course.

All of the plastic parts are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and completely recyclable. Kids that are two to six years old can climb and play on the Quadro climber.

Things to Consider

The only issue you might encounter with the Quadro Climber is its weight. Since it weighs only 45 lbs, you might need to weigh it down if you want to install it outdoors.

What We Like:

Unique design that offers countless different assembly options
Extremely durable construction
Non-toxic plastic
Modular – can be combined with other Quadro jungle gyms

Our Concerns:

The unit is a bit light
Not interesting for older kids

Check Price On Amazon

EZPlay Panda Playground Indoor Jungle Gym

Best for Multiple Kid

EZPlay Panda Playground Indoor Jungle Gym

This Item is Currently Unavailable

Made from splinter-free ashwood, the EZPlay Panda Playground is the perfect playset for kids that are between one and five years old. It’s also lightweight, durable, and has a foldable design.

The EZPlay Panda Playground is a six-in-one playset with one rope and two wooden ladders, gymnastic rings, a swing, and a slide. What’s more, the indoor jungle gym has a weight limit of 160 lbs, so you could have up to four kids playing on it at the same time.

Just like the Lil’ Monkey Olympus Gym, the Panda Playground features a foldable design. So when your kids are done playing on it, just pack it up and put it away. Another cool thing about the EZPlay is that you can get it in two colors: Natural Wood and Multi-Color.

Things to Consider

The one issue we had with the EZPlay were the ropes that are attached to the swing since they’re not really high quality. So if you have kids swinging and hanging on it often, you’re better off getting a new rope straight away.

What We Like:

Beautiful wooden structure
Sturdy design
6-in-1 playset

Our Concerns:

The rope gets frayed often
The instructions can be difficult to follow

EZPlay Koala Indoor Jungle Gym

Most Features

EZPlay Koala Indoor Jungle Gym

This Item is Currently Unavailable

If you’ve already bought the Panda Playground and your kids loved it, but they now need something more challenging, why not go for the Koala? It’s perfect for kids that are between four and ten years old and who fancy themselves to be little adventurers or gymnasts.

The Koala is pretty similar to the Panda except that it has even more features than the previous model! In addition to the features that the Panda had, this 8-in-1 playset also comes with a rope wall net and monkey bars.

It’s made with ashwood and you can get it in two color schemes: Natural Wood and Multi-Colored. But one of the coolest things about the Koala indoor jungle gym is that it has two-way adjustable height positions. Also, much like the Panda, this playset is also foldable and you can easily put it away once your kids are done playing on it.

Things to Consider

If you buy the Koala you won’t be able to set it up outside. The wood isn’t water- or weatherproof and it would get damaged and the color would quickly fade away.

What We Like:

High-quality ashwood
8-in-1 playset
Foldable playground
Two-way adjustable positions

Our Concerns:

Can’t be used outdoors
Needs to be wall mounted

Wedanta Home Wood Indoor Climbing Frame

Best Freestanding Wooden Climbing Frame

Recommended Age: 1 – 5 Years

Made with a combination of pine and beech wood, the high-quality indoor jungle gym from Wedanta is the perfect addition to any home. The large base makes for a very stable climbing frame so even kids as youn as one year old can enjoy this awesome climbing toy.

This Jungle Gym is the ultimate climbing toy for all toddlers as it has three wooden ladders a rope cargo climbing net and a respectable 59 inch slick wooden slide.

In addition to the ladders and slide, this kids jungle gym also features gymnastic rings and a set of monkey bars. So when the little ones are done scaling the playset, they can just hang out there and work on their motor skills.

Things to Consider

While this jungle gym can hold up to 110 pounds, the maximum weight of each climber can’t exceed 55 pounds, so older siblings will need to be discouraged from using it. Also, the manufacturer recommends only allowing 2 kids to use it at one time.

Even though the Wedanta Gym is pretty compact and disassembles fairly easily, don’t try putting it outside. Since it’s made of wood, the jungle gym isn’t weatherproof and the colors will fade over time.

What We Like:

High-quality beech and birch wood
Features a slide, monkey bars, gymnastic rings, and ladders
Fairly easy to assemble and takedown

Our Concerns:

The wood isn’t weatherproof
Can’t be used outdoors
Check Price On Amazon

For Smaller Spaces

If you have a small space and the larger model pictured above is just too darn big – you may want to take a look at it’s little brother.

This climber only has 1 ladder and though it says that it includes monkey bars, they don’t look all that functional to me. It is only about $40 bucks cheaper so if you have the space I would go for the larger unit.

Indoor Jungle Gym Buying Guide – Things to Consider Before Choosing One for Your Home

The Benefits of Having an Indoor Jungle Gym

Having an indoor jungle gym in your home can help improve your kids’ physical health. Instead of sitting behind their computers or laying on the couch watching TV, your little ones will get a lot of exercise.

In addition to that, climbing and scaling these playsets will help your children work on their coordination and develop balancing skills. While they’re exercising and having fun, they’ll also be sharpening their social skills.

So having an indoor jungle gym in your home will allow your kids to be creative and imaginative while giving them a good workout.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Toddler Climbing Toys

indoor vs. outdoor climbing toys

Before you make your final decision on a playset, consider the indoor and outdoor space you have. For example, if you planned on getting one for the inside, but you have a backyard, why not just get a jungle gym that’s weatherproof?

Of course, by deciding to buy a kids jungle gym that’s just for indoors, you’ll have a wider selection of materials to choose from. But make sure you have enough space to store it away once the kids are done playing with it.

Climbing Toy Safety

We know that when buying anything for your little ones, your number one priority is their safety. So while you’re shopping for a good indoor jungle gym, consider what kind of safety features you want it to have.

For example, some have non-slip surfaces, cargo nets, and are made from phthalate-free plastic. If you’re worried about your kids falling off the climbing toy, look for something with a non-slip bottom or with a pad underneath it.

Jungle Gym Set Up

kid in a colorful climbing toy

Are you handy with tools and usually love DIY projects? Well, if you know how to work a hammer or power drill, you can consider getting the more complex climbing toys that are a bit more difficult to assemble.

But if you don’t fancy yourself the handyman or woman, we suggest finding a playset that’s easy to put together, like the Step2 Panda Climber.

The Child’s Age and Size

As you’ve seen from our reviews, almost all climbing toys have age and weight limits. Some, like the Milliard Soft Stairs, are better suited for babies and kids that aren’t over two years old. If you bought your eight-year-old Soft Stairs, they probably wouldn’t find them challenging enough and they’d quickly get bored.

Another thing you have to think about is how many kids you have in the family and if your kids often have playdates. If you have a couple of little ones and their friends running around your home all the time, you should buy something with a bigger weight limit, like the Skyward Summit.

Number of Features

We’re sure that you already have a room full of toys that your kids have grown tired of and don’t use anymore. So if you want to avoid adding a huge jungle gym to that pile, you should consider the number of features you want it to have.

Some are pretty basic and have just a slide and climbing structure. Others come with all sorts of bells and whistles. We’re not saying that ones are better than the others, but if you have a baby at home, you’re probably better off getting something simple.

Just consider how much use your kids can get out of the toy before you eventually have to store it away.


man holding money and climbing toy

Depending on the material and number of features, toddler climbing toys come in a wide variety of different price points. You can get the basic ones for under a hundred dollars, while the bigger, more intricate ones, could set you back quite a bit.

Even though finding high-quality climbing toys for your kids is important, they still shouldn’t break the bank.

If there’s a toy that you really loved but it’s out of your price range, consider shopping around on Amazon for a used one. Those are usually in excellent condition and you’ll get them for a fraction of the price.

Material and Weight

Most climbing toys are made from wood, foam, or plastic and come in different weights. If you don’t plan on moving the playset, you don’t have to worry about its weight. So you could go for a wooden playset or one that’s made from heavy-duty plastic.

However, if you want to be able to move the jungle gym around and use it both indoors and outdoors, it’s best if you go with something light and small. For example, the ECR4Kids or the Children’s Factory toys only weigh a couple of pounds.


big and colorful climbing toy

We all know how rowdy kids can get when they’re playing. So while you’re shopping for your new indoor jungle gym, you have to consider how sturdy and durable it is.

As you can imagine, the playsets that usually last the longest are the wooden ones. But they’re also more expensive and heavier than other types.

If you want something mid-range that’s still pretty sturdy and doesn’t weigh a ton, we’d recommend a playset like the Eazy Peazy Monkey Bars.

Unfortunately, foam playsets are usually the least durable and might lose their shape or even rip at the seams. Also, taking them outside is usually a big mistake, because water might ruin the fabric.


Every company has its own return and warranty policies, and it’s key that you research those before buying an indoor jungle gym for your children. In case you’re not happy with the toy or you didn’t receive all the parts, for example, all companies should give you a return window and a chance to get a refund.

Also, some playsets come with a one-year warranty, while others, like Step2, will give you a three-year workmanship guarantee.

Final Thoughts

With an indoor jungle gym, your kids can get their daily exercise while creating fun adventures for themselves. But before you settle on any playset, consider your kids’ age, size, and interests. Luckily, you don’t have to think too long and hard because any of these 11 toddler climbing toys would make the perfect addition to your home!

best indoor jungle gyms and climbing toys
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