40 Best Kids Activity Blogs in the Universe!

awesome kids activity blogs

Anyone who’s spent any time looking after kids knows how challenging it can be to keep them entertained, especially when they’re younger. Finding new and engaging activities can be really tiring for parents who are trying their best to keep their kids not only entertained, but to also stimulate learning and development.

This is especially true right now in this crazy time when so many of us are being encouraged to stay home due to the global pandemic.

I don’t know about you, but in my house, we’ve been feeling like we’re grasping at straws trying to find new and engaging activities to keep our kids occupied while we try to work from home and delay their quickly developing cabin fever.

Enter kid’s activity blogs to save the day!

What is a Kid’s Activity Blog?

We’re talking about blogs dedicated to kid’s activities – dozens of webpages, all brimming with different types of recreation for your little ones. From slime and science experiments to games and outdoor activities, you will find dozens of ideas of things you can do with your child to keep them occupied, happy and learning.

There are loads of fun capers covered in these activity blogs. Some are dedicated to fun, others to learning, including STEM subjects. All include instructions and are often accompanied by beautiful photos, so it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Many are written by parents or teachers, meaning the advice is sound and comes from experience.

The best part is that almost all of these blogs have beefed up their content to help out struggling parents during the pandemic, so there are plenty of activities to occupy your little ones during this time.

Below you’ll find our favorite kids activity blogs:

My Current Top 25 Best Kids Activity Blogs

Little Bins Little Hands

little bins little hands

‘Little Bins Little Hands’ is the best blog for slime on the web! If your little ones love slime and want to make rainbow slime, Dr. Seuss slime, fluffy slime, Frozen slime or almost any other type of slime, then this is the blog for you.

This blog offers plenty more though, with major categories dedicated to Lego activities, science, art and a broad ‘activities’ category, which offers outdoor activities, printables and fun activity packs.

Their STEM section is impressive, with a broad range of activities, including classics like chemistry and physics, as well as fun science categories like space, the ocean and edible science experiments. You can sort the activities by season, indoor and outdoor and STEM.

We love this blog for its clear instructions, photos, and explanations of the benefits of different STEM subjects.

Their subject packs are pretty handy for those not wanting to search through the site for a bundle of activities. They also offer a store to buy packs, which is a great resource for parents who love the offered activities but don’t have time to source the ingredients required.

Overall this blog has a slightly chaotic feel, but is worth visiting for the excellent resources within.

Find Awesome Activities At: Little Bins Little Hands

Happy Hooligans

happy hooligans

Happy Hooligans is run by Jackie Currie, a daycare owner and senior writer for CBC Parents. Happy Hooligans is one of the cleanest blogs on our list in appearance and organization. It also has one of the best arrays of activities with major categories dedicated to arts, crafts, activities and recipes.

The recipe section is extensive with lots of kid friendly recipes for your budding chefs. The activity section can be sorted by science, outdoor, sensory and fine motor activities and homemade toys and games.

Happy Hooligans is one of the best blogs on our list for Arts and Crafts, as both categories are extensive and can be broken down into specific subcategories such as holiday, nature and seasonal crafts. The art section can also be sorted into age-appropriate activities and there are even homemade glue and paint recipes.

We also love the entire parenting section, which is an incredible resource with lots of helpful articles, book lists and sewing projects.

Find Awesome Activities At: Happy Hooligans

Kids Activities Blog

kids activities blog

‘Kids Activities Blog’ is run by Holly Homer, a Dallas mom of three boys who focuses on activities that don’t require too much money, advance planning or special skills. Activities on this blog are focused on learning, with all categories covered, including history, writing and math. The largest category is dedicated to science with many science experiments and games for your kids.

You can sort the articles by holiday (Thanksgiving, Fourth of July etc.), by type of learning (colors, writing, history etc.) or by science experiment. There is an entire section dedicated to ideas for parents who are stuck at home, including a home school schedule, TV show suggestions and a ‘stuck at home survival guide’.

We love this blog for its clear instructions, great photos and for all of the downloadable coloring sheets and classic science experiments.

Kid’s Activity Blog also has a great soft cover book that lists all their best crafts and activities in case you want something that you can actually hold in your hands.

Find Awesome Activities At: Kids Activity Blog

Hello Wonderful

hello wonderful

Hello Wonderful is run by an extensive team of self-proclaimed modern moms. The articles often wind up linking to products for sale and the blog itself has its own shop, full of adorable toys, clothes and activity packs. The articles with instructions are well written, easy to follow and many have accompanying videos, which is great for kids to follow along.

Major categories on the blog include create, eat, home, style, play, celebrate and learn. There aren’t any further breakdowns within the categories, but there’s a great variety of articles to scroll through under each category.

Our only pet peeve with this blog is that once you’ve chosen your article, there’s often multiple similar photos to scroll past to find your instruction. Once you’ve found your instructions, there are no photos demonstrating the steps, meaning that if there isn’t a video, it can be tricky to work out what to do.

This blog is great for parents who are happy to spend a little money on activities for their kids and are looking for a great resource linking tried and tested toys and clothes.

Find Awesome Activities At: Hello Wonderful

Red Ted Art

red ted art

Red Ted Art is a phenomenal kid’s blog dedicated to all things arty. The blog is all about arts and crafts, with categories dedicated to preschool crafts, easy kids crafts, paper crafts and free printables. There are no further breakdowns of these categories, meaning that the blog can be a little tricky to navigate if you’re looking for something specific, but if you’re hunting for inspiration for a crafty kid, then this is the blog for you.

There are SO many articles, ideas and activities in this blog to keep little ones entertained. Within the lists of activities you’ll find holiday-specific activities such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and so on.

This blog really feels like it was written by your favorite art teacher, with clear instructions, step by step photos and videos so you can follow along. We absolutely adore all of the fun paper options, including origami for kids, which makes for inexpensive, easy activities for your little ones.

Find Awesome Activities At: Red Ted Art

The Best Ideas for Kids

the best ideas for kids

This blog is run by Kimberley McLeod, a Canadian mom of 2. The Best Ideas for Kids is largely focused on activities dedicated to arts and crafts and slime. Their crafts articles are really well written, beautifully laid out and the accompanying photos are some of the best for ensuring the activity guide is easy to follow.

Similar to Little Bins Little Hands, The Best Ideas for Kids has an extensive collection of slime recipes, which will entertain any slime loving kid for days.

The Best Ideas for Kids has slightly more innovation in their slime recipes, with candy cane slime, galaxy slime and unicorn slime jars among the recipes.

This blog also has an “activities” category including a variety of options, from math to sensory bottles. You can search for activities by holiday and there is also a collection of recipes and articles for parents on the blog.

Without a doubt, this blog is one of the best for clear, easy-to follow instructions and clear photos. We also love that many of their crafts will encourage imaginative play for your little ones.

Find Awesome Activities At: The Best Ideas for Kids

Fantastic Fun and Learning

fantastic fun and learning

Fantastic Fun and Learning is run by Shaunna, a kindergarten and early learning teacher. This blog really feels like its run by a teacher, with categories focusing more on types of learning and themes of learning rather than by activity type.

The great thing about this is that it means that when your little one becomes obsessed with dinosaurs, you can find all manner of activities dedicated to dinos to entertain them and encourage their learning. Within the categories, you’ll find a variety of educational and learning resources such as word cards, color and pattern cards, reading and writing activities.

You can also search for activities by age, holidays, months of the year and concepts such as math, phonics, crafts and fine and gross motor.

We love this blog for its clear activity instructions, easy-to-follow photos and also for the great explanations for parents about the value for certain activities and where they belong in your child’s learning.

Find Awesome Activities At: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Fireflies and Mud Pies

fireflies and mud pies

Fireflies and Mud Pies is run by Melissa, a mom to two boys who wants her blog to focus on simple crafts and activities for kids. The blog has a variety of crafts, broken down into categories such as animal, nature, suncatcher, paper and squirt painting. There is also a range of other activities including learning, nature, play and sensory.

The nature section includes outdoor activities for kids. You can search for activities by time of year and major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc.). The instructions for activities on this blog are easy to follow and there are photos, but unfortunately they don’t demonstrate every step.

We love this blog because it focuses on fun, simple crafty activities, which are all about play, many focusing on getting kids outdoors.

Find Awesome Activities At: Fireflies and Mud Pies

Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

frugal fun for boys and girls

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls is fun by Sarah Dees, a mom of five (Yeouch!). The blog focuses on LEGO and STEM ideas and activities.

Sarah home-schools her kids and is Christian, so there are lots of learning activities, as well as a religious focus. We love how well laid out the categories in this blog are. You can easily search by age, type of learning, type of play (active, baby, family, LEGO) or home life (Bible learning, chores, life etc). 

This blog is one of the few that includes plenty of activities for older kids 11+ as well as the little ones. The activities on this blog almost always have a learning focus, but are super fun as well.

There are informative articles as well as those on specific activities. The articles are well-written and have accompanying photos.

Find Awesome Activities At: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Fun at Home with Kids

fun at home with kids

Fun at Home with Kids is run by Asia, a former classroom teacher. The blog is focused on little ones, up to preschool age, and mostly revolves around sensory and imaginative play. The blog does also include activities that introduce STEM subjects such as plant science, science kits and history, but they’re not clearly marked or categorized so you’ll have to search through the blog to find them.

Fun at Home with Kids has many free printable templates and many articles link to other blog activities, which means you get a great variety of templates and techniques all in one place. There are also helpful articles for kids, such as STEM gifts for kids. The activity articles are clearly written and include photos.

Find Awesome Activities At: Fun at Home with Kids

Fun Learning for Kids

fun learning for kids

Fun Learning for Kids is run by Danielle, a mom of two and former teacher. The name of the blog gives away the purpose: it’s all about fun learning!

The goal is to provide simple activities that promote learning and don’t ask too much of parents, meaning the materials are easily accessible and don’t require much prep.

Most of the learning activities are games or craft with a learning focus built in. Activities are broken into alphabet, math, science, art and crafts, literacy and holiday and seasonal activities.

Many are digital downloads and others are free printable packs. The instructions on each activity are clear, with accompanying pictures. The blog also has an extensive shop, which is a great resource for parents wanting to buy bundles of learning activities. We love this blog for it’s excellent balance of fun and learning.

Find Awesome Activities At: Fun Learning for Kids

Fun Littles

fun littles

Run by a Mom of two, Fun Littles is largely focused on playful activities for little ones 6 and under. Major categories include art projects, crafts, sensory play, nature & outdoors and playful learning. You can also search by season.

The playful learning category is not extensive, only including science, math and fine motor activities and there isn’t extensive explanation of the scientific basis or theories behind the experiments.

The nature section is excellent and quite extensive, with nature crafts, nature play and other fun and exciting outdoor activities to keep your little ones occupied. The articles are really well written, with excellent accompanying photos and the activities are very creative.

We love this blog for it’s extensive, creative arts and crafts and nature and outdoors sections.

Find Awesome Activities At: Fun Littles

Inner Child Fun

inner child fun

Inner Child Fun is run by Valerie Deneen, a Mom of two and professional blogger. This is one of the most extensive and best-organized blogs on our list. There are indoor/outdoor activities, a whole category dedicated to crafts and also DIY toy and gift tutorials.

In fact, the blog has a great array of activities with different cost ranges, with lots of fun on a dime included. We also really love the resources category, which includes coupons, savings and samples, money saving tips, lunch box ideas and much more. You can search for activities by pretend play, print & play, active play, boredom busters, age, holiday and seasonal play.

We love all the different ways you can search for activities and the detailed recipe and activity tutorials that include photos. We also love that there are articles for parents peppered in among the activities.

Find Awesome Activities At: Inner Child Fun

Meaningful Mama

meaningful mama

Meaningful Mama is run by a mom of three, who is also trained as an educator. The blog was started to create resources for parents having a challenging time while parenting. As a result, there are many articles for parents such as marriage, parenting, home, parties and cakes, as well as activities for kids.

There is an extensive recipe section, including every type of meal and protein you could imagine (and cooking fun for kids). We love that there is a category dedicated to character building activities for kids and parents. Focusing on emotional intelligence is a great way to approach activities for kids and is definitely unique to this blog.

Activities on Meaningful Mama include reading, math, crafts, bible lessons, outdoor activities and many fun activities for parents in quarantine.

Because this blog is all about the parents, there aren’t as many activities as other blogs, but the articles detailing kids activities are well written and have great accompanying photos. The blog as a whole is an excellent resource for parents and kids alike.

Find Awesome Activities At: Meaningful Mama



Playtivities is run by Birute, a Lithuanian mom of 3, who is passionate about activities and crafts for kids. Playtivities is our favourite blog for family games with an extensive category dedicated to fun for your whole crew. 

Many of the articles on this blog are listicles, linking to other blogs, which is great to give you an array of choices for one specific activity.

Activities include DIY toys, crafts, art and motor skill activities. There are also parenting tips, motherhood tips and kid-friendly recipes.

This blog is not as well laid out as other blogs, but we love the family game focus and the fact that many of the articles are original and feature Birute and her family.

Find Awesome Activities At: Playtivities

Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

creating really awesome fun things

Creating Really Awesome Fun Things or CRAFT is one of our favorite blogs for really fun, interesting, craft activities for kids. The focus of the blog is all about easy ways to be crafty on a budget or by using things around the home.

The blog is all about craft and so these are the only types of activities available for kids. That being said, the blog is also a great resource for costumes and home, seasonal/holiday crafts.

The kids activities on this blog range from slime to making your own dollhouse and all the articles are well written and instructions are easy to follow and very clear.

Find Awesome Activities At: C.R.A.F.T

Coffee Cups and Crayons

coffe cups and crayons

Coffee Cups and Crayons is run by a former teacher and Mom who is focused on providing fun, easy and awesome kids activities that don’t take hours to prep and will occupy little ones for as long as possible.

This blog has a heavy focus on science, with other activities exploring sensory, outdoor and play revolving around kindness. Articles are well written and have progress photos detailing ever step.

We really love the ‘busy bags’, which Coffee Cups and Crayons describe as a parent’s ‘secret weapon’ for keeping kids occupied to buy precious time.

We also love this blog for their science camp, which provides you with itineraries for 5 days of STEAM. It is paid content, but reasonably priced and could be a life saver for pent up kids who are getting sick of lockdown.

Find Awesome Activities At: Coffee Cups and Crayons

Paper and Glue

paper and glue

The full name of this blog is ‘What can we do with Paper and Glue’ and it includes SO many awesome activities for kids that extend far beyond paper and glue!

This blog feels like it was created by a preschool teacher, with many learning activities including science, math, literacy, fine and gross motor, sensory, seasonal and nature to name a few.

We love that you can search for activities on this blog by either age or by type of activity, making anything you’re looking for very easy to locate. We also love that there are book lists and categories for preschool and elementary kids that include planning and weekly themes for the year.

The activities on this blog all feel really authentic as though written by a parent who has tried and tested every one of them. The photos and tutorials are extensive, clear and helpful. We don’t like to play favorites, but if we did, this would be one of our favorite kid’s activity blogs because it’s well organized and has a huge number of excellent kids activities.

Find Awesome Activities At: Paper and Glue

Sugar Spice and Glitter

sugar spice and glitter

Sugar, Spice and Glitter is run by Jennifer, a Mom with a psychology background who loves food and travel. The blog is dedicated to delicious recipes, parenting articles, travel advice and of course, fun kids’ activities.

Kids activities include slime and play-dough recipes, handmade toy tutorials, sensory play and kids yoga. There is also an entire craft section, full of fun kids activities, which will keep any little one occupied for hours.

All articles include clear, step-by-step instructions with photos, to make following along easy. This blog is great for any parent who’s looking for a range of tactile kids activities accompanied by helpful articles about kids learning, focusing on Montessori techniques. The recipe section is extensive and is jam packed with healthy recipes for growing families.

Find Awesome Activities At: Sugar, Spice and Glitter

No Time for Flashcards

no time for flashcards

No Time for Flashcards is run by Allison McDonald, a teacher who has been running the blog since 2008 and is passionate about early childhood education. That passion shines through on the blog with the mostly learning-based activities and articles divided into age categories, from toddlers to elementary.

We love that many articles include a blurb aimed at educating parents on the benefits of various activities, especially those that may just seem like a flavor of the month exercise.

There are math, literacy and STEM activities, as well as fine and gross motor activities, nature and craft activities and kid-friendly recipes. There are also a huge number of activity plans for parents of kids at various ages

Find Awesome Activities At: No Time for Flashcards

Crafts by Amanda

crafts by amanda

Another great crafty kids activity blog, Crafts by Amanda is one of the most extensive craft blogs on our list. With loads of creative, fun activities, including slime, beach and nature crafts, wearable art, animal and recycled crafts, this is the perfect spot to inspire crafty kids of all ages.

We especially love this blog for it’s extensive adult crafts, which means you can get creative alongside your kids, or entertain older kids in a whole family activity.

You can sort your crafts by season or holiday and the tutorials are thorough and well-explained with accompanying photos.

Find Awesome Activities At: Crafts by Amanda

Steam Powered Family

steam powered family

With a focus on STEM and STEAM centered activities, STEAM powered family is for any family looking to occupy and encourage curious minds. This is an incredibly well-organized site with a vast array of activities for kids, focused on science, technology, engineering, art and math.

While the subject matter may seem dry, the blog manages to make a lot of these activities really fun by incorporating kids entertainment themes, such as Harry Potter or Star Wars. There are also slime and play-dough recipes and lots of outdoor STEM and STEAM activities. We love that the site also focuses on children’s mental health and provides an enormous number of educational resources for parents on the topic.

Find Awesome Activities At: Steam Powered Family

Hands on as We Grow

hands on as we grow

Hands on as We Grow is all about arts and crafts and activities for little ones leading up to school years. You can search for activities by age, learning (literacy, science, thinking, sensory), creativity (arts, craft, holiday, season) or gross/fine motor skills.

These categories are well laid out and easy to find, meaning this is one of our better-organized blogs. There are subcategories under most of the main categories, so parents can really fine tune what they’re looking for.

The blog posts themselves have step-by-step instructions, with accompanying photos. So many of these activities are really simple and would be easy to do last minute on a rainy day.

This blog is perfect for a parent who really knows what they’re looking for.  There is also a store where you can purchase extensive activity packs that are well priced.

Find Awesome Activities At: Hands on as We Grow

Science Kiddo

science kiddo

Science Kiddo is run by Crystal, a chemist and Mom, who has curated an extensive collection of STEM activities for kids. This blog offers one of the best Coding activity collections of any of the blogs on our list and manages to break down complicated theories into really great activities for kids.

The activities are categorized by subject (science, coding, engineering, art, math) and include LEGO and slime experiments as well as recipes with a STEM perspective.

Find Awesome Activities At: Science Kiddo

Artful Parent

artful parent

The Artful Parent is one of the most beautiful blogs on our list. It includes hundreds of beautifully photographed arty activities for kids and has the most varied types of art activities of any blog we’ve seen, including watercolor technique, collage, 3D art and sculpture and clay and painting to name a few.  

We love the art resources included at the top of most articles and the fact there is innovative activities (drill painting anyone?) as well as tried and tested favorites.

The Artful Parent has the feel of a blog that is intending to teach kids to love art as well as keep them occupied. This is the perfect place for any looking to instill a love of art and an art education in their kids.

Find Awesome Activities At: Artful Parent

Artsy Craftsy Mom

Artsy Craftsy Mom is run by Shruti Acharya from Bangalore in India. The blog is predominantly craft based activities that are easy and importantly, home tried and tested by Shruti and her kids. We really love her free no-nonsense starter guide for parents who are just beginning their craft with kids journey. 

You can search the blog for activities by age, type of craft or by month of the year. The categories of craft you can search through are extensive and include holiday, art ideas (with sub-categories such as drawing and folk art), craft ideas (with sub categories such as animal or button crafts), paper crafts, exotic India and more. We really love the POC aspect of this blog, which includes folk art activities from around the world.

This blog is really well-organized, clean to look at and has lots of printables, packs and a shop, which includes e-books on Indian mythology. There’s also a lot of inherent learning in this blog, with a whole section dedicated to ‘Exploring the Great Artists’ through craft activities. The activities on this blog are easy to follow and include great accompanying photos.

Find Awesome Activities At: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

You should be able to tell from the name that Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails has SO much fun on offer. Run by Jaime, a former doctor turned full time blogger and Mom of 3, FSPDT has more than just activities for kids. The blog offers crafting activities such as print art, book crafts and coloring pages, as well as baking recipes and preschool book club.

The baking recipes are often aimed at kids participation and are really fun, such as the dinosaur footprint cookies or strawberry pops. There’s also simple kids activities with categories including sensory play, science, toddler activities, playdough, water play and bath time.

This blog is predominantly aimed at preschoolers and is the only one we’ve seen with a specific bath time fun category. This is great for any parents with water babies who love bath time. All of the categories have accompanying photographs and easy to follow steps.

Find Awesome Activities At: Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

One Creative Mommy

This is a blog with a bit of everything on it. The blog covers topics such as DIY/Crafts, Parties/Gifts, Holidays, Recipes, Teaching/Parenting and Tips, so it’s really great for someone looking for ideas for both parents and kids. The crafts for kids section has lots of different activities, but there’s no way to search by age or activity.

This could be frustrating for someone wanting something specific, or great for someone just wanting to browse for inspiration. The activities are well laid out, easy to follow and have accompanying photos. The sewing section also has activities that would be suited to children and we love the felt food tutorials, which offers great projects for any budding sewers.

Find Awesome Activities At: One Creative Mommy

Adventure in a Box

adventure in a box

This blog is one of our favorites for combining learning, crafts and play. Adventure in a box is run by a Canadian couple who homeschool their kids. They started the blog with homemade toy tutorials and quickly developed an educational angle. They design and print educational board games such as Amazing Women: Guess Who Game and have educational homemade toys, such as anatomy dolls.

We love their STEM section especially and think they have some of the best educational homemade toys of any of the blogs we’ve seen. Printable Life-Size Organs for kids studying human body anatomy! So cool! Or how about a Viking Tent Tutorial? So much fun! They have categories including Arts & Crafts (including DIY toys, projects and reading and writing), STEM (including science, engineering, math and social studies) and a huge selection of printables.

The tutorials are well written and often extensive with excellent accompanying photographs. The blog itself is well-organized and is very clean in appearance. We also love that these guys have an Etsy store in case your toy making efforts go south!

Find Awesome Activities At: Adventure in a Box

Buggy and Buddy

Buggy and Bunny is run by Chelsea, a former elementary school teacher and Mom to two kids (9 & 12). Her focus for the blog is on learning and it comes through in many of the activities on offer and so this is one of our favorite blogs for kids learning through play. Chelsea is also an author and many of the craft activities revolve around her books, which offers a fun and unique perspective for the arts and crafts projects on the blog.

Categories on the blog include Arts and Crafts (including recipes for learning and creating), Learn (including literacy, science, math and NGSS with age specifications), holidays, book activities, printables and science. The science section specifies what science category the activities fall into and you can search for activities by age across the whole blog.

We love the NGSS science section and this is the only blog we’ve seen that has a dedicated category for it. We also love the information on favorite supplies that includes pictures. The activities on this blog include great photos and also observations for the learning and science activities, which will really help parents guide their kids.

Find Awesome Activities At: Buggy and Buddy

Messy Little Monsters

messy little monster

Messy Little Monsters sounds as though it’s only for very little kids, but actually offers activities for babies all the way to school age kids. Run by a Mom of 2 and early years teacher, Messy Little Monsters is all about play and fun. Activities include arts and crafts, outdoor activities, learning and book activities.

You can search by age, holiday, season or type of activity and there’s a free printables section.  There’s a great shop section with lots of cheap activities across arts and crafts, math, science and fun. The activities have great photos and easy to follow steps.

We really love the back to school ‘all about me’ activity and the leaf plate keepsake bowl. The blog is well organized and is clean in appearance, which we love, even when we’re hunting for activities for our messy little monsters.

Find Awesome Activities At: Messy Little Monsters

Learn with Play at Home

learn with play at home

Learn with Play at Home acknowledges that not all kids learn at the same pace and so is separated into baby play and then has a range of activities suitable for kids aged 2-8. Many of the activities have handy hints at the bottom that tell you how to extend or simplify each activity, which is an addition unique to this blog that we absolutely love.

You can also search for activity by age (6 months to 2 years, 2-3 or 4-6) or by type of activity. Run by Debs, a Primary School teacher and Mom of 2, Learn with Play at Home has a range of activities, including invitations to play, arts & crafts, playful math, literacy learning, science fun (including slime), imaginative play, cooking with kids and outside adventures.

The activities have great photos, which show kids actually doing the activities. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Unfortunately the ads on this blog are quite prominent and take away from the lovely vibe created by the content.

Find Awesome Activities At: Learn with Play at Home

Let’s Explore

Let’s Explore is another well-organized blog run by Amy, a Mom and schoolteacher. With categories including create, play & explore, learn, read & write, in the kitchen, pretend, parenting and celebrate, there’s something here for absolutely everyone.

The activity posts often link out to other blogs, which is a great way to discover other blogs and new resources. The activity posts written by the author could include more step-by-step information and photos to make this blog truly excellent.

That being said, Let’s Explore offers lots of ideas so a creative parent will find endless inspiration. Many activity posts link out to affiliate content, which is great for parents looking for present ideas that will entertain their kids.

Find Awesome Activities At: Let’s Explore

Rainy Day Mum

The focus of Rainy Day Mum is activities for 0 to 5 years that are simple and low prep. Activities include crafts, cooking, gardening, books and learning. Leaning activities focus on science and nature but include sensory play, songs and rhymes. You can search by age, type of activity and seasonal activities.

This is one of the best blogs for baby activities and is perfect for any parent trying to entertain very little kids. Rainy Day Mum is fun by a marine biologist and so offers some amazing science and nature play, including a great guide on how to go rock pooling with kids.

The blog activity posts are well written, easy to follow and are accompanied by great photographs. This blog looks great and is really well organized with lots of different activities on offer.

Find Awesome Activities At: Rainy Day Mum

Teach, Investigate, Play

teach investigate play

Run by Sian, a former primary school teacher and Mom of 3, Teach, Investigate and Play is a gorgeous looking blog that is all about learning through play. You can search for activities by age with activities separated into baby play, toddler play and preschool play. The activities are well explained and easy to follow, with great photos accompanying that show kids taking part.

We love that many of these activities include a section explaining the benefits of the activity for your little one. We also like that for resources, Sian will advise what you can reuse, items you can borrow and what you should buy.

Activities cover fine motor skills, sensory play, imaginative play, cooking and some learning activities such as literacy and math. Unfortunately you can only search by age and not by activity type, but the posts on Teach, Investigate, Play are so great that they’re worth combing through to find what you’re looking for.

Find Awesome Activities At: Teach, Investigate, Play

Woo! Jr

Without a doubt, Woo! Jr is one of our favorite kids activity blogs. Woo! Jr is a super fun blog that is all about kids activities. There are hundreds of fun ideas for kids of all ages including teens. The activities aim to be self-directed to empower kids to value and foster creativity in themselves, diversity in their community and empathy for their peers.

The goal of the blog is to help parents, teachers and caregivers find time by providing activities. There are SO many activities including arts and crafts (including wearable crafts), learning such as math and science, worksheets, mad libs and holiday themed activities. You can search by activity, by age, by holiday or season. There’s also an extensive collection of printables.

Woo! Jr has a team of contributors and the site really reflects this in how well organized and up to date it is, alongside the high quality of the articles. Each of the activity posts is thoroughly written and easy to follow while being accompanied by extensive photos.

Find Awesome Activities At: Woo! Jr

Fun a Day

We absolutely love this blog! It has tons of great learning inspired, meaningful activities for kids, which cover science, math, music, science, sensory and arts and crafts. Fun a Day is written for both teachers and parents. There are lots of unique ideas and activities on here and we think parents will have a hard time getting off this site!

We especially love the painting the car summer art project and the robot sensory writing tray with free printable. You can search by age, by activity type or by theme. There’s a whole category dedicated to slime, as well as free pintables and teachers tips, which most parents will find pretty interesting.

We love that most activity posts are not only well written with great accompanying photos, but they often include lesson plans, planning materials and free printables.

Find Awesome Activities At: Fun a Day

My Joy Filled Life

My Joy Filled Life has an excellent selection of kids activities and crafts as well as some great homeschooling resources. The activities for kids are primarily arts and crafts, including slime, sensory play, LEGO, playdough and many activities dedicated to religious learning.

The activity posts are easy to follow and have great accompanying photos. We especially love the story time activities that offer activities to go alongside specific books. The blog also has extensive sections on homeschooling, homemaking, family life and frugal living so it offers many resources for parents.

Find Awesome Activities At: My Joy Filled Life

KC Edventures

kc edventures

KC Edventures is all about learning opportunities that encourage kids to discover new places, learn new things and connect with others. KC Edventures has a slightly different angle to other kids activity blogs, with their activities including life skills for kids, nature & outdoor activities, health & wellness, arts & crafts, books, travel and emotional intelligence activities such as unpredictability and practicality.

We absolutely love their outdoor activities and science experiments, especially when the two are combined! The blog is really well organized and feels professional and educational in tone. The activity posts are often extensive and will keep kids occupied for hours.

They also have great photos, are easy to follow and include helpful information to aid parents in explaining any educational material.  There is also heaps of specific information for Kansas City activities and attractions, but don’t worry, there’s lots for non-Kansas City parents.

Find Awesome Activities At: KC Edventures

The Imagination Tree

the imagination tree

The Imagination Tree is run by Anna, a primary school teacher from the UK who has four kids. You can search for activities by age or activity type and there’s an extensive resource section, which we absolutely love. Three are SO many activities on this site, which have an education focus such as literacy, numeracy, creativity, physical and science.

We love the emotional intelligence focus for many of these activities, such as the kind kids challenge or the thankfulness challenges. Activities are well written, easy to follow and have lots of great photos to go along with them.

Find Awesome Activities At: The Imagination Tree

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