40 Best Lego Duplo Sets For Toddlers & Preschoolers

best lego duplo sets

Virtually every person under the sun is acquainted with Legos. The multicolored plastic blocks can be used to construct any number of things, from simple shapes to elaborate-themed setups. But with all those tiny pieces and choking hazards, classic Legos are just not safe for toddlers…

That’s why there are Lego Duplos!

LEGO Duplos are larger bricks with bright colors designed to appeal to the youngest kids. They are easy for little fingers to grasp and the building instructions are simple enough that most kids can do them with minimal – if any – assistance. Your child can have the pride of building their own Legos without having to spend three weeks toiling over a three million piece set.

In this article you will find reviews of the 40 best LEGO Duplo sets you can buy. If you are in a hurry check out my Top 10 list below for my absolute favorites:

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Lego Duplo – Top Picks

Not only does Lego Duplos help with fine motor skills, spatial awareness, following instructions, creative thinking, and pretend play, they are also educational.

There are sets designed to teach numbers, the alphabet, and basic lessons such as farm animals and food items. Some of the Lego Duplos are more educational, others are a theme, and some are just free blocks with no sets or objectives.

One of the best parts of Lego Duplos is they are made to complement each other. You can build upon existing sets and most of the figurines and parts are compatible with one another.

My First Duplo Sets – For Very Young Toddlers

These can be used by toddlers as young as 18 months.  

My First Bricks 80-Piece Lego Block Imagine Set

Best Duplo Starter Set

Every toddler needs a good starter set for Duplo, and this is the gold standard.  For many families, this is their first introduction to Duplo play, and with good reason.  Made with brightly colored pieces, these blocks appeal to small hands and help improve color recognition.

Let their imaginations run wild with free play or use the building cards for inspiration.  Allowing toddlers to build freely greatly improves their creative and fine motor skills.

The building cards include a heart, goldfish, duck, flower, and a helicopter.  Some of the blocks have double-sided eyes and people to correspond with the building cards.  Also included in the set is a propeller.

What We Loved: Bright, colorful pieces perfect for little hands to grasp

Watch Out For: Some of the pieces fit together a little looser than expected

  • Recommended Age:  18 months – 3 years
  • Number of Pieces:  80 pieces includes various shapes & sizes, double-sided decorated bricks and a toy propeller
  • Set #: 10848
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My First Number Train Learning and Counting Train

Best Bang For Your Buck

Ranging in numbers from 0 to 9, this set introduces numbers to your toddler.  Learning to count is a crucial skill for the development of any child, and this push-train gives tiny hands just the foundation they need.

There’s a buildable locomotive, three wagons, two child figurines, and even a cat.

Practice the sequence of numbers, counting backward, and grouping like numbers together.  To make the train more interactive, call out a number to your kiddo, have them identify the number on the train, and drive the train around the track [make your own with items in the household or go around the couch] for the corresponding number.

What We Loved:  Not only is it budget-friendly, but the cars connect easily.  

Watch Out For:  It has fewer pieces than other sets in the list and is a bit smaller than most would expect.

  • Recommended Age:  1-3 years
  • Number of Pieces:  23 pieces  (including 3 figurines and 10 numbered bricks)
  • Set #: 10847
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My First Alphabet Truck

Best For Learning Letters

These brightly-colored letters are sure to excite any youngster for learning the alphabet.  Consistently one of Amazon’s best sellers, it is the top result for the “Duplo sets” search category.  Toddlers can work on their balancing and building skills while learning to spell basic words. 

There are also ten assorted Lego bricks in addition to one brick with each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.  This set easily combines with other Lego Duplo sets to enhance and expound upon existing play bricks.  Consider this as an excellent instructional gift for holidays or a birthday.  

What We Loved:  What a fantastic way to teach the alphabet to kids!

Watch Out For:  Even though it’s designed to teach letters and simple words, there’s only one block per letter, so ‘mom’ and ‘good’ won’t be on the spelling list.

  • Recommended Age:  18+ months
  • Number of Pieces:  36
  • Set #: 10915
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My First Large Playground Brick Set

Best Playground Set

What fun your youngster will have creating their own playground!  It’s fun for parents as well because the plastic container the set comes in is perfect for storage when you’re not using the playground.  This set comes with two figurines of children, a treehouse with a slide, a swing area with a windmill, and a bouncy car ride. 

There are plenty of extra blocks to foster imagination as well.  The swings actually swing, the characters slide down the slide, and the windmill spins with a touch of the finger.  If you so choose, the bouncy car can be taken off of the lift to be used like a regular, drivable car.

What We Loved:  You can use the plastic container for easy cleanup and storage.

Watch Out For:  Lots of pieces means lots of potentially lost parts

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  71
  • Set #: 10864
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My First Animal Brick Box Building Blocks

Best Animal Set

All aboard!  Calling all animals to embark on the animal train, which is leaving for an animal parade.  Included among the animals are a cheerful lion, elephant, giraffe, crocodile, and bird.  The giraffe is buildable with a bendy neck that rocks forward and backward. 

Cute crocodile has a hinged jaw to chomp on whatever it eats for lunch.  Loud lion’s mouth opens and shuts to make a bellowing roar.  Elegant elephant’s trunk doubles as a slide for the bird or a character.  Wheels make for easy movement and the container doubles as storage space when it’s not being used.  

What We Loved:  Cute touches and movement make the animals memorable.  

Watch Out For:  Some parents complained of missing pieces.  

  • Recommended Age:  1-3 years
  • Number of Pieces:  34
  • Set #: 10863
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My First Car Creations Building Blocks

Best Transportation Set For 2 Year Olds

Use the big building blocks to create four different vehicles– taxi, garbage truck, helicopter, and a fire truck.  Actual moving propellers will help your child fly their helicopter to survey any damage on the streets below.  A red and green stoplight prop teaches youngsters what it means to stop and go. 

They can practice manners and etiquette when they hail a taxi.  Lift up the fire truck’s leader to fight the flames or rescue a kitten from a tree.  Remove any extra block debris by piling it into the dump truck and dumping it out into the proper spot.  This set allows for creative play, fine motor skills, color recognition, basic vocabulary, and the ability to identify commonly used vehicles at the toddler level  

What We Loved:  There is just so much versatility with this set.

Watch Out For:  Some parents have complained of missing pieces.

  • Recommended Age:  18+ months
  • Number of Pieces:  34
  • Set #: 10886
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Large Scale Building Sets

Until now, the sets have been confined to particular themes.  Now there are tons of blocks for limitless building options and ample creative play!

Classic Heart Box First Building Playset & Learning Toy for Toddlers

Best Large Scale Set on a Budget

LEGO DUPLO Classic Heart Box 10909 First Building Playset and Learning Toy for Toddlers, Great Preschooler’s Developmental Toy, New 2020 (80 Pieces)

This set comes equipped with 15 easy-to-build models. These include common items that your toddler will recognize from everyday life – a house, ice cream, whale, flower, duck, and pineapple.

Follow the model instructions or move onto free building and role play.  Some of the pieces include eyes and faces to further young imaginations. A fun way to use the models would be building an ice cream cone and then treating the kids to ice cream, or creating a flower and then picking a bouquet in the backyard.

What We Loved: You can’t beat the price.

Watch Out For:  Seeing as how the packaging is disposable, I’d strongly recommend having a designated LEGO bin [with a lid] for storage.  

  • Recommended Age:  18+ months
  • Number of Pieces:  80
  • Set #: 10909
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LEGO DUPLO Classic Brick Box – First LEGO Set with Storage Box

Best Set For Free Range Creativity

Your child’s imagination is a blank canvas and these sets are the paint. Perfect for solo or group play, the set has a wide variety of shapes and colors.

As they build and create, they will hone their fine motor skills and increase their spatial awareness. Included are hinged window pieces, a car with moveable wheels, LEGO figurine, and a dog – perfect for building a house that will have universal appeal to children.

The set contains numbered pieces to encourage counting and number recognition and also has an easy-to-follow booklet for designs.  Best of all, it comes in a bin for easy cleanup and storage.

What We Loved:  This gets my vote for the best introduction to creative building without a theme.  

Watch Out For:  One Mom felt a larger baseplate would have been helpful. 

  • Recommended Age:  18 months+
  • Number of Pieces:  65
  • Set #: 10913
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All-in-One-Box-of-Fun Building Kit With Storage Box

This set is very similar to one above – just an older version – they both have 65 pieces so it really depends on your child’s taste. I really like the dog and fire hydrant included with this set!

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Classic Deluxe Brick Box Starter Set with Storage Box

Best Duplos for Toddlers According to Amazon

The development potential is endless with this hands-on set. Build your toddler’s visual-spatial awareness and let their imagination take the reins.

If you are entertaining multiple children, encourage them to have a friendly design competition. Set a timer and let them have free reign. When time’s up, have them both explain their creation. Ask questions to show your interest and give genuine compliments. Then give all participants a fun reward.

What We Loved:  It’s Amazon’s Top Choice for “Duplos for Toddlers”

Watch Out For:  To be fair, this could happen to any product on this list….but one Mom accidentally stepped on a block and said it wasn’t pleasant.  So parents, keep your eyes peeled!  

  • Recommended Age:  18+ months
  • Number of Pieces:  85
  • Set #: 10914
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Classic Creative Fun Building Kit

Best Model Variation

What stood out to me the most about this set was the quirky models.  We’re talking two parrots [large and small], a boat, balloons, apple, alligator, or big a big castle.  

Just think of all the interdisciplinary lessons and teachable moments that could come from such a diverse bunch!  Parrots can introduce colors and birds, balloons can be a mini physics lesson, apples are the perfect segue into nutrition, and a castle allows your youngster to tell you a “Once Upon A Time” story.  

What We Loved:  The diversity among the suggested building models was fun and exciting.

Watch Out For:  One customer complained about the price….upon looking at her information, I think it might have had to do with the total cost of international shipping versus the product total.

  • Recommended Age:  18+ months
  • Number of Pieces:  120
  • Set #: 10887
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Build A Lego Town

These sets are all modular — meaning if you have enough space [and money], you can turn your family room floor into a sprawling Lego town!

If that’s the route you choose to go, be sure to check out the transportation sets, cars, and locations down below, as even Legos get tired traipsing the streets and traveling from one locale to the next.

Challenge your child to periodically recreate and redecorate their town to keep things fresh.  

Duplo Town Square

Best Town Building Starter Set

This bustling town square serves as the center of the Lego community.  There’s a lot going on here, which is ideal for those who are looking for a set that won’t require an update or add-ons anytime soon.  A doctor’s office, market, bakery, and garage guarantees hours of fun for your little ones. 

Realistic features abound, from an oven that opens, a mechanic’s turntable with the rolling car, and a retro gumball machine.  No detail was spared, either.  There’s an eye testing chart at the doctor’s, a wheelchair in case any figurine is mobility-impaired, roof windows that open, a traffic cone, food items, flowers, and a petrol pump.  

What We Loved:  Almost 100 pieces to promote creative play and five chunky Duplo people to allow for multiple characters to be involved in the town.

Watch Out For:  It’s a bit pricey, but you’ll get your money’s worth.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  98
  • Set #: 10836
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Duplo Town Police Station

Lay Down the Lego Law

Two police officers and a crook will help your kiddo catch the bad guy in no time.  There’s even a buildable police station– complete with jail cell!– and a police cruiser with button-activated sirens and flashing lights for extra realism.  It’s easy for toddlers to build, with or without a playmate. 

Bonus points for the bricks that are shaped like doughnuts, and a security camera.  This is a great, age-appropriate way to teach your children about the importance of police and law enforcement, following rules, and consequences when those rules are broken.  

What We Loved:  Realistic touches that encourage pretend play with real-world lessons.

Watch Out For:  Some parents weren’t thrilled that the siren was battery-operated.

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  38
  • Set #: 10902
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Duplo Town Fire Station

Fun for Future Firemen

Every town needs its own fire station and Lego Town is no exception.  This set comes with an interactive fire truck, 2 firefighters, a dog mini-figure, a fire hydrant, a ladder, a campfire, a hose, and an ax.  It comes highly recommended for two-year-old boys as it works wonders for their auditory and visual learning abilities.  Of course, girl firefighters will love it as well.

Easy enough to be assembled by preschoolers, youngsters will enjoy driving the fire truck under the arch, and allowing the firefighters to climb the ladder to get to the second story of the firehouse.  Parents can use this set as a teachable moment to educate their children about fire hydrants, fire safety, and STOP, DROP, AND ROLL!

What We Loved:  A fun, creative toy that serves as a partner for parents and teachers introducing fire safety.

Watch Out For:  Some parents felt this was a little pricey.  

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  76
  • Set #: 10903
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Town Fire Truck

Best Fire Truck

Be ready to fight a five-alarm fire with this buildable truck.  Perfect for those toddlers who want a larger and more intricate fire truck, this is your best bet.  This truck boasts a moveable, rotating crane and a window that opens on its hinges. 

Use blocks from other Duplo sets to build a tall tower and move the crane to rescue a figurine from the fiery inferno.  A kindergarten child could take the lead with this truck while their younger sibling plays with the smaller truck from the fire station and they could work together as a team.  

What We Loved:  The details and flexibility of the truck.

Watch Out For:  It only comes with one figurine.

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  26
  • Set #: 10592
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Town Fire Boat Building Kit

Best Fire Boat

Apparently, our Lego Town borders water because there is a fireboat ready to tackle the flames that aren’t on land.  The fireboat has an opening window and retractable hose.  Other accessories include a lighthouse and a flame.  In terms of characters, it comes with one firefighter and a dog figure. 

To make this activity extra fun, try using a bin of water for the boat to swirl around on as it approaches the lighthouse on land.  I see this working well for an interdisciplinary unit on either fire safety, lighthouses, or types of boats.  

What We Loved:  It broadens your child’s fire horizons to include rescue boats on the water.

Watch Out For:  I could not find a single negative review.

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  19
  • Set #: 10591
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Town Airport

Best Airport

Final boarding call for Duplo travelers taking flight!  This set provides a comforting introduction to air travel.  Airports can be intimidating for our younger kids, so a toy like this will get them accustomed to the sights of the actual airport.  The plane has wheels, the air traffic control tower rotates, and there is even a boarding gate for checking in luggage.  Bonus points for the luggage slide– though I’ll leave it to parental discretion if you want to incorporate a lost bag into the airport scenario.

What We Loved:  A great ‘my first airport’ toy

Watch Out For:  Considering lots of Duplo sets are made to work well together, this doesn’t mesh as well with other sets.

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  29  [three figurines, a piece of luggage, and the airplane]
  • Set #: 10871
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Town Pizzeria Restaurant

Best Pizzeria

Every kid loves pizza, so what better menu item to serve at your town’s restaurant?  A father, daughter, and pizza maker figurine are included, as is a bike for delivery.  But wait, there’s more!  3 pizza discs, a Duplo cellphone, umbrella top, lime green mug with ice cream piece, 2 yellow chairs, dark green trash container, food bricks [cheese, tomatoes, spice,] ice cream cone, oven temperature, cash register, and money brick. 

There is lots of room for imagination and creative play here and no shortage of accessories to use while pretending.  Kids on all ends of the recommended age spectrum love this and it pairs well with other Duplo sets.  

What We Loved:  This is one of the larger and more intricate sets for the Lego Town.

Watch Out For:  Some folks were hoping it would be a little more challenging to assemble.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  57
  • Set #: 10834
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Town Pizza Stand

Best Casual Pizza Stand

If your younger pizza maestro isn’t quite ready to commit to a full pizzeria, this is the next best thing.  Toddlers develop fine motor, social, and emotional skills as they build, play, redesign, and play again with this busy pizza playset.  Practice placing the pizza on the serving pan and bringing it to ‘customers’ at your outdoor venue. 

A sign advertising pizza will let passerby know exactly what’s on the menu.  But no matter what– don’t let the doggie snatch the pizza off the table!  Use this as a way to teach your youngsters that doggies [or other pets] don’t need to eat human food.

What We Loved:  Great for teaching kids about street vendors and different ways of consuming food other than restaurants or drive-thru.

Watch Out For:  Compared to the previously listed pizzeria set, this might be a bit of a letdown. 

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  18
  • Set #: 10927
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The Cafe

Best Cafe

Delicious food is everywhere at this cute cafe.  Your child can role-play a multitude of restaurant scenarios, either solo or with a peer or parent play partner.  Included is a cafe facade, table with 3 chairs and a parasol, an opening door into the cafe, a bread oven, a baguette, a kettle, 3 plates, decorated menu bricks, orange juice, cake, sandwiches, money, and even a till. 

No stone was left unturned when designing this dining experience.  Teach your youngsters the concept of transactional service at a restaurant, manners at the table, and the importance of having meals together as a family whenever possible.  Allow your child to be the manager and ask her how she would respond to different situations– a screaming baby, a customer unhappy with their food, etc.

What We Loved:  More than one parent said this was their child’s favorite out of all of their Duplo sets.  

Watch Out For:  Kindergarteners might find this too simple for them.

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  52
  • Set #: 10587
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My Town Family House – Build Your Own Dollhouse

Best Family/Doll House

Who doesn’t love to play house?  Not only can your youngster play house, they can also build the house! It’s moveable and stackable so your little architect can design to their heart’s content.

Move the different figurines to various rooms and learn what goes on in different parts of the house.  Switch up rooms to keep things fresh. Pretend to cook and serve a meal in the kitchen, read the kids a bedtime story, and play a game of catch outside. The possibilities are endless.  

What We Loved:  There are infinite combinations for decorating and imaginative play.

Watch Out For:  The rooms are somewhat small.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  69
  • Set #: 10835
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Town Big Farm

Best Farmhouse

This set brings the barn to your backdoor, wherever you may live. Toddlers can make a barn with opening doors and a buildable farmhouse. There is also a tractor with rolling wheels, a swiveling feeding trough, picnic bench, slide, tractor, 3 people figures, 5 animal figures, a pitchfork, hay, trough, milk bottle, and more.  

Encourage your child to identify the animals and make their corresponding sounds. Better yet, consider taking a family outing to a farm or a petting zoo to really drive the lesson home.  

What We Loved:  There are various rooms available inside the farmhouse for creative play.  

Watch Out For:  Several parents complained that not all the pieces came.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  121
  • Set #: 10525
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Town Farm Animals Building Blocks

Best Animal Set

Unlike the previous set that focused largely on the farm buildings, this one focuses on animals– and has much fewer pieces.  It’s probably better as a stand-alone set for the younger kids or a complement to a larger Duplo farm set.  

There is a chicken coop with opening doors, a trough, a bin, a cow, a chicken, a pig, a cat, and a shovel.  Even toddlers should be able to build the simple chicken coop, which is excellent for those fine motor and early building skills for small hands.

What We Loved:  It’s just a few animals and simple props without all the fanfare of barns and stables.  This is definitely budget-friendly.  

Watch Out For:

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  16 pieces  [including 4 animal figures]
  • Set #: 10870
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Animals and Dinosaurs

Town World Animals Building Bricks For Toddlers

Best Animal Set

Ranking as the top result for “Duplo world animals,” this kit contains a myriad of animals from different environments.  Fish from the ocean, elephants from the plains of Africa, birds from the Amazon rainforest, and even some familiar standby’s from the zoo.  

In addition to the animals, there are bloc ks to create their natural habitats and even a helicopter for aerial tours and a canoe for floating down the river.  There are adult and baby animals to teach your youngsters about the importance of a parental bond.  Bring the zoo to your home [or take a field trip!] with this comprehensive set.  

What We Loved:  There are so much versatility and room for imaginative play.  

Watch Out For:  Your child might just want to go to the zoo every day after playing with this.

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years 
  • Number of Pieces:  121
  • Set #: 10907
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Town Baby Animals Building Bricks

Best Beginner Animal Set

With only nine pieces, this is definitely for the young toddler.  Older preschoolers will bore easily.  However, as kids age out of it, the animals can be incorporated into other Duplo sets.  Complete with a panda, elephant, tiger, and giraffe, this kit is good for basic, imaginative play as children start to learn their basic numbers and vocabulary.  Pro Tip:  These also work as cake decorations!  Who knew?  

What We Loved:  It’s a great way to get your young toddler’s feet wet with an animal set.

Watch Out For:  Even though it says 2+, I don’t see anyone past 3 enjoying this.  

  • Recommended Age:  2+
  • Number of Pieces:  9
  • Set #: 10904
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Jurassic World T-Rex Tower

Best T-Rex Set

Scale the tower to find safety from the ferocious T-Rex.  The T-Rex has a moveable jaw to help your youngster make roaring sound effects.  If things get to be a little too frightening for your Owen Grady figure, sneak down from the tower and put the pedal to the medal in the Jurassic Park jeep with moveable wheels.  

While the actual Jurassic Park film is probably too scary for most preschoolers– and the Netflix animated spinoff might be frightening as well– there are ample opportunities to learn about dinosaurs with a trip to the museum, age-appropriate books, or dinosaur-themed crafts.  

What We Loved:  This is a must-have for every dinosaur lover.

Watch Out For:  There’s not much space to play– you’re either hiding from the T-rex in a tower or fleeing in a vehicle.

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  22
  • Set #: 10880
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Jurassic World Petting Zoo

Best ‘Friendly’ Dinosaur Set

If a T-Rex proves too scary for your toddler, this provides an excellent alternative.  The very fact that it’s called a ‘petting zoo’ should bring the fear factor down considerably.  Each of the two dinosaurs– which are the perfect size to be gripped by tiny hands– has cheerful faces.  

They can take turns walking across the draw bridge, sun themselves under a tree, or get petted by the male figurine.  Unlike the wild T-rex, this enclosure comes with a gate so the dinosaurs won’t leave their habitat unless your child wants them to.  

What We Loved:  It’s a nice set to make dinosaurs less scary for kids.

Watch Out For:  With only two small dinosaurs and not much in the way of scenery, it’s somewhat underwhelming.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  24
  • Set #: 10879
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Trains and Construction Sets

Deluxe Train Set

Best Train Set

Look no further for your toddler’s first train set.  This model allows for your child to build the track and push around the train– with the option to add more track and additional trains at a later date.  The trains have fun sound effects that are very appealing to a toddler, thus improving auditory learning senses. Maneuvering the train around the track helps with coordination and fine motor skills.  Kids will also enjoy swinging things from the crane and loading and unloading cars.  

What We Loved:  A great set for those who are not fans of Thomas.

Watch Out For:  Batteries are not included [3 AA]

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  134
  • Set #: 10508
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Toy Story Woody

Best Toy Story Themed Train

I don’t know a single parent or child who doesn’t love Toy Story.  If there were a Toy Story-themed mop and vacuum, there is no doubt my children would be cleaning my floors without even being prompted.  This set appeals to me because it’s a way to introduce children to trains that might not otherwise be interested.  

My daughter never cared much for trains, but if she saw Woody on one– well, choo choo!  Woody and Buzz figurines bring magic to the set with moveable parts and open doors.  Try combining this set with other train and/or Toy Story activities.

What We Loved:  It can be used on carpet and hardwood floors.

Watch Out For:  Some kids might be expecting some battery effects– and this toy doesn’t use batteries.

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  21
  • Set #: 10894
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Big Construction Set

Best Construction Set

Check out these features!  It includes a toy bulldozer, toy dump truck [with tipping bucket], and a toy crane with a rotating cabin, movable arm, and working claw. Not to mention, three construction worker LEGO DUPLO figures with safety helmets, to emphasize the importance of staying safe in a hard hat area.  

Kids will have an absolute blast in the backyard sandbox, scooping and dumping sand.  Really hone those fine motor skills by practicing with the claw.  Challenge your kids to build you a sand building with their construction equipment.

What We Loved:  This construction set has it all.

Watch Out For:  If your child’s not into construction, this could be a hard sell.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  67
  • Set #: 10813
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LEGO DUPLO Dump Truck and Excavator

Best Toddler Dump Truck

This dump truck/excavator combo is perfect for toddler’s hands.  It’s a smaller scale of the comprehensive set, ideal for younger kiddos.  The dump truck has a tipping feature so it can be filled with extra bricks– and get dumped!  

Also, the arm on the excavator rotates, so your child can play with it in a variety of ways.  A fun way to enjoy this set would be to fill some Tupperware and other bowls with water and dump the bricks into the water for a multisensory experience.  

What We Loved:  It develops coordination and motor skills while encouraging creative play.

Watch Out For:  Several parents complained of missing pieces upon delivery.   

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  26
  • Set #: 10812
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Construction Track & Bridge Set

Best Bridge

I may be biased due to childhood nostalgia, but a similar version of this toy was the hit of the waiting room at my pediatrician’s office.  What makes this train setup unique is the hill.  Practice slowly going up the hill– and then releasing the train to roll with speed!  This set is compatible with other Lego trains and tracks, so it’s easy to expand and build.  

What We Loved:  How fun it is to ‘race’ your train down the hill!  

Watch Out For:  Sometimes the tracks don’t stay together very well.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  26
  • Set #: 10872
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Super Hero Duplo Sets

Batman Batcave

Best Batman Set

Holy guacamole, Batman!  Your little superhero will love the caped crusader’s Batcave.  Complete with a jail cell– with an opening door– no interloper will escape from the Batcave unpunished.  An arched driveway allows the Batmobile to zoom from the property to go fight crime in Gotham City.  

Figurines include Batman, Robin, and the Joker.  You might even get your elementary and middle school-aged children to play with their younger siblings– encourage them to share their Batman comics and tell Batman stories.  Or reward your teenage babysitter for being such a good play companion with tickets to the upcoming Batman film.

What We Loved:  It’s never too early to teach your child to appreciate Bruce Wayne.

Watch Out For:  This set had rave reviews throughout the entire DC Universe and beyond.  

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  33
  • Set #: 10919
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Superhero Spiderman & Hulk Adventures

Best Superhero Starter Set

If Spiderman and The Hulk are more your child’s cup of superhero, this is another option for a set.  There aren’t a lot of pieces in this set, and only two superheroes, so it really calls for your kiddo to use their imagination and play creatively.  

Overall the set seemed pretty small to me– and my jaw just about hit the floor when I saw the price.  Worth noting, this set was only available to me on Walmart’s website, so it may be temporarily sold-out on Amazon.  This is more than twice the cost of comparable sets!

What We Loved:  It’s a small, manageable set for those toddlers who are starting to become interested in superheroes.

Watch Out For:  The price.  Surely my eyes deceive me.  Hopefully, this becomes available on Amazon [instead of Walmart] and those numbers go down considerably.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  38
  • Set #: 10876
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Super Heroes Lab Marvel Avengers Superheroes

Best Avengers Set

Avengers, assemble!  Three’s a party when the superheroes in attendance are Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman.  Kiddos can assemble Iron Man’s laboratory workshop with its moving crane, spinning turntable, wrench, and control panel.  

Combine forces with Spidey and Captain to make repairs around the workshop or debate over who gets to ride Captain America’s motorcycle!  This set is great when your child has a sibling or a couple of friends over so everyone can have their own superheroes.  Take your parent coolness factor up a notch and turn on Avenger cartoons in the background, encourage costumes, or bake Avenger-themed cookies.  

What We Loved:  Multiple parents have told me it can be difficult to find a Captain America in a set, so having him here is an added bonus.  

Watch Out For:  The set might get a little boring because lots of imagination is required as opposed to lots of activities within the structure.  

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  30
  • Set #: 10921
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Disney & Princess Duplo Sets

Disney Princess Cinderella’s Carriage

Best Cinderella Set

Once upon a time, I used to put on my Cinderella costume and hobble around in one glass [okay, rubber-y plastic?] slipper while saying “bippity, boppity, boo!”  But I digress….Cinderella holds such a special place for three generations of women in my family.  The universally loved tale has made its way to Duplo.  

A Cinderella figurine has a detachable skirt for dress-up play, a castle portal [featuring clock and tower], a gold-plated pumpkin carriage, and a glass slipper.  Watch Cinderella while you play.  

Encourage your child and their friends to showcase their best dancing moves at the ball.  Teach them how to recognize midnight on a clock.  And most of all– let it be a lesson in kindness to treat all people with courtesy.

What We Loved:  Teaches children the basics of the Cinderella story without too many complicated parts

Watch Out For:  This costs over $100….?

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  20
  • Set #: 6153
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Frozen Ice Castle

Best Frozen Set

You definitely won’t want to let this one go….sorry, I had to!  It’s been a few glorious months without hearing THE SONG, but something tells me my luck’s about to change with this Frozen Ice Castle.  This set comes with transparent pieces to resemble ice.  

Bonus points for the fact that certain tiles can be pressed to cause light-up effects, which is always fun.  There’s even an exciting slide compartment!  The pieces are easy to grasp and build for little hands.  They’ll be especially excited to see their friends Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.  

What We Loved:  It’s Frozen.  Need I say more?

Watch Out For:  Battery compartments for some of the pieces are tricky to access.  

  • Recommended Age:  2+ years
  • Number of Pieces:  59
  • Set #: 10899
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Princess Belle’s Tea Party

Best Tea Party Set

Disney movies are so timeless.  As much as I love all those 21st century animated films, there’s nothing like the princesses I grew up with in the ’80’s to mid ’90’s.  It really gives me precious bonding time with my daughter, allowing her to see the movies, books, toys, and costumes I loved when I was her age.  I’m so glad this set has made modern improvements to create a play space that is fun and inviting, and easy for little hands to build.  Included is a fireplace, clock, teacup, and table with two chairs.  It even comes with Mrs. Potts!

What We Loved:  Sometimes every little princess needs a tea party.  

Watch Out For:  If you are able to get this at Target instead of Amazon, you will literally save half the price.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  19
  • Set #: 10877
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Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique

Best Minnie Mouse Set

Spoiler alert:  Minnie Mouse will be having a birthday party soon.  What better place to get her presents than her bow-tique?  This is a large, two-story set.  The downstairs shop has a cash register and merchandise for browsing.  Upstairs has a bedroom with windows.  Minnie and Daisy Duck will love to show you their space or even give you lunch on the patio.  Perfect for every Minnie Mouse fan who loves to shop.  

What We Loved:  The revolving pink bow on the top of the roof is precious.

Watch Out For:  I’m sorry, what was that price?  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  70
  • Set #: 10844
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Mickey & Minnie Mouse Train Set

Best Mr. & Mrs. Mouse Set

We don’t want to leave Mickey Mouse out, so he’s making a cameo here as well.  Although we’ve done several trains, what I like about this one is the fact that it’s Disney– and it combines basic number skills and birthday celebrations.  Remember how I mentioned Minnie was having a birthday?  I bet Mickey’s taking her on this magical train ride with all of her presents, a candle, a cupcake, and balloons to her party!  Encourage your kids to draw gifts for Minnie or suggest gift ideas to other Disney characters.  

What We Loved:  It has both members of the First Mouse family and bright, vibrant design.

Watch Out For:  There aren’t as many pieces as some would have liked.  

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  24
  • Set #: 10597
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Minnie Mouse’s Birthday Party

Best Birthday Set

Celebrate Minnie Mouse’s birthday in style with this pink-infused set.  Complete with a buildable playhouse for her birthday bash, a delicious cake, and a pink car!  Minnie will love to zoom around her house and blow out the candles on her cake with the help of her kitty.  

There are even two gift bricks so she’s sure to get some presents she’ll love.  Make party hats with your child and serve special punch to take Minnie’s birthday celebration up a notch, or play your favorite Disney movie in the background.  

What We Loved:  Minnie Mouse for under $20?  Sold

Watch Out For:  This will be a hard sell if your child isn’t a fan of the color pink or Minnie Mouse.

  • Recommended Age:  2-5 years
  • Number of Pieces:  21
  • Set #: 10873
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Lego Duplo Buying Guide

Children seem to grow at supersonic speeds.  One minute they’re drooling on a teething ring and attempting to crawl, the next they’re running around talking!  

The constant throughout all of these changes is the art of play.  Of course, play is designed to be fun, but it’s every parent’s dream to have toys that are both exciting and educational– especially when these toys can grow and adapt with children as their minds expand.

LEGO DUPLO offers just that.  Sure, everyone knows about building blocks and multicolored pieces that connect to make figurines, but LEGO DUPLO’s are made exclusively for children ages 18 months to 5 years.  They are large, colorful, and non-toxic, with rounded edges so they are safe legos for toddlers.

kid holding lego duplo toys

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when looking for the best LEGO DUPLO set.  This guide is designed to break it down and demystify the process, so you’ll have a much better grasp of what works best for the needs of your family or the special child in your life.  

Benefits of LEGOS For Toddlers

From toddlers to preschoolers, there are ample benefits for everyone. The legos age range is extensive. 

kid building lego blocks

Legos foster the creative process.  Those creative and problem-solving skills are crucial when your toddler is trying to figure out how the pieces fit together.  Once they’ve finished assembling the set, they can use their imaginations to create stories and all sorts of make-believe adventures.  

Educational Benefits for Babies

For the youngest babies, there are large, brightly-colored Duplo blocks with numbers on them, helping to achieve that early color and number recognition.  Blocks with animals, letters, and numbers can help slightly older children start to grasp these basic concepts.

Motor Skills & Coordination

The intense hands-on creation of building and playing with these sets help kids develop their finger dexterity, balance, and coordination.  Grouping, sorting, snapping, disconnecting– all of this works fine motor skills.  Additionally, pushing a toy with wheels helps tremendously.

Considerations When Buying Lego Duplo Sets

Age Range

Always remember that age range are a recommended guideline.  Use your discretion.  Not all children at the same age operate around the same level.  If you’re concerned about choking or any safety hazard, be extremely cautious and purchase only a few, large bricks.  Conversely, if your child has mastered using scissors and eats Skittles as a snack, they can probably be trusted with a set designed for older kids.  

batman and superman lego figures

As you can see, there is no shortage of themes with Legos– and we haven’t even gotten to the tip of the iceberg.  There is literally something for every taste.  And very rarely does a set stand alone.  There are add-ons and add-ons for the add-ons.  A theme set could be a great way to show your child you are supportive of their interest and want to know more.

Yet there’s something to be said for a blank canvas of multicolored blocks with no prevailing theme.  This allows your youngster to use their imagination and create something unique, without following guidelines.  It’s very interesting to see what happens when you leave a child to their own devices.


Consider the age of your child, their playmates and siblings, and how often they will be playing with others.  If you are looking for a set to grow with your child, take that into consideration.  Do not attempt to overly structure a child’s playtime, as that hinders the creative process.  


Prices range the gamut– anywhere from $5 to almost $200.  Typically speaking, it is the number of pieces in a box that determines the price.  Remember, more advanced sets and battery-operated features increase the price as well.  Regardless, LEGO DUPLO is consistently made with the same high-quality standards consumers know and trust.  Shop around to find something for every budget.  And don’t be afraid to compare prices at different stores!


A final safety word:  be mindful if you have a teething baby as sometimes gnawing on blocks could hurt impressionable gums.  


lego blocks toys
[taken from their very informative website]

My child is chewing on her LEGO DUPLO bricks. Is that safe?

Although LEGO DUPLO bricks are nontoxic and they meet or exceed safety standards for children, it is not advisable to allow your child to place them in her mouth. Biting down on the bricks can be painful to a younger child’s gums and that same action may be harmful to an older child’s teeth.

Are LEGO DUPLO bricks compatible with regular LEGO bricks?

Yes! LEGO DUPLO bricks are designed to fit together with regular LEGO bricks so you can combine sets. However, it is important that only older children do this because the pieces found in regular LEGO sets present a choking hazard to younger children

How do I clean my child’s LEGO DUPLO pieces?

If your child’s LEGO DUPLO bricks are getting dirty, hand-wash them in water that is no hotter than 104°F. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent to gently clean the bricks. After washing, rinse them thoroughly and pat dry with a soft towel. Leave the bricks out until they’re thoroughly air-dried. Never place your LEGO DUPLO pieces in a washer, dryer, oven, or microwave because this will damage them.

Are LEGO Duplo pieces a choking hazard?

No. All Duplo pieces and sets have been vigorously lab-tested to pass the strict toy safety laws of over 140 nations worldwide.

What is the difference between Lego and Duplo?

While the two functions the same as how the pieces snap together, DUPLO is designed for younger children who may not yet be nimble enough to play with LEGO. … The DUPLO blocks also help to eliminate the choking hazards inherent with the tiny size of some LEGO pieces.

best lego duplo sets
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