Best Star Wars LEGO Sets For Kids of All Ages (2021 Update)

best star wars lego sets for kids of all ages

LEGO has been a part of the Star Wars universe for over two decades now, and it’s a partnership that has brought together two legions of passionate fans into one enormous cohort. These fans are now passing their passion onto the next generation, and as a result we are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to LEGO Star Wars sets.

In fact, in January this year, LEGO asked fans to vote on their next LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series set, creating a hotly debated topic of conversation in many households, including mine.

In our household, LEGO is king and since my husband is a Star Wars fanatic, LEGO Star Wars sets have truly become a sought after and prized gift for our kids.

We love the mixture of tactile play, mindfulness, creativity and family bonding time that LEGO represents. It’s really special to be able to couple this with healthy debate about how the original trilogy compares to the latest movies and discussion around George Lucas’ characters, battles and ships.

Choosing a set can be a daunting task, even for the biggest Star Wars fan or LEGO aficionado. It’s especially daunting for parents who are new to either fandom.

So we’ve gathered up our favorite sets and even created an extensive buying guide to help you determine which set is best for your family.

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Star Fighters & Space Ships

LEGO Star Wars Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter 75273 Building Kit, Cool Construction Toy for Kids, New 2020 (761 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 9+
  • Set #: 75273
  • Pieces: 761
  • Assembled Size: 3 x 14 x 12 inches
  • Minifigures included: 3

With R2D2 on board, alongside Poe Dameron (mini Oscar Isaac!), Knight of Ren & Jannah, this iconic ship will be an integral part of your Resistance missions and could easily become a display feature on your shelf. The ship features spring loaded shooters, retractable landing gear and adjustable wings, meaning it’s truly built ready for battle play.

This set has been updated and is new as of January 2020 and has an ultra-detailed design for young Resistance fighters wanting to recreate scenes from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The Poe Dameron minifigure comes with a blaster pistol, Jannah has a bowcaster and Knight of Ren has a scythe, so they are all ready to defend themselves against the First Order.

This set is placed at 9+, but we think slightly younger LEGO savvy kids with some parental help will be able to take on this set easily.

There are 220 steps to complete this set of 761 pieces, so it will be a relatively large undertaking, but well worth it for the striking battle-ready ship.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Resistance A-Wing Starfighter

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Resistance A Wing Starfighter 75248 Advanced Collectible Starship Model Building Kit (269 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 7+
  • Pieces: 269
  • Set #: 75248
  • Assembled Size: 2 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Minifigures included: 2

Featuring 2-firing missiles, rotating cannons and retractable landing gear, this Starfighter is based on the Resistance A-Wing starship from the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker movie.

This is a great mid-range option for kids who have seen the recent movies and are starting out on their LEGO Star Wars journey, but will still include enough challenging building for more experienced builders who are looking for smaller fighters to add to their fleet.

This kit includes Snap Wexley with his blaster pistol and Lieutenant Connix with her blaster, as well as a minifigure cockpit for exciting battle and mission play.

We love the attention to detail on this set, with the minifigure helmet being a little transparent just like those in the movies.

Even though this set doesn’t include as many pieces as some other larger sets, it offers great value for money in terms of the look and feel of the ship, alongside the battle ready features.

This is a great one for the girls as well, because it features Lieutenant Connix and her blaster and she is one tough lady!

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LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon 75257 Starship Model Building Kit and Minifigures (1,351 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 9+
  • Pieces: 1351
  • Set #: 75257
  • Assembled Size: 5 x 17 x 12 inches
  • Minifigures included: 7

I can basically hear the Star Wars theme playing when I look at this truly iconic Corellian freighter starship set. The Millenium Falcon might even be mandatory for any true Star Wars fan to have as a part of their LEGO collection.

Coming in at 1351 pieces, it’s going to be a pretty epic undertaking for your kids and probably one you’ll be dying to help out with.

It comes with a generous 7 character minifigures including Finn, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, C-3PO and Boolio as well as D-O and BB-8 figures.

The Millenium Falcon ship is impressively detail-heavy with a rotating top and bottom, gun turrets, 2 spring-loaded shooters, a lowering ramp and opening cockpit. The fully equipped interior is easily accessed by opening top panels and includes smuggling compartments for fun role-play scenarios.

In the past LEGO has had some huge (and expensive) versions of this set, so we love this reasonably priced offering of the (arguably) most iconic starship in the universe.

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LEGO Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter

LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars Anakin's Jedi Starfighter 75214 Building Kit (247 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 7+
  • Pieces: 247
  • Set #: 75214
  • Assembled Size: 3 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Minifigures included: 2

This is a really great introductory set for kids who know and love the Star Wars universe and especially if you’ve introduced them to the Clone Wars TV series. It is not the largest or the most complicated kit, but it certainly offers an iconic ship and two iconic characters in an Anakin Skywalker minifigurine and R2-D2 droid figure.

You also get Anakin’s lightsaber, which is an important inclusion considering how integral and unique these weapons are to the Star Wars universe.

The ships features retractable landing gear, wing-mounted stud shooters an opening minifigure cockpit and hidden compartments for extra ammo, as well as a space for R2D2.

The LEGO Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter is listed at 7+, but LEGO savvy younger kids could probably take this on with some parental assistance.

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LEGO Star Wars Episode VIII Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter

LEGO Star Wars Episode VIII Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter 75179 Building Kit, TIE Silencer Model and Popular Gift for Kids (630 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Pieces: 630
  • Set #: 75179
  • Assembled Size: 4 x 16 x 9 inches
  • Minifigures included: 3

Kylo Ren is a controversial figure in the Star Wars Universe considering his internal conflict with the Evil Empire and the fact he killed off his Dad. That being said, he definitely knows how to create an incredibly cool ship and that makes this Tie Silencer one of the most sought after sets in the galaxy.

The design is impressive, sleek, modern and a bit scary all at the same time!

The set includes 3 minifigures; Kylo Ren, a First Order TIE Fighter Pilot, First Order Stormtrooper, plus a BB-9E figure.

The ship features an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 trigger-activated spring-loaded shooters and large wings with red exhaust detailing. You also get Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, a blaster and blaster pistol to strike fear into the hearts of all enemies of the Empire.

This immediately recognisable and iconic fighter ship has incredibly impressive attention to detail and your kids will absolutely love playing with this ship once it’s assembled.

It is very sturdy once all put together and is an impressive size when completed. The age range is 8+, but as always, we think younger kids with a parent’s input could put this together.

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LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian The Razor Crest

LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292 Exclusive Building Kit, New 2020 (1,023 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 10+
  • Pieces: 1023
  • Set #: 75292
  • Assembled Size: 5.5 x 15 x 11 inches
  • Minifigures included: 4

If you’re looking for an absolutely epic LEGO set and you’re a fan of the Mandalorian TV series, then look no further than the Razor Crest. Coming in at a whopping 1023 pieces and placed at ages 10+, building this starship will truly be a family activity.

It comes with 4 LEGO minifigures including The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper and the Child, plus an IG-11 figure. All figures come with awesome weapons to ensure they are battle ready.

The ship itself features spring-loaded shooters, a cargo hold which doubles as an access ramp, carbonite bounty holds, a minifigure cockpit and sleeping area. It also has a very cool detachable escape pod which means siblings can play with this set together.

This is a big undertaking for your kids, but will be worth it to relive the bounty hunter and Child’s battles against Scout Trooper and other enemies.

This top notch set has been lauded by parents and adult LEGO collectors alike, so is well worth the investment.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren’s Shuttle 75256 Star Wars Shuttle Action Figure Building Kit (1,005 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 10+
  • Pieces: 1005
  • Set #: 75256
  • Assembled Size: 13 x 8 x 19 inches
  • Minifigures included: 6

In the final instalment of the Skywalker saga, this ship becomes Kylo Ren’s preferred craft and you can definitely see why. Not just a traditional fighter, this shuttle is a seriously cool, sleek, modern and intimidating; kind of like Kylo Ren himself.

Coming in at an epic 1005 pieces and recommended for ages 10+, this will be a big undertaking for kids and adults alike, but well worth the effort for the impressive final result.

This modern shuttle features folding and extendable wings, a cockpit with space for 3 minifigures and 2 firing shooters.

The movable wings are really the centerpiece of this model and the rotation, extension and retraction of the wings is not only unique (and awesome), but will also make for some very fun pretend play.

You also get 6 minifigures in this set, including Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, General Pryde, a Sith Trooper, First Order Stormtrooper and 2 Knights of the Ren. The cockpit even includes storage hooks for a lightsaber and axe, which is a thoughtful touch.

Fans are absolutely crazy about this model and it’s truly one that would make an impressive display piece or be a generous and pretty exciting gift for any kid who is a fan of the latest movies.

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Star Wars Land Vehicles

LEGO Star Wars Sith Troopers Battle Pack Stormtrooper Speeder Vehicle Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars Sith Troopers Battle Pack 75266 Stormtrooper Speeder Vehicle Building Kit, New 2020 (105 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 6+
  • Pieces: 105
  • Set #: 75266
  • Assembled Size: 1 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Minifigures included: 4

The red Sith troopers were a pretty menacing addition to the Star Wars universe and any kid would be lucky to have these bad guys in their LEGO collection to recreate the action from the Skywalker series.

This Speeder vehicle is an awesome option to get these serious bad guys in your collection with 4 minifigures including a First Order Officer, Sith Trooper and 2 Sith Jet Troopers. You also get 4 stud shooting blasters and 2 jetpack elements so kids can really get into some serious battle play.

This vehicle building kit is only 105 pieces and is appropriate for your littlest LEGO lovers. You’ll have it put together in absolutely no time and your kids will love leading these Sith troopers into battle with their direct connection to mysticism of the Sith and their eye catching bright red armor.

This kit is reasonably priced and provides seriously cool speedy transport for your Sith Troopers.

Additionally, fans are absolutely crazy for this set which seems to have nothing but phenomenal reviews. And let’s be honest, it’s worth it to get your hands on these soon to be iconic red Sith troopers.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition

LEGO Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition 75258 Building Kit (279 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Pieces: 279
  • Set #: 75258
  • Assembled Size: 3 x 13 x 4 inches
  • Minifigures included: 3

Old school Star Wars fans won’t be able to resist this awesome 20th anniversary edition of Anakin’s Podracer to recreate their very own Tatooine races. It’s the details that make this racer really great with massive engines, extending flaps, a carry handle and display stand for hovering or repairs!

The aim of this kit is to offer a celebratory reinterpretation of a classic LEGO model and many fans have purchased this one to accompany their original model.

You get Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala minifigures, as well as an original representation of a Luke Skywalker minifigure with a lightsaber.

Anakin can sit in the open cockpit of the podracer and fly around the living room ready to race or battle if need be.

The instruction kit comes with a side-by-side comparison of the original kit with this 20th anniversary edition. With 279 pieces and an age recommendation of 8+, this is one for original Star Wars fans to teach their little ones about the origins of the iconic series.

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LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Raider The Mandalorian Collectible All Terrain Scout Transport Walker Posable Building Model

LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Raider 75254 The Mandalorian Collectible All Terrain Scout Transport Walker Posable Building Model (540 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Pieces: 540 pieces
  • Set #: 75254
  • Assembled Size: 9 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Minifigures included: 4

This killer set is perfect for kids to recreate epic battle scenes from the Mandalorian TV series. It comes with 4 awesome minifigures including The Mandalorian in some seriously cool armour, Cara Dune with double-sided face and 2 Klatooinian Raiders. You also get 3 blaster rifles and a hand blaster to really engage in some serious action.

The Raider itself is sturdy and has many moving parts for realistic play, including a turning top section, minifigure cockpit with some cool interior features and articulated legs.

We especially love the way the turret opens to display 2 firing shooters that shoot nicely. This coupled with the moveable legs makes for an intimidating Transporter for any young ones engaging in some epic LEGO battles.

This is a really good-looking set and will make a really great display piece for older collectors.

This All Terrain Scout Transport Walker is another Star Wars set that we think could be put together by LEGO savvy younger kids than the 8+ recommended, especially with some parental help.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Pasaana Speeder Chase

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Pasaana Speeder Chase 75250 Hovering Transport Speeder Building Kit with Action Figures (373 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Pieces: 373
  • Set #: 75250
  • Assembled Size: Transport Speeder Space Bike: 3 x 7 x 4 inches – Treadspeeder jet: 1 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Minifigures included: 3

This incredible set will excite any young Star Wars LEGO fan and delight parents with some serious bang for your buck.

Featuring two of the vehicles from the Rise of Skywalker movie, Rey’s transport speeder space bike and rubber-tracked tread-speeder jet toy, this is the perfect set for siblings or kids who love to build their LEGO with friends.

You also get a Rey minifigure so she can ride her transport speeder as well as a First Order Jet Trooper, a First Order Tread-speeder and a BB-8 droid.

The set also includes a station and mini-missiles and thoughtful details like a hoover effect, ammo storage and a toolbox to repair the vehicles.

Kids will absolutely love racing the two vehicles against one another and battle with the characters, all which come with their own weapons.

With 373 pieces, this will be a practice in patience and attention to detail as your kids work to put together the multiple toys including in this LEGO set.

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Snowspeeder 20th Anniversary Edition Set

LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Snowspeeder – 20th Anniversary Edition 75259 Building Kit (309 Pieces) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • Age Range: 7+
  • Pieces: 309
  • Set #: 75259 (Discontinued but still available)
  • Assembled Size: Snowspeeder 1 x 7 x 5 inches – Gun Tower 2 x 2 x 3 inches
  • Minifigures included: 4

Another loving recreation in the 20th anniversary edition releases, this Hoth set is a really fun addition to any Star Wars fan’s LEGO collection.

The detailed reinterpretation of the Snowspeeder craft features laser cannons, spring-loaded shooters, stud shooter and harpoon with a string that can hook on to the AT-AT’s.

The open cockpit can fit two minifigures and in terms of figurines, included in this set is Luke Skywalker & Dak Ralter fitted out in pilot outfits, a Rebel Trooper and a 20th anniversary edition Lando Calrissian complete with cape and display stand.

For lovers of the original Star Wars series, this is an absolutely unmistakable vehicle and the included gun tower with stud shooter is a really great addition.

Some fans complain that the cockpit is small and barely fits the two minifigures it’s advertised to fit, but the vast majority of fans love this set, even just for the nostalgia.

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Famous Star Wars Set Pieces & Movie Scenes

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader's Castle 75251 Building Kit includes TIE Fighter, Darth Vader Minifigures, Bacta Tank and more (1,060 Pieces) - (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Age Range: 9+
  • Pieces: 1060
  • Set #: 75251
  • Assembled Size: 16 x 11 x 9 inches
  • Minifigures included: 6

If you’ve been searching for a centrepiece for your collection, then look no further! This LEGO version of Darth Vader’s Castle, as featured in Rogue One is a seriously impressive item and an Amazon exclusive.

Rogue One is one of the best movies in the Star Wars universe and this set spectacularly commemorates evil-Anakin’s lair.

Your kids will have an absolute blast recreating the action that took place on planet Mustafar with 6 minifigures including Darth Vader, 2 guards, an Imperial Transport Pilot (which is new and exclusive to this set) and Bacta Tank Darth Vader, who features double sided printing and looks very cool.

You also get a TIE advanced fighter with stud shooter and room for a minifigure in the cockpit and a Mouse Droid, which has a docking station in the castle.

The ominous castle itself is well worth the effort for the intensive 1060 piece build. You can defend enemies of the Empire with the fortresses stud shooter, raise the exterior platform or explore the underground TIE fighter hanger.

The hanger has racks for ammo and there’s a hidden feature where you can discover a red kyber crystal and Sith shrine with holocron element.

The feature we really love is the Bacta Tank detail and your kids will too as they heal Darth Vader after heavy battles.

This is definitely a heavy build with 1060 pieces, but we think some savvy LEGO kids under 9 could definitely assemble this, potentially with older sibling or parental assistance.

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LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village

LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village
  • Age Range:  12+
  • Pieces: 1990
  • Set #: 10236 (Discontinued but still available at a steep price!)
  • Assembled Size: 1 x 21 x 13 inches
  • Minifigures included: 16

This set may just be the LEGO set with the highest playability for kids and original Star Wars fans alike. Re-creating many iconic scenes from Return of the Jedi, it’s a serious set at 1990 pieces, but well worth it for the hours of fun you’ll get in the build and the play after.

The Ewok Village includes a whopping 16 minifigures, many of which are hard to find, such as Princess Leia, C-3PO, Luke, Han Solo and Wicket Ewok. You also get Chewbacca, Rebel soldiers, Scout Troopers and 2 Storm Troopers to provide a little dark side energy to your battle play.

The Village itself features tree-trunk hideouts, a secret Lightsaber stash, spider web and net traps, slide, catapults and elevating throne. You also have a speeder rammer function, kitchen, food storage area, bedroom, planning room and 2 staffs.

We love this mix of battle and village elements that pretty much guarantee all your kids will be interested in this iconic set.

The village is also packed with weapons including a Lightsaber, 3 blaster pistols, 2 blasters, 2 blaster rifles, 2 spears, bow and crossbow and a speeder.

We’re a bit cheeky including this one on our list, because it’s technically retired, but you can still snag it on Amazon and it’s well worth it in our opinion, for one of the most versatile and engaging LEGO Star Wars sets on the market.

If you want to buy this set you better hurry – ever time I check the price it has gone up by 20% – this set is hotter than Bitcoin!

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LEGO Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Duel on Mustafar

LEGO Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Duel on Mustafar 75269 Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi Building Kit, New 2020 (208 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 7+
  • Pieces: 208
  • Set #: 75269
  • Assembled Size: 5 x 4 x 4 inches & opens up to 9 inches
  • Minifigures included: 2

Fans and collectors alike will love this Mustafarian mine set, which sets the perfect scene for classic rivals Anakin & Obi-Wan to battle.

The two minifigures are brand new for 2020 and both wield Lightsabers and have burnt, battle-worn clothing as faithful recreations from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

The platforms on the set rotate to increase the excitement of Lightsaber duels while lava explodes all around them via molten lava shooters. The platforms of the mine slide and fold out for extra play options and the mine itself can collapse in to increase the excitement and danger of the whole play battle.

This LEGO set is perfect for kids who love the high stakes danger of a battle in an unstable environment. Aged at 7+ this set comes with the LEGO Life App to help them build it and to encourage independence.

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LEGO Star Wars Death Star Epic Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 Space Station Building Kit with Star Wars Minifigures for Kids and Adults (4,016 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 14+
  • Pieces: 4016
  • Set #: 75159
  • Assembled Size: 16 x 16 inches
  • Minifigures included: 23

Coming in at an almighty 18.67 pounds and recreating the Death Star in painstaking detail, this is without a doubt one of the best Star Wars LEGO sets on the market. The price tag may make your heart skip a couple beats, but hundreds of fans believe it is well worth the cost to own this enormous centrepiece of the Star Wars evil Empire.

This model ingeniously represents movie scenes from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and Episode IV A New Hope, such as 3PO and R2 hiding; the trash compactor; Luke & Leia’s swing; the prison breakout; Palpatine’s throne room; a hanger that launches Vader’s TIE Advanced; a droid maintenance area and even the generator that Obi-Wan turns off.

For many fans, the huge number of minifigures make this set, and with good reason considering you get Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Obi-Wan Kenobi and an array of good and bad guys.

You also get 3 Luke Skywalker figurines (Tatooine – disguised – and Final Duel) plus R2-D2 and a buildable trash compactor monster.

Our favorite not-moon also includes a super laser control room, turbo laser with spring-loaded shooters and seats, two movable turbo laser towers and Lord Vader’s TIE Advanced with space for Vader’s minifigure inside.

Weapons include 3 Lightsabers, 4 blasters, 3 blaster pistols and more. There is absolutely no doubt that kids will love building and recreating movie magic with this seriously epic LEGO set.

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LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Death Star Cannon

LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Death Star Cannon 75246 Advanced Building Kit with Death Star Droid (159 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 7+
  • Pieces: 159
  • Set #: 75246
  • Assembled Size: 3 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Minifigures included: 2

This is a great, compact set to include in your Star Wars LEGO collection for kids 7+. With 159 pieces, your kids will love building the Death Star Cannon that features a large missile-firing laser toy cannon and tractor beam control tower.

Minifigure wise you get Obi-Wan Kenobi with his Lightsaber, ready to disable the tractor beam and fight off the Death Star Gunner.

This is a lovely set recreating an unforgettable scene from A New Hope and is set at a great price. We think that this set could be suitable for kids slightly younger than 7 with some help from parents or older siblings.

Lots of fans purchased two of these sets to create a battery of Death Star cannons to create a formidable presence for any approaching LED’s.

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LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation 75183 Building Kit
  • Age Range: 7+
  • Pieces: 282
  • Set #: 75183
  • Assembled Size: 3 x 6 x 8 inches
  • Minifigures included: 3 plus 2 buildable medical droids

We absolutely love this recreation of an absolutely iconic scene showing the transformation of a lava-scarred Anakin Skywalker into his final form, Darth Vader.

The minifigures of Anakin and Darth Vader alone make this set worthwhile, but the beauty of this set lies in the slight of hand you perform to utilize the rotating table and slide to create the transformation.

There is also a mechanical arm that perfectly lowers the top portion of Vader’s helmet onto his head, just like in the scene from Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. You also get two buildable medical droids and Emperor Palpatine.

Kids will absolutely love being able to act out the crucial moment that Anakin becomes Darth Vader, changing the future of the galaxy forever. Adult fans and collectors will love owning this tangible representation of a critical moment in the Star Wars timeline.

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Star Wars Character Sets

LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child

LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child 75317 Building Kit, Toy for Kids and Any Star Wars Fan Featuring Buildable The Mandalorian and The Child Figures, New 2020 (295 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Pieces: 295
  • Set #: 75317
  • Assembled Size: 3 inches tall
  • Minifigures included: NA

Kids and adult collectors alike will absolutely love building their own version of the Mandalorian and the child. After all, who doesn’t want to own a LEGO baby Yoda!

The Mandalorian buildable figure comes with signature weapons of a blaster rifle clipped on the back and blaster pistol in hand. The Child has adjustable ears so kids can change expressions when they’re playing and everyone will also love the “floating” hoverpram, which sits on a transparent LEGO element.

Both of the figures have baseplates for easy display when your little ones are done playing with them, or if you want to display them on your desk or shelf.

We absolutely love these adorable LEGO characters and think they’re an awesome addition to any LEGO collection or display. This is another LEGO set that we think is suitable for slightly younger LEGO savvy kids to build with the help of parents or older siblings.

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LEGO Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Yoda

LEGO Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Yoda 75255 Yoda Building Model and Collectible Minifigure with Lightsaber (1,771 Pieces)
  • Age Range:  12+
  • Pieces:  1771
  • Set #: 75255
  • Assembled Size: 16 inches tall
  • Minifigures included: 1

This is your opportunity to build and own Yoda, arguably the most easily recognisable and iconic character in the Star Wars universe.

This incredibly detailed buildable model comes with the wisest Jedi’s very own bright green Lightsaber. Yoda also has a posable head & eyebrows and moveable fingers and toes.

This model is massive at 1771 pieces and is not for the faint hearted to take on as Yoda is far less symmetrical than other LEGO models and so is inherently a more difficult build. That being said, as always, the LEGO instructions are clear and detailed.

One of the coolest parts of this model is the display stand and informational fact plaque that it comes with, meaning that Yoda will make an eye-catching centrepiece for any fan or collector. You also get a Yoda minifigure to add to your collection.

We think this set is aged appropriately at 12+ and will probably provide a challenge even for adult LEGO collectors and builders.

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LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child

LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child 75318 Building Kit; Collectible Buildable Toy Model for Ages 10+, New 2020 (1,073 Pieces)
  • Age Range:  10+
  • Pieces: 1073
  • Set #: 75318
  • Assembled Size: 7.5 x 8.5 x 5 inches
  • Minifigures included: 1

Baby Yoda is fast becoming an icon and this character set is a really great way to own, display and play with the fandom’s newest obsession.

This adorable character set has 1073 pieces so it’s not for the fainthearted and is rated at ages 10+.

Once assembled, The Child is a pretty adorable figure to own, with posable head, movable ears and an adjustable mouth for different facial expressions. The set also includes a gearshift knob element, The Child’s favorite toy, which can adorably be placed in its hand.

You also get a display stand with informational plaque and a minifigure of The Child to add to your collection. We think adult collectors and kid alike will be pretty excited to get their hands on this Force-sensitive Mandalorian foundling.

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LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet 75276 Building Kit, Cool Star Wars Collectible for Adults, New 2020 (647 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 18+
  • Pieces: 647
  • Set #: 75276
  • Assembled Size: 7 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Minifigures included: NA

This impressive set is for the big kids or LEGO savvy teens with 647 pieces and 231 steps to recreate this incredible Stormtrooper helmet.

This is definitely one for the collectors, but we think for kids who are really in love with the building of LEGO sets, this is an awesome challenge for you to take on with them as part of a bonding experience.

Once it’s completed, you will be blown away by the attention to detail and be thrilled to have this displayed on your shelf.

The Stormtrooper Helmet set come with a stand made of LEGO, which is a really nice touch and adds to the streamlined feel of the set.

Make sure you press the pieces together firmly in the early building of the set because it will reduce frustrations later when you have to place pressure on the model to finish the build.

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LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet 75277 Building Kit, Cool, Collectible Star Wars Character Building Set, New 2020 (625 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 18+
  • Pieces: 625
  • Set #: 75277
  • Assembled Size: 8.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Minifigures included: NA

This, in our opinion, is the coolest of the three large-scale helmet builds in this LEGO collection. The attention to detail in this kit results in a really impressive LEGO display of the helmet of one of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunters.

This is a massive undertaking, which is reflected in the age range of 18+, but as always, we think that this can be a fun family project to help teach your kids attention to detail and patience, especially for those who love a challenge and enjoy the build of LEGO creations just as much as the play.

This is truly a display piece and we think it’s especially cool to collect and display all three helmets in the series.

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Star Wars LEGO Sets for Little Kids (4-8)

last but not least are some of my favorite Star Wars LEGO sets for young builders. Some of the coolest sets on this list are just not appropriate for kids below 8 years old – and quite frankly, younger kids won’t appreciate the attention to detail inherent in the more complex sets.

But, don’t fret – if you are looking for a set for kids under 8 there are still plenty of great options. Many of these sets include playable features, like lasers that actually fire projectiles.

LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack

LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack 75267 Mandalorian Shock Troopers and Speeder Bike Building Kit; Great Gift Idea for Any Fan of Star Wars: The Mandalorian TV Series, New 2020 (102 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 6+
  • Pieces: 102
  • Set #: 75267
  • Assembled Size: Mandalorian Speeder 1 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Minifigures included: 4

This is a great, super playable and achievable build for kids aged 6+ who want to recreate scenes from the Mandalorian TV show, or even for kids who just want to make up their own storylines!

This entry-level set includes 4 Mandalorian warrior minifigures, stud-shooting blasters, a defense fort with an attachment point for the blaster and a stud-shooting speeder bike.

This super playable set is a great way to introduce your child to the world of Star Wars LEGO and to be honest, could even be undertaken by smaller kids who would be interested in recreating awesome Mandalorian battle scenes.

We absolutely love these sets aimed at younger kids as a way of not only sharing the love of LEGO and Star Wars, but also to teach patience and attention to detail.

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LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters

LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters 75265 Collectible Toy Building Kit for Kids, New 2020 (198 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 6+
  • Pieces: 198
  • Set #: 75265
  • Assembled Size: Bantha: 1 x 4 x 1 inches – T-16 Skyhopper 2 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Minifigures included: 2

Young kids will absolutely love recreating battle scenes from A New Hope with this menacing Skyhopper versing a fearsome Bantha. This entry-level set is great value for little ones who can engage in great solo play or enjoy this set with friends.

Included in the set are 2 minifigures: a pilot and a Tusken Raider with Gaffi stick who can ride in the saddle of the posable Bantha. The Skyhopper has a seat for the pilot, 2 stud shooters and a booster so kids can blast it off into the sky if the Bantha and Tusken raider prove victorious.

The easy-to-use digital instructions and LEGO Life app make this a really achievable build for little hands, as well as being an excellent STEM exercise.

The Bantha is really pretty cute, meaning that this is a great set for die-hard Star Wars fans to attract their kids who may not be as interested in the saga (not that we can imagine that!).

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LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Shuttle Microfighter

LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Shuttle Microfighter 75264 Star Wars Upsilon Class Shuttle Building Kit, New 2020 (72 Pieces)
  • Age Range:  6+
  • Pieces: 72
  • Set #: 75264
  • Assembled Size: 2 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Minifigures included: 1

This seriously cool microfighter is perfect for little ones who are new to the Star Wars universe, or for those who are more familiar with the latest films.

Kylo Ren is fast becoming a love-to-hate favorite in the saga and so kids will absolutely love having his microfighter and a minifigure of Ren himself to take on the Resistance. The Kylo Ren minifigure is new for 2020, complete with a cracked helmet and his very own Lightsaber.

The Shuttle Microfighter has 2 stud shooters, adjustable wings for realistic flying and landing play and a seat for our very own villainous pilot.

This set is a pretty easy build and so could be appropriate for kids younger than the 6+ with parental supervision. It is then compact enough for your little ones to take it with them to keep them occupied in fighting the resistance with their friends.

We think this set would be a great compliment for the Resistance Y-Wing Microfighter below so your kids can engage in some epic space battles!

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LEGO Star Wars Resistance Y-Wing Microfighter

LEGO Star Wars Resistance Y-Wing Microfighter 75263 Cool Toy Building Kit for Kids, New 2020 (86 Pieces)
  • Age Range: 6+
  • Pieces: 86
  • Set #: 75263
  • Assembled Size: 1 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Minifigures included: 1

Your kids can battle the evil Empire with this super cool Resistance Y-Wing Microfighter. Featured in The Rise of Skywalker, the minifigure included is the heroine Zorii Bliss and she is ready to battle the First Order from the cockpit of the Y-Wing, which features 2 flick missiles and rotating gun turret.

This Y-Wing’s color scheme and Zorii Bliss’s helmet are both new for 2020 and we think that for parents who aren’t too fussed about storytelling precision, this is a super fun complimentary set to Kylo Ren’s Shuttle Microfighter above.

Kids will be able to spend hours playing battle scenes between the two Microfighters as they both defend what they believe is the right side of the galactic battleground.

This is a lovely little set and is easily accomplished by 6+, especially with the help of the easy-to-use digital instructions and LEGO Life app.

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LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter Star Wars Toy
  • Age Range: 6+
  • Pieces: 89
  • Set #: 75193
  • Assembled Size: 1 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Minifigures included: 1

Without a doubt, this is one of our favorites in the Microfighter LEGO series. The Chewbacca minifigure is adorable with his bowcaster and will no doubt have you trying to teach your kids Wookie noises in no time.

The Microfighter has a seat for Chewy to sit in and 2 stud shooters for kids to recreate iconic space battle scenes from The Force Awakens.

This set is really compact, so definitely appropriate for smaller kids, or for kids who love taking a toy with them wherever they go.

If you’re after a Chewbacca minifigurine, then this is a great way to collect him and add a Microfighter into your set for your kids to play with.

This is a great set for little kids to practice patience and attention to detail and for you to teach them all about the origins of Star Wars.

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Star Wars Lego Buying Guide

man assembling lego star wars

Star Wars toys first hit the shops in the mid-70s, but it wasn’t until the late-90s that LEGO entered the fray with their first Star Wars themed LEGO playsets. The force is now incredibly strong in the LEGO Star Wars universe with collectors parents alike spoiled for choice when it comes to picking the perfect set for themselves or their kids.

This can make decision-making around purchasing a pretty daunting task, which is complicated by the fact that many parents are avid fans of the original trilogy, while their kids might be more into The Mandalorian series or the newer films.

Fear not though, because we are here to guide you through the epic task of narrowing down and deciding on the perfect Star Wars LEGO set, whether it’s for you or your little ones.

Why Choose LEGO For Your Kids?

lego star wars kriegder

Before we even get into the debating the best Star Wars sets, we should talk about why LEGO is even a good choice of toy for your kids. It might seem obvious, but for an uninitiated Star Wars fan experiencing their favorite series collide with the brick-making giant as their kids start to request LEGO for Christmas, it’s a question well-worth answering.

LEGO represents the original in educational play, encompassing all categories of STEM in one box of plastic bricks. Your kids will learn about engineering, building and physics in the construction of their LEGO kit.

Additionally, the build takes patience, attention to detail and an ability to follow instructions.

The best bit of this is that because there are sets geared towards every age group, you can tailor the LEGO set difficult by how experienced your kids is and how much you want to challenge them.

In fact, building LEGO can be a cathartic and mindful activity for bigger kids and adults alike and will challenge problem solving, critical thinking and reasoning skills as you get into bigger and more complex sets.

For little kids, LEGO is an exercise in fine motor skill development, as well as helping to develop spatial awareness

If you have a few kids and want them to learn teamwork, communication and have a bit of bonding time, big LEGO sets with multiple components can be a family activity.

Of course, once the sets are complete, the play element really kicks in and LEGO can act as a vehicle for imagination, story telling and creativity as kids act out their favorite scenes from stories, books and movies, or create their own.

Should I Introduce My Kids to Star Wars Via LEGO?

lego star wars ship

As millions of fans have already discovered, the Star Wars saga is an engaging and enduring story, but is it appropriate for your kids? For those who are already fans of the series, this is an absolute no brainer, but for those who are either casual fans, or who’s kids are getting interested of their own volition, you may be wondering if Star Wars is right for little ones.

The great news is that since it’s original showing in the 70s, there has been so much content created in the Star Wars universe that there’s really something for everyone. Kids are young as 6 can be started with LEGO Star Wars:

The Yoda Chronicles and by 7 can get started on some of the newer movies. Common Sense Media has a great age guide for Star Wars, which you can find here.

With new movies and TV shows being developed all of the time, it’s almost guaranteed that your kids will go through a Star Wars phase and so it’s great to get to know the more appropriate content now so you don’t find yourself scrambling to catch up when your kids hit 8 or 9 and all of their friends are talking about it.

The Star Wars galaxy has plenty to offer your kids. Characters are complex and nuanced so while little kids can learn the basics of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, older kids will start to understand that often villains have more complicated backstories and the world isn’t so black and white.

The hero journey will help kids to feel as though one person can make a difference and create change, while the fantastical storytelling will fuel kids imaginations and hopefully spur on their own creativity.

Recommended Age Guides

If you are brand new to LEGO, then allow yourself to be guided by the recommended ages for sets. You’ll quickly establish if your little ones are LEGO aficionados and can move on to more complicated sets.

As a general rule though, clever kids with parental help can definitely handle sets that are listed than a year or two older than they are. This is especially true if you have a younger sibling building with an older brother or sister who’s pretty LEGO savvy – you might just need to ensure that proper sharing of duties takes place.

This excludes the case of any little ones young enough for choking hazards, which should be taken really seriously as many LEGO blocks are very small.

It can also be a really great bonding activity and practice in patience to help your little one work their way through a more complicated set. Just give yourself plenty of time (and maybe plenty of breaks!).

My Child is Only a Casual Star Wars Viewer, What Set Do I Choose?

star wars lego chewbacca

For casual fans of the series, I would pick a set within the realm of what they know. Usually you’re pretty safe with big name characters like Darth Vader, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia, although most kids now will be more familiar with recent movies, so it might be safer to go for sets featuring Kylo Ren or Rey. For fans of the Mandalorian, go for sets including the Child and Mando. Basically everyone knows Yoda, so he’s a pretty safe bet no matter what, as are Storm Troopers.

In our reviews, we will always mention which movie or TV show the set features in, so if you have a rough idea of what your kid likes, then look for the name in our reviews.

If your child is just becoming interested in Star Wars and you’re already a fan, go for what interests you and use the building as an opportunity to share your own love for the saga. You can then draw this out as you show them the movies and reinforce the bonding through further LEGO sets and displays.

Finally, you know your kid! If they love spaceships and battle scenes, then pick a fighter ship with blasters and shooters because they’ll probably love it no matter what. If they’re more into storytelling, get them an Ewok village or a set with more figurines so they can create new stories. If they love racing cars, then look for sets based on Tatooine involving the podrace. There’s so much imagination and creativity involved in the Star Wars universe that you almost can’t go wrong!

How Much Should I Spend On a Star Wars Lego Set?

This is a great question to ask yourself and one that depends on the way your child will play with their LEGO. Some kids are die-hard Star Wars fans and want to faithfully recreate and play with the characters and vehicles or build and then display the sets.

For these kids, it’s probably worth spending a little more on anniversary sets with unique figures, sets that recreate scenes from movies (like the enormous death star) or even the epic display only sets (like the huge Yoda or Storm Trooper helmet sets).

For kids who are more casual and may want to build and then break down the sets to throw them in amongst their other level, I would spend less. Remember that you pay more for Star Wars sets because of the cost of licensing and it’s worth mixing some regular LEGO sets in with your Star Wars sets to give your kid more options for building their own creations.

Just Recommend Me ONE Set For My Kid!

LEGO Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition 75258 Building Kit (279 Pieces)

Okay FINE, you twisted my arm! Obviously there are so many phenomenal sets in the LEGO universe, but if I had to pick just one, it would be The Phantom Menace Anakin’s Podracer.

As a fan of the original trilogy, I can’t resist the updated edition of this set, which is great value for money. You get three minifigures including original Luke with a Lightsaber and a pretty badass Podracer, which will have most kids zooming around their living room. In my humble opinion, it’s a pretty awesome place to start your Star Wars LEGO journey.

best star wars lego sets for kids of all ages
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