11 Super-Cute Toy Coffee Makers For Kids

Awesome Toy Coffee Sets For Kids

Kids take notice when they see their parents reach for their morning cup of joe.  They appreciate the ritual– and the chance to emulate Mom and Dad.  See what your own little barista can whip up with these toy coffee makers.

These are perfect for fostering imaginative play while allowing them to pretend to be an adult.  Don’t be surprised when your littles start bringing you a cup of their coffee alongside yours each morning!

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Best Toy Coffee Makers – Top Picks

Below are the crème de la crème of playsets for 3-6-year-old coffee connoisseurs.  I’ll also include a guide after the individual product descriptions for how to choose the best set for the child in your life.  Grab yourself a cup of [real] coffee and let’s get started on the best toy coffee makers.

Best Kid’s Coffee Makers For Your Budding Baristas

Melissa & Doug 11-Piece Coffee Set

Excellent quality and outstanding reviews

Melissa & Doug consistently ranks in the top spot for parent recommended creativity and learning toys.  They offer this high-quality, sturdy playset crafted with durable wood and manufactured with the highest safety standards.

The set comes with three pods, two mugs, sugar, creamer, a spoon, an ice cube, and a menu card.  Movable dials and lids that open and close are conducive to creative, open-ended play, perfect for young imaginations.

One mom wrote that she has boys and girls ages 3, 5, and 7, and they all love to play with it– and it’s been on their regular play rotation for over two years now.  Reviewers gush over this set, with another dad boasting that his 3-year-old is now able to concoct java-based creations with the best of them.

The only potential downside I saw was from a reviewer who struggled with the ice cube.  She said that the cube kept getting stuck in the mug.  Her son had a mild finger injury trying to dislodge the ice cube, so eventually, she just did away with it.

  • Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years
  • Materials Used: High-quality and durable wood
  • Accessories: 2 mugs, 3 coffee pods, sugar, creamer, spoon, ice cube, and menu card
  • Skills Developed: Social skills, Role-Playing, Nurture minds and hearts
  • Electronics: None
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Hape Kid’s Coffee Maker Wooden Play Kitchen Set

Charming and colorful fun

Hape’s kids’ coffee sets tend to sell out quickly, so be prepared to order if it’s at the top of your list.  Of the three models/colors profiled, one was sold out entirely and another only had one set left.  The wooden set is non-toxic and made with child-safe materials.

“Charming” is the first word I saw in the description and I couldn’t agree more.  It looks cozy and cheerful.  There are three color options as well:  green base with blue mug (pictured above), white base and mug with red accents, and black base with silver accents and white mug.  Any color combination looks great, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

Some parents were disappointed that the set only came with one mug.  It’s so much more fun to enjoy your coffee together!  Also, when you open the lid where the pod goes, the piece is not actually shaped like the real thing.  It’s a flat circle.  Younger kids probably won’t even notice, but older kids might wonder.

I hope you’re properly caffeinated because I’m about to throw you for a loop.  The black and silver model actually costs about $10 more and is billed as “coffee for two.”  The only difference is that it includes a second mug and two additional circular pod discs.  So if you’re looking for that extra mug, the black and silver set is your only option.

Whichever you choose, Hape ranks among the top toy coffee makers.

  • Recommended Age: 3 – 5 years
  • Materials Used: Non-toxic wood finishes and child safe materials
  • Accessories: Wood toy coffee maker machine, cup, creamer, sugar and spoon
  • Skills Developed: Role play and education learning
  • Electronics: None
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KidKraft Kids Play Wooden Toy Coffee Set

Interactive exploration with shiny, metallic parts

Because of the small nature of some of these parts, it is a choking hazard, so it’s not recommended for children under 3.  No assembly is required, which is always a plus.  KidKraft offers a 90-day manufacturer guarantee, and there are both phone and email support available for customer service.

Something about the metallic colors reminds me of a European bistro.  A child might not pick up on such nuances, but it is shiny and fun!  The refillable water reservoir allows for a truly realistic experience, enabling youngsters to complete an actual task as opposed to mere pretend play.

  • Recommended Age: 3 years and up
  • Materials Used: Quality made, sturdy wood construction
  • Accessories: Cup, spoon, sugar packets, milk and coffee pods and a refillable water reservoir
  • Skills Developed: Role playing
  • Electronics: None
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infunbebe Jeeves Jr. Kids Coffee Maker

Spectacular sounds and drop-down coffee pods

Your java junior can push the on/off button to control the machine and there are five different buttons for five different simulation sounds!  The electronic control panel gives this toy coffee set a leg up among the competition because of the awesome auditory experience.

What’s unique about this set is the capsule dispenser function, enabling your child to open the lid of the machine, insert a capsule, and have the capsule automatically drop.

There’s also a capsule container provided to store all three capsules when not in use.  All three capsules are different colors and the cup comes ‘filled.’  Best of all, batteries are included.

  • Recommended Age: 3 years and up
  • Materials Used: High-quality and durable plastic
  • Accessories: 1 mug, 3 coffee capsules and coffee maker set
  • Skills Developed: Role playing, learn practical skills and explore how the food we eat is prepared
  • Electronics: With electronic control panel, on/off button and different simulation sound effects
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Tiny Land Brew & Serve

Magnificient menu card and pretty pastels

Tiny Land’s wooden coffee set is easy-to-handle, featuring rounded edges and non-toxic colors and prints.  The company prides itself on creating gender-neutral toys that inspire kids to use their imaginations and become more active.

Their pastel-hued set comes with the most realistic menu card I’ve seen, which is an outstanding way to incorporate coffee lingo into the vocabulary of blossoming readers.  It also lets them follow verbal direction and practice decision-making skills.

A toddler parent said that the set was smaller than she expected [7.9 x 7.2 x 4.6 inches] and she fears that an older child would abandon interest quickly.  Yet she says it’s perfect for her daughter and her small fingers.  Multiple parents used the word “obsessed” while reviewing this product.

  • Recommended Age: 3 years and up
  • Materials Used: High-quality and non-toxic wood construction
  • Accessories: Wooden brewer with 3 coffee pods, 2 cups and spoons, a milk carton, ice cubes, flavors, menu card and other great items for limitless creativity
  • Skills Developed: Inspire creativity and imagination, strengthen hand-eye coordination, help kids learn about science and foods, and more
  • Electronics: None
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Disney Princess Play Gourmet Coffee Maker

Coffee creations fit for a Disney Princess

Indulge your child’s inner royalty with this Disney-themed coffee set.  It comes with two pods and a princess cup– with a cute to-go lid similar to what you’d find at Starbucks.

Three AA batteries are included so your little princess can pop in the pod, push the button, and hear real brewing sounds!  This is a must-have for every young Disney Princess fan.

Some words of caution, however.  One mom warns that the plastic isn’t the highest quality and she questions how long the toy will last.  Multiple parents say that the cute to-go lid doesn’t stay on easily and some have already lost their lids.

  • Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years
  • Materials Used: Plastic
  • Accessories: 1 play coffee maker, 1 play coffee to-go cup and 2 play coffee pods
  • Skills Developed: Role playing
  • Electronics: Requires 3 AA batteries, makes realistic brewing sounds
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Wooden Toy Espresso Machine

Premium eco-friendly espresso machine built to last

Eco-friendly to the max, this set is constructed from highly renewable rubber tree wood and is chemical-free, right down to the non-toxic water-based paint.  For every tree that Tender Leaf Toys uses to lovingly source wood for their toys, they plant another tree to replenish the earth.

The bright bluebird on the front of the orange espresso maker is a cheerful nod to a fresh morning– and with a fresh morning comes fresh espresso!  Three mugs, five coffee pods, and the machine itself are included, so there are enough cups to serve Mom & Dad or share with a sibling.  Parents praise the well-constructed toy and its attention to detail.

  • Recommended Age: 3 years and up
  • Materials Used: Highly renewable rubber tree wood, non toxic water based paint
  • Accessories: 3 mugs, 5 coffee pods and an espresso machine
  • Skills Developed: Imaginative play, role play and communication skills
  • Electronics: None
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Le Toy Van Wooden Cafe Set

Polka dot playtime with a soda fountain feel

This set clocks in on the pricier side of the spectrum.  It’s hand-finished and carved from replenishable wood– and the attention to detail is fantastic– and comes with two polka-dot teacup-style mugs.

The bright colors make for a fun atmosphere and the discs at the top are removable, to be used in the cup, or as a saucer.  There is a peg on the side of the machine for easy storage of the second cup when it is not in use.  Yellow and blue stripes on the spoon serve as a whimsical contrast to the red and white polka dots of the cups.  

  • Recommended Age: 3 – 8 years
  • Materials Used: Rubber, wood
  • Accessories: Cups, saucer, spoon, coffee machine, capsules
  • Skills Developed: Interactive play and social development
  • Electronics: None
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LeapFrog Sweet Treats Learning Cafe

Bells and whistles designed to stimulate your senses

Definitely the most interactive option on our list, LeapFrog’s coffee maker does it all.  Buttons, lights, sound effects, music, and even fun phrases enhance imaginative play with real-world knowledge and application.

Coffee cups magically fill while learning about sizes.  Numbers are introduced when the coffee maker displays temperatures.  There’s even an “order up” button to let customers know when their coffee is ready!

Included with the set are various fun pastries, so your baby barista can do more than just pour coffee.  This is the set for the child who appreciates stimulation from sounds and visuals and wants lots of creative options for their play.

  • Recommended Age: 2 – 7 years
  • Materials Used: High-quality plastic
  • Accessories: 2 coffee cups, 3 pastries, 3 plates, 1 sugar bowl, 1 milk pitcher and 1 spoon
  • Skills Developed: Learn shapes, sizes and colors, learn to count, social skills
  • Electronics: Batteries required, grinding and steaming sounds
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Imagination Generation Espresso Express

Starbucks style espresso machine with exquisite details

I first noticed that the pods look like adorable little coffee beans in this Imagination Generation set.  Next, I saw the cute sugar shaker.  That attention to detail caught my eye, as did the mint green motif, which reminded me of Starbucks.

Constructed from natural wood with movable levers and pushable buttons, this set works fine motor skills while encouraging creativity.

Most parents raved about the sturdiness of the set and how long-lasting it is.  One mom complained that the parts broke quickly and she got little use out of the product.  Overall, it is a top-rated coffee maker.

  • Recommended Age: 3 years and up
  • Materials Used: Made from natural cuts of wood and decorated with water-based, safe paints
  • Accessories: 2 cups, 2 coffee pods, 1 portafilter, 1 coffee maker, 1 cream, and 1 sugar
  • Skills Developed: Fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and imaginative play
  • Electronics: None
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BLACK+DECKER Junior Coffee Maker

Just add water and select your style of brew

BLACK+DECKER’s set is perfect for the older kids, as you can actually pour water into it!  Note that the water well has to be refilled fairly often, but that’s no problem for kids on the go.  Batteries are included, so it’s an interactive set that comes fully loaded with lights and multiple sounds.

Only one cup is included, but the mini-brewers can work on their manners and serve their parents.  A top reviewer said that her three children all had at least an hour of focused play with this product, though she did make the smart suggestion of setting it up on a towel since there is water [and possibly spillage] involved.

  • Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years
  • Materials Used: High-quality plastic
  • Accessories: Play coffee beans and cup
  • Skills Developed: Imaginative play, role playing
  • Electronics: Battery Operated, With light and multiple sounds
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Toy Coffee Set Buying Guide

With all of these options, how do you choose the best toy coffee makers?  Reviews can steer a consumer in the right direction, but you must consider your own preferences and those of your child.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What age child/children will be playing with this?
  • Do I need to worry about small parts and choking?
  • Which is a better aesthetic, wood, or plastic?
  • Bright or neutral colors?

Also, consider the creativity level of your youngster.  Can they use their imagination with a simple wooden set or do they require battery-operated bells and whistles?

Will they be engaging in a solitary activity, role-playing with an adult, or pretending with a sibling or friend?  You know how your child best plays and the stimulation they require.

Finally, take an inventory of your toys and consider brand loyalty.  If you know and love a brand, it’s only logical to buy another one of their products.  Many of these coffee sets are designed to complement larger kitchen sets.

Explore add-on’s and see what works well with what you already have or your future culinary vision.

I hope you find this guide helpful.  Know that only three cups of very real coffee were consumed during the research for this roundup.

Awesome Toy Coffee Sets For Kids
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