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Hi all! I’m hopping back in after a bit of a blogging hiatus to talk about a really cool project I had the pleasure of being a part of, thanks to Charlotte from Ciburbanity.

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This past fall Charlotte reached out to a bunch of north eastern bloggers to see if we’d be interested in helping her with a really big idea: fully decorate a Habitat for Humanity home as an amazing gift for it’s new family. I volunteered with Habitat while in college, so I was super pumped to be a part of this. There were 13 of us in total, 2-3 bloggers assigned to each room.

whole group outside of home bwh project

I hooked up with Michelle (Weekend Craft) to design a teen boy room and we had so much fun! Luckily our friends at Hometalk donated some cash to each of us to complete the room, and our friends at Wayfair donated some gift cards. Michelle and I also got super lucky because Evey (Evey’s Creations) ended up with a Tuft & Needle mattress that didn’t fit in her trundle bed so our kiddo got a brand new mattress as well.

We tried to keep the room super simple because our boy was somewhere between 14-16 years old and we really wanted him to customize it himself. Did he like sports? Video games? Music? It’s so hard to tell at that age and we just had a few Pinterest images to point us in the right direction. What we did know was he liked sleek lines, wood, and simplicity. So here’s what we ended up with…keeping in mind the carpet isn’t down, the molding isn’t installed, and we really wanted to leave most of the walls and furniture bare for our boy to deck out himself.

pallet headboard DIY
bedroom lighting

The platform bed and end table were both from Wayfair, and Michelle made that awesome headboard herself. We then tacked up rope lights under the bed to give it a cool glow (more on that in a future post!). The bedding (included sheets and a pillow), and lamp is from Target.

wayfair dresser and hobby lobby shelf

The dresser was from Wayfair and the shelf was from Hobby Lobby- I wish we had bought two of them! And then extras for ourselves! I loved it.

Also… ahem… Sorry this picture is a bit blown out, the dresser was really dark and we had no lighting in the room other than the lamp- it took so long to get this all built and set up that we lost most daylight (and it’s a basement room).

teen boy room - nintendo art

For the foot of the bed I picked up a storage cube and spider chair from Target, a bluetooth speaker lamp from Amazon, and some headphones and a book light from Movie Stop. Michelle made the old school Nintendo art and we just mounted it with Command hooks so it’s easy to swap out if he’d prefer something else.

It may not be super glamorous, or styled to perfection, but it’s just what he needed- brand new everything and a clean slate to build off of. Evey did a live tour of the room with us while we were still at the house.

Interested to see the rest of the house? Michelle & I did a live video tour of the whole house while we were there and you can check it out HERE.  You can also hop around to the other blogger sites:

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What do you think? When we first got started I was thinking we’d have SO MUCH money to burn because I’m used to re-decorating and not decorating from scratch. But man, beds and dressers and sheets and comforters and pillows all add up!

I hope we get the opportunity to do something like this again soon!


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