Couch Pillows

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Maybe it’s just because of my price range, and the price range of those around me, but I’m just going to throw this out there as an overall rule:

Do not use the pillows that come with your couch. I assure you they are awful.

I say that in all kindness, because I’m pretty sure every single one of my family members are using the pillows that came with their couch. But they are awful. Everyone deserves cute pillows. AND, so that nothing goes to waste, use the ones you’ve got as a form and cover them with better fabric. You don’t even have to know how to sew:

Don’t want a giant knot on your pillow? You can make a no sew cover using a hot glue gun and cloth napkins:

There’s so many possibilities out there! Have you made a pillow cover? Link it in the comments!


For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.

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