Cute Dinosaur Coloring Pages For Kids

Dinosaurs captivate children like no other. Yet think for a moment about dinosaur replicas, à la Museum of Natural History. That can be scary for some kids! These dinosaurs are cute and not the least bit threatening. Dinos delight in a wide array of colors. Who says they have to mirror a textbook? If your kiddos want a light blue dinosaur with purple spots, go for it! The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.

Cute Dinosaur Coloring pages for kids and toddlers
Artistic T-Rex coloring page

Artistic T-Rex

Baby dinosaur hatching from egg

Baby Dinosaur Hatching

Baby Diplodocus coloring page

Baby Diplodocus

Dinosaur with gift coloring page

Dinosaur with Present

Dinosaur with bow tie

Dinosaur in Bow Tie

Dinosaur with feathered hat

Dinosaur in Hat

Dinosaur holding pencils

Dinosaur Holding Pencil

Dinosaur watching a movie coloring page

Dinosaur Watching a Movie

Dopey Diplodocus coloring page

Dopey Diplodocus

Cute Brontosaurus coloring page

Cute Brontosaurus

Friendly dinosaur fishing

Friendly Dinosaur Fishing

Friendly stegosaurus coloring page

Friendly Stegosaurus Coloring Page

Friendly Stegosaurus eating coloring page

Friendly Stegosaurus Eating

Funny Pterodactyl flying coloring page

Happy Pterodactyl Flying

HAppy young dinosaur coloring page

Happy Young Dinosaur

Little girl dinosaur coloring page

Little Girl Dinosaur

Jogging T-Rex coloring page

Jogging T-Rex

T-Rex playing guitar

T-Rex Rock Star

Triceratops bathing in lake

Funny Triceratops Bathing

Triceratops sitting coloring page

Funny Triceratops Sitting

Spinosaurus playing coloring page

Spinosaurus Playing

Happy Baby Triceratops coloring page

Happy Baby Triceratops

Cute Kid T-Rex coloring page

Cute Kid T-Rex

Happy Ornithosaurus coloring page

Happy Ornithosaurus

Happy Megalosaurus coloring page

Happy Megalosaurus

Baby Europasaurus coloring page

Baby Europasaurus

Happy Baby Brontosaurus coloring page

Happy Baby Brontosaurus

Happy Apatosaurus coloring page

Happy Apatosaurus

Happy Ankylosaurus coloring page

Happy Ankylosaurus

Happy Tyranosaurus Rex coloring page

Happy Tyranosaurus Rex

Friendly Troodon coloring page

Friendly Troodon

Friendly T-Rex coloring page

Friendly T-Rex

Friendly Stegosaurus coloring page

Friendly Stegosaurus

Dragon Dinosaur coloring page

Dragon Dinosaur

Cute Stegosaurus coloring page

Cute Stegosaurus

Cute Kentrosaurus coloring page

Cute Kentrosaurus

Cute Baby Iguanodon coloring page

Cute Baby Iguanodon

Big Head T-Rex coloring page

Big Head T-Rex

Baby Velociraptor coloring page

Baby Velociraptor

Baby Talarurus coloring page

Baby Talarurus

Cute Baby Stegosaurus coloring page

Cute Baby Stegosaurus

Baby Pterodactyl coloring page

Baby Pterodactyl

Cute Baby Parasaurolophus

Cute Baby Parasaurolophus

Baby Ouranosaurus with Horn

Baby Ouranosaurus with Horn

Happy Baby Diplodocus

Happy Baby Diplodocus

Happy Baby Deinonychus dinosaur coloring page

Happy Baby Deinonychus

Baby Brachiosaurus dinosaur coloring page

Baby Brachiosaurus

Cute Triceratops - dinosaur coloring page

Cute Triceratops

Cute Baby Allosaurus - dinosaur coloring page

Cute Baby Allosaurus

Horned Baby Dinosaur coloring page

Horned Baby Dinosaur

Cute Dinosaur Spelling Page

Cute Dinosaur Spelling Page

An understanding of all things prehistoric is essential for every young learner. These dazzling dinosaurs complement other dino-related activities perfectly. Here’s a favorite in our household.

Other exciting dino activities to supplement include:

  • Making dinosaurs out of Play-DOh
  • Dressing up in dinosaur costumes
  • Decorating dinosaur eggs (either real or plastic)
  • Making a dinosaur habitat
  • Researching a specific dinosaur

Older kids will love learning the names of dinosaurs. Use the coloring pages and the labels to make a matching game that will delight your pint-sized paleontologist or – bonus points – quiz your advanced expert by only showing the picture.

Cute Dinosaur Coloring pages for kids and toddlers
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