DIY ACTION SQUAD: 15/15 Challenge!

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GUYS! Are you ready to be so wow’d by the DIY Action Squad that you won’t even know what to do with yourselves? I sure am. I also MIGHT be exaggerating. But seriously, we’re coming at you today with projects that can be completed in 15 minutes, for under $15. Who doesn’t love that?

Also, we invite you to link up any project you’ve done that meets that criteria too! We’d love to see what you’re up to.

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I am trying my best to make my kitchen as organized a landing spot as possible, which started with my canister set cord storage. No matter what I try or intend, basically everything gets dropped in the kitchen and I just need to embrace it rather than try to change my habits. So I created a cute little key holder for the side of my fridge in an effort to stop me from throwing my keys on the counter next to it.

To do this project you will need:

  • scrap wood
  • leftover spray paint
  • hooks
  • velcro or magnetic strip (I used velcro, but I would have used magnetic if I had it)
  • super glue or power drill (keep reading, the drastic difference will be explained)

Because I’m a hoarder, I had all these things on hand. So my cost was $0. However, if you need to get hooks and magnets you’d still safely fall in the under $15 range.

And here’s the crazy easy step by step that anyone can do:

Step One: Cut a hole in the box…… wait, wrong process…. Let me try again:

Step One: Spray paint your sorry slab of wood and hooks. Because these parts are so small, you can totally get away with spreading out a paper bag on your basement floor and spraying them indoors, just maybe do it while your significant other is at work so he/she doesn’t catch you. I did two coats of spray primer and one coat of color- each coat took about 30 seconds and I did it the night before. So technically my 15 minutes was divided up over two days.


Step Two: I used a thin piece of leftover wainscoting to make this project, so I chose to super glue my hooks to it. But if you use a thick piece of wood I would definitely recommend screwing your hooks in for extra sturdiness.


Step Three: Add your velcro or magnetic strip to the back. Most velcro and magnetic strips are sold with adhesive backing.


Step Four: Hang it up & stop throwing your damn keys on the counter. Use your cute new hook!

We can still completely open that cabinet, the hooks only stick out about two inches.

We can still completely open that cabinet, the hooks only stick out about two inches.

Now be sure to go check out projects from KenzTracie, and Emma  & link up with us!

Next Monday we’ll each be featuring our favorites from the link up  so share as many as you’d like and come back next week!


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