DIY Action Squad – ASSEMBLE!

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At this point, I’m sure you’ve all heard of The Book… you know… a little something put together by this teeny little blog called Young House Love.  

Well, myself, EmmaKenzie, and Tracie have decided to get together and create a super awesome link party for all our readers centered around The Book! Emma even made a sweet banner for us (I totally need to take a more fun picture): we’re the DIY Action Squad, yo and we’d like to invite you to join us in putting this book to work!

the DIY action squad
We are not affiliated with Young House Love, but we did get their seal of approval for our little idea.

Here’s the scoop:

Over the next few weeks grab your copy of the book, knock out one of the 243 projects, and write about it! Then, the week of the 26th (right after Thanksgiving) come on back to link up with us and share what you’ve done. We’ll each be tackling a different project right along with you and we can’t wait to see what you all are up to.

Here’s the back-story:

I internet-met Emma browsing through YHL comments. Then she internet-introduced me to Kenzie. Then the two of them copied me on an email with Tracie to discuss this very idea. And, I’m going to get mushy for a second here, isn’t that seriously the best part about blogging?

There are no people in my real life that are DIY-ing their home quite like I am, and definitely no one I know that is blogging about it, and I’m so glad they invited me to join them on this because it’s awesome to be able to email other blogger friends with questions/ideas/frustrations. So, I reach out my internet-hand to you and invite you to JOIN US.  Please and thank you.


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