60+ DIY Easter Basket Ideas

DIY Easter basket ideas

Easter baskets are often the highlight of the holiday celebration. Whether they serve as keepsakes or function as totes to gather as many goodies as possible during egg hunts, these woven containers encompass everything needed for lively springtime festivities.

When it comes to supplying the right Easter basket for everyone involved in the celebration, however, narrowing down choices can be easier said than done. But with the wealth of information available online, no longer do you have to rely on ordering commercial Easter baskets every year.

DIY Easter baskets mean that you can create the perfect basket for any age group, including toddlers, girls, boys, tweens, teens, and grownups. These DIY basket ideas are also the perfect base for Easter basket stuffers, treats, and party favors.

Take a look at the best DIY Easter baskets ideas for inspiration as you plan for the season’s upcoming activities.

Since the list is comprehensive, bookmark this authoritative guide to DIY Easter baskets and refer to it often as you organize the celebration with your friends and loved ones.

DIY Easter Baskets For Toddlers

Easy DIY Carrot Easter Basket | Kids Craft Room

Make cute carrot Easter Baskets. Great for Easter egg hunts and gifts.

Encourage an early love of crafts with this easy DIY carrot Easter basket. This basket takes only minutes to make and allows your child to fill it with anything from candy to crayons. This project is suitable for both the classroom and the playroom, and each carrot basket makes a great present for friends.

DIY Stuffed Animal Easter Baskets | The Idea Room


Give your child’s favorite stuffed animal a makeover with this DIY Easter basket. Perfect for repurposing your toddler’s toy, this project is a great way to revive snuggle buddies that you may have shelved since Christmastime.

DIY Kids’ Easter Baskets | Design Improvised

Decorate your own Easter basket - such a fun kids Easter craft idea!

Use colorful buckets and Easter stickers to instill toddlers with the pride of spelling their own names. As the name implies, this improvised project is one of the best DIY Easter basket ideas for producing a professional-looking design with minimal effort. With no cutting or glue required, these DIY Easter baskets for toddlers are also great for first parties and egg hunts.

DIY Paper Mache Barnyard Animal Easter Baskets | Red Ted Art

Easy Chicken Easter Basket. This Chick or Hen Easter Basket is a super cute way to decorate the Easter Table or collect Easter Eggs. It is made from recycled tissue paper, so no paint is needed and they are super easy and thrifty to make #easter #easterbasket #chicken #chick #papiermache

Teach toddlers how to identify their favorite types of barnyard animals with these fun paper mache Easter baskets. As one of the most original Easter basket ideas for toddlers, this project uses simple tissue paper to create everything from chicks to little piggies. Give your Old MacDonald nursery rhyme a festive twist by making a memorable collection of Easter baskets.

DIY Garden Wagon Easter Basket | Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Help build your child’s essential ambulatory skills with this DIY garden wagon Easter basket. For many children, pulling a little red wagon is a must-have pastime. This DIY toddler Easter basket puts a springtime spin on the classic favorite and ensures plenty of storage room during egg hunts.

Toddler Time Easter Baskets | Fun 365

Give your child great practice for preschool with this Toddler Time Easter basket project. This fun craft uses white paper plates and crayons as a base for accessorizing with stickers and flower jewels. Fill the completed basket with Easter grass and plush toys to complete the look just in time for the holiday.

DIY Easter Baskets For Boys

Toy Dump Truck Easter Basket For Boys | Making the World Cuter

Creating cute and unique Easter Baskets for Boys, this dump truck one is so cute! My boys would LOVE it!

This DIY Easter basket for boys proves that decorations do not have to be pastel to serve perfectly for the occasion. Simply layer the base of the truck with packing paper and then fill the truck with irresistible Easter goodies.

Decoupage DIY Avengers Easter Basket | Oh So Savvy Mom

Decoupage DIY Avengers Easter Basket

Who says you have to limit the Avengers to birthday parties or Halloween? With this decoupage method, you can use Avengers party supplies like napkins to create a custom Easter pail. Fill the basket with Avengers toys to keep your little guy happy and occupied for hours.

DIY Marvel Easter Basket Liner Tutorial | Eclectic Momsense

DIY Marvel Easter Basket Liner Tutorial

Thanks to this DIY Easter basket for boys, you no longer have to wait for cosplay time to enjoy the best of Marvel Comics. With just a wicker basket and some fabric, your little one can have a durable tote for collecting Easter eggs and action figures.

Dino Easter Basket | Cutefetti

completed diy easter basket

It is hard to go wrong with a DIY Easter basket perfect for the inevitable dinosaur craze. Easy to make and replete with boyish colors, this basket also makes a great teaching tool when you fill it with matching dinosaur toys and eggs.

Easy LEGO Easter Basket Tutorial | The Joy of Boys

LEGO Easter Basket and Egg

If you have an old set of LEGO toys sitting around, use these tiny building blocks to build a perfect basket. The easy LEGO Easter basket is a great way to get boys excited about the holiday, and the final carrier is perfect for smaller treats like Cadbury Easter eggs.

DIY Construction Tool Box Easter Basket | Fun 365

DIY Construction Tool Box Easter Basket

This DIY Easter basket for boys is the perfect way for your little man to trek along with both toys and treats. Plus, the durability of the basket itself makes this one perfect for playroom or bedroom decor for the rest of the year.

DIY Easter Baskets for Girls

DIY Shopkins Tutu Easter Basket! | The Denver Housewife

Shopkins Easter Basket 3

Nothing says cute and girly like a ballerina tutu Easter basket. This DIY Easter basket for girls is perfect for storing holiday gear as well as Shopkins collectibles. Use this Easter kit as a starter kit for the best Shopkins toys or fill it with similar action figures from Pixar or Disney.

DIY FROZEN Tutu Easter Basket Tutorial! | The Denver Housewife

FROZEN Tutu Easter Basket #DisneyEaster

Speaking of Disney, you can also opt for the Frozen Easter basket theme that started it all. Stock your Easter basket with items like a toy crown, bubble bath, or dolls of Elsa and Anna. By mastering this tutorial, you may find yourself following the same steps to make all kinds of gift baskets like The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast.

Cute Ruffled Easter Basket for Girls | Crazy Little Project

Cute Ruffled Easter Basket

Mix and match your favorite fabrics to create a cute DIY Easter basket for girls. Even if sewing is not your area of expertise, you can use hot glue to achieve the same look and create a darling basket to match your child’s Sunday best.

Easter Basket for Creative Girls | Clumsy Crafter

Creative Easter Basket for kids

If you believe that no two baskets should look the same, try this creative and crafty DIY Easter basket tutorial. Using a simple plastic basket and chalkboard spray paint, you can then allow your girls to sign or decorate the exterior as they wish.

DIY Hello Kitty Easter Basket | Cutefetti

Hello Kitty Pail

Few feline lovers can resist the Hello Kitty stage. Create an adorable DIY Easter basket for girls with this easy Hello Kitty tutorial. Just a white pail and foam sheets of various colors can result in an Easter basket worthy of any display window.

DIY Spa Day Basket | Fun 365

Tweens and teens can continue to adore Easter with this DIY spa day basket. Fill this homemade basket with items like nail polish, plush eye masks, and swirl lollipops before scheduling a spa day to bond with the girls.

DIY Easter Baskets Kids Can Make Themselves

Shoe Box Easter Basket | Artsy Momma

Chick Easter Basket Craft for Kids

Making a DIY shoe box Easter basket is one of the easiest ways for children to get hands-on during this springtime holiday. Grab the construction paper, glue, and safety scissors and allow kids to decorate the box as they see fit. Once completed, you can fill it with everything from Easter storybooks to sidewalk chalk.

DIY Chick Easter Basket | Red Ted Art

Chick Easter Basket - a super easy DIY for kids. Make your own easy paste from store cupboard items and upcycle old tissue paper

Looking for an Easter basket your child can make in under 10 minutes? Look no further than the DIY chick basket tutorial. These homemade Easter baskets combine colored tissue and paper mache paste to make a great container for all of your Easter egg crafts and party treats.

DIY Envelope Easter Baskets | Crafty Journal

This DIY Easter basket idea is great for individuals who need supplies to accommodate a large group of kids. Simply grab a box of envelope, some card stock, and any art supplies you have. Within minutes, each child can use the tutorial to create a handmade Easter basket perfect for cards and candy.

The Easiest Easter Baskets Ever | Gathering Beauty

Make Easter extra special by making your own easy Easter baskets to hold your chocolate eggs. A fun homemade craft to make with kids. Decorate with stickers to make unique gift. #easter #eastercrafts #easterbasket #gatheringbeauty

Teach children simple origami while building fine motor skills with these easy Easter baskets. Each DIY Easter basket uses colorful scrapbook paper and stickers to create the perfect little home for chocolate eggs or plush toys.

DIY Easy Bunny Bags | Fun-A-Day

Easter Craft for Kids - Bunny Bags

If you want children to make their own baskets prior to the fun festivities, the bunny bag is one of the easiest DIY Easter basket ideas. This craft combines brown gift bags and scrapbook paper to create a handheld accessory for the best egg hunts.

DIY Coloring Easter Basket | Fun 365

DIY Coloring Easter Basket

Few activities can get more hands-on than coloring. Simply wrap coloring duct tape around a paper mache basket and allow kids to get to work coloring their favorite designs.

DIY Easter Treat Cups | Simple as That Blog

Simple Easter Treat Cups – quick and inexpensive fun for the kids this Easter season! These cute cups are perfect for party favours, classroom treats and double as an easy Spring craft!

DIY Easter treat cups are a great way to produce a variety of looks with minimal effort. Quick and inexpensive, this project consists of paper cups (of various colors) and art supplies. The craft is a perfect way for children to make their own Easter party favors while providing subtle portion control.

Printable Easter Baskets

Paper Easter Baskets (with free printable templates) | East Coast Mommy

Printable holiday templates offer a host of DIY easter basket ideas. If you want a fun activity for the whole family, have each person decorate a template and fasten with pipe cleaners for instant portability.

Printable Easter Bunny Baskets | The Craft Train

adorable paper bunny baskets Easter craft for kids

Most children adore pop-up books and other three-dimensional art activities. These DIY printable Easter bunny baskets emulate the same look. With just scissors and a glue stick, kids can make a paper critter basket perfect for cards and mini Easter eggs.

DIY No Sew Easter Basket With Free Printable Template {Video Tutorial} | DIY & Crafts

Candy and cookie filled finished Easter baskets.

In addition to producing sturdy models for paper or card stock, printable Easter baskets can often double as templates for baskets made of other materials. This printable Easter basket serves as the outline for making a felt basket with no sewing required. Just take out your hot glue and fabric scissors to cut along the dotted line.

Mini Easter Basket Printable Craft | Kids Activities Blog

Make your own mini Easter Basket - printable craft designed by Jen Goode

In addition to kids’ Easter egg crafts, children can also use this printable template to make mini Easter baskets to match. With easy directions and plenty of room to color, this project is a great activity for showing children the true meaning of the holiday.

DIY Easter Basket Template | Merriment Design

Pretty DIY Paper Easter Baskets. Make these quick and easy paper Easter baskets with this free printable template and just a few cuts and folds. Hop to it!

Enjoy a starburst of warm spring colors with this DIY Easter basket template. All you need is colorful card stock to create a folded Easter basket with scalloped edges.

Easy DIY Easter Bucket with FREE Silhouette Cut File | The Pinning Mama

Super easy custom DIY Easter Basket with a FREE cut file for your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait.

If you are interested in upgrading an existing bucket with a professional-looking template, this silhouette cute file fits the bill. Apply the silhouette to the surface of a bucket to transform an ordinary pail into a perky Easter tote.

Recycled & Upcycled Easter Baskets

Homemade Easter Baskets Kids Can Make with Recyclables | Fun-A-Day

Homemade Easter baskets for kids to make and use

Help children learn how to reduce your family’s carbon footprint while celebrating the holiday with homemade Easter baskets. Perfect for backyard egg hunts, this craft also makes a great project for preschool classes as well.

Coffee Cup Easter Basket Craft | Green Owl Art

When you think about it, disposable coffee cups and sleeves can more than add up. Instead of letting these paper goods pile up in recycling, use them to make unique and earthy Easter baskets.

Homemade Milk Bottle Easter Baskets | Kids Craft Room

CUTE EASTER BASKETS a recycled milk jug craft. This recycled Easter craft for kids is lots of fun. Homemade Easter baskets to decorate for egg hunts or cute Easter gifts! #easter #easterbasket #easterbaskets #eastercrafts #easterideas #recycledcrafts #kidscrafts #craftsforkids #kidscraftroom #easteregghunts #eastereggs

Did you realize you can get another use out of a plastic milk bottle before recycling? No matter the size of the milk bottle, this tutorial uses simple acrylic paint to create an Easter basket suitable for any personality.

Plastic Bottle Easter Basket | Messy Little Monsters

Plastic bottle Easter basket craft for kids. An easy Easter activity for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids.

Use plastic bottles guilt-free with this easy DIY Easter basket tutorial. Fasten with split pins for the holiday before tossing the bottle into recycling as usual.

DIY Duct Tape Easter Basket | Mer Mag

Who knew that a duct tape roll is the perfect placeholder for Easter eggs? Simply combine a discarded tape cylinder with cardboard scraps to make a bucket perfect for everything from eggs hunts to trick-or-treating later in the year.

Recycled Paper Easter Baskets | Instructables

Recycled Paper Easter Baskets

Paper from the recycling bin can make quite a sturdy basket if woven together correctly. Use this tutorial to make the perfect Easter carrier made entirely of sheets of paper and super glue.

DIY Milk Jug Easter Basket: An Easy Upcycled Craft | Clarks Condensed

diy-easter-basket (15 of 17)

Save any discarded milk, juice, or tea jugs to follow this step-by-step tutorial. Pom poms and foam complete the look, allowing you to make either bunnies or Easter chicks.

Water Bottle Easter Basket Craft for Kids | Crafty Morning


If you find yourself using disposable water bottles, save a few to make adorable tiny Easter baskets. With a little paint and ribbon, you can create a miniature basket perfect for a small plush Easter doll.

A Tisket a Tasket a Recycled Easter Basket | Jennifer Perkins

What says nostalgia better than a green-and-yellow basket? Use this tutorial to make the perfect statement basket from recycled paper.

Egg Carton Mini Easter Basket Craft for Kids | Crafty Morning

Create pocket-sized Easter baskets with this egg carton craft for kids. Since each carton produces a dozen baskets, this project is one of the most economical and efficient DIY Easter basket ideas.

Bunny Milk Jug Basket | Dudley’s Easter

The great thing about a milk-jug Easter basket is that it can already come with a built-in handle. Use this bunny milk jug tutorial to create an adorable clone of Peter Cottontail.

Yogurt Container Easter Baskets | The Craft Train


Yogurt containers make adorable holders for miniature Easter eggs. You can also follow the directions as an easy way to practice customizing baskets with decorative beads and craft jewels.

DIY Easter Basket Crafts

Unicorn Easter Basket | Party With Unicorns

Unicorn Easter Basket Final Product

Create a one-of-a-kind Easter basket with this easy unicorn tutorial. Using colorful felt and glue, you can transform a box of any size into a basket ideal for egg hunts as well as table centerpieces.

Easy DIY Animal Easter Baskets | Atkinson Drive

DIY Felt {Chick & Bunny} Easter Baskets | Atkinson Drive

Homemade Easter baskets offer one of the easiest ways to create a treat carrier that doubles as a furry companion. As long as you have a sewing machine and about a half an hour to spare, you can use this tutorial to create a cuddly chick or bunny Easter basket.

How To Make Fabric Easter Baskets | I Can Teach My Child

fabric Easter baskets

Fabric Easter baskets work great as party favors as well as keepsakes for scrapbooks. Making one of these baskets is also an excellent way to repurpose old clothing you no longer need. And best of all, this craft is so easy that kids as young as three years old can help with the project.

Umbrella Easter Baskets | Primal Dish

Umbrella Easter Basket for a Boy

Face April showers fearlessly with these ingenious umbrella Easter baskets. These DIY Easter basket ideas are sturdy enough to carry books and larger toys, and the practical return on investment means that your child will always be prepared for a rainy day.

Little Bakers Easter Basket | A Night Owl

Little Baker Easter Basket Ideas with Cost Plus World Market

Instead of relying on grocery store candy, empower kids to make their own tasty treats. Fill a ceramic egg carton or berry bowl with items like cupcake liners, measuring spoons, and whisks to unleash the talent in your own tiny chef.

Fabric Rope Easter Basket | eHow


As long as you own a basic sewing machine, you can create an attractive homemade Easter basket from the plainest of rags. Gather scraps of material from clothing you plan to discard and create homemade ropes using this easy tutorial. The ropes provide a sturdy base for your Easter basket and breathes no life into frayed fabric.

Personalized Easter Basket Metal Pails | Real Dana

The traditional shovel and pail set is one of the perennial symbols of childhood. Upgrade any ordinary pail with this personalized DIY Easter basket tutorial. Start with the pail and then use sharpie paint pens to add names and springtime images. Fill the pail with Easter candy, dyed eggs, fruit, crayons, and coloring books to create a timeless childhood memory.

Fabric Easter Basket Pattern | Positively Splendid

Fabric Easter Basket Pattern :: PositivelySplendid.com

The right fabric combinations can make even the simplest designs look elaborate and elegant. One example that demonstrates this principle beautifully is the fabric Easter basket pattern from positively splendid. Using only fabric, fleece, and a basic sewing machine, you can create a monogrammed basket perfect for the mantelpiece.

DIY Mickey and Minnie Easter Baskets | This Fairy Tale Life

DIY Mickey and Minnie Easter Baskets // Inspired By Dis

Few cultural icons are more recognizable than Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse. Fortunately, you can replicate this fictional character with surprisingly simple steps. The easy supplies include items like red and black spray paint, felt, foam, and polka dot ribbons. In fewer than 10 steps total, you can create matching Mickey and Minine Mouse Easter baskets perfect for the preschoolers in your life.

How to Make DIY Doll Easter Baskets | Cute DIY Projects

How to Make DIY Doll Easter Baskets

What is even better than owning a paper doll set in time for Easter? Making a cute Easter basket to match. With this fun tutorial from Cute DIY projects, you can create a checkered Easter basket with colorful scraps of paper. Use your sturdy basket to house a paper doll family or plastic Easter eggs.

Picket Fence Easter Basket | Kleinworth & Co.

This adorable Picket Fence Easter Basket is easy to make with this step-by-step tutorial using tongue depressors or popsicle sticks. Load it full of your favorite Easter candy & you know everyone will love it. It's definitely my favorite Easter craft! Makes for a great display in an entryway for all your Easter party guests or even to decorate at your office. You won't believe just how quickly you can make your own!

Few things say picture-perfect like a white picket fence. All you need to create this homemade Easter basket is a collection of Popsicle sticks and white spray paint. Complete the picturesque look with bright green Easter grass, jellybeans, and a giant chocolate Easter bunny. As the perfect backdrop for Easter photos, this look is sure to become a tradition similar to gingerbread houses at other times of the year.

Unicorn Easter Basket | Keeper of the Cheerios

This DIY Easter basket sets the gold standard for enchanted backyard parties. Just pick up a plain basket of any size, a unicorn horn, and basket filler of any material or color. Use gems, flowers, candles, and decorative candy to complete the look. Once you perfect the design, it also becomes a great option for outdoor birthday parties and similar gatherings.

How to Sew an Easter Basket from Upcycled Fabric | DIY Danielle

How to sew an Easter Basket: DIY Easter basket handsewn from upcycled fabric. Four yellow chicks inside the basket.

If you are interested in a basket gentle and sturdy enough to host living chicks, this upcycled fabric Easter basket idea is an ideal fit. Clear your closet of old sweaters and T-shirts and put your sewing needle to work on a basket that takes only minutes to prepare. And because the basket is so durable, you may find yourself making a few more to serve as environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic grocery bags.

Chickadee Easter Basket Crochet Pattern | The Lavender Chair

Chickadee Easter Basket - Free Crochet Pattern - The Lavender Chair

Looking for a basket that also makes a great handbag or purse for Easter Sunday? This Chickadee crochet Easter basket can measure up. Using just yarn, buttons, and a crochet hook, create an easily portable tote that stands out from the crowd. And since this basket is not the disposable kind, it also serves as a thoughtful family gift or keepsake.

Tiny Spring Easter Baskets | My Sister’s Crazy Blog

Tiny spring Easter baskets make the perfect place settings for parties and garden picnics. Simply coat small flowerpots with green moss and fill them up with Easter bunnies, chicks, or eggs. In addition to decorating an afternoon gathering with minimal effort, this cluster of DIY Easter baskets is also terrific background decor for a group photograph.

Paper Easter Baskets | Essy Jae

Gather card stock the color of springtime and follow this easy tutorial to make miniature Easter baskets. With its checkerboard pattern and crinkled paper in lieu of artificial grass, these DIY Easter baskets make the perfect containers for Easter cards and party favors. Plus, the gentle pastel colors are an ideal complement to chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in gold foil.

Rainbow Easter Basket | Lovely Indeed

Make a Rainbow Easter Basket

For many cultures, rainbows are the ultimate representation of renewal. What better way to celebrate the rebirth of spring than a striking rainbow Easter basket? This unique Easter basket uses felt sheets to duplicate each color in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, and violet). Vivid gold deco foil and hot-melt adhesive sheets help comprise the handle. Best of all? No sewing required. All you need is a hot glue gun to complete the craft.

Mod Podge Fabric Easter Basket | Kiwi Crate

Mod Podge Fabric Easter Basket

For many children, the messier a craft gets, the more fun it becomes. Fortunately, a product like Mod Podge can turn this principle to your advantage. The decoupage agent serves as a glue, sealer, and finish to transform torn scraps of fabric into a homemade Easter basket. Use balloons of various shapes and sizes to help fashion your basket into exactly the style you want.

How-To: Vintage Doily Easter Basket | Make Zine


Old-fashioned doilies no longer have to collect dust in the attic. This tutorial uses vintage doilies, fabric stiffener, and glue to make a charming Easter basket to house stuffed animals and candy. And best of all, the instructions allow you to use any household bowl to fashion your basket into the preferred shape and capacity size.

Paper Plate Easter Basket Craft | Nurture Store

Easter basket craft using paper plate

Paper plate baskets are among the most conventional Easter crafts for children of all ages. All you have to do is grab a pack of paper plates from the local dollar store. The craft requires only two plates per basket, making it one of the most inexpensive DIY easter basket ideas for the holiday season.

Depending on your tolerance for cleanup afterward, you can choose to decorate the plates with anything from markers and watercolors to finger paint. Add a decorative ribbon for dramatic effect, and then fill with pastel tissue paper, treats, and candy. Keep in mind that you can complete the project with virtually any type of disposable plate regardless of size or color.

The Bottom Line

The best DIY Easter basket ideas are often surprisingly simple. Homemade Easter baskets work well as presents or group activities for the whole family. Combine DIY Easter baskets with other Easter egg crafts to harness the best of your imagination and make this holiday one to remember.

DIY Easter basket ideas
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