DIY Halloween Window Display: How To Guide

halloween window display DIY

Yesterday I shared with you my newest Halloween decoration (and a $200 gift certificate giveaway!!) and today I want to break it down and show you how you can make your very own.

This looks far more complicated then it really is.
This looks far more complicated then it really is.

First up, the BEWARE sign. I bought a $7 plywood drawer insert from Home Depot and had them cut it in half long ways for me (which they do for free).

beware sign
  • Give the boards a quick spray of primer
  • Paint them the color you want your letters to be (I chose silver), then coat it a few times with glow in the dark spray (yes! it works, it’s just impossible to capture on camera).
  • Print out your letters (I just used Microsoft Word and made each letter the size of a piece of paper), then cut them with either scissors or an exacto knife
  • Trace the betters onto your board with a pencil and paint around them in the color of your choice (I chose black)
  • Then do it all over again because you want your project to be 2 sided, so you need 2 signs

That’s it- so easy! No tools needs, just paint and a steady hand.

Next, I got a 4ft x 3ft piece of acrylic in the window section of Home Depot. This was about $30, but you can probably find an old window pane in a Restore or on Craigs List for far, far cheaper then that. I used Rustoleum metallic silver spray paint and a spray bottle with a water vinegar mixture to muss up the board a bit. Then I realized I didn’t take any pictures, so here’s some pictures from the tutorial I used:

see 17 apart blog for more details
see 17 apart blog for more details

You only need to do this on one side of the acrylic sheet because it’s transparent. Once the 2 signs and the acrylic sheet are all dry you need to sandwich all 3 pieces together with spray adhesive, I used 3M adhesive spray that was leftover from another project. After I sprayed them I left it on my kitchen table for about 2 hours to dry (with a bunch of books on top to weigh it down).

Once it’s dry, finally, you have to create the silhouette- the most difficult and time consuming part. Particularly because I went with a twisty, curly, Tim-Burton-y tree.

halloween tree how to
  • I bought double sided poster board so I could see my drawing easier (black on one side, orange on the other). I taped 2 posterboards together then free handed my tree on it with a pencil.
  • I cut out the tree with an exacto knife (which took for-ev-er), then painted the orange side black with craft paint. After it was painted black, I went over it with some Martha Stewart textured metallic paint to give it a little depth.
  • Once your painted tree is dry, adhere it to the acrylic board. This time, I used regular spray adhesive because I felt the 3M stuff was too thick and might do weird stuff to the poster board.
  • Flip your display over- you will be able to see your tree through the acrylic sheet but you will NOT want to cut that nonsense out again. Instead, just paint right on your sheet tracing the outline then filling it in the same as before.
  • Whew! Have yourself a drank, girl. That was a lot of work.

Place in window and decorate!

halloween window display

I know this seems like an excessive amount of work, but honestly I really enjoyed the painting. It was super relaxing and a fun day project. Plus, you can do this for anything- you can make a plywood WELCOME sign to hang above your entryway or you can make a colorful balloween silhouette to announce a birth or birthday. I went with a spooked out Halloween display, but really you can do anything.

Got questions? Leave them in the comments. And- don’t forget to enter THE GIVEAWAY to try and get $200 to either Home Depot or thanks to!!


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halloween window display DIY
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