DIY Headboard Necklace?

headboard necklace

One day I’d love to eat at the kitchen table without having to clear all my craft projects off it first. Matt would like that day to be 2.5 years ago… so we’ve decided to convert the guest room into a half guest room/half office space for me. The office part is going to be built into the closet (when the weather is warmer so I can cut and stain wood outside), but the rest of the room really needed a face lift. Here’s where we last left the room:

I painted the room orange when we moved in because I wanted at least one room to be a bright color. This is Cantaloupe by Behr.

I actually did love the orange color, but I wanted a more neutral palate to be creative in and I want to sort of even out all the color scheme of the house. I had leftover Partridge Gray from the striped sunroom  so after a coat of primer (2 coats cutting in) and 1.5 coats of Partridge Gray (Better Homes & Garden, color matched to Behr), the room is looking like this:

Still lots to be done, but it’s a start
Still lots to be done, but it’s a start

I feel like I can breathe when I walk in there now.

So at this point you’re probably wondering…. what the heck is a head board necklace?

dog on the bed

That giant beige thing behind the bed is actually a huge face-in-a-hole cut out made by a friend for our backyard wedding reception (you can see it in action here) covered up with a $10 painting drop cloth. There’s nowhere “away” to store it, so I decided to use it as sort of a headboard in this room- it needs to be easily covered and uncovered (so we can use it!) and work with the room.

  • I watched this YouTube video to learn how to make a tassel- 4 are yarn and 2 are baker’s twine.
  • Then I braided the yarn and bakers twine into the “necklace”.
  • The wood slice is from Michaels (about $8, but use a 40% off coupon!), and the text was cut out with my silhouette cameo and painstakingly placed on. Once the text
  • was on, I painted it with a clear coat of poly.
  • The drop cloth and necklace are both held on with clear thumb tacks
wood slice
I like to call this font “Tim Burton Calligraphy” because it’s all stringy and scrolly- I had to stretch it around a lot to get it to fit how I wanted it to.

If you noticed in the reveal picture there was also a map with some text on it. Also with my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out a Stevie Nicks quote to go on the map and hung it on up with tape:

The map is from an old atlas, one day it will get a frame or mount.

Still to do:

  • Swap out the chunky white nightstand with some short, slim wooden nightstands
  • DIY a roman blind?
  • Build my office space!
  • Update the bedding? It’s really old
headboard necklace
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