25 DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations To Spook Up Your Big Happy House!

diy outdoor halloween decorations

From scary movies to sugary treats, there are so many reasons to love Halloween. While cuddling up with he kids to watch a classic Halloween movie is a great part of the season, one of the most exciting parts of Halloween is the decorations.

From friendly ghosts to bone-chilling skeletons, there are so many fun and spooky ways to decorate.

Below, you will find 25 unique DIY Halloween decorations for outside that you can make with the whole family. Make just a few for your Halloween craft nights or make them all and be the scariest house on the block.

25 Halloween Decorations For Your Spooky Exterior!

Halloween Jar Lanterns

Halloween Jar Lanterns

This craft allows you to use your imagination to create any type of creepy beast you’d like. For one jar, they painted the whole jar green and used a black marker to draw on Frankenstein’s features. For another, they used black construction paper cut into facial features and masking tape to create a mummy. Other ideas could include black cats, ghosts, jack o’ lanterns, or zombies.

Once the craft is complete, place a battery-operated tea light or a string of fairy lights inside to create the perfect Halloween lantern.

Spooky DIY Details: Kids Kubby

Spooky Mason Jar Lights

Spooky Mason Jar Lights

Using mason jars, different colors of tissue paper, and some decoupage, you can create just about any Halloween monster imaginable. Use orange for a jack o’ lantern, green for Frankenstein or zombies, and white for ghosts or mummies. After they’re covered, create the features with felt, paint, and other odds and ends.

A battery-operated tea light will create the perfect spooky ambiance as it shines through the colored tissue paper.

Spooky DIY Details: Happy Mothering

Can and Ribbon Frankenstein

Can and Ribbon Frankenstein

By using tin cans, like the ones you get from canned beans and veggies, some spray paint, craft paint, and ribbons, you can make a fun Halloween windsock. This blog post features a Frankenstein windsock, but her blog also has instructions to make a ghost and a witch using the same method. You start by spray painting the can with whatever color you’d like the base to be. Then, add on your features with craft paint and markers. To finish it off, add ribbons to the bottom to flutter in the wind and add a string to hang from your porch or tree.

This is an easy craft that kids will love to help with. Get creative with different size cans and different scary characters.

Spooky DIY Details: Chicken Scratch NY

Witches Brew

Witches Brew

Start with a crate, painted black, as the base of the cauldron. Under the crate, place a projector light to create a fire effect. On top of the crate, place a black plastic cauldron. These can be found in most stores at Halloween and are usually used to pass out candy. Then, you’ll need one or two mist makers, also available in stores or online. Pour some water into the cauldron, turn on the misters and projector light, and you’ve got a spooky, bubbling witch cauldron.

This is a great addition to a witch or gothic themed outdoor décor. This witch’s cauldron is sure to be the talk of the town on Halloween night.

Spooky DIY Details: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Rustic Pallet Pumpkins

rustic pallet pumpkins

These begin with heat-treated pallets. The slats are taken apart, sanded, then laid side-by-side. Then, you’ll draw your pumpkin shape and cut each slat separately. Once they’re all cut, put them back together and secure them with a piece of scrap wood cut to length and some staples. Do this a few times to create different sized pumpkins, paint them orange, and add some stems and leaves.

While this is probably the most difficult project on this list, the finished result is worth the amount of time, energy, and skill it takes to create them. You’ll love setting these fun pallet pumpkins out for the whole fall season.

Spooky DIY Details: The Handy Mans Daughter

Goth-Glam Wreath

Start with a wreath form wrapped in black fabric or ribbon. Then, make bows out of ribbons in your desired colors and glue them to the wreath form. Add eyeballs, spiders, black roses, or any other spooky Halloween décor you’d like. Add a piece of ribbon to the top for hanging, then hang on your door.

This is a very customizable craft. You can use any colors or additions you’d like to create the perfect wreath that fits your outdoor décor.

Spooky DIY Details: Pink Fortitude

Haunted Can Wind Chime

Haunted Can Wind Chime

For this craft, you’ll need three different sizes of cans, white spray paint or craft paint, black craft paint or markers, googley eyes, a tin punch or a hammer and screwdriver, and chenille stems or ribbons. After painting the cans white, draw a ghost mouth and place the eyeballs on the largest can. Then, punch holes in the middle of the top of each can. Feed your chenille stem through and make knots under each can to hold it in place.

This craft will make a fun, tinny sound when the wind blows and the cans swaying in the wind will look like a spooky ghost in your yard.

Spooky DIY Details: Creative Green Living

Spooky Window Scenes

Spooky Window Scenes

This craft begins with a roll of black craft paper. You can either design your own silhouettes or use the ones available on the website. Measure the windows you’ll be putting the silhouettes in to be sure they fit. Then, get crafty by cutting out scary shapes like zombies, headless houseguests, grim reapers, murderers, rats, spiders, or anything else. Tape the silhouettes to the interior windows, between the window and the shades, then admire your work from the street.

When the house lights are on at night, these silhouettes will stand out amazingly. Before you know it, you’ll have a line of cars in front of your house, marveling at your handiwork.

Spooky DIY Details: Makezine

Spider and Skeleton Silhouettes

Spider and Skeleton Silhouettes

Start with black craft paper or construction paper. Cut out fun, silly shapes like smiling skeletons, toothy jack o’ lanterns, bats, and spiders. Once you place the cutouts on the window, cover the window with orange tissue paper. This will help to create that eerie glow when you look in from outside.

This would be a fun craft to create with kids of all ages. Choosing the windows to place them in and admiring the finished product will be an exciting Halloween experience for the whole family.

Spooky DIY Details: Who Arted

Spindly Spider Webs

The directions for this craft seem a bit complicated, but the basic idea is to create a spider web shape using white yarn. The tutorial uses tulle to create the form and the yarn is threaded through in a web shape. It would probably be easier to create a few different sized yarn circles and lay them inside each other. Then, lay overlapping yarn across them and tie to create a spider web.

However, you create these webs, they will be a great addition to your other DIY Halloween yard decorations.

Spooky DIY Details: Oh Happy Day

Ghosts on the Lawn

Ghosts on the Lawn

This simple craft can be made using Styrofoam balls, wooden dowels, white tulle, chenille stems, and felt. Insert a dowel into the Styrofoam ball. Drape multiple long layers of the tulle over the ball. Then, secure the tulle tightly by twisting a chenille stem where the dowel meets the ball. Add some black felt eyes and mouth and you have adorable lawn ghosts.

You can make many of these ghosts and use them as pathway markers, or just make a few and scatter them around the yard.

Spooky DIY Details: Parents

Ghostly String Lights

These ghostly string lights begin with a string of lantern lights, which can be bought in-store or online. Then, you’ll cut squares of white cotton fabric and drape it over each lantern. Secure the fabric to the lanterns with white string, then draw on a ghostly mouth and eyes. Hang these lights on your covered porch or inside for the perfect Halloween ambiance.

You can have fun with this craft and use different colors of fabric to make different ghouls. Get creative and create the perfect Halloween string lights!

Spooky DIY Details: Taryn Whiteaker

Buy-Nothing Blair Witch Decorations

Buy-Nothing Blair Witch Decorations

For a free bone-chilling Halloween decoration, you’ll need to head outside and collect some small twigs. Clear off the little twigs to create a pile of smooth, mostly straight sticks. Use yarn, thread, strips of fabric, or any other material you have laying around to tie the twigs together in Blair Witch shapes. You can make pentagrams, small wicker men, or any random shape you’d like.

By spending no money at all, you can create a craft that will have visitors looking over their shoulders.

Spooky DIY Details: Halloween Alliance

Rustic Witch’s Brooms

Rustic Witch’s Brooms

Another buy-nothing craft, you’ll have to head back outside for some sticks and branches. For these brooms, gather your small branches into a bundle around one end of a straight branch. You can glue the twigs on then secure them with jute, twine, burlap, tape, or anything else you have on-hand. Prop these brooms up next to your door, either with the broomstick parking sign or without, for a spooky, easy decoration.

Use your imagination when creating these brooms. You can spray paint them black, orange, green, or purple, decorate them with glitter and ribbon, or do anything else your heart desires.

Spooky DIY Details: Over The Big Moon

Floating Witch’s Hat Lights

Floating Witch’s Hat Lights

Using a few store-bought items, you can create mind-bending floating witch hats as part of your outdoor décor. You’ll need some cheap witch hats, an LED light stick, battery-operated tea light, or something similar, and some fishing line.

Thread the fishing line through the top of the hat and create a loop. Leave some extra fishing line inside the hat to attach the lights. Once they’re all together, hang them from hooks in different places on your porch ceiling and enjoy the magical effect.

These witch hats would be great for a witch and wizard décor, a magical theme, or even a Harry Potter theme.

Spooky DIY Details: Polka Dot Chair

Clumsy Witch

clumsy witch

Oh, no! This silly witch fell head-first into the bushes. Maybe she had too much witch’s brew. To create these silly witch legs, this tutorial used chicken wire to form the legs, white and black striped stockings, and a pair of old shoes. It may be easier to use a pool noodle reinforced with a dowel rod instead of the chicken wire. Once you have the leg forms, you’ll put the stocks on them. Finish with the shoes which you can leave as-is or spray paint and glitter them to look a little more witchy. Once they’re complete, shove them into your bushes shoe-side-up.

You can use any color stocking and shoe for these witch legs. For added humor, put a witch’s hat and a broom crashed nearby.

Spooky DIY Details: Grillo Designs

Batty Fun

Batty Fun

Using black foam sheets, googley eyes, and some fishing line, you can create these upside-down hanging bats. First, cut the foam sheets into bat shapes. Don’t forget the ears! Then, attach googley eyes to the head and a piece of fishing line to the feet. Hang these bats from your trees, porch, doorway, or anywhere else you’d like a spooky effect.

This is a fun and easy craft for all ages. An adult can cut out the bat shapes then the kids can attach the eyes, decorate the bat, and hang them where they’d like.

Spooky DIY Details: HGTV

Realistic Tombstones

Realistic Tombstones

Some Styrofoam blocks, textured spray paint, and carving tools are the main materials needed for these realistic tombstones. First, you can carve out what you would like to have written on the tombstone. Don’t worry if the writing isn’t perfect. Roughly carved letters can be just as scary as the perfect ones. Then, you’ll spray the whole tombstone with the rock textured spray paint. If you’d like, you can add Styrofoam blocks for the base, or just leave it as-is. Shove a dowel or lawn stake into the tombstone and then place the stake into the ground.

You can make dozens of these in different gray tones for a realistic graveyard, or just make a few to add to your preexisting Halloween décor. For extra creepiness, scatter some bones and loose dirt around the tombstones.

Spooky DIY Details: Halloween Alliance

Backyard Boneyard

For a cheaper alternative to the Styrofoam tombstones above, try this project. For these grave markers, you’ll use cardboard, gray paper, epitaph stencils, and black paint. Cut your grave shapes out of the paper and cardboard, stencil on your grave writing, glue the two together and use lawn stakes to secure them around the yard.

You could also use the cardboard and spray it with gray textured paint or paint it with gray craft paint to skip the extra step of combining the paper and cardboard.

You could make a lot of these gravestones and place them all throughout your yard to create a scary graveyard. Add some fog, spider webs, and skeletons for the creepiest yard ever.

Spooky DIY Details: Outdoor Theme

Spooky Graveyard Gate

Enter if you dare! This spooky graveyard gate is the perfect addition to any of the graveyards above. Though this project looks like a heavy wrought iron fence and gate, all it takes to make it is some PVC conduit and furring strips. You’ll cut pieces of PVC to the desired height of your gate.

Then, you’ll cut pieces of furring strips to the desired length. Next, you’ll drill holes the diameter of your PVC and put the furring strips and PVC together to form the gate and fence. Then, you’ll paint the whole thing black and add light gray paint to get a patina look.

This gate and fence would look great at the entrance of a driveway or walkway. If you make pieces of fence, they would look good along the edge of your property or around a designated graveyard area.

Spooky DIY Details: Saving By Design

Weathered and Worn Tombstones

Weathered and Worn Tombstones

This tutorial does a great job of explaining how to make your tombstones look realistically weathered. For this technique, they use a few different stone colored paints to add depth to the indented areas, and lighter colors to add a worn look.

By giving tombstones this paint treatment, you’ll create decorations that will look eerily realistic and will wow all the trick-or-treaters.

Spooky DIY Details: Rust 2

Sky-High Eyes

You probably already have the largest part of this decoration in your yard: a tree! You’ll start with a high, full tree that can be easily seen by passersby. Then, you’ll use two large white beach balls and draw an iris with a gleam in the eye. Use some rope or twine to secure them into the tree.

If you can’t find white beach balls, you can spray paint beach balls white. Also, if you don’t have a large tree, you can use smaller balls and put these into a bush or small tree.

Spooky DIY Details: Princess and the Frog

Eerie Entryway

If you have a pronounced archway at the entrance of your house, this eerie monster entryway will be the perfect way to dress it up for Halloween. All you’ll need for this project is some white foam board and paint or poster markers. You’ll cut out some scary sharp teeth using either a hand saw or razor blade. Cut out some scary slanted eyes and draw on the eye details. Secure these tightly using hooks or strong tape.

Having guests walk through a monster’s mouth when they enter your home will add the perfect level of fright to your home this Halloween.

Spooky DIY Details: Nifty Thrifty Living

Uncovered Crypt

Using a template, foam board, and some paint samples, you can create an incredibly realistic uncovered crypt. You’ll start by cutting out the pieces of the coffin according to the template. Then, you’ll use different colors of paint and a wood grain technique to create a realistic crypt look. Once the paint is dry, you’ll glue all the pieces together, leaving the lid unattached, to create the open coffin. You can leave it as-is, fill it with bones, or add a skull and boney hands to make a crypt keeper.

This is a slightly more difficult craft than the others on this list, but it is definitely possible for even inexperienced crafters to achieve. You can use this decoration among a graveyard set up, or on its own near your home’s entrance.

Spooky DIY Details: Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Caged Creeps

Take a trip to your nearest dollar store for all the materials you’ll need for these creepy cage decorations. Start with two black laundry baskets. If you can’t find black or another dark color, you’ll have to paint them. You’ll also need some creepy Halloween chains, zip ties, and some scary props to put inside.

To make the cages, you’ll use zip ties to connect the two baskets together. Don’t forget to put your props in first! You might want to glue them to the bottom to keep them in place. Then, you’ll attach the chains to the top of the laundry basket by punching two holes and using more zip ties.

When you’re finished, you can hang these from free standing plant hangers, the top of your porch, or anywhere else you’d like.

Get creative with the props inside these cages. You can use skeletons, body parts, rabid animals, or just about anything else. You can also use some gray paint to give the cages a worn look.

Spooky DIY Details: The Navage Patch

Craft Your Way to a Creepy House This Halloween

Create a new tradition this year by making some DIY Halloween decorations. Not only will you be creating new memories and building on your crafting skills, but you’ll also have new, unique decorations to pull out every year.

Whether you’d like cute Halloween decorations filled with adorable ghosts and ghouls, or bone-chilling décor with horrific killers and graves, you will surely find something on this list of 25 DIY Halloween decorations for outside your home this Halloween.

diy outdoor halloween decorations
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