DIY String Art – an easy last minute Christmas project!

step by step guide

We’re having a $10 and under Yankee Swap at work this week, and instead of running around trying to find something to bring, I thought I’d make something I’ve been seeing for ages and ages but haven’t tried yet- string art!

DIY string art instructions

This is such an easy project, and you can do it in any shape so it’s super versatile. Here’s the supplies:

supply list for string art

I got a 1×8 pine board and cut it down to about 15 inches, then stained the front and sides. Next, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the tree shape (but you can just as easily print and hand cut whatever shape you want). The embroidery thread I already had on hand because I’m a hoarder (2 shades of green for the tree, cream for the base, and yellow for the star).

It doesn’t really matter what type of nails you use, as long as they have a wide enough head that the string won’t slip off (so no brad or finishing nails). I accidentally bought nails that had some sort of oily coat on them, but I just wiped down the tops with paper towel and it’s no big deal.

To start, I centered my template and spent about 15 minutes hammering in nails all the way around it. The more nails you use, the more spots you’ll have to wrap the thread.

embroidery thread string art close up

Tie a knot with the thread around the nail you want to start with, then just keep wrapping it in a random pattern until you think it’s full enough. When you get to the end of your piece of thread, just wrap it several times around the last nail and glue it into place (you can use, Elmer’s glue or Mod Podge, and I just used a tiny craft paint brush to apply it all the way around.)

diy string art - easy and quick holiday gift

I really love how it came out, and the possibilities for this are endless!!

It’d also be a really great kid project, just hammer in the nails yourself first and let them spend time wrapping the thread. 🙂

DIY holiday Christmas gift- string art

What do you think? Any string art making in your future?

step by step guide
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