25 Beautiful & Functional DIY Wood Picture Frame Ideas

beautiful and functional diy wood picture frame ideas

Are you into DIY projects? Do you want to give your home decor a personal touch without breaking the bank? If yes, you are in the right place to learn my top 25 DIY wood picture frame ideas.

But before we get started, let’s answer a very important question right away: can you frame an original artwork yourself? Well, no, unless you have quite a bit of experience and know exactly what you’re doing.

The main reason it’s better to turn to a professional in such cases is, when you’re dealing with stretched canvases or watercolor paintings, you want to make sure all the materials used for their framing and upkeep are archival (meaning they will last a long time).

However, it’s more likely that you just feel like making a DIY wood picture frame for a print, photo, collage, dream board, etc. If that’s the case, read on. I’ve compiled some very interesting ideas for you.

25 DIY Picture Frames Made From All Types of Wood

DIY Farmhouse Frames

farmhouse wood frames

This idea is definitely for the rustic aesthetic lovers. The main thing you will need is reclaimed wood. Nearly any type will work; just make sure it doesn’t have wood mites or mold if it’s been sitting outside for a long time.

This project may seem daunting at first because of the wood cutting and fitting part, but the guys at Designer Trapped explain everything in an easy-to-follow manner.

The only suggestion I have here is to buy artists’ grade spray adhesive as opposed to a generic alternative to bond your print to a foam core board. That isn’t explained in their post — which is normal, as it’s targeted towards amateurs — but let me impart some additional knowledge to you, so you know what you’re doing.

As I previously mentioned, it’s best to use archival materials when dealing with art, as the regular spray adhesive normally just doesn’t live up to the test of time.

Artists’ grade products, on the other hand, are specially made to last and don’t yellow or become brittle and flaky.

That’s kind of important, as some prints of famous artworks can run you hundreds of dollars. You wouldn’t want to hurt them by using poor quality materials.

From: Designer Trapped

Love DIY Wood Picture Frame

love diy wood picture frame

Who doesn’t love a custom Valentine’s day gift? If there is a little crafter living inside you, this love frame project is the perfect way to unleash them!

The folks at Auntie Lolo Crafts claim they’ve created an inexpensive, beginners’ tutorial, and I completely agree with it being tailored towards beginners. However, I wouldn’t bet on the “inexpensive” part.

Sure, if you’re a crafter and already have a hot glue gun, scrapbook paper, mod podge, etc., you’ll probably only have to buy a wooden frame to complete the project. But if you’ve never done crafts before and don’t have any materials at all, expect to spend a good $30 on the supplies.

All in all, the tutorial is informative, so I recommend checking it out, but don’t feel obliged to use the exact same materials as them. Always use what you have and make the most of it! At the end of the day, the point is to have fun.

From: Auntie Lolo Crafts

Awesome DIY Photo Frame

an awesome DIY wood photo frame

If you’re looking for a wide array of DIY wood picture frame ideas, It’s Overflowing has got you covered! They have compiled 101 different ways to make a unique frame, so if you like having options, take a look at their guide.

You’ll find everything from easy beginners’ projects to a bit more advanced frame ideas, so no matter how serious you are about crafting, there is something for you there.

From: It’s Overflowing

Cutout Frames

diy frames from wood cutouts

This project isn’t anything fancy; but done with a bit of creativity, it can produce some amazing results.

Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts took advantage of Silhouette — a specialized software that let her get the desired shape of the frame. However, feel free to use a physical stencil, which you can trace around, or just freehand the outline.

She also used some thin plywood, which she cut to shape and painted, but you can do so much more; decorate it in any way you like to make your frame truly unique!

From: Ginger Snap Crafts

Colored Wood Picture Frame

colored diy picture frame

There is something special about building a DIY frame for your favorite photos. It makes them look even better and adds a personal touch.

However, projects that involve a lot of cutting, gluing, fiddling, etc., can be quite intimidating and can easily turn into a hot mess.

Fortunately, the folks from It’s Always Autumn have set up a rather easy-to-follow guide for making a DIY wood picture frame from scratch. I really liked how they mention both what worked for them and what didn’t (e.g., using the wrong wood stain that didn’t end up looking good) so that you know what to look for.

Also, I found the idea of framing a chalkboard printable just marvelous! If you’re a fan of interesting DIY projects, I’d definitely recommend checking this tutorial.

From: It’s Always Autumn

Pretty DIY Wood Picture Frame

This project is a bit more complex and advanced. Seeing the results from the provided photos, however, I believe it’s worth the effort.

Moreover, the framing method shown by Landeelu is preferable when dealing with pictures of large scale, as it is a lot cleaner and more refined. All in all, it’s a great project for when you’re bored and feel like creating something a bit more challenging yet beautiful.

From: Landeelu

Chalkboard Wood Frame

stained diy chalkboard wood picture frame

I really liked the outcome of this project. It is very aesthetically pleasing, which is great if you’re after a modern, Pinterest-inspired look, but at the same time, it’s nothing over the top.

Recently, I’ve really been into such styles, and this frame inspired me to grab my tools and get creative.

The whole process is clearly explained, which is great if you aren’t too familiar with framing prints/photos. On top of that, the folks at Dear Little Studio explain how to make prints you can swap in and out of the finished frame, which I consider a huge plus.

From: Dear Little Studio

Clipboard Photo Frame

Now that’s what I call a frugal craftsy idea! Liz from Love Grows Wild wanted a simple yet unique way to display her favorite photos, and let me tell you, she succeeded in creating one.

I just fell in love with how easy, stress-free, and effective her idea is. You skip the whole cutting wood pieces into an exact shape, gluing them down, and securing them with nails part, and go straight to a pretty-looking photo display.

You’ll only need a wood board, which you can cut to a desired length, sanding paper (or an electric sander if you have one), wood stain, photo clips, and super glue.

Once your DIY clipboard is ready, just print some cool pictures, and voilà; you have a unique display for your favorite photos, which cost you less than a Starbucks order!

Liz provides excellent instructions along with progress photos, so anyone can do this project.

From: Love Grows Wild

Wood Burned Frames

wood burned frames

I love being able to customize everything in my home, which is part of the reason this DIY wood picture frame idea grabbed my attention right away. It’s simple, inexpensive, and highly customizable.

You’ll need premade wood frames from your local craft store and a wood-burning tool. Just decide on a design and personalize your frame in a matter of minutes!

From: A Beautiful Mess

Big Bow Picture Frame

big bow wood picture frame

This project is not the easiest on my list, but it’s hands down one of the cutest! I’d definitely recommend it if you’re up for a challenge.

Just be prepared for loads of drilling, hot-gluing, and fiddling with details. If that’s something you enjoy, roll up your sleeves and get to business!

From: Shanty 2 Chic

Frame Ideas Using Scrap Wood

diy picture frame ideas involving scrap wood

I personally hate wasting materials. That’s part of the reason John and Sherry’s DIY scrap wood frame project appealed so much to me. They used wood that was already lying around and actually did a pretty good job creating frames from scratch.

Unfortunately, the success of this project kind of depends on the equipment you have. For example, John and Sherry used a power miter saw to cut their wood pieces in the desired shapes, which made the process super fast and easy.

However, if you don’t have such tools, cutting everything perfectly will be a challenge. It is doable, but something tells me it’s not going to be a lot of fun.

From: Young House Love

DIY Rustic Pallet Frames

diy rustic pallet wood frames

That’s another frame made with repurposed wood. If you happen to be a fan of all things rustic, this project is just for you!

The guys from Little House of Four manage to create a very aesthetically pleasing set of frames by mostly using materials they already had. They provide a good selection of pictures along with thorough explanations, so it shouldn’t be too hard to follow along.

The best part is that you end up with a unique, hand-made frame you can use to display your favorite memories.

From: Little House of Four

Colorful DIY Wood Picture Frame

diy wood picture frame with different colors

Some of us are on a tight budget when it comes to non-essential pieces of home decor. However, no one said you have to break the bank to make an amazingly cute frame! Each of the frames Kimbo from A Girl And a Glue Gun managed to make only cost her about $2.

She got her materials from Home Depot, though, so prices may vary if you don’t have a big chain store nearby.

From: A Girl And a Glue Gun

DIY Wood Plaque Frames

diy wood plaque frames

These frames share the same idea as the clipboard photo frames from earlier, but I just couldn’t get over how cute they’ve turned out.

Bre from Hometalk started off by purchasing extremely inexpensive unfinished wood plaques. Instead of staining the wood, however, she painted the edges and the back in shiny, metallic colors. Then, she used mod podge to stick down some scrapbook paper to the front, glued metal clips, and the frame was basically done!

It’s that simple. You just have to look at her results and see for yourself how cute her project turned out. The instructions are pretty straightforward, so this tutorial is great even for complete beginner crafters!

From: Hometalk

DIY Transfer Photo to Wood

diy transfer photo to wood

Photos are great; but how about taking them to the next level? What if I told you there is a way to transfer your favorite photos onto a piece of wood? Now that’s what I call an original gift idea!

Brooke from DIY Joy provides thorough step-by-step instructions, but if that’s not enough, she has also made a YouTube video where she shows you exactly how she makes those personalized photo transfers.

At first, this project seemed like a lot of work to me, but then I realized it’s immensely simple. You only need a picture printed from a laser printer, a smooth piece of wood, medium, and mod podge.

The results look rustic and distressed, but you can intensify that by staining the edges and back of the piece of wood.

Now you have a great idea for a personalized birthday present!

From: DIY Joy

Hanging Photos on Wood Frame

That’s hands down one of my favorite ideas on this list. Brittany from Delightfully Teal decided she didn’t want to hang a bunch of framed photos on her wall because of all the holes her husband and she would have to fill when they eventually move.

That’s when she got a brilliant idea from Pinterest — you get one larger frame, glue twine on the inside, and hang your favorite photos with mini clothespins.

The end result is more than modern-looking, and the best thing is you can change the photos any time you want.

From: Delightfully Teal

Rustic Frame From Twigs

If anything screams hand-made, that’s this rustic-looking frame! It’s a perfect project for kids, as it only includes going out to the park, picking up twigs and other small fallen branches, and gluing them to a generic frame bought from your local craft store.

The good news is, even if they mess it up, it’ll still look cool!

Just make sure you supervise the whole process if you let your kids work with a hot glue gun, as it can cause serious burns if used improperly.

From: HGTV

DIY Old Window Frames

Are you changing your windows? Take a look at this project before throwing your old ones away!

If you’re in a crafty mood and want to make use of your old windows, I’ve got good news for you — it’s extremely easy! You just have to print a picture that’s large enough and use magnets to hold it in place. That’s it; you can comfortably leave it that way. Just make sure the glass of your windows is nice and clean.

If the color of the edges doesn’t match with your home, however, feel free to change it.

Using magnets instead of tape or other adhesive enables you to swap the photos regularly, which is a bonus.

From: Keeps On Ringing

Vintage Vibe Wooden Frames

I just love the whole vintage vibe these frames give off. They add so much to the whole aesthetic of the photo you want to put in them.

However, this particular way of building a frame seems pretty advanced. You’re dealing with machine cutting, gluing, etc. Even though the folks from Shanty 2 Chic state you can use a hand saw, I’m not quite convinced it’ll work out the way you want it to (unless you are quite experienced).

On the other hand, if you do own the necessary equipment and want to learn how to make a very impressive frame, this tutorial is just for you! Everything is explained clearly and there are progress photos for your convenience.

From: Shanty 2 Chic

Repurposed DIY Wood Picture Frame

unique repurposed diy wood picture frame

Here is another quick project that’s giving me those vintage vibes. Jamie from Anderson And Grant made use of an old frame she found at a thrift store. She attached hardware cloth to the back of it, which makes it possible to display treasured photos and easily swap them for different ones when in the mood.

Basically, once you have the base, you can attach anything to it — small photos of a family trip, portraits of your children, prints of famous artworks, etc. The possibilities are endless!

From: Anderson And Grant

Chippy DIY Frames

diy wooden picture frame with a distressed look

Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic really got me inspired to grab my tools and build a few frames for my favorite photos. She managed to create a very easy-to-assemble frame and explained the whole process in detail.

You’ll need pieces of wood, a hand saw, wood glue, brad nails, hammer, Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut, Heirloom White spray paint, and sanding paper.

I fell in love with the distressed look she managed to give the frames! It really adds to the vibe they carry.

Just follow her instructions, and you’ll be left with frames every Pinterest model will be jealous of.

From: Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Wood Picture Frame With Clothespins

When it comes to old and rustic-looking DIY wood picture frame ideas, the guys from Old Salt Farm just nailed it! Their finished product just looks amazing.

I love how they decided not to cut the wood pallets all to one shape, but rather let them have slightly different lengths, which adds to the worn-off look.

If you don’t like measuring, cutting, and fitting in place, this project is for you!

From: Old Salt Farm

DIY Picture Frame Window Door

diy picture frame window door

I’ve already mentioned using an old window for a picture frame, but Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar has gone the extra mile by repurposing an old window door.

The end result is both cost-effective and beautiful! In Cheri’s case, the window was a gift; but so many of us have old doors and windows just lying in our basements.

Well, why not use them instead of buying new frames for your favorite photos?

All Cheri did was cut the photos to a desired size, fit them into the window door, and taped them in place. It was that easy!

Once everything is in place, you can decorate your new frame any way you like.

Cheri added some lettering and embellishments and left the old wood untouched because it adds so much character. However, there is so much more you can do; you can stain the wood, paint it, add even more texture. The sky’s the limit!

From: I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Comic Book Frame

wood frame with comic book cutouts

Are you into comic books? If yes, you’ll like Amy from DIY Candy’s idea of a comic book frame. It’s the perfect stay-up-late-watch-TV activity. But the best thing is, it’s highly customizable.

For example, if you’re making this frame for a friend who has that one absolute favorite character, you can add different scenes from various comic books that include this character, thus creating a personalized present.

You can even ask your kids to take part in this project, as all the materials they’d have to use are fairly forgiving. Just have fun and follow Amy’s instructions.

From: DIY Candy

beautiful and functional diy wood picture frame ideas
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