27 Wonderfully Easy DIY Wood Wall Art Ideas

reclaimed wood wall art diy ideas

I’m just going to put it out there: When I think of wood, I envision sawmills and lumberjacks. Neither of which seems particularly relevant or accessible to the home I share with my children in the suburbs. Hearing that my latest endeavor involved a roundup of DIY wood wall art, I wasn’t sure what was in store for me, and felt more than a little apprehensive.

Nary a woodworking shop can be found in my backyard. I own just one saw, the manual kind where your arm gets quite the workout. Believe it or not, I helped build sets for the drama department in high school, so I have no aversion to power tools or table saws– I just don’t own any. Keep an open mind, I implore you!

I’ve sorted through all the ways reclaimed wood wall art DIY can work for you. What you’ll see below is a variety of ideas ranging from simple to extremely complex. Be sure to let me know your favorites and/or any other ideas you might have in your own wooden wall art DIY pursuits.

DIY Awesome DIY Wooden Wall Art Ideas

Avengers Subway Art

avengers subway art

“How hard can this be?” I thought to myself as I debated whether or not to make a nifty Avengers piece for my 12-year-old son’s room.  Looks can be deceiving.  There are numerous steps to follow to see this project through until the end– and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t seem daunting.  

Yet I’ve got to hand it to [guest blogger] Mindi on My Repurposed Life for giving some of the best instructions I’ve ever seen.  Not only are the photos clear, but she includes a bold phrase as the primary direction for each step and then elaborates further with a paragraph underneath.  She really takes the time to break it down, which is extremely helpful for someone like me, who doesn’t consider woodworking her niche.  

From:  My Repurposed Life

Pallet Letters

pallet letters

Dual saw action for this craft!  And a nail gun.  I suppose the time is now to put aside my aversion to power tools and manual labor because I get the feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of those in this particular DIY batch.  Kudos to the folks at Upcycle That for simple instructions that get straight to the point.  I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that I have– or could very easily obtain– every single thing I need for this project without having to spend a dime.  

From:  Upcycle That

Unique Modern Wall Art

unique modern wall art

Recyclart’s project is an exercise in creative visual interpreting.  Which is a polite way of saying there are zero verbal instructions.  Sandwiched between four shots of the finished product is one mid-process photo, but other than that, you’re on your own.  

I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done in order to make something like this, so I don’t feel as though I’m totally in the dark.  Maybe I should just be pleased that they think I have so much knowledge that I don’t require instructions?  

From:  Recyclart

Wood Dogs

wood dogs

My two kids jokingly ask me which of them is my favorite.  One of my default replies is their canine sibling, our dog, Freya.  Needless to say, I got very excited at the prospect of paying homage to Freya with some upcycled wood pieces courtesy of Scavenger Chic.  

This project requires some extra effort, as tracing a dog can be difficult, and personalization of the pup’s features.  However, I would totally go the extra mile for this.  Bonus points for the final picture that shows this craft covered in wrapping paper with a bow for a Christmas gift– I literally laughed out loud.

From:  Scavenger Chic

World Map Wall Art

Hallelujah!  A very easy tutorial where the only cutting involves scissors and transfer paper, this craft spoke to me.  All things bright and beautiful indeed.  The blogger suggests mounting hanging hardware to the back, but I’d say that’s optional.  I’m envisioning this propped up against a wall, the mantel, or even a piece of furniture in the sunroom.  

From:  All Things Bright & Beautiful

DIY Pixelated Wood

DIY pixelated wood

I absolutely love this explosion of color.  If I do nothing else on this list, I am determined to make this happen.  Having this as an accent wall in my bedroom would make me deliriously happy.  Mallory from Classy Clutter started with a floral image and then pixelated it on her computer.  Typically florals aren’t my cup of tea, but when pixelated, all I saw was bright hues as opposed to stuffy arrangements.  

Figuring out the ratio and cutting the squares takes a bit of effort, but it’s not difficult.  I especially loved the way she let the wood grain go in different directions for the wooden pieces that stayed on the wall in the design.  Mallory, feel free to work your magic at my house anytime.

From:  Classy Clutter

Rustic Wood Logs

rustic wood logs

Apparently removable adhesive picture hanging strips can really pull their weight.  I’d never given much thought to using these for things other than frames but I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me because Shelterness clued me into these miracle makers.  My advice would be to have a general idea of the finished product before cutting the log– as you will want to have varying heights to really make the piece pop visually.

From:  Shelterness

Giraffe Nursery Wood Art

giraffe nursery wood art

Although my favorite animal is a hippo, I think giraffes are perfect for this project.  Something about the varying neck lengths and the way it leaves room for individual patterns just works.  Ashley, of Make It & Love It, is so right when she says this can work with any design of your choosing.  I also thank her for the very valuable tip of using paper measurements on the wall before you ever cut into the wood.  

From:  Make It & Love It

Loved Looped Yarn

loved looped yarn

This just looks like a fun family activity.  It’s a mixed media masterpiece that takes some time and effort but is totally do-able.  I am quite impressed that the blogger behind My Simple Obsession has something called a Cameo, which she says is a “fancy cutting machine.”  

Seeing as how I cannot cut within the lines to save my life, this is a contraption I must Google.  What stands out to me the most about this craft is the specific nature of the instructions.  She really took the time to explain all of her tips and tricks, things to remember, and things to avoid.  

From:  My Simple Obsession

Simple Framed Twig

simple framed twig

The backyard at my parents’ home backs into the woods so we have a gorgeous view of tall trees, fluttering leaves, and fallen branches.  Something about using sticks in their organic form makes me feel connected to nature.  Emorie Kidder offers an easy, creative design that will complement any room nicely.  I particularly enjoyed the fact she not only made a list of the ingredients needed but showed a picture of the group of products as well.   

From: Emorie Kidder

Inspirational Message Rustic

inspirational message rustic

Blooming Homestead’s Marie motivated me not only with her inspirational sayings but with the simplicity of her project.  A repurposed pallet, paint, and stencils are all you need to create your own words of wisdom.  Depending on how much you trust your freestyling capabilities, the stencils could be optional, but I know I need all the help I can get.  Also, a word of caution:  Marie cut herself on a rusty nail while pallet sourcing for this project, so please be careful!

From:  Blooming Homestead

Colorful Wood Arrows

colorful wood arrows

More than a dozen ingredients for a single DIY project tends to make me nervous, yet I tried my best to not view that as a deterrent.  The same goes for the fact that there were just a couple of shy of two dozen steps in the instructions.  Truth be told, this project from The DIY Dreamer seems over my head, but perhaps if I tagged teamed with a craftier friend [with better tools] it would seem less intimidating.   

From:  The DIY Dreamer

Wood Sunburst Mirror

wood sunburst mirror

Let’s detour for a minute.  I first stumbled upon Thrifty and Chic in pursuit of a wooden starburst mirror [similar to the ones seen at the top of the page] and fell down the rabbit hole.  Alicia has a gorgeous home, which she has totally furnished for under three grand.  She gives us the play-by-play for each room, the cost breaks down, and her insider tips for scouring the best bargains and sales.  Yes, please.  

I became so absorbed in this blog I didn’t even realize that there were no instructions for the mirror I liked, but I’m fairly certain it’s a matter of using adhesives to make a circular-shaped design with wood pieces and placing a mirror in the center.  

From:  Thrify and Chic

Reclaimed Barn Wood Picture Frame

reclaimed barn wood picture frame

Stick pics!  That’s what Ava Blake calls her repurposed wood creations that display picture frames.  It takes a cluster of picture frames up a notch by hanging them from two or three pieces of ‘stick’ formerly known as a pallet.  In my humble opinion, similar– not identical— is the overall goal here.  

The picture frames look best when they resemble, but are not identical to, the wood from which they hang.  Similarly, group frames that are close in size, but not the exact same measurements.  

From:  Ava Blake Creations

Scrabble Letters

scrabble letters

I’m a sucker for Scrabble and jump at the chance to use it in decorating whenever possible.  Because I can only see Holly Crosby’s finished product, there are no instructions, written or illustrated.  Yet from the knowledge I’ve gleaned while exploring these ideas, I’m going to say use a stencil to paint black letters onto wooden tiles identical in size.  Adhere tiles to wall in a manner that cross-references everyone’s name and voila.  Scrabble wall art, at your service.  

From:  Holly Crosby [via Pinterest]

Wooden Eat Sign

wooden eat sign

Insider trading secret:  Milkpaint will sell you these letters if you don’t want to create them by hand.  It’s still technically DIY if you hang it on the wall, right?  For those of you who want to stay true to the repurposed lumber vibe, a drill and a hand saw is all you need.  Metal brackets attach the pieces of wood together to form each letter.  Sometimes less really is more.  

From:  Milkpaint

Wood Mosaic Wall Art

wood mosaic wall art

The Navage Patch wins for the cleverest blog title.  A winning combination of their name and all the navigation that brought them together, I was instantly a fan of Handan and Greg.  Take the time to read their “About Us” section as it is so worth it.  I wish The Navages lived next door to me so I could befriend them– and borrow their tools and pick their crafty brains.  

Under their expert tutelage, there is no doubt I could nail [see what I did there?] this labor-intensive craft.  Just in case they don’t end up navigating my way, the illustrations that accompany the instructions are fantastic, very high quality and detailed.  They highlighted the already solid step-by-step process.   

From:  The Navage Patch

Striped Wood Wall Art

striped wood wall art

I always breathe a sigh of relief when a project that has “easy” in the title actually is not complicated.  This one lives up to its name.  Even though I’d have to outsource for some of the tools, I feel as though I could handle this one on my own without any issues.  Zoe Hunt says that her mission is to help me build a home I love without breaking the budget, so that’s a mission I can definitely stand behind.

From:  Crafted By the Hunts

Geometric Wall Art

geometric wall art

Liquid nails and a caulk gun.  Gulp.  I’ll jump right in– those are two things that I didn’t know existed– and they sound a little intense.  After scanning the instructions, I realized that those were to mount the geometric print on the wall.  Pencil, a ruler, and some paint are all I need to get my geometry going.  Thanks for setting that straight, One Thousand Oaks.  

From:  One Thousand Oaks

Accordion Wall Art

accordion wall art

Using different colors, textures, and lengths of wood pieces is crucial for this craft.  Take inventory of what you have, or what you plan to obtain, and get a game plan before cutting and assembling.  I want to take this opportunity to thank Vicky Myers for cluing me into the fact that olive oil and a washcloth emphasizes the plywood edges.  

From:  Vicky Myers Creations

London Skyline

London Skyline

This.  This.  This!  Such a unique piece immediately stood out to me.  Some of these crafts strongly resemble each other….and things you might find in somebody else’s home.  If you’ve got this, you can rest assured that it’s a one-of-a-kind creation.  

While it does require significant cutting with a variety of tools– and serious hammer action– I’m willing to go the extra mile for this one.  Boxy Colonial’s directions are not difficult to understand, so that’s a plus.  Who knew plywood, stain, and embroidery thread could combine to make something so fabulous?  

From:  Boxy Colonial

Simple Wooden Wall Art

simple wooden wall art

I’m glad this is strikingly similar to another project on the list because out of eight ingredients, I only know what three of them are.  That’s not a good sign.  Granted, I’m not a carpenter, but I do consider myself pretty well-versed in the art of all things crafty and DIY….so if I have no idea the vast majority of the material I’m dealing with, this probably isn’t the one for me.  

From:  Fix This, Build That

Driftwood Wall Art

Take me to the beach, driftwood seahorse.  This is the perfect way to bring a little beach to your home without going overboard with the seashell and starfish theme that can quickly take a room from cute to campy.  With some cardboard, driftwood, and a hot glue gun, I’m well on my way to summers on the gulf.  

From:  Creative in Chicago

Nursery String Wall Art

nursery string wall art

No nursery required for this craft, which reminds me of controlled chaos.  Emphasis on the control part of that, because there is lots of equipment here.  However, Erin Spain condenses it into seven simple steps, so don’t let the ingredient list intimidate you if you are a novice.  Worth noting is the fact that you can choose any animal or shape you like for this project.

From:  Erin Spain

Colorful Wood Shim 

colorful wood shim

Hands down, my favorite wood shim wall art.  Confession:  I instantly recognized the ‘shim,’ but had no idea that was its proper title.  The more you know!  More is more when it comes to my personal philosophy on color, so this really put some extra pep in my step.  I chose this craft from East Coast Collective because of the color, the clarity of the instructions, and the chalk line that made it so easy to be symmetrical.  

From:  East Coast Creative

Wall Art From Floorboards

wall art from floorboards

Give this lady her own design show, stat.  Using leftover hardwood floorboards she glued together, she used an overhead projector [they still make those?!] to trace a design on shelf liner paper, which was then cut with an X-acto knife.  Never in a million years would I think to assemble all those parts together.  I am in awe of the skills shown on her blog.  Massive bonus points for the fact that all of this costs less than $5, provided you have floorboards on hand.

From: Wind Hula

Geometric DIY Wood

Geometric DIY Wood

So.  Many.  Instructions.  I felt as though I’d never stop scrolling.  When I hear the term ‘renovate,’ I equate it with putting some serious muscle into it, and that’s exactly what this project requires.  Love & Renovations swears none of the steps are that difficult, but…wowza.  I’d certainly rather have too many instructions broken down simply than too few in multiple paragraph form, yet this still appeared very complicated. 

From:  Love & Renovations

My Own Reclaimed Wood Wall Art DIY Project

Three years ago when we moved into this house we had to repair a bit of water damaged drywall in our basement, and because we knew nothing at all about home repair we bought a giant bundle of 4ft long wood shims (for about $10) to assist with this project. At the time I didn’t know they came in neat little 4inch long packages.

Anyway I’ve been using the shims to make wall decor ever since. Today’s project almost used up the last of it:

DIY wood shim pennant

Back in February I used my Silhouette Cameo to add a little Stevie Nicks quote to a map (I work at a college and the library regularly puts old/outdated books out for free. I regularly hoard them to make projects like this.). Here’s a close up, edited version of the quote so you can see it a little better:

Stevie Nicks quote vinyl letters

To mount it, I used my miter saw to cut wood shims down to a pennant shape.

Then, I used Gorilla wood glue to attach them to solid piece of 1×2.

After lettering it dry for 24 hours I used some Minwax stain cloths (leftover from my craft craft console table build) to stain the wood. I also added a little bit of gold craft paint to accent the edges and add some glam.

assembly wood shim pennant

I was afraid nails would split the shims, because they’re not really meant for stuff like this, so I applied the glue to the back of the 1×2 and then all around it as well. It’s solid as a rock now, and the 1×2 also serves as the hook for the wall.

guest room corner

This little corner is just so cozy now, and was sooooo inexpensive to put together:

  • Antlers and orange frame from Marshall’s, probably less than $20 for both
  • High-Chair is a $0 hand me down from a friend, updated here
  • Lamp is from Ikea, maybe about $10
  • Wood barrel was $6 from the Habitat Restore, spruced up with a walnut here
  • Wood Shim Wall Pennant cost $0 to make because I had everything on hand
wood shim wall decor gray guest room

Oh yeah, that wall map is yet another wood shim project (here). I may have a problem.

Also, the wood slice quote (which reads “everyday I’m hustlin’ “)? Another Silhouette project (here).


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