Dragon Coloring Pages For Kids

Did you know that stories about flying, fire-breathing creatures exist in many cultures around the world? Even if you didn’t — your kindergartener probably does! After all, dragons are often featured in kids’ media so wanting to learn more about them is only natural. That’s where our dragon coloring pages for kids come in! These printable drawings are the perfect way to entertain your toddlers while teaching them about their favorite mythical creatures. Our baby dragon pictures could even teach your curious little tykes how to approach smaller animals like birds and snails. Or you could go the traditional route and have them color an image of a knight in a dragon’s lair.

Baby dragon plays with bird

Baby Dragon Plays with Bird

Baby dragon plays with snail coloring page

Baby Dragon and Snail

Baby dragon breaths fire coloring page

Baby Dragon Breaths Fire

Baby dragon and flowers

Baby Dragon With Flowers

Baby dragon flying lessons

Baby Dragon Flying Lessons

Baby dragon hatching from egg coloring page

Baby Dragon Hatching from Egg

Baby dragon in flight coloring page

Baby Dragon in Flight

Baby dragon talking to bird coloring page

Baby Dragon Talking to Bird

Curious baby dragon coloring page

Curious Baby Dragon

Dragon with balloons on tail

Dragon with Balloons on Tail

Dapper Dragon coloring page

Dapper Dragon

Dragon and Kid Knight coloring page

Dragon and Kid Knight

Dragon with castle on a hill

Dragon Beneath Castle

Dragon with bird on tail

Dragon with Bird on Tail

Happy Dragon Flying with a Bird

Happy Dragon Flying with a Bird

Happy dragon sitting on a castle tower

Happy Dragon Sitting on a Castle Tower

HAppy Dragon Girl breathing fire

Happy Dragon Girl Breathing Fire

Little girl dragon with a butterfly coloring page

Little Girl Dragon with a Butterfly

Mean dragon on a rock coloring page

Mean Dragon on a Rock

Spotted Dragon Coloring Page

Spotted Dragon Coloring Page

Angry Fire Breathing Dragon coloring page

Angry Fire Breathing Dragon

Curious Flying Dragon coloring page

Curious Flying Dragon

Dancing Dragon Playing with Fire coloring page

Dancing Dragon Playing with Fire

Happy Dragon Breathing Fire coloring page

Happy Dragon Breathing Fire

Happy Young Dragon coloring page

Happy Young Dragon

Laughing Dragon coloring page

Laughing Dragon

Scary Fire Dragon coloring page

Scary Fire Dragon

Sleepy Fire Dragon coloring page

Sleepy Fire Dragon

Sleeping Dragon coloring page

Sleeping Dragon

Surprised Dragon coloring page

Surprised Dragon

Dragon Dinosaur coloring page

Dragon Dinosaur

Using Dragon Coloring Pages to Entertain and Educate

As you have seen, the dragons in the illustrations we’ve compiled are depicted in several different artistic styles. If you have younger children or toddlers, we recommend printing out one of the more rounded, cutesy drawings. The coloring surfaces should be large enough for your children to cover without crossing the lines.

The dragons in our coloring sheets mostly look like the characters your children have seen in cartoons. Even Pokémon, which inexplicably keeps resurfacing every few years, has many dragon type creatures. The chief among them is everyone’s favorite reptilian fire-breather, Charizard.

Of course, there’s a small chance that your child is more familiar with the traditional Asian type of dragon. Those tend to look more serpentine than the dragons we see in Western media. If you’ve ever seen Spirited Away or a Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, you’ll know what we mean. With that in mind, this might be the perfect opportunity to talk to your child about different cultures.

Now, if your child is more curious about the real-life origin of these creatures, you could take a different approach. Start a conversation about why so many different cultures have stories about dragons. Ask your child if the dragons in the coloring pages remind them of anything they’ve seen before. That would also be a good time to take a walk through the nearest dinosaur park.

More Dragon Coloring Pages for Kids

Hopefully, the talking points we’ve discussed will keep your kids’ minds occupied for hours at a time. But if the coloring sheet collection we’ve curated doesn’t hold their attention, we’ve found several other sources that might.

Knight and dragon printables are ideal if you have a preschooler who might appreciate more complex drawings.

Similarly, dragons with intricate patterns would be a great challenge for detail-oriented children. Or if your kids like learning about different cultures print out some Chinese dragon coloring pages instead.

Lastly, if you can’t print out a coloring sheet at the moment, you could opt for online coloring apps instead. Even a preschooler could move a mouse around and complete this picture of a little princess and a dragon. Just don’t let them zone out while they’re on the computer.

Ask them why they’re choosing specific colors or what they think is happening in the picture. Better still, let them tell you what they’d do if they ever came across a dragon.

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