34 Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Crafting is one of the best ways to get children ready for the holidays. Not only does crafting improve fine motor skills and allow us to spend quality, screen-free time with our children, but you’ll also have a fun keepsake at the end that will remind you of how much fun you had.

The following Easter Bunny arts and crafts are great for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re crafting with a classroom full of kids or just at home with your own, these Easter-themed crafts are sure to get you all in the Easter spirit and provide some great decorations for this special holiday.

Easter Bunny Arts And Crafts For Kids

Carrot Nibbling Easter Bunny Cards | Kids Craft Room

Carrot Nibbling Easter Bunny Cards pin 4

This adorable card is perfect for kids who are five years old and up to make on their own, or for younger kids to make with an adult’s help. To make this craft, print out the template and cut out the required shapes. Then, you’ll glue them onto a piece of large cardstock, starting with the bunny shape. When you’re done, you’ll have a cute little bunny holding a carrot, which opens up to reveal a special Easter message.

Doily Bunny Craft | Easy Peasy and Fun

Doily Bunny Craft for Kids

Kids from toddlers to grade school will have so much fun making this easy craft. Start with one whole doily and a half of a doily. Use the half doily to create the shoulders and the whole doily for the head. Add bunny ears, googly eyes, a nose, and a smile to finish the look. You could also skip the ears and add some rosy cheeks to make an Easter lamb, as well.

How to Make a Paper Bunny | Fireflies and Mud Pies

Paper Bobble Head Bunny Craft

Since folding paper correctly takes dexterity, this craft is best for slightly older children. A paper strip is folded to create the bunny’s body. Then, various paper shapes are glued on to create a face, ears, and feet. Make this bunny any color you like, then add some googly eyes and a pompom nose and tail for cuteness overload.

Popsicle Stick Easter Crafts – Bunny, Chick and Sheep | Artsy Craftsy Mom

I believe any age child would love this craft and, with an adult’s help, even toddlers can do this arts and crafts activity. Start with painted popsicle sticks, then use paper cut into shapes to create the animals. Using spare craft supplies and your imagination, you can make dozens of adorable popsicle stick animals.

Rocking Easter Rabbit Craft (With Video Tutorial) | Artsy Craftsy Mom

Even pre-K kids can put this sweet Easter Bunny craft for preschoolers together. Start with a construction paper circle and fold it in half so the bunny will rock back and forth. Add a smaller circle for the head, some ears, little feet, and, of course, a pompom for his tail. Add any details you like and watch the kids entertain themselves with this rocking craft.

Handprint Bunny Craft For Kids [Free Template] | Simple Everyday Mom

Rabbit Craft For Kids | Make this DIY handprint bunny art project for Easter or springtime. It's easy enough for preschool and kindergarten children, plus it comes with a free printable template. #kids #easter #eastercrafts #easteractivities #preschool #teachingkindergarten #simpleeverydaymom #bunnycraft #handprintcrafts #ideasforkids #artprojects #kidscrafts

For this next craft, even babies can get in on the fun with an adult’s help. Start with an oblong shape for the bunny’s head. Then, trace both of your child’s hands onto paper and cut them out. These will be the ears. Add details, like pipe cleaner whiskers, a pompom nose, and googly eyes to complete this cute-as-can-be bunny.

How to Make a Simple Easter Bunny Card | I Heart Crafty Things

Once the shapes are cut, kids as young as preschool age can complete this fun Easter Bunny craft. To start, print out the online template on a piece of cardstock. Cut out the shapes on the template. Then, use fun patterned paper to create the insides of the ears. You can use googly eyes and a pipe cleaner for whiskers, or you can just draw the features on. When the bunny is complete, don’t forget to open him up and write a special message inside to complete the card.

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft | Mommy Made That

Easter bunny paper plate craft

This simple Easter Bunny craft is great for kids from preschool to grade school. Start with a plain paper plate. Then, draw on a sweet smile and adorable nose. Create bunny ears out of construction paper and glue them on the back of the plate. You can add fun details, like flowers, glitter, or feathers, to make this craft even more charming.

Easter Carrot Card | The Best Ideas For Kids

Easter Carrot Card

If you want your kids to complete this craft alone, they’ll need to be a bit older because of all the cutting. But, with a parent’s help, even preschoolers can create this craft. Using the available template, cut out a foldable carrot shape. Then, cut out a circle and ear shapes to create the bunny. Add little details to the carrot and the bunny’s face before you write your unique message inside the carrot card.

Cardboard Tube Bunny | Kids Activity Blog

Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

Is there anything more classic than a cardboard tube craft? For this one, kids from toddler age and up can create their own unique bunny. Start with a cardboard tube and paint it your desired color. Then, cut small ears out of cardstock and glue them to the inside front of the tube. Add facial details and finish with a pompom bunny tail.

Felt Bunny Pocket Pal | Blue Bear Wood

Cute Felt Bunny Craft

The use of a needle and thread in this craft makes it geared for older children, but you could swap the sewing for fabric glue to create a craft for younger kids. For this cute little felt bunny, you’ll need felt, a needle and thread or fabric glue, stuffing, and the printable template. After cutting the felt shapes, assemble them to create the little bunny and the felt pocket he fits inside.

Pom Pom Easter Bunny Craft | Mom On Timeout


This is a great craft for kids of all ages to create a soft, cuddly bunny of their own. You’ll start by making pompoms out of yarn, which can be done by wrapping yarn around three fingers, tying it in the middle, and cutting the looped ends. Then, have little ones add smaller pompoms for facial features and felt for ears. Kids can use their imagination with this craft and the end result will always be adorable.

Pop Up Paper Plate Bunny | Arty Crafty Kids

Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | Easter | Pop Up Paper Plate Bunny | A fun and easy Easter craft for kids!

Kids as young as two will love making this fun Easter Bunny craft for toddlers. Best yet, you probably already have everything you need to make it. Using a paper plate, construction paper, a drinking straw, and some markers, kids will make a little bunny head that pops out from a cracked egg. You could also swap the bunny for a chick or other Easter animal.

Bunny Paper Bag Puppet | Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

Rabbit Paper Bag Puppet

Paper bag crafts are another classic for groups and classrooms. This bunny paper bag craft is great for preschool classrooms or to do at home. Using a white paper bag, kids will glue cheeks, a belly, ears, and other details to make an adorable rabbit. For young children, adults can cut the shapes ahead of time so all that’s needed is some glue and imagination.

Easy Paper Bag Bunny Craft With Free Template | Simple Everyday Mom

Closeup of a blue and purple paper bag bunny craft

This craft is great for kids in preschool and up. While it’s similar to the paper bag craft above, this one uses a brown paper bag and pastel cardstock for a beautiful Easter feel. You can use the template provided, or create your own features for the bunny. By changing up the colors and features, you can create an endless number of hippity-hoppity bunnies this Easter.

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family | Crafts By Aamanda

This adorable Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family is the perfect craft for kids around Easter time!

This irresistibly cute cardboard tube bunny craft is great for preschoolers, but older kids will really enjoy it, as well. Start by cutting cardboard tubes into different sizes. You can mimic your family using tall tubes for adults, medium tubes for older kids, and small tubes for the little ones. Kids can paint the tubes any colors they like then add details with markers, pieces of felt, ribbons, and other odds and ends to create their perfect little rabbit family.

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Mask For Preschoolers |  She Saved

Easter Bunny Mask Craft

The size of this finished craft is great for younger kids and it’s the perfect craft for preschool and kindergarten classes to do together. Start with about half of a paper plate and cut holes for the eyes. Then, using construction paper, felt, or a combination of the two, make two hearts for the mouth and nose and two long bunny ears. Little ones will love masquerading as the Easter Bunny with this crafty mask.

Craft Stick Bunnies | It Happens in a Blink

Craft Stick Bunnies | This Easter kid's craft is fun and easy!

By adjusting the type of glue used to create these craft stick bunnies, this craft can be made suitable for kids of any age. Start by gluing small craft sticks together to form a pallet shape by using two sticks as supports and six sticks laid across them. Either paint the craft stick creation or leave it plain. To create the bunny, use pipe cleaners for ears and whiskers and pompoms for the nose. Kids can add other details, as well, to make their bunnies unique to them.

Bobble Easter Bunny Tutorial | And Sew We Craft

Bobble Easter Bunny (8) copy

This is an easy craft for kids as young as toddlers to create, but kids of all ages will love end results. First, make a cute bunny face on a strip of paper. You can cut out ears and other details from paper, as well. Then, glue or tape the strip of paper decorated like a bunny around half of a plastic Easter egg. Put some coins or other small objects in the egg to ensure it stands upright. Kids will love how this little bunny wobbles all around without falling down.

Easter Bunny Ears Headband | Party With Unicorns

Easter bunny hat preschool activity

This Easter-themed headband is perfect for young children and is great for preschool and elementary classrooms to do together. Start by sizing a strip of paper to fit around the child’s head. Then, add pair of big bunny ears made from paper. Use stickers, cutout shapes, markers, and anything else to decorate the headband and make it special for Easter.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny Easter Eggs Preschool Craft | The Nerds Wife

Easter Bunny Pipe Cleaner Eggs-11.jpg

This is a great, easy craft for kids of all ages to do. If you color eggs for Easter, this craft is a fun way to add a little extra flair to your usual eggs. To make bunny ears, take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the egg, shaping it into two ears at the top. You can also add a second color pipe cleaner and shape it inside the ears for more detail and depth. Add a cute little face with markers to complete this unique bunny egg.

Printable Easter Bunny Headband | Fun With Mama

This is another great headband craft for kids of all ages. While this is similar to the headband above, this one is even easier because you can print it out from the included template. Adjust the difficulty level by letting older kids cut the shapes and assemble the headband on their own or cut it out and help younger ones assemble it. This craft will give kids a fun Easter-themed accessory to get in the Easter spirit.

Shape Bunny Craft | Non-Toy Gifts

Shape bunny step 4

While all kids will enjoy this craft, the difficulty level is geared toward younger children. Start with a piece of cardstock for the base. Using another color, cut out a small circle and a large circle, two small ovals, and two long ear shapes. Let kids glue these on the cardstock to create their bunny silhouette. Finish the bunny with a small piece of patterned cardstock for the folded-over ear and a cotton ball for the tail. The end result of this craft is a work of art that you will love to display during Easter.

Paper Plate Footprint Bunny Easter Craft | Fun Handprint Art

Paper Plate Bunnies For Kids to make for Easter or Spring

This is the perfect craft for a baby’s first Easter or for young toddlers. The body of the bunny is just two circles, which little ones can finger-paint or draw on. Then, create four separate footprints by painting the baby’s feet and pressing them each on paper twice to create four separate footprints. Cut the footprints out and use them as bunny’s feet and ears. Adults can go in and add other details, like whiskers and a nose, to complete this too-cute Easter craft.

Easter Bunny Paper Plate | Laughing Kids Learn

Easter bunny craft using paper plates

This quick and easy craft is perfect for toddlers to elementary school kids. You’ll start with two paper plates and cut one plate into two halves. Little ones can paint the plates any color they’d like their bunny to be. Then, they’ll glue the two halves of the plate to the top of the back of the plate to create ears. Use odds and ends, like pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pompoms to put details on the bunny’s face.

Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets | Hobbycraft

How to Make Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets

These spoon puppets are best for slightly older kids since they won’t be tempted to put the painted surface in their mouth. These start with a plain wooden spoon, which can be found at most dollar stores. Kids can paint the spoons whatever color they would like their bunny to be. Using cut-out pieces of felt, create ears and a nose for the bunny. Finish drawing the other details on then put on a silly puppet show with these bunny spoon puppets.

Bunny Cup Craft | She Knows

Bunny cup - Easter craft

This next craft is a cheap and easy craft that is perfect for classrooms from preschool to grade school. All you’ll need is a white plastic cup, felt, craft foam or cardstock, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and markers. First, flip the cup upside down and add the bunny’s facial features onto the cup using any materials you like. Then, cut ears out of foam, cardstock, or any other material, and glue them to the back of the cup. These easy steps will result in an adorable Easter craft.

Clothespin Bunnies | One Little Project

These clothespin bunnies are so adorable and they're really simple to make! They're a great little Easter decoration and a super cute Easter craft to make with the kids. This is a fun and easy spring craft idea!

The small details on this craft make it better suited for older children. This craft begins with a painted clothespin. With the clamp part as the feet and the long arms as the ears, draw the bunny’s details on the clothespin with markers. Use twine, ribbon, or any other small craft supplies to add bows and other details to the bunny to make it unique.

Pipe Cleaner Bunnies | Lines Across

This next craft is terrific for grade school-aged kids. It’s like origami, but with pipe cleaners. Give children chenille stems or pipe cleaners, the fluffier the better. Let them twist the stems to create coils for bodies, shape ears and feet, or make any special shape they can imagine. This is a really creative and imaginative craft that will keep kids busy for a long time.

Bunny Rabbit Handprint Craft For Kids | Crafty Morning

bunny handprint craft

Babies, toddlers, and older children alike will love this handprint craft. Using a piece of pastel construction paper, paint the child’s hand white, excluding the thumb, and have them press their hand on the paper with their fingers together. Once dry, add the details to create the ears and face. Each bunny will be a unique shape and size and will hold a special childhood memory.

Easter Bunny Play Dough | No Time for Flashcards

easter play dough for preschool

This is a great craft to make as a classroom gift for preschool and up. Older children can help to craft this adorable craft and treat. Start with a miniature pot of play dough, which can be found in many stores and online. Add tiny ears with felt, paper, or craft foam. Then, add googly eyes, a nose, whiskers, and a mouth to complete this thoughtfully crafted gift.

Recycled Toilet Roll Easter Bunny Stamp | Mum in the Mad House

How to make a Recycled Toilet Roll Easter Bunny Stamp. This simple kids activity is perfect for Easter or Spring. A fun DIY Kids Craft and art activity

This fresh take on cardboard roll crafts will be a fun experiment for kids three and up. Using three cardboard rolls, leave one roll round and shape the others into ears. Glue the shapes together to create a bunny silhouette. Dip the newly-made “stamp” into the paint and press it onto paper. You can leave the stamp mark plain, or add other details to make it look even more like a little rabbit.

Felt Bunny Brooch (Easy Sewing) | Red Ted Art

Bunny Brooches - adorable little Easter Craft for beginner sewers!

Older children will love creating this needle and thread craft. Using felt ovals and ear shapes and some thread, kids will start by sewing the ovals together, adding the ears in at the top. Make sure they leave a bit of space to stuff the bunny with stuffing or leftover felt. Add a safety pin to the back to make it a broach or leave it as a small pocket pet. Kids can get imaginative with this by drawing different faces and using different colors.

Sock Bunny | A Pumpkin and A Princess

Easy sock bunny tutorial

With an adult’s help, kids of any age can make this lovely sock bunny. Start by filling a small crew sock with a cup of rice. Place a clear rubber band above the rice, then one near the middle of the rice to create a body and head. Cut the top of the sock in half to create the ears. Add a felt tummy, googly eyes, and small pieces of felt for the nose and mouth. You can also use a piece of ribbon around the neck to make the bunny more personalized. Kids will love that they get to cuddle with a craft they made on their own.

Have a Happy, Crafty Easter

Creating Easter Bunny arts and crafts is a great way to get children involved in the holiday, teach them new skills, and allow them to express their creativity. Choose a few different arts and crafts ideas from the list above to get children excited about Easter and show them that they are capable of making great things. You can even pair the crafts with a story about Easter to make the craft more memorable. No matter which crafts you choose, they’ll make this your happiest Easter yet!

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids
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