Free Easter Egg Coloring Pages

If you’re busy planning a neighborhood egg hunt, you’re probably counting on having your kids out of your hair for a while. But what could keep their attention long enough for you to finish setting up for the festivities? Well, if your little ones are budding artists, you could have them work on one of these Easter egg coloring pages.

Our printable designs for kids have plenty of different patterns, from flowers and butterflies to repeating straight and wavy lines. Basically, there’s something for everyone here. We have no doubt your children will enjoy getting into the spirit of Easter with such a worthy distraction.

Easter egg coloring pages for kids

Simple Easter Egg Coloring Pages for Kids

Starburst Easter egg coloring page

Starburst Easter Egg

Easter egg coloring page for kids with butterfly print

Butterfly Easter Egg

Circle chain Easter egg coloring page for kids

Circle Chain Easter Egg

Concentric Circles Easter Egg

Easter egg coloring page with crowns

Crown Easter Egg

Daisy print on Easter egg coloring page for kids

Daisy Easter Egg

Easter egg with triangle print coloring page

Triangle Easter Egg

Earth egg coloring page

Earth Egg Coloring Page

Easter egg with flames coloring page

Easter Egg Flames Coloring Page

Heart flower Easter Egg coloring page

Heart Flower Egg

Flowers and leaves Easter Egg coloring page

Flower & Leaf Easteer Egg

Easter Egg with flower print coloring page

Easter Egg Flower Print

Kaleidoscope Easter egg coloring page

Kaleidoscope Egg

Leaf Easter Eggs coloring pages

Leafy Easter Egg

Lines and dots Easter egg coloring page

Lines & Spots Egg

Rain clouds Easter egg coloring page

Rain Cloud Easter Egg

Squiggle and dots Easter egg coloring page

Squiggle & Spots Egg

Stars and moon Easter egg coloring page

Stars & Moon Egg

Woven Easter egg coloring page

Woven Easter Egg

Zig Zag Easter Egg with diamonds coloring page

Zig Zag Easter Egg

Best Places to Find Free Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Now, if your kids work through these illustrations at lightning speed, you’ll find free printable coloring pages on other sites. Here are some of the best ones we’ve come across.

When you go to this site, the first thing you’ll see is several coloring pages with blank eggs of varying sizes. Those are fantastic blueprints for kids who like expressing their creativity on coloring sheets. However, if you scroll further down, you’ll also see plenty of other designs.

Remember, the higher the number of eggs on a sheet, the smaller they’ll come out when you print them. So keep that in mind, particularly if you have really young children or toddlers. In our experience, a small coloring surface can produce a disaster in the wrong tiny hands.

The easter egg coloring sheets on this site are pretty sophisticated in comparison to the others we’ve shown so far. They come in a range of different patterns, from the basic parallel lines in different styles to more folksy designs. Some of the eggs even show three-dimensional perspective in the curve of the design.

Overall, many of these illustrations would charm kids of all ages. However, some of them are so intricate that only kids over the age of seven would be able to do them justice. Make of that what you will!

The coloring pages on this site feature a mix of cute, creative, and even abstract Easter egg designs. While most of the pictures are done in the standard cutesy style, we also spotted some intricate patterns. The latter would be perfect for older children — you could even color in those pages together!

And if none of the coloring sheets on the first page appeal to you, remember to click through to the second. Those feature more Easter Bunny illustrations, so if your kids are excited about that aspect of the holiday, play it up!

ColoringHome Easter egg printables are a collection of various Easter-themed designs. Some of them are basic egg coloring pages (with and without patterns), while others show the eggs in baskets.

Less than half of the coloring sheets feature the Easter Bunny in different art styles. More surprisingly, we even spotted a stray Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants, hanging out in a cracked Easter egg. That just goes to show that this page is sure to have something your kids will like!

Even though most of the Easter egg coloring pages on this site are fairly standard illustrations featuring a single egg per page, there are some standouts. Namely, some of the patterns drawn on the eggs are quite interesting, especially the floral designs.

Additionally, we are partial to the design depicting six Easter Bunnies in symmetrical poses. But of course, not all of these printables are so basic. Some of them also show eggs in groups or baskets.

The many printables on this page are separated into seven categories. The first group of illustrations mostly feature the Easter Bunny. Once you scroll past that, you’ll see more pages depicting Easter baskets or simple spreads showing six eggs per page.

If you care to look into the other categories of illustrations, you’ll find ones with stronger religious themes or simply ones that lean into other spring motifs. Between those two groups, you’ll find more intricate designs that are more suitable for adults or older children. Finally, the last two groups feature chicks and lambs.

RaisingOurKids has provided us with fifteen treasures to add to our egg baskets. Our favorite is the Best Egg of All design, featuring a large egg with a bunny face and a flower crown. However, you’ll also find other designs, and even a few blank eggs your kids can color in as they see fit. But of course, kids usually do that anyway!

CrazyLittleProjects have compiled a collection of the simplest Easter egg designs we’ve found online. You have pictures of bunnies next to egg baskets, chicks coming out of decorated eggs, or just girl and boy chicks standing next to each other.

The only small coloring fields are the patterns on the eggs, so those will be a pleasant challenge to kids who’ve not yet developed hand-eye coordination. Overall, we think these printables are the best ones you could get if you have really young kids or toddlers.

Crayola is an internationally known craft supplies company so, naturally, some of the best Easter egg coloring pages we found are from its site. The page we’ve linked to depicts four eggs with different patterns your kids could color. Next to the eggs, you’ll find text instructing you to cut them out and hide them around the house for your kids to find.

If you scroll down, you’ll find other Easter egg coloring pages in the recommendations section. We particularly like the ones featuring a wreath of eggs or multiple eggs stacked on top of each other.

Even though the Easter egg coloring pages on RedTedArt are marketed toward adults, that shouldn’t stop you from printing them out for your kids. You’ll find links to three kid-approved printables on the site. If you have young children, we recommend printing out the single egg design with big, expressive floral patterns.

Conversely, older kids may appreciate the picture of multiple eggs with different patterns stacked on top of each other. And if you or your older kids want a bit of a challenge, go for the egg Mandala pattern, which also features a single egg, filled in with geometric scribbles.

JustColor offers many Easter egg coloring pages with intricate designs inspired by Mandalas. While you could print them out to calm your own nerves, most kids would love them too!

There are even printables featuring 16 and 32 eggs with different patterns and ornaments. If you print those out, you could cut the eggs out and hang them around the house in time for Easter Sunday! Other coloring sheets are just as detailed but mostly feature one large egg covering the whole page.

This site offers a collection of six coloring pages that come together to form a gigantic Easter egg. The finished result is a whimsically festive home decor element your kids can have a hand in making! You can trim the edges and put the egg together before or even after the kids are finished coloring the sheet.

The images on the coloring pages form a picture of a meadow with a sky featuring rainy clouds, a rainbow, and the sun and moon. And you probably won’t notice all the flowers, bunnies, chicks, and eggs on the meadow once you see the face drawn over the sky!

Easter egg coloring pages for kids
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