50+ Easy Easter Egg Crafts For Kids

Easter egg arts and crafts for kids offer a great opportunity to create lifelong memories. As a cherished family pastime, these fun activities encourage bonding as the whole family creates everything from decorations to keepsakes.

In addition to fostering deep creativity, Easter egg crafts often help children build sensory and fine-motor skills.

Your family can use Easter egg crafts to produce springtime decor for around the house, create imaginative Easter egg basket stuffers, or even make unique party favors for your next egg hunt.

And because crafting time usually results in a lot of smiles, it is also a perfect opportunity to take pictures that the family can treasure for years to come.

If you feel stumped about how to get started, have no fear. Thanks to the blogosphere, there are a host of family blogs that offer fun Easter egg crafts for kids of all ages.

Here’s a look at the best 50+ Easter egg crafts for kids that will spark their creativity and inspire your next crafting session.

Easter Egg Arts & Crafts

Easy Chalkboard Wooden Easter Eggs | Chica Circle

Chalkboard Easter Egg Decorations DIY

Bask in the joyful nostalgia of your grade school years with this chalkboard Easter egg project. Fun for both kids and adults, this DIY craft project uses chalky paint to produce gorgeous pastel creations in just one coat.

And because the craft tutorial recommends wooden eggs, your family can enjoy the final result as a keepsake for years to come. In fact, the bloggers behind this project believe that it is an especially fun craft for tweens who want to add holiday decor to their desks or bedrooms.

Suggested Age Group: Age 6 and up. Hands can get somewhat messy while painting the eggs, but the mess cleans up easily with soap and water.

Chalkboard Easter Egg Rocks | Coffee Cups And Crayons

Chalkboard Easter Eggs for Kids from Coffee Cups and Crayons

People who own pet rocks easily recognize these fun trinkets as both low-maintenance and practical. Decorative rocks are easy to paint, require minimal upkeep, and can serve as paperweights or bookends around the house.

Simply find some egg-shaped rocks in the backyard, dip them in black chalkboard paint, and then decorate the surfaces with the colored chalk of your choice.

Suggested Age Group: Age 5 and up (with supervision). Children love finding their own rocks and “do it yourself” coloring with chalk. And using chalk on pet rocks is far more manageable than alternatives like drawing on the sidewalk.

DIY Crystal Geode Eggs | Sweet Paul

Few science projects are as easy and fun as DIY crystal geode eggs. In nature, geodes produce gorgeous crystals, quartz, or even diamonds. Emulate this sparkle using simple supplies like alum powder, glitter glue, and jumbo eggshells.

Flank your completed geodes with an assortment of beakers or flasks (filled with water and food coloring) to create a picture-perfect laboratory perfect for your inner scientist.

Suggested Age Group: Age 8 and up. These types of Easter egg arts and crafts require adult supervision for steps like removing hot water from the microwave. Wear gloves to protect your hand.

Crystal Egg | Fantastic Fun and Learning

Easter Science for Kids-Crystal Easter Egg

Throughout history, people have enjoyed using crystals to adorn any shape they wish. Thanks to this DIY science project, you can use the same principles of crystallization to create giant crystal Easter eggs. All you need are easy supplies like pipe cleaners to make your Easter egg shapes and borax powder to serve as a reacting agent.

Be sure to hang the completed Easter egg crafts with string so that children can watch the crystals dry to perfection.

Suggested Age Group: Age 7 and up. Most bloggers consider this project ideal for elementary-school children starting around the second grade (with adult supervision required).

Pom-Pom Easter Egg Painting | Crafty Morning


Bored with paintbrushes or tired of the hassle of cleanup? Switch to pom-pom Easter egg painting instead. Simply attaching pom-poms to clothespins creates the perfect art utensil for Easter egg crafts for kids. Children of all ages can use washable project paint to create colorful designs on construction paper or card stock.

Suggested Age Group: Age 4 and up. Younger children need supervision with the clothespins.

Easter Egg Bath Bombs | Sugar Spice and Glitter

A quick and easy homemade bath bomb recipe for Easter Egg Bath Bombs, a thoughtful homemade Easter gift for kids

If you need unique Easter basket stuffer ideas, consider making your own Easter egg bath bombs. The simple recipe makes a practical gift and offers a great alternative to melting chocolate or high-calorie candy.

Even better, the ingredients are inexpensive and can produce a high volume of bath bombs in various shapes and colors.

Suggested Age Group: Age 9 and up. Homemade bath bombs are great crafts for kids but require adult guidance with several of the ingredients.

Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft for Kids | Crafty Morning


Easter egg potato stamps are fun for all children from preschool to grade school. Slice a few unused potatoes in half and then carve various designs on the potato’s open face.

Younger children enjoy this project as a fun way to experiment with colors, and older children can use the stamps to create Easter cards and programs.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool and up. After a grownup prepares the potatoes, children of all ages can use them as utensils to create their own Easter egg arts and crafts.

Splattered Egg Garland | Make It Your Own

The splattered egg garland is a great way to help young children build fine-motor skills while having a good time. Using simple supplies like coffee filters, watercolor, cord, and beads, this hands-on project teaches children to create decorative wreaths or garlands that they can drape around the house with pride.

Suggested Age Group: Age 5 and up. While this project is perfect for helping with fine-motor skills, adult supervision is mandatory due to all of the supplies involved.

Sponged Painted Easter Egg | About a Mom

Easter egg craft for kids using sponges to paint the eggs.

Parents and caregivers interested in the best Easter egg crafts for toddlers need look no further than sponged painted Easter egg. This fun activity provides children with all of the fun of working with brilliant colors while preventing messy hands and spills.

For this activity, you can cut your Easter-inspired shapes out of construction paper or go online and print out free Easter egg coloring pages for your child to enjoy.

Suggested Age Group: Toddlers (approximate age 2 and up)

Q-tip Painted Easter Eggs | No Time For Flash Cards

q-tip easter egg fine motor

If you want to help your child build fine-motor skills without the hassle of tiny paintbrushes, opt for these q-tip painted Easter eggs. Parents rave that this quick and easy activity is one of the best Easter egg crafts for preschoolers.

Simply grab an unused ice tray, q-tips, washable paint, and paper plates. Pour paint colors into the ice tray and allow your child to mix, match, and create a colorful masterpiece.

Suggested Age Group: Preschoolers

Preschool Easter Egg Craft | Kids Activities Blog

preschool easter egg craft

In addition to fun and games, the best Easter egg crafts for preschoolers also help reinforce the skills necessary for kindergarten. One such example is this Easter egg craft from the Kids Activities Blog. It teaches colors, shapes, and counting while enabling preschoolers to practice holding a pencil and safety scissors.

Nurture creativity by allowing your child to use the plastic Easter egg to decorate their artwork however they wish.

Suggested Age Group: Preschoolers

Clay Easter Egg Garland | Mama. Papa. Bubba.

IMG 4934

In addition to serving as a great bonding experience, Easter egg crafts are also an excellent opportunity to create lifelong keepsakes. One such example is this clay Easter egg garland from Mama Papa Bubba.

The blog includes a tutorial on how to make homemade modeling clay for handprints and footprints. Use the remaining clay to shape Easter egg tablets and then decorate with paint and permanent markers.

Suggested Age Group: Age 5 and up.

Giant Easter Egg Art | Fun at Home with Kids

Giant Easter Egg Art from Fun at Home with Kids

There is nothing like a giant art project to get toddlers excited about learning! Cut a foam core board into a giant egg shape to serve as a canvas for your little one. You can then spread newspaper in the playroom and allow your child to decorate the giant egg with accessories like paint, pom poms, feathers, sequins, or Popsicle sticks.

Suggested Age Group: Toddlers & Preschoolers

Sponge Painted Easter Egg Basket | Buggy and Buddy

Easter Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten: Stamped Easter Eggs and Paper Basket ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Preschool and kindergarten offer the perfect age range to start producing artwork to hang on the refrigerator. If you want a fun Easter egg craft that does not require an afternoon of cleanup, try this sponge-painted Easter egg basket activity from Buggy and Buddy.

Children will love using sponges to stamp colors, and the easy guidelines result in picture-perfect art that you will be proud to display in your kitchen.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool & Kindergarten (approximate ages 3-5)

Squeegee Paint Easter Egg Art | Hello Wonderful

If you have ever wondered how artists create marbled designs, you might be surprised to learn that all it takes is a squeegee tool. Simply cut egg shapes into construction paper or print free Easter egg coloring templates.

Squirt drops of paint onto your paper Easter eggs and then use the squeegee to produce artwork that resembles everything from tie-dye to stained-glass windows.

Suggested Age Group: Age 5 and up. Adult supervision is required to use the squeegee tool.

Shaving Cream Painted Easter Eggs | A Night Owl

These Shaving Cream Painted Easter Eggs are such a fun and easy sensory Easter Craft for the kiddos!

Part of the joy of childhood is the fun of getting a little messy every now and then. Easter egg arts and crafts offer the perfect way to engage in these fun sensory activities and produce beautiful artwork as a result.

For this activity, spread out newspaper and allow your child to run a paintbrush through shaving cream. Then cut card stock into egg shapes and dip into the marbleized shaving cream to create a beautiful Easter display.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool and up.

Decorated Wooden Easter Eggs | Rhythms Of Play

decorated wooden Easter egg craft for kids and adults

If you want to create a long-lasting keepsake suitable for both indoor and outdoor decor, wooded Easter eggs offer the perfect solution.

As an eco-friendly alternative to plastic Easter eggs, wooden eggs can also withstand a variety of decorative methods, from acrylic paint to wood burners.

Use your wooden Easter eggs to decorate your mantle, spruce up the deck table, or create a healthier Easter egg hunt.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool to all ages. Children love coloring the eggs with paint pens or markers, and even adults will enjoy using advanced methods like creative Woodburner pens.

Nature Egg Craft | Mother Natured

Nature Eggs

Celebrate Mother Nature with a nest-inspired Easter egg craft. If you have ever worked with children, you know there are few objects that grab their attention more than baby animals.

Build your own nest and let children decorate blown eggs with items like sand, flowers, leaves, seeds. You can even add a baby bird stuffed animal to enhance the final effect.

Suggested Age Group: Age 3 and up.

Beaded Easter Eggs | Two Sisters

Beaded Easter Eggs - Take those plastic Easter Eggs to the next level with our embellished Beaded Easter Egg Tutorial. These special Easter Eggs will really stand out from your other Easter Decorations. Follow us for more great Easter Craft Ideas.

Enjoy the spring equinox with this beaded Easter egg tutorial from Two Sisters Crafting. Known for hip arts and crafts, this blog provides the complete step-by-step method for creating dazzling Easter eggs to decorate your room or stuff into gift baskets.

Suggested Age Group: Age 7 and up. Adult supervision is required, and the glittery supplies may require a bit of cleanup.

Painted Rock Easter Egg Craft for Kids | Happy Hooligans

Painted Stone Easter Egg Craft

Painted rock Easter egg crafts allow kids to create artwork from rocks or pebbles they can find in their backyards. This tutorial teaches parents how to guide children in using acrylic paint to create endless pastel patterns and springtime designs. Adults can also use this activity to create decorative paperweights for rooms and home offices.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool to all ages.

Easter Egg Button Craft | A Cultivated Nest

DIY Easter Egg Button Craft- Here's a simple DIY Easter Button Craft that includes a free downloadable template!

Help your child hone fine-motor skills with this beautiful DIY Easter egg button craft. Simple and inexpensive to make, this craft allows your child to choose favorite colors and layer buttons into a springtime masterpiece. The finished piece makes great bedroom decor or an excellent backdrop for Easter photos.

Suggested Age Group: Age 4 and up. This project requires complete adult supervision if you decide to use hot glue. For smaller children, use much larger buttons to avoid any hazards.

Tin Foil Sharpie Easter Eggs | DIY Thought

Short on time? Since it is usually easy to find aluminum foil and cardboard around the house, tin foil sharpie Easter eggs are among the best crafts for families unable to do a lot of Easter shopping.

By following the tutorial, you can create intricate designs on aluminum surfaces that shine like stainless steel. Plus, it is also easy to recycle this craft after the holiday.

Suggested Age Group: All Ages

DIY Salt Dough Eggs | Design Mom

Children familiar with Play-Doh will love to help make salt-dough Easter eggs. Salt dough is malleable enough to make all sorts of Easter shapes. And once it dries, salt dough hardens like adobe to produce a paintable ornament that lasts for years.

Suggested Age Group: Age 4 and up. The salt dough consists of flour, salt, and water that your little one can mold into any shape. However, most of the other steps require adult supervision, and there is also a bit of cleanup involved.

Easter Egg Paper Crafts

Wax Resist Easter Egg Craft | Little Bins for Little Hands

Paper crafts are often the perfect complement to pastel colors. Use the wax-resist method from the Little Bins for Little Hands blog to create picture-perfect artwork for Easter morning. This project is easy even for children who do not display a natural preference for arts and crafts.

Suggested Age Group: Age 4 and up (supervision required for the use of scissors).

Paper Egg and Grass Craft | Easy Peasy and Fun

Paper Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Organize an indoor Easter egg hunt with this adorable paper egg and grass craft. Children can color printable egg templates with the crayons of their choice. Cut green construction paper to create “grass” without needing to clean up the plastic.

This activity is great for building fine-motor skills and fostering a sense of pride as children learn to create a small habitat from their imaginations.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool and Kindergarten

Ombre Easter Egg Art | Twitchetts

This beautiful ombre Easter Egg art project teaches kids about creating lighter and darker colors while making a fun Easter art project that kids will love! Grab some paints and lets explore this fun creative painting method!

Help children learn the concept of nuance with this ombre Easter egg art project. In art, “ombre” refers to colors that fade from dark to light (or vice versa). This project encourages children to discover a love of painting using simple white card stock.

Suggested Age Group: Age 6 and up.

Easter Egg Paper Weaving | Easy Peasy and Fun

Cute Easter Egg Paper Weaving

Easter egg paper weaving is an ingenious way to encourage development of fine motor skills. Simply turn the project into a game using alternating construction paper, and the result is a frame-worthy design that resembles a beautiful patchwork quilt.

Suggested Age Group: Age 3 and up.

Colorful Tissue Paper Easter Eggs | Fireflies and Mud Pies

Easy and Fun Tissue Paper Eggs

Use these paper mache eggs to enliven your Easter egg hunt or perk up an Easter basket. Since the tissue paper eggs are virtually unbreakable, they are also great options for group activities and games like egg toss or egg and spoon races.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool and up.

Sparkly DIY Glitter and Tissue Paper Easter Eggs | Hello Wonderful

Few children can resist the power of glitter. Spread out the newspaper and follow this tutorial from Hello Wonderful that teaches children to create brightly colored eggs for the new season.

Suggested Age Group: Age 4 and up.

Crumpled Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft for Kids | Happy Hooligans

Child holding up tissue paper egg craft

The crumpled tissue paper Easter egg craft for kids proves that the most straightforward projects are often the loveliest. Simply gather colorful tissue parts and follow instructions to arrange them beautifully on stiff card stock.

The project is also great practice for learning how to create a piñata in the future.

Suggested Age Group: Toddlers to children of all ages.

The Tissue Paper Easter Egg | School Time Snippets

Easter egg tissue paper art and craft

Use any spare tissue paper to create a simple but gorgeous Easter egg design. Print an Easter egg template onto firm paper and glue it on scraps of tissue paper.

This project is a great way to help little ones build fine motor skills and display their artwork for the whole family to admire.

Suggested Age Group: Age 2 to all ages.

Easter Egg Sun Catcher | Crafts by Amanda

Easter egg suncatcher hanging in window

This Easter egg sun catcher can fill your house with beauty to rival the finest stained-glass windows. Even better, this Easter egg papercraft is surprisingly easy to make. Simple supplies like clear contact paper, construction paper, tissue, and yarn can yield a completed project.

Suggested Age Group: Age 6 and up.

Easter Egg Doily Craft | A Little Pinch of Perfect

Beautiful Easter Egg Doily Craft for Kids Inspired by Rechenka's Eggs: An easy step-by-step tutorial showing how kids can make Easter Eggs that look intricately decorated like the ones straight out of Patricia Polacco’s book.

Easter egg doily crafts enable your child to create colorful designs without the messy paint. With just a pack of construction paper and doilies, glue, and a little water, your child can have fun tracing designs and producing artwork ready to hang anywhere from the playroom to the kitchen.

Suggested Age Group: Toddlers & Preschoolers

Woven Egg and Chick Cards | Red Ted Art

Easter Egg Paper Weaving cards for kids to make

Help kids hone persistence and fine-motor skills with these adorable woven egg and chick cards. Perfect for children in elementary school, this craft allows kids to use colored pencils and practice using safety scissors. Kids will then weave the Easter egg card to create a handmade present for family or friends.

Suggested Age Group: Age 6 and up.

Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs | The Pinterested Parent

Construction paper Mosaic Easter Eggs - spring and Easter arts and crafts for preschoolers and kids.

Creating a mosaic does not have to be complicated. Help your child practice fine-motor skills with this paper mosaic Easter egg project. With just a glue stick, construction paper, and safety scissors, your child can create mosaics for everything from Easter cards to table settings.

Suggested Age Group: Kindergarten and up.

Black Glue and Watercolor Resist Easter Egg Art | I Heart Crafty Things

Help your child discover an early love of painting with this fun black glue and watercolor-resist tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things. This Easter egg paper craft combines the characteristics of watercolor paper with the finishing of a drawing sheet. The result is beautiful artwork that makes a great Easter card or basket stuffer.

You can even combine several to create a lovely Easter garland or banner.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool to all ages.

Plastic Easter Egg Crafts

Turn Your Easter Eggs Into Musical Shaker Eggs | How Does She

Turn Plastic easter Eggs into Musical Shakers

If you are looking for a way to repurpose plastic Easter eggs, look no further than this musical shaker tutorial. This easy project is a great way to help children expand their creative horizons and hone sensory abilities.

The finished shakers also make a unique alternative to candy and chocolate giveaways.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool and up.

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquet | Make and Takes

Plastic Easter Egg Flowers to Craft

Celebrate the season with this gorgeous plastic Easter egg flower bouquet tutorial from Makes and Takes. With just a pack of forest-green pipe cleaners, you can repurpose plastic Easter eggs into a colorful centerpiece for any desk or table.

Easy enough for any child to complete, this project is also a stellar way to sharpen fine-motor skills.

Suggested Age Group: Age 3 and up.

DIY Easter Egg Craft to Upgrade Plastic Eggs | Make and Do Crew

No one will ever guess your stylish, textured DIY Easter decorations were once cheap plastic eggs. These DIY Easter eggs are an inexpensive addition to your Spring decor! Click for this easy tutorial. | MakeAndDoCrew.com

Transform ordinary plastic eggs into elegant masterpieces with this DIY guide from the Make & Do Crew. With just tissue paper and a sealant like Mod Podge, you can create a beautiful decorative nest or simple party favors with ease.

Suggested Age Group: Age 7 and up.

Easter Egg Lego | Little Bins for Little Hands

Easy LEGO Easter Activity Building Easter Eggs

Find a new use for old toy building blocks using this Easter egg Lego tutorial from Little Bins for Little Hands. This delightful guide emphasizes using only your exiting Lego blocks to create incredible Easter patterns that your child can play with anywhere.

Use these Lego eggs as a great alternative during indoor or outdoor Easter egg hunts.

Suggested Age Group: Toddlers and up.

Easter Egg Wreath | The Soccer Mom Blog

A quick & easy Easter Egg Wreath that anyone can make! Add a festive touch of Spring to your front doors in minutes with two different versions of this Easter craft.

Watch children glow with pride as they create a stunning Easter egg wreath for the front door. Featuring two different design options, this wreath tutorial from The Soccer Mom Blog allows your child to transform those durable eggs into welcoming decor that greets visitors with good cheer.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool and up.

Painted Plastic Easter Eggs | Happy Hooligans

painted eggs in egg cups

The right paint can transform inexpensive plastic eggs into stunning handiwork. This tutorial from Happy Hooligans using acrylic paint to upgrade plain Easter eggs. Plus, plastic eggs’ smooth surface gives the final project a sleek look that complements any seasonal decor.

Suggested Age Group: Age 7 and up.

Alien Easter Eggs | The Joys of Boys

Easter craft for kids

Who says Easter eggs have to feature chicks or bunnies? This fun Easter egg tutorial uses simple supplies like pipe cleaners and peel-and-stick googly eyes to make alien-themed eggs. Perfect for a festive egg hunt, these updated eggs also make cool presents and basket stuffers.

Suggested Age Group: Kindergarten

Plastic Egg Bunnies | Mama Smiles

This fun project proves that not all bunnies are fluffy. Using only miniature tootsie roll pops and a sharpie, children can easily create whimsical plastic toys for their friends.

The tootsie pops also double as candy filling for the plastic eggs, making this craft an excellent option for party favors.

Suggested Age Group: Age 6 and up.

How to Make Minions Eggs for Easter | A Thrifty Mom

Minions represent a childhood favorite. And as plastic Easter egg crafts, these tiny henchmen are also surprisingly easy to make. Set aside any blue or yellow plastic Easter eggs and grab supplies like tape and sharpies.

Once completed, these delightful toys are keepsakes that children will want to play with all year long.

Suggested Age Group: Age 7 and up (requires adult supervision).

How to Make Preschool Letter Matching With Easter Eggs | Kids Activities

It does not get much simpler than repurposing your plastic Easter eggs into a letter-matching game. This ingenious tutorial allows little ones to learn the alphabet and helps build cognitive language skills like logic and spelling. No need for Cocomelon when this craft gives preschoolers handheld letters of their own.

Suggested Age Group: Preschool

Fabric Easter Egg Crafts

Felt Easter Eggs From | The Best Ideas for Kids

Decorate Felt Easter Eggs

With its soft and safe materials, this fabric Easter craft is the perfect opportunity for kids to create their own Easter eggs with minimal assistance. Simply prepare the accessories and allow kids to enjoy making unique creations they can keep for years to come.

Suggested Age Group: Kindergarten and up. For smaller children, please use much larger buttons or accessories to avoid any hazards.

Easter Egg Fabric Suncatchers | Buggy and Buddy

Fabric Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Did you know that you can also create a suncatcher from fabric? This unique method allows children to experience different textures and canvases, thereby honing sensory skills. Use this simple tutorial to create an easy alternative for your seasonal decor.

Suggested Age Group: Age 7 and up.

Yarn Egg Easter Craft | Fantastic Fun and Learning

Yarn Easter Egg Craft for Kids--Easy to make!

Repurpose any extra yarn in your sewing arsenal and create a fun Easter activity for kids. Using only cardboard and old yarn, kids can make decorations that they will love to place everywhere, from Easter baskets to dollhouses.

Suggested Age Group: Toddlers to all ages.

Yarn Easter Egg Suncatchers | Kids Craft Room

This textured yarn EASTER SUNCATCHER CRAFT is a gorgeous Easter craft or Spring craft for kids of all ages. A simple yarn craft made from scraps, these homemade Easter Egg Suncatchers look stunning in windows or hanging on an Easter tree. These are DIY Easter decorations you'll want to display year after year.

This gorgeous suncatcher can make kids feel as if they have created a beautiful chandelier. With easy supplies like yarn, transparency sheets, and glue, the finished result allows sunlight to stream in just in time for the spring season.

Suggested Age Group: Age 8 and up.

DIY Easter Treat Pouches | Raising Whasians

DIY Easter treat bags craft for kids

Skip the plastic baggies and create these DIY Easter treat baggies instead. Kids use supplies like multicolored felt bags and string to create cute gifts that can double as a classroom party favor or beautiful Easter Basket Stuffer.

Suggested Age Group: Age 7 and up (adult help required for using the yarn needle)

Braided Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs | Mom on Time Out

Braided, Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs | MomOnTimeout.com #Easter #craft #yarn

Easily transform your ordinary Easter eggs with this braided yarn tutorial from Mom on Time Out. This guide lends a cozy feeling to your Easter decor, and the project helps children build fine-motor skills such as braiding, knot-tying, and gluing.

Suggested Age Group: Age 6 and up.

DIY Yarn Easter Egg Balloon | DIY Joy

DIY Yarn Easter Eggs Decoration | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Looking for a versatile Easter project for older kids? Look no further than this yarn Easter egg balloon tutorial from DIY Joy. Each completed balloon can serve as standalone decor, or you can weave them together to create a stunning wreath or garland.

Suggested Age Group: Age 9 and up.

The Bottom Line

Easter egg crafts are an ideal way to embrace the springtime season. And the more you do it yourself, the more fun you can have. Work your way through this list of crafts every Easter season to create memories that last a lifetime.

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