34 DIY Easter Garlands Ideas

DIY Easter Garlands Ideas

Are you looking for an activity to keep the family occupied during the Easter holiday? DIY projects are an excellent option for kids of all ages. They decrease screen time, especially during long breaks where kids may be tempted to keep an eye on the screen for the whole day.

Some easy Easter crafts are DIY garlands to decorate your house for the coming holiday. They are cute and don’t require much expertise or materials to make. You may even have the materials to make some of these garlands in your home already.

Looking for more great Easter Decorating ideas? Be sure to check out our post on DIY Easter Wreaths when you’re done here.

Easter Egg Garlands

Glowing Easter Egg Garland | Lauras Crafty Life

Lighted Easter Egg Garland

This adorable garland is simple to make, although it may require adult supervision. This garland is incredibly cool because it can be used as a soft, colorful light source in a room. The site has simple, easy to follow instructions, and the tutorial is straightforward and helpful. This garland will get you into the fun Easter spirit.

DIY Glitter Egg Garland | Real Coake

Make a Glitter Egg Garland

If you’re looking for a simple craft, look no further. This simple spring garland is as easy as it gets. Find glitter easter eggs from any nearby craft store, and this tutorial takes care of the rest. Since the tutorial is so simple, it’s also easy to customize, if you’re so inclined. Whatever you choose to do with this simple craft, it will be fun and adorable.

DIY Speckled Easter Egg Garland | The Happy Housie

DIY Speckled Easter Egg Garland

This tutorial is a prize simply because of the unique way the eggs are painted. Any home do-it-yourselfer is perpetually looking for new and unique ways to craft, and this tutorial certainly delivers.

Although it is a relatively simple garland, it is rustic and pretty. It isn’t a statement, but it is an excellent way to add a festive mood to any room.

Easter Potato Stamps | Brigeeski

If you’re working with smaller children, gluing and stringing might be a little too much to handle, and luckily, this garland has your back. Potato stamps are easy for young hands to handle and stamp. An adult is required to put the garland together, but kids can have a great time dipping and smacking their potato stamps down onto paper.

Clay Easter Egg Garland | Mama. Papa. Bubba.

Clay Easter Egg Garland | Mama Papa Bubba

If you’re looking for a garland that will last years, this is the perfect solution. This clay garland can be painted to serve as a reminder from past years of family time and art skills. This DIY is not the quickest project, but for mothers who love to make lasting memories, this is a keeper.

Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland | How Does She

Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland

If you don’t have a huge budget, this easy to follow guide will help you make a simple but cute Easter egg garland. Paint swatches can easily be found at home improvement stores for free, and the rest is easy if you take a quick read through the tutorial.

Rainbow Egg Garland | A Kailo Chic Life

If you want to bring the festive spirit into your home, this is a great option. The simplicity of the project makes it ideal if you need multiple garlands to string around various parts of the house, and the bright colors hammer home the festive spirit.

Rustic Decoupage Easter Egg Garland | Purely Katie

Create your own DIY Decoupage Easter Egg Garland using foam eggs and paper napkins. This beautiful garland can be displayed in your home all spring.

If you have a family of more advanced DIYers on your hands, this rustic decoupage garland is a more complex project that is nevertheless worth the extra work.

This garland is more customizable than many others, and it’s gorgeous, great for a more subtle festive look. Luckily, even though the project is more complex, the tutorial is helpful and very explanatory.

DIY Spring Easter Egg Garland | Craftd

This craft is a throwback to DIYs of old. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use liquid starch to create string balls or eggs to decorate your home for the holidays.

If you don’t remember exactly how to use liquid starch, this tutorial can refresh your memory and make your crafting easier than ever.

Artistic Splattered Egg Garland | Make It Your Own

Children in Preschool, Kindergarten and School age will enjoy this painting activity which incorporates pipette painting and splatter painting to make an EASTER EGG GARLAND that would make a beautiful sun catcher!

If you want a more abstract take on an egg garland, use this spatter technique to create an artistic look. It requires a few more materials than most, but the result is gorgeous, as is clearly seen in the tutorial.

Keep their tips and tricks in mind to recreate their beautiful results.

Crayon Resist Watercolor Easter Egg Garland | Fun at Home With Kids

Watercolor Resist Easter Egg Garland from Fun at Home with Kids

Crayon resist art is always fun to show to kids. Something is amazing about the wonderous look on their face when they see the magic for the first time. This garland, although a little messy, is super fun to try out with kids and especially easy for the younger kids in your household.

Spring Mantel Plastic Egg Garland | Kelly Elko

Fun spring mantel with the cutest DIY egg garland! eclecticallyvitnage.com #spring #springcrafts #easter #eastercrafts #kidscrafts #crafting #crafts #diyideas #diyprojects #springmantel #springdecor

This colorful Easter DIY project is so simple to make, all it takes is a bag of plastic eggs and some twine, ribbon, or yarn (I used bakers twine for mine). Just string the eggs together and BAM! You have a beautiful garland for decorating walls or your fireplace mantel.

Easter Bunny Garlands

Peter Cottontail Garland | Clean and Scentsible

Adorable Easter bunny bunting with free template.  Love those baker's twine pom pom tails! // cleanandscentsible.com

Have you ever made homemade pom-poms? If not, now is a great time to start. They are simple, cute and so easy to make, you’ll be amazed. This great tutorial walks you through creating a pom-pom and attaching the cute pom-pom to a little bunny butt.

Bunny Pom Pom Easter Garland | Create Craft Love

Bunny Pom Pom Easter Garland

Now that you’ve had a taste of pom-poms, take a look at these adorable bunnies. They’re all fluff. These cute fluffs will bring the festive spirit anywhere, and if the first tutorial wasn’t helpful enough, this one is sure to help you figure out how to make pom poms.

Cut Paper Easter Bunny Garland | Mini Eco

With just paper and scissors, you can make an adorable and simple pastel garland of cutout bunnies. This tutorial couldn’t be more simple. Just download the printable PDF file, and you’re on your way to making an adorable garland. Use whatever colors you want to inspire a more subtle or a more festive mood.

Simple Bunny Banner For Easter | House of Hargrove

Banner For Easter

This garland is another simple banner, but it can be fun to do with small children who are just learning the concept of gluing and coloring.

Of course, the pom poms are supposed to be the tails, but the kids don’t know that. Let the kids go buck wild, and you’ll gain an especially unique Easter banner to hang across doorways or mantles.

Felt Bunny Garland Easter Craft | Lia Griffith

Felt Bunny Garland Easter Craft

Although this is a more complex garland, it is also more unique, and the tutorial will make it easy enough to finish in a snap. Soon these adorable felt bunnies can be hopping all-around your house.

If you aren’t looking to make a garland, these bunnies can also be a fun toy for kids.

Burlap Bunny Garland | Make Life Lovely

Here’s another banner for the rustic types that don’t want to disrupt their cool aesthetic for brightly colored bunnies. These burlap bunnies are a more involved craft but are still relatively easy.

It’s also an enduring project that can be brought out again and again for years to decorate and remember fun memories from years past.

Origami Bunny Garland | Hello Bee

Origami is simple and oh-so-chic. This garland is defiantly a more time-consuming project, but if you have a lot of time on your hands over the break, it can be a perfect way to create some cute bunnies.

Even if you are a first-time origami student, don’t fear. There is a great video tutorial included on the website to make sure you grasp the origami aspect.

Peeps Garland | Made Everyday

We all know Peeps as the ultra-sugary sweet that any kid can’t get enough of all Easter. If your kids are as obsessed as every other, they’ll love helping with this fun Peeps banner. Although it is a little more involved, there are plenty of ways for kids to help.

Spring Book Page Bunny Garland | The Purple Hydrangea

Make this simple spring book page bunny garland with supplies you probably already have around the house.

There’s something about book pages that adds a touch of class to any craft project, and this Easter DIY bunny garland is no exception. The only materials you’ll need are some old book pages, twine, and cotton balls. As for equipment, if you have scissors, a hole punch, and a hot glue gun you are good to go!

I might try these this Easter with some old, water-damaged kids’ Easter board books I’ve had sitting in storage for a couple of years. Old comic books would look pretty cool too, but you may need to mount them on some sort of stiff card stock.

Bunny Bunting – Printable Easter Craft | My Poppet

DIY bunny rabbit bunting Easter printable mypoppet.com.au

Here’s another super cute Easter craft so simple the kids can do most of the work themselves (although there is some cutting involved!) Just download the PDF file from My Poppet’s site, print these cute bunny heads out on card stock, cut them out, stitch them together and you have a kid-friendly garland perfect for decorating an Easter party or Easter egg hunt.

Carrot Garlands

Felt Carrot Garland Easter Craft | Positively Splendid

Felt Carrot Garland Easter Craft

These felt carrots use very little felt and very little thread to get the job done, and they still look adorable. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance craft to get the festive spirit across, this is a unique way to do so.

Burlap Carrot Craft Garland for Spring | Consumer Crafts

Burlap carrot garland

Although this tutorial offers little instruction on how to find the burlap carrots, it provides a fantastic idea for a unique banner for Easter. Sometimes all you need is some inspiration to get you going on your way.

If you’re more of an independent crafter, this is a great idea that will give you plenty of inspiration. Maybe it will inspire you to craft your burlap carrots.

DIY Jute Easter Carrot Garland | Raggedy

DIY Jute Easter Carrot Garland

If you’re looking for a more explanatory method than the last, here you go. These jute carrots come complete with a helpful tutorial; it will guide you step by step through the process and get you a similar result. Pick your favorite based on the level of guidance that you enjoy in your crafting.

Knit Carrot Easter Garland | Dukes and Duchesses

Knit Carrot Easter Garland

These adorable knit carrots come with an easy to follow pattern and a festive glow. They are easy to thread, and if you have experience with knitting, you’ll find this easy to follow and complete.

This garland is a unique banner that you won’t find anywhere else and will make your decorations your own.

Artsy Craftsy Easter Garland Ideas

Silly Chick Easter Garland | Temecula Blogs

A Chick Easter Garland

If you’re looking for a sillier decoration, these silly chicks are perfect. With their bobble eyes and crazy feathers, these are sure to inspire a laugh out of any guest. They’re simple to make, too, easy enough to allow kids to have fun with making these silly guys.

Easter Peeps Sweet Garland | Upstate Ramblings

Easter Peeps Garland

If you’re looking for a use for all of those Peeps you managed to gather during the holiday, this is a good excuse not to eat them. Like a popcorn garland, a Peep garland can be a festive way to make sure the kids aren’t on a perpetual sugar high throughout the break.

Modern Egg Garland | Le Frufru

Sometimes Easter decorations are bright. If you have a more minimalistic theme in your household, it may feel wrong to put up such bright decorations. If that’s the case, try these simple, neutral egg garlands on for size. The simple eggs are festive without being too much for the most minimalistic plans.

DIY Easter Garland in an Egg Carton | Minted

Easter Egg Garland DIY

If you’re looking for something to keep the kids busy on Easter morning, the garland in an egg carton is the perfect solution. Just gather the supplies ahead of time, pack them up in an egg carton, and your set to let the kids craft in the morning instead of eating a pound of sugar.

Easter Pom Pom Garland Dollar Store Craft | Girl Loves Glam

#spring #decoration #craft #easter

Can’t get enough pom poms? This garland should do the trick. Although it’s not inherently Easter themed, using pastel colors is the perfect way to turn a regular pom-pom garland into a fun and festive Easter decoration.

Just follow the step by step instructions, and you have a guide to making a cute, puffy, pom-pom garland.

Bird Balloon Garland | Hand Made Charlotte

Easy Easter Chick Balloon Garland

This funny bird balloon garland is sure to bring a smile to the face of any child and is a great Easter garland decoration. They are fun to string up and fun to bop around after the fact. Just make sure you don’t leave young children unattended with balloons, as they are dangerous.

Jelly Bean Garland | Oh Happy Day

Jelly Bean Garland | Oh Happy Day!

These Jelly bean garlands can be a use for uneaten Jelly beans after the holiday, or they can be a fun advent calendar of sorts counting down to the holiday. Either way, the sugar intake is spread out somewhat, and the holiday is a little more festive and a little less crazy.

He Is Risen Free Printable Easter Banner | A Heart Filled Home

He Is Risen Free Printable Easter Banner from aheartfilledhome.com

If you want to remind your visitors about why we celebrate Easter, this garland would be a good choice. Another super simple printable project; just print, cut, punch and finish it off by stringing some bakers twine through the holes. You can get the printable template over at A Heart Filled Home.

That’s it for the garlands! If you want some great Easter craft ideas geared more towards adults be sure to check out our post which is aptly titled – DIY Easter Crafts for Adults.

DIY Easter Garlands Ideas
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