45 DIY Easter Wreaths – Eggs and Bunnies and Crosses, Oh My!

diy easter wreaths

Out of all the annual religious holidays we celebrate, Easter is probably the most underrated. Despite playing such an important part in Christian beliefs, Easter seems to have fallen by the wayside. Still, making a DIY Easter wreath and organizing an egg hunt can go a long way toward making this holiday just as important as Christmas!

Of course, not everyone would know how to make an Easter wreath. Still, you could always get your kids to help you. Unlike the Easter craft projects we’ve discussed in a previous post, which are too challenging for kids to execute, making Easter wreath decorations can be the perfect group activity!

With that being said, allow us to introduce some of the most creative Easter wreath projects we’ve found online. Once you get your hands on some supplies, you’ll be minutes away from lovely decorations to hang on doors or place on shelves or tables.

Easter Egg Wreaths

Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath | The House that Lars Built

Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath

If you want one of your Easter egg wreaths to feature lively colors and textures, check out this rainbow crepe wreath project. You’ll need paper mache eggs of different sizes and some crepe papers to wrap them in. The person behind the original project used a round wire frame and tissue paper to construct the base of the wreath.

Finally, if you want to weave some crepe leaves in with the eggs, add some moldable wire into your cart when you visit your local craft store. But since you’ll be using scissors and hot glue guns, you probably shouldn’t let toddlers and preschoolers participate in this project.

How to Make an Easter Egg Wreath | The Spruce Crafts

Easter egg wreath

Even though this DIY Easter wreath project looks different than the previous one, both of them require similar supplies. But rather than using paper mache eggs, this project uses regular plastic Easter eggs.

After wrapping them in crepe paper, you’ll just glue them all onto an embroidery hoop (or any ring of appropriate size). Lastly, close the gaps with felt balls and leaves.

Paper Wreath | The Resourceful Mama

If you’re making several Easter egg wreaths in preparation for the festivities, make your job easier by making one out of paper cutouts. Simply trace egg shapes on colored papers and glue them onto a paper plate with the center cut out.

You could glue the eggs on top of each other but that wouldn’t make them stand out when you hang them. In any case, once you have the wreath all done, add a ribbon to hang it from and a bow at the front.

Simple Door Decor | Live Laugh Rowe

LOVE this simple Easter Wreath -- and it only requires TWO supplies!

On the other hand, if you prefer to play around with a more polished, natural palette, you could make your Easter egg wreaths out of twigs.

This project from Live Laugh Rowe is probably the easiest way to do that, though it requires two already finished products. Namely, the crafter simply glued an egg wreath from Michael’s to a thicker grapevine wreath to achieve the final result. But who would’ve thought such a classy wreath required next to no effort?

Cute & Easy Easter Egg Wreath Design | The Soccer Mom

Speaking of easy projects, if you still want your wreath to have a more classic, colorful appearance, here’s how you can achieve that. You’ll just want to get packs of plastic Easter eggs in whichever colors you prefer and a round 12-inch wire frame. Arrange them all on the wreath to see how they’ll look and get to gluing!

If you liked the kind of texture you could get with crepe paper, you could even combine the two projects. And, of course, that goes for all the DIY Easter wreath projects on this list. Our goal is to inspire you to create completely original decorations by the end of this post!

Check out the written version the tutorial over at The Soccer Mom

The Easter Egg Button Wreath | Food Fun Family

Spring Easter Egg Button Wreath main

Now, here’s a wreath you don’t see every day — but one you’ll find yourself using year after year! To make the egg-shaped base, you’ll want to cut it out of regular cardboard.

When you have the desired shape, make a small cut in the cardboard to hold the beginning of your yarn and start wrapping it around. You can even paint the cardboard a similar color to your yarn if you don’t want it to be too obvious. Finally, glue some fun buttons on top and add some ribbons.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath | A Pumpkin And A Princess

Easter Egg Wreath - create a beautiful Spring wreath with easter eggs, moss, and flowers. Add a pink and mint floral bow and you have a pretty DIY Easter egg wreath to welcome guests.

Here’s another way to use that grapevine wreath from Michael’s if you’re aiming for a more feminine result. You’ll also want to get some craft moss and flowers as well as pastel Easter eggs. When you glue everything onto the wreath base, you can add a pretty floral bow.

In the original project, the crafter used floral wire to attach the bow to the wreath, but you could also use it to achieve a specific shape with the bow. Between the floral elements and the pastel colors, this wreath evokes springtime like no other!

Fabric Egg Wreath | Positively Splendid

Easter Egg Wreath :: PositivelySplendid.com

If you’re looking for Easter egg wreaths you can make with your young kids, this might be the one for you. To begin with, attach the end of your eyelash yarn to a styrofoam wreath base with a pin.

As you can see, the original project requires green yarn to represent grass but you can use any color you like. Have your kids wrap the yarn tightly around the wreath form to conceal the white styrofoam. Once again, you can also paint that base to match the yard. When the kids finish wrapping the base, pin or glue the other end of the yard to the form.

Lastly, you can pin flowers and bows to the wreath and hang some eggs in the middle. The crafter from Positively Splendid used fabric Easter eggs they made — you’ll find a sewing pattern on their site. Alternatively, you could use store-bought plastic Easter eggs wrapped in crepe paper and achieve a similar result.

Egg Tray DIY Wreath | Average But Inspired

SO CUTE! Turn a plastic deviled egg tray into an adorable Easter wreath or Spring wreath! Get the full tutorial for this Dollar Tree Easter Wreath in this post!

Now this wreath has it all — eggs, craft moss, ribbons, even a little Easter bunny. To make it, paint a round egg tray whichever color you like, then glue the eggs into the slots. Put the craft moss, foam bunny, and any other decorative elements in the middle and finish off with some hanging ribbon.

Easter Candy Wreath | Anna And Blue

If you want to know how to make an Easter wreath look intricate without putting in much effort, Anna and Blue will educate you. All you need is a styrofoam wreath base and some pastel candy.

Rustic Easter Egg Wreath | Meatloaf and Melodrama

rustic grapevine easter egg wreath with faux eggs and flowers for spring

Next, we have yet another DIY project featuring the grapevine wreath from Michael’s. Wrap some faux flowers and stems onto the base, add some tiny speckled eggs, and finish up with a ribbon!

Happy Easter Door Decoration | Consumer Crafts

If round wreaths aren’t your thing, shake things up by using an old picture frame. Paint it then add some ribbons to hold your letter garland. You’ll have to make the “Happy Easter” sign by pasting letter stickers onto painted wooden eggs. A word to the wise: this project is pretty eye hook heavy — so stock up!

How to Make an Easter Egg Wreath | That’s Crafty

How to Make an Easter Egg Wreath

To make this colorful Easter egg wreath, you’ll just need a bunch of small plastic eggs and a round base. After you glue the eggs on, you’ll probably be able to see the base of the wreath peeking through. The original crafter used a straw base to get around that, but if you use a styrofoam wreath, you can fill the gaps with floral decorations.

Washi Tape Spring Egg Wreath | Tatertots and Jello

Now that we’ve revealed the secret behind the previous Easter egg wreaths on this list, you can probably figure out how to make this one. You’ll need a styrofoam base, a bunch of plastic eggs, and some washi tape.

To conceal the white styrofoam, the crafter first wrapped it with a wide pink ribbon. After that, they just hot glued the eggs on and added some ribbons and pinwheels into the mix.

DIY Speckled Egg Wreath | Please Note

If you like the way speckled eggs look, why not make a whole wreath out of them? You’ll need some plastic eggs, spray paint in different colors, and a toothbrush you can use to flick the brown specks onto them. The original project used a fairly flimsy straw base, but you could also use a styrofoam form if you prefer a more robust base.

Easter Egg Wreath | Simple Joy

Easter Egg Wreath | www.wineandglue.com | A simple and easy diy!

Now, this project is one of the more interesting Easter egg wreaths on our list. To make them, you’ll need pastel embroidery floss, balloons, and some flour and starch.

After blowing the balloons up slightly — they need to be shaped like eggs, not spheres — wrap the starch-soaked floss around the balloons. The next morning, flip the balloons to allow the starch to dry completely. Finally, pop the balloons and construct your wreath!

Paint Swatch Easter Egg Wreath | Raising Kinley

If you recently painted your walls, here’s one way to make use of any leftover paint swatch papers. Cut egg shapes cut out of paint swatch papers and glue them onto a cardboard wreath shape. Lastly, add a hanging ribbon to the back and a pretty bow on top.

Easter Bunny Wreaths

Easter Bunny Burlap Wreath | Kenarry

This Easter Bunny Burlap Wreath is so cute! I especially love the bunny butt, carrots and Easter eggs. The craft tutorial and video make it look really easy to make one of these wreaths as home decor or a Easter hostess gift.

Burlap bags can provide a wonderful texture to Easter egg wreaths as evidenced by this Kenarry project. To make this wreath, start by wrapping a wide burlap ribbon around a round 16-inch wire base along with some accent fabrics.

Embellish the wreath with Easter eggs, yarn balls, and other decorative elements, and you have a stunning, rustic wreath for your front door.

Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath | Tried and True Creative

Make this super fun and colorful Rainbow Bunny PeepsRainbow Bunny Peeps® Wreath to celebrate Spring! Tons of ways to customize it to fit your decor!

Let’s face it — as snacks go, peeps leave a lot to be desired. Still, since they’re everywhere in the weeks before Easter, you might as well make use of the sugary treats.

You can easily attach some rainbow-colored peeps to a round styrofoam base with toothpicks! When you finish arranging the little guys, top the wreath off with a big bow and hang it up!

Rustic Easter Wreath | A Walk in the Countryside

Rustic Easter Wreath

The blogger behind this project used an existing Thanksgiving wreath basket to make it. However, you can also upcycle an old wicker basket. You’ll need to put a styrofoam brick inside it to fill it up and top it off with faux flowers and craft moss.

Lastly, add a ceramic bunny into it and top it off with a huge burlap ribbon. Needless to say, this DIY Easter wreath will pair well with other rustic, neutral-colored projects we’ve mentioned.

Bunny Wreath Tutorial | Sprinkle Some Fun

bunny wreath

Now, how’s this for an Easter wreath? Making a bunny-shaped twig wreath is the perfect way to brighten up your front door — or even your hallway. You’ll need four grapevine wreaths in total — a 10-inch one for the body, 8-inch one for the head, and two thin 6-inch wreaths for the ears.

Squeeze the smallest wreaths to create a more oval shape for the ears then put all the pieces together with brown wire. When you’re done, add tiny flowers and vines to the wreath and spice it up with a big bow around the bunny’s neck.

Bunny Topiary Wreath | The House That Lars Built

If you want to know other ways to make Easter Bunny wreaths, we’ve got you covered. This one requires several embroidery hoops, crepe paper in different shades of green, and some wire.

After attaching the two embroidery hoops with floral tape and making bunny ears out of wire, you’ll need to cut leaf shapes out of your crepe papers. After attaching the leaves to the bunny frame, add some ribbons to decorate it.

Bunny Pom Pom Wreath | Flamingo Toes

Spring Pom Pom Wreath DIY

Not all Easter Bunny wreaths need to be in the shape of a rabbit. Simpler versions like this one could be just as fun to make.

To start with, you’ll want to wrap twine around a styrofoam wreath base. Cut two bunny shapes out of white felt and sew them together with blue embroidery thread. Next, make a white yarn pom pom for the bunny’s tail, and a bunch of green ones for the grass. Lastly, add ribbons and mini foam eggs as accent pieces.

Easter Bunny Spring Wreath | The Happy Housie

Easter Bunny in the Grass Wreath square at The Happy Housie

If this wreath looks a bit bumpy, that’s because it has a grapevine wreath base. But as we have said before, you can always use a styrofoam or straw base instead. In any case, you’ll wrap the base with frayed burlap ribbon and green eyelash yarn. You can also add pink Ric Rac ribbon.

If you’re worried about the ceramic bunny falling off the wreath, you can replace it with a stuffed toy.

DIY Bunny Easter Wreath | Consumer Crafts

To make this adorably fuzzy bunny head wreath, you’ll need to stock up on white feather boas. Hot glue the stuff around a wire frame and add some pink felt ears. After gluing the white boa around the felt, you can admire your handiwork.

Burlap Moss Easter Bunny Wreath | House By Hoff

Moss and Burlap Easter Bunny Wreath via House by Hoff

Once again, we have a bunny-shaped wreath. This one requires two straw wreaths for the head and body, which you’ll wrap in Hobby Lobby moss rolls. Attach the two with floral tape, which you’ll later conceal with burlap ribbon.

The bunny’s ears will be made out of the same material. Lastly, you can attach a tan silk hydrangea to represent the bunny’s tail too.

Bunny Door Decoration | Hoosier Homemade

This project borrows elements from the previous two Easter Bunny wreaths from this list. However, it uses foam pipe covers and white fun fur to achieve the adorable result shown in the photo.

Rustic Rabbit Wreath | My Mommy World

rustic easter wreath hanging on a front door

If you’re looking for rustic projects to pepper around the house on Good Friday, consider making a little bunny nest. If you happen across an egg-shaped grapevine wreath in the store, grab it! Throw some craft moss, flowers, and tiny eggs into the cart and your old stuffed bunny will have a new home.

Giant Pipe Cleaner Bunny Easter Craft | Cutesy Crafts

Easter Craft - Make a bunny out of a giant pipe cleaner to make a cute wreath or wall hanging.

At first glance, this Easter Bunny wreath looks a lot like the project from Hoosier Homemade. However, it only requires two materials — a giant white pipe cleaner, and some ribbon. Just bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of a bunny, add the ribbon, and you’re done.

Easter Cross Wreaths

Easter Cross Wreath | Hometown Girl

Now if you want to reflect more obviously Christian motifs, find a styrofoam cross at the craft store. Wrap it in burlap and add some greenery before tacking on a “He Is Risen” sign. That should remind everyone what Easter is all about! If you want something different on the sign – check out our list of Easter Quotes for some great ideas.

DIY Easter Cross Wreath | Hannah Bollinger

DIY Easter Cross Wreath turtorial at Woven Beautiful. A simple and meaningful craft for this Easter Season!

Alternatively, if you want to make a slightly less obvious cross but a cross nonetheless, use twigs and flowers to create the general shape and swap it with twine. To conceal the middle of the cross, hot glue some large fake flowers over it.

Easter Flower Cross Wreath | Satsuma Designs

Easter flower cross wreath

Don’t let the glorious finished result here fool you — this project is one of the easiest Easter cross wreaths you’ll ever make. First, create the shape of a cross with scrap wood and staple some chicken wire to it. Then, fill the frame up with flowers from your garden!

And the best thing about this project is you can keep updating it with fresh blooms.

DIY Cross Wreath Using Coat Hangers | Crafty Homeschool Mom

Create a cross "wreath" from wire hangers, wire, and artificial flowers.

If you don’t have scrap wood to spare, you can make your cross shape out of wire coat hangers. After you bend them into the shape of a cross, make slots for your flowers with bendable wire. At that point, you’ll fill it up with fake or real flowers.

Old Rugged Cross Wreath | The Gaines Gang

Even though this blogger upcycled an old tobacco dryer to make the cross for their wreath, you can use any wooden cross you have in your home to achieve the same effect. Just hot glue the cross along with some fake lilies onto a grapevine wreath and top it off with a bow!

Twine Cross Wreath | Monica Wilkinson

If you liked the idea of using a styrofoam cross to make an Easter wreath, here’s another simple project for you. If you don’t want to leave it as is, you can pin some faux flowers into it too.

DIY Easter Wreaths

Five Minute Dollar Store Forsythia Wreath | The Happy Housie (on Porch)

Five Minute Dollar Store DIY Spring Forsythia Wreath tutorial at thehappyhousie.com.

This project may not feature any eggs or bunnies, but it’s indisputably one of the most vibrant Easter wreath decorations on our list. And the best part is, you won’t need to buy more than four things to make it.

How to Make Deco Mesh Carrots | Mardi Gras Outlet

deco mesh carrots how to make tutorial

If you want to lean into an Easter Bunny theme, these mesh carrots are the perfect way to do it. You’ll need several poly mesh rolls in different colors, some ribbons, and 2mm aluminum craft wire.

You’ll make the basic shapes of the carrots with the wire then wrap the orange mesh around them. After adding the green mesh on top, tie the carrots together with ribbon and hang it up.

Colorful Easter Wreath | Giggles Galore

DIY Easter Wreath

If you want to avoid all the usual Easter elements, Alison of Giggles Galore has the perfect project for you. To make the base, wrap colorful ribbons and trim embellishments around a straw wreath form. Then add felt flowers, pom poms, buttons, and whatever other decorations you want on there.

Top it all off with adorable yellow chicks from the craft supplies store, and your DIY Easter wreath will be complete!

Make an Easter Wreath in 10 Minutes | Home Made Modern

boxwood wreath for easter

If you got a boxwood wreath and you’re looking for a unique way to style it, here’s an idea. You can use a burlap ribbon to attach it to a blackboard and write “he lives” or even simply “Happy Easter” in the middle of the wreath. Click the link above to see other Easter unique ideas from Home Made Modern!

Easter Basket Wreath | Fun Squared

Fun Easter Basket Ideas: Easter Basket Wreath

Trust Fun Squared to come up with a cute way to deliver Easter gifts to your family members and neighbors. Of course, if you have kids, you might want to keep this wreath hidden right until the handoff!

Easiest Burlap Easter Wreath | Duke Manor Farm

The Easiest Burlap Wreath You will ever make

Didn’t we say that burlap is one of the best textures you can use to make your Easter wreath? Well, if you go to the Duke Manor Farm site, you’ll see what this project looks like in teal, too.

Scrap Fabric Wreath | Live Laugh Rowe

Such a lovely Scrap Fabric Easter Wreath with livelaughrowe.com

If you happen to have pastel scrap fabric, now is the time to break it out — particularly if you have it in fun gingham patterns! Tie strips of the fabric around a wire frame and add some plastic eggs into the mix.

Easter Grass Wreath | Miss Kopy Kat

Obviously, Miss Kopy Kat knows something we don’t — she went right for the green styrofoam base to pair with her lime green fun fur. After wrapping the yarn around the foam base, she clustered some foam eggs around a giant bow made up of two ribbons. The result looks amazing even at a distance!

DIY Paper & Fiber Easter Wreath | Lia Griffith

handmade Easter wreath with paper greenery and crepe paper covered cotton spun eggs

In many ways, this simple braided Easter wreath is our favorite! This project is every minimalist’s dream, accentuated by paper greenery and colorful spun cotton eggs.

To make it, you’ll need to follow Lia Griffith’s braided rope wreath tutorial first. You’ll start by making a classic three-strand braid out of six pieces of clothesline cotton rope. Tie off each end with a rubber band and hot glue the whole thing to a 10-inch embroidery hoop.

Next, you’ll use some paper leaves and colorful eggs to cover the messy part of your braided wreath. Remember, you can adjust any of these projects to fit your supplies or ability level. So you can replace those spun cotton eggs with plastic or foam ones — or even use the crepe paper trick we discussed earlier!

diy easter wreaths
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