Fairy Coloring Pages For Kids

Even though fairies have fascinated us for centuries, their origin and abilities have become murky, to say the least. Still, there’s an unexpected benefit to that. Namely, it pretty much makes them blank slates our children can project their own ideas onto. As far as they’re concerned, all you need to become a fairy is a pair of wings and an abundance of enthusiasm. Walmart, Amazon, or even Etsy can provide the wings. But until they arrive at your doorstep, you can drum up enthusiasm by printing out fairy coloring pages for kids. Of course, some kids are particular about the way they imagine fairies look. But don’t worry. We’ve made sure to include different designs, outfits, wing shapes, and poses in the printable illustrations below. Just have your little pixie point out the pictures she likes best and let her express her creativity!

Fairy coloring pages for kids
Classy fairy coloring page

Classy Fairy

Young fairy coloring page

Young Fairy Coloring Page

Fairy picks acorns coloring page

Fairy Picks Acorns

Fairy hovering over bird bath

Fairy in Birdbath

Fairy by castle coloring page

Fairy by Castle

Fairy casting a spell coloring page

Fairy Casts a Spell

Fairy flies above flower coloring page

Fairy Flies Above Flower

Fairy Godmother coloring page

Fairy Godmother Coloring Page

Tinkerbell fairy flying

Tinkerbell Flying

Classy fairy in grass coloring page

Classy Fairy in Grass

Fairy flies over mushroom coloring page

Fairy Mushroom & Acorns

Fairy on leaf coloring page

Fairy On Leaf

Fairy lays on pile of leaves

Woodland Fairy on Pile of Leaves

Fairy sits under a mushroom

Fairy Sitting Under Mushroom

Fairy on tree lined road

Fairy On Lovely Road

Fairy with butterfly coloring page

Fairy with Butterfly

Forest fairy coloring page

Forest Fairy Coloring Page

Magical fairy in flight coloring page

Magical Fairy in Flight

Magical fairy sitting

Magical Fairy Sitting

Natural fairy in grass

Natural Fairy in Grass

Tinkerbell in flight

Tinkerbell in Flight

Tinkerbell coloring page

Tinkerbell Coloring Page

Woodland fairy with bird coloring page

Woodland Fairy Plays with Bird

Woodland fairy casts a spell

Woodland Fairy Casts a Spell

Woodland Fairy coloring page

Woodland Fairy Coloring Page

Uncover the Magic With Fairy Coloring Pages for Kids

Generally, when a preschooler truly adores a subject, they tend to soak up any information about it. So if you’re looking to connect with them, you could do some research and tell your kids some fairy trivia while they color. We’ll even get you started with some fun facts about these mythical creatures.

For example: did you know that fairies are traditionally much more ominous than the images we have of them now? People who grew up in the nineties and early aughts usually associate fairies with FernGully, Tinker Bell, and the girls from the Winx Club cartoon. But before that, fairies were simply human-like supernatural beings with magical powers.

According to the old stories, fairies love playing pranks on people — which is a trait we can recognize in Peter Pan’s mischievous companion, at least. These creatures are often depicted as guardians of nature. That’s why the coloring pages above show them picking acorns, surrounded by flowers, mushrooms, and leaves.

If your child identifies with fairy characters, you could use that passion to make them care about the environment. In the Tinker Bell movies, different types of fairies perform different tasks in nature. There are water, garden, animal fairies, and more! So ask your little pixie if she’d like to try being a specific type of fairy for a day.

If she wants to be a water or garden fairy, get her wings and head to the nearest body of water or park. You can teach her about the importance of keeping our water clean while cleaning a part of the beach or picking up litter at the park. Aspiring animal fairies can just do some bird watching while they’re there too.

More Fairy Coloring Pages for Kids

If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for in our modest collection of fairy coloring pages, allow us to recommend a few other sources you could check out:

Just Color has incredibly intricate designs that would be perfect for kindergarteners and older children. However, the site also has other kinds of illustrations that would suit younger kids too.

Alternatively, if your kids prefer the cutesy appearance of Disney’s fairies, you’ll find plenty of printables on Super Coloring, Coloring Home, and Crayola. Between all those sites, your toddlers will be churning out art for months! You’ll just have to find someplace to keep it — and check on that fairy wings order.

Fairy coloring pages for kids
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