Front Door Spruce Up

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The nice weather has finally, finally, finally hit Massachusetts and that means it’s time to move onto some outdoor work — especially because I’m hosting an outdoor drizzle for my sister-in-law next month. (Have you heard of drizzles? It’s baby number 2 so they don’t need a whole shower, just a little somethin-somethin ).

ANYWAY. Painting our front doors has been on my list since we moved into the house. We have a side door (that we use 100% of the time) and a front door that we never use. Both of the doors are super cheap and not that great looking. They’re also some kind of metal so I’ve held off on painting them because I wasn’t sure they would hold paint well.

I decided to join forces with Modern Masters to work on some front door curb appeal, and I’m really happy about how things have turned out. Modern Masters has a paint specifically designed for front doors- it’s fade resistant and really durable. They also have a front door app to help you pick the color, basically you take a picture of your front door and then you can digitally “try on” all the colors.”

Originally I was going to play it safe with a white or black front door because our house is a light sage green. Then I said, NO! LET’S BE BOLD! and thought I’d go with coral or yellow. And then I reeled myself in and settled on a nice deep blue called Peaceful from the Front Door Paint line. It was quite a ride, I used the app and it really helped (search Front Door Paint in the Apple or Google play store and it’ll pop right up!).

Here’s my sad dingy doors and weather beaten exterior before I got to work:

front door before - sage green house old white doors

And let’s just reality check for a minute- neither of these entrances are ever going to be gorgeous unless they get ripped up and redone. BUT they can definitely look better than this with paint and flowers.

gray tinted zinsser primer- modern masters front door paint

I used gray tinted primer- gray because I was painting a dark color and it helps you get better coverage, and primer in general because the door is metal and I wanted to give the color something to stick to. Just one coat of primer was fine.

I painted only the outside of the side door because my dog jumps all over the inside of it when we get home and I was afraid he’d just scratch up any paint I put on (does anyone have input or thoughts on this? do you think it would be ok?). Then I painted both the inside and outside of the front door. After 2 coats of Peaceful went on I took and artist brush from the dollar store and did two coats of pure white paint around the window molding. No need to tape off the windows- just use a razor when it dries and scrape off any paint that got on the glass.

Once everything was painted and dried it was time to beautify the rest of the area. I picked up the leaves (yes, they fell last November and yes they were still everywhere), swept, cleaned, and added a bajillion plants.

navy and white front door on a light green house
ranch house curb appeal with front door paint and summer flowers

The plants are all spillers and spreaders, so in a few weeks once they’re settled in it’s going to look awesome. The in-the-ground plants are justtttttt starting to pop up, so I’ll update next month with how it’s all coming together. I’m lovinggggggg it so far though and I can’t wait to get to the rest of the outdoor space!

And just because, here’s a picture with the door open to the sunroom, which is generally how it is when we’re throwing a par-tay and want people to just come on in:

navy door gray and white sunroom bright light summer room

How are you sprucing your house up for summer?


Modern Masters provided the paint for this project, but I was not otherwise compensated and all thoughts and lovely potted plants are my own. Find their front door paint at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardwares as well as online via or the Modern Masters online shop.


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