Geometric Walls and Grout Paint

When we first moved into the house, the bathroom looked like this:

dark brown bathroom before

Don’t let the picture fool you- the walls were FAR too dark for the space, the tile was cracked, the floor grout was permanently stained, and there was a curtain where the vanity door should be.

Recently, we replaced the vanity and I painted the tile:

before and after budget bathroom update

But I’ve yet to talk to you about the walls and the floor!

Painting geometric walls was crazy easy.

geometric wall how to

The color there is “Fountain” by Sherwin Williams, which is as close to the “Aqua” Rustoleum spray paint as I could get. I bet lightened 25% it would have been spot on.

Because it’s a bathroom, I used mold and mildew resistant primer on both the walls and the ceiling. Then I rolled on 1 coat of Fountain, paced anxiously as it dried, then randomly Frog Tape-d the walls to look like my inspiration picture. Once done I rolled on two coats of City Nights by Clark + Kensington (Ace Hardware brand paint) and carefully peeled off all the tape.

I freaking love these walls. They are so modern and funky, and because it’s only 1/4 of the wall space it’s not overwhelming.


Next up- grout paint! This is simple- you get Polyrenew grout paint for like $12 dollars and an old toothbrush and just paint it right on:

grout paint before and after

Wipe up the excess as you go with a damp rag, then let it dry for 72 hours. And BAM! New grout color! You can see a much more detailed how to over on Domestic Imperfection’s blog .

So finally, here’s where the bathroom is today:

aqua and navy geometric wall pattern with frog tape

A million times lighter and brighter, and lots of personality!!

Still a bit left to do, like fill the space where the vanity ends and the wall begins, and maybe add a glass shelf above the toilet? I’m not sure about that yet though.

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