Goodbye Sparkles!

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master bedroom

In the hub bub of spackling, sanding, taping, draping plastic, and priming the master bedroom I have lost my camera battery charger, so I unfortunately I have no pictures of today’s progress. However, based on these before pictures you can imagine that anything would be an improvement.

Matt’s at work today so I got to work on the bedroom myself, and currently the first coat of primer is drying. It’s really dark and damp today so the one coat may be all I manage to get done today, but it definitely needs a second coat of primer before we can put the color on.

a nice bedroom setup

This room was a difficult one to prep. It has two different wall colors and a stripe in the middle, and on either side of the stripe is a strip of thick paint from where it bubbled over whatever painter’s tape the previous owners used.

I tried my best to sand the bubble down, and overall it’s definitely an improvement. I think we’ll have to wait until it’s done before we see what’s still showing through.

On top of that, the teenage girls that shared this room covered the wall in glitter stickers. There was sticker residue all over the walls that needed to be scraped then washed- I’m sure there’s some I missed because it was just everywhere.

I absolutely can’t wait for this room to be done so we can set up our bedroom furniture and feel like we can really be cozy and every room of the house. Once the bedroom is painted all that’s left in need of paint will be the two other bedrooms (which will have to wait a while) and the landing outside the three bedrooms (which will also wait a while)!

I really want to take a break from painting and focus on furniture, with the winter coming I think it’s important we get some rugs and room fillers so we’re not paying to heat an empty house.

Hopefully I’ll find my camera charger soon!!


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