65 Fun Halloween Crafts For Kids

kids carving pumpkins with their mom

What Kind of Crafts Are You Looking For?

My kids live for Halloween.  They’ve already started planning their costumes by spring break.  Because I want to encourage their enthusiasm, I try to make the days leading up to Halloween as special as possible.  We do lots of crafts as a family.  

As you can imagine, sometimes the results aren’t always what we expect.

Whether I improvised an ingredient, simplified the process, or made an entirely different use for the craft altogether…not everything is by the book in our house.  Not to mention, this mama likes things uncomplicated and inexpensive.  

Whichever of these crafts you choose, may you enjoy the laughter and memories that go into creating them.

NOTE: We have a separate article on Halloween Crafts for Toddlers & Preschoolers so be sure to check that out if you are looking for ultra-simple craft projects for younger kids.

**Monster Crafts**

Craft Stick Monsters

craft stick monsters

Craft stick activities are always a safe bet because kids of all ages can easily participate while having the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity.  Whether you want to try Frankenstein, a witch, or a scarecrow, these tutorials are easy to follow and are perfect for small groups.  

My discerning audience of two gave their seal of approval.

Spooky DIY Details: Fun 365

Frankenstein Bowling

frankenstein bowling

Talk about a Room Mother win:  I was the most popular parent at the school when I showed up with these for the class Halloween party last year.  I painted the cans myself after the kids went to bed so it would be a surprise.

Once at the party I stacked them into a glorious tin pyramid…only to watch it come crashing over with the roll of a tennis ball.  This is an excellent group game that can be played indoors [depending on the room] or outside.  

I think I might start making these for every holiday!

Spooky DIY Details: Party Delights

Creepy Crawlie Paper Bags

creepy crawlie paper bags

We like simple in our household.  Seeing some projects that required only paper bags and items from our craft box made this mama a happy camper.

Whether you choose a Frankenstein, spider, bat, or witch pattern, the basic instructions are simple.  I did the heavy lifting [cutting, stapling, etc.] and then let the kiddos go to town with craft supplies.

Spooky DIY Details: I Heart Crafty Things

Paper Plate Skeleton

paper plate skeleton

My 12-year-old-son was a little less than enthused about this project, but my 8-year-old daughter loved it.  She especially enjoyed me tracing her hands for the skeleton and drawing a silly face on him.

While it’s not difficult, it was a bit labor-intensive for me [or perhaps I’m just frazzled] as I was the one who had to punch all the holes in the joints and do all the tying. She absolutely loves to wiggle him around and make him “dance” so it was well worth it.

Spooky DIY Details: The 36th Avenue

Monster Montage

monster montage

Each of the kids had a friend over after school one October afternoon.  Not only was that double the child load, but it was raining outside. I spread an old bed sheet over the kitchen table, got out construction paper and supplies, and let them unleash their inner artists.

I challenged them to tape their finished products together so I could have a monster montage.  Not only did it occupy them for a few hours, I had a quirky piece of art to last me through the season.

Spooky DIY Details: Paper and Glue

Paint Zombie Rocks

paint zombie rocks

Remember my issue with the magnetic rock activity?  Uneven rocks actually worked in our favor here.  Zombies are supposed to be jagged and imperfect. Plus we didn’t have to worry about gluing any magnets.

I challenged my daughter to find the pointiest, strangest looking rocks she could find and we even pretended to be zombies while we waited for the paint to dry.

Spooky DIY Details: Simple Everyday Mom

DIY Play Dough

Anything that requires me to “stir over medium heat” makes me feel like I’m cooking dinner, not crafting.  Yet the kids seemed very intrigued to peer over the stove.  Once the ball of dough cooled, I broke off two chunks and let my kids knead.

We made our Play Dough orange by using a package of Kool-Aid during the mixing process, but you can always skip that step and add food coloring at the end if you want different colors in the same batch.

Spooky DIY Details: The Idea Room

Monster Plates

I stocked up on paper plates in Halloween colors while making my weekly stop at Dollar Tree.  Have I mentioned yet that Dollar Tree is my secret crafting weapon?

I oftentimes let the kids come with me to pick out a few goodies without breaking the bank.  We then look at the patterns for inspiration and add our new loot to our already overflowing craft box.  Seeing what their minds come up with using various objects never ceases to amaze me.

Spooky DIY Details: Simple as That

Toilet Tube Monsters

Sure, it’s fun to decorate a small cylindrical tube.  But do you want to know the best part of this craft?  The toilet paper!

We gathered all the kids in the neighborhood, a few bags of Charmin, and let the kids roll each other into mummies. They had an absolute blast. Some of them even decorated their toilet paper rolls as mini mummies.  

Spooky DIY Details: The Best Ideas for Kids

Paper Bag Monster Puppets

paper bag monster puppets

There are countless ways to decorate a paper bag for Halloween.  What makes these bags different is their use as puppets.

Puppets are interactive and designed to ‘talk’– perfect for a puppet show.  If there is an even number of people participating, consider splitting the groups in two for a spooky dance-off.

Spooky DIY Details: I Heart Crafty Things

Bookmarks of Monsters

bookmarks of monsters

Hands down, this was a massive success in our house.  Our whole family loves to read so we’re always in need of bookmarks– and these were so cute they will last us well beyond Halloween.  

It’s a good origami lesson for the kids, letting my younger child practice her fine motor skills with precision folding.

There was only some minor scissor and glue action on my end.  Overall the process was easy.  Once I made the squares, they made their creations.  I may have– allegedly– even made a few for myself.

Spooky DIY Details: Easy Peasy and Fun

Monster Cups

monster cups

Flipping a cup upside down and making cute Halloween decor is a tried and true craft.  Yet being the ever-resourceful mama I am, I found a new spin to put on this.  Consider decorating the cups right side up….and putting soil and seeds in them.

It’s a great way to teach kids about gardening and they’ll have a cute cup in which their seeds will sprout.

Spooky DIY Details: The Simple Parent

Rocking Monsters

rocking monsters

By this point in the game, my kids were pretty much over painting rocks.  Instead, I had them gather as many stones as they could collect in one trip and bring them to the backyard.  I laid out newspaper and gave them each a two minute time limit to create their own monster.

When they were done, I let them spray paint their work.  After they dried, I scattered and hid their colored stones in the backyard and sent them to see if they could retrieve them and reassemble their monster.

It was almost like hunting for Easter eggs, but at Halloween!

Spooky DIY Details: Nerdy With Children

Glow in the Dark Monster Eyes

monster crafts

Being the geology geek I am, I gravitate towards anything that allows our family to play with rocks.  Grab a pair of similarly sized stones for every pair of eyeballs you want to make and use white paint as a base for the glow-in-the-dark paint.

It will probably take 2 or 3 layers of glow paint– and be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly between applications.  Once dry, use black paint to make your pupils and any creepy veins.

From: Red Ted Art

Egg Carton Monsters

more egg carton monsters

Kelly Whalen is a “writer, frugality expert, debt slayer, and money nerd.”  I think I’m in love.  Her blog, The Censible Life, speaks to me.  

I’ve made a similar craft before using only one part of the egg cup, but this recipe involves using both parts to make a painted box that is perfect for storing a few pieces of candy. Paint and decorate the boxes.

From: Centsible Life

Paper Plate Monster Masks

paper plate monster masks

Is there anything craft-wise you can’t do with a paper plate?  I think not.  The basic premise for this recipe is cutting a paper plate in half and cutting out holes for the eyes. Beyond that, the decorations are entirely up to you.

Paint, markers, colored pencils, construction paper– you get the idea.  Try experimenting with orange and black plates as well to keep with the Halloween theme.

From: Fun 365

Monster Finger Puppets

monster finger puppets

How adorable are these?!  I love the idea of felt finger puppets.  My sewing skills are…primitive…so I was quite pleased to see there was a ‘no-sew’ option. One Creative Mommy is kind enough to include a Finger Puppet Template which gets you on the right track.

Be sure to use fabric glue, as we are dealing with felt.  There are tons of great visuals here so there’s no shortage of puppet options.

From: One Creative Mommy

Tissue Box Monster

tissue box monster

As always, I’m on the hunt for creative ways to recycle common household items. Turning an empty Kleenex box into a monster fit the bill. Paint the box and let dry.

Use scissors to cut teeth from white craft foam to glue in the top and bottom opening in the box.  This is a great way to use any extra egg cups [glue them to the top of the box and add googly eyes] leftover from any other crafts.

From: Giggles Galore

Juice Box Monsters

juice box monsters

I cannot wait to try this craft with my kiddos!  Cut open the top of the juice box and drop in a baggie of rice to weigh it down, approximately 1/2 a cup.  Re-seal, and wrap felt around the rest of the box, leaving the bottom uncovered so it will stay upright.

Let your imagination run wild with designs and accessories.  I’m also curious to attempt this with a wine bottle for a different shape. In order to weigh down the wine bottle, I’d suggest using a funnel to pour some rice in the bottle.

Pro Tip: Since this is breakable, it might be wise to store this on top of the mantel on on the kitchen counter if you have younger kids.

From: Crafts by Amanda

**Pumpkin & Jack-O-Lantern Crafts**

Multicolored Pumpkins

multicolored pumpkins

Surely I’m not the only one out there who hates carving pumpkins.  So when I saw this glorious idea for rainbow pumpkins, I was ecstatic.  Wipe down your pumpkins with a wet rag and let it dry. Then paint them with acrylic paints.That’s it!  

You can use hues in similar color families or let your imagination run wild.

Spooky DIY Details: The House That Lars Built

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

melted crayon pumpkin

While we’re on the topic of rainbow colors, let’s talked melted crayons.  I decided to make this for my kiddos while they were at school and the look of awe on their faces when they got home was priceless.

In order to make the wax pop, I used a white pumpkin and made a circle of crayons at the top.  All it took was turning on my blow dryer and the result was a wax creation that would make Madame Tussaud proud.

Spooky DIY Details: Mom Spark

Vampire Pumpkins

In the spirit of full disclosure, I had no part in the making of this vampire. My dad stopped by to bring by some pumpkins so I figured it would be a perfect activity for the kids to do with Grandpa.

The Dracula motif didn’t sit too well with my daughter so we let the boys have a go. Dad said this was definitely an activity that required lots of adult assistance but the finished product looked great.

Spooky DIY Details: Martha Stewart

Paper Jack-o-Lantern

paper lantern

Nostalgia is hitting with full force today.  I remember making these in school and my own kids made these in their classrooms as well. Tracing, cutting, and stapling are the only steps involved– which means the kids can be self-sufficient.

For an added bonus, string a line across a wall and clothespin the lanterns.

Spooky DIY Details: The Crafting Chicks

Yarn Pumpkins

yarn pumpkins

One of the highlights of my elementary school career was making yarn balls in Ms. Coville’s class.  So the prospect of using orange yarn to wrap around my fingers sent me right back there.

Wrap the yarn approximately 120 times and tie off the center. A piece of green pipe cleaner makes the stem.  Feel free to make multiples and hook the stem to a piece of string or hemp for a decorative display.

From: Design Improvised

Felt Pumpkin Treat Bags

felt pumpkin treat bags

Your child doesn’t have to go Trick-or-Treating with a generic plastic bucket.  Make your own!  The Hello, Wonderful team shows you how with step-by-step instructions. I found their easy-to-follow steps and photos to be quite beneficial because this is a process that can get a bit labor-intensive.

My kids definitely want to do this for their Halloween bags this year.  Oh, and there’s also a recipe for a bat bag too. For those of you who know how to sew or embroider, consider stitching your child’s name on there for a personal touch.

From: Hello Wonderful

Paper Pumpkins

paper pumpkins

The picture drew me in immediately, but upon scanning the ingredients list I realized we do not have a paper cutter.

I suppose I could make do with a ruler and scissors but I failed cutting in kindergarten– true story– and my scissor game hasn’t improved all that much when it comes to precision cutting.

However you choose to cut the paper, the end result is topped off with a twig, twine, and construction paper leaves for a crafty, mixed media feel.

From: DIY Inspired

**Spider Crafts**

Pine Cone Spider

pine cone spider

Melissa, the mom of two who runs Fireflies + Mudpies, used to be an elementary school counselor.  I think it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about what kids like. Send your own kiddos outside to gather some pinecones.

Wrap four pieces of the pipe cleaner around the pinecone to make eight legs and add lots of googly eyes since spiders have multiple eyes with supersonic sight.

Optional:  Use twine to create webs for the spiders.

From: Fireflies and Mudpies

Trash Bag Spider Webs

trash bag spider webs

Two of the things I love most in life:  cheap and simple.  This satisfied both.  I grabbed a trash bag, made a few folds, a cut here and there, and the next thing you know I had spider webs that looked like they came from a party store!  Just be warned, though, it gets slippery– so use tape to secure the bag as you are cutting.

Spooky DIY Details: How About Orange

Spider Suckers

spider suckers

These would be cute treats for the Halloween class party or even to hand out to Trick-or-Treaters.  Taking a lollipop as a base– I suggest larger ones such as Tootsie Roll Pops or Blow Pops– wrap two black pipe cleaners around each stick.

A dab of glue and a pair of googly eyes and voila!  Anything that I can make in less than a minute is music to my ears.

From: The Inspiration Board

Yarn and Popsicle Stick Spiderwebs

yarn and popsicle stick spiderwebs

Immediately I noticed that Chelsey, the brain behind Buggy and Buddy, said “super simple” in her instructions.  She also mentioned that this was a good activity to hone those fine motor skills for the younger kids.

Although Chelsey suggests using tempera paint, I believe markers could work just as well if that’s all you have on hand.  Plastic spiders or spider stickers optional.

Pro Tip:  Not to cross-reference [okay, that’s exactly what I’m doing], but if you read my coaster article ((consider linking it)) this could be a funky Halloween option.

From: Buggy and Buddy

Pom-Pom Spider

Spiders can sometimes be scary, even in crafts. My 8-year-old daughter, who is terrified of those 8-legged creatures in virtually any capacity, loved these. They are colorful and friendly.

Choosing to use brightly colored pipe cleaners as legs on a black pom-pom with googly eyes makes the spider cute instead of creepy.  The multicolored beads add a nice, bright touch.

You can find pom-pom bags in assorted sizes and colors at craft stores and oftentimes even Dollar Tree.

From: The Best Ideas for Kids

**Mummy Crafts**

Mummy Pinata

mummy pinata

Anything pertaining to a pinata has me sold.  I was willing to work as hard as necessary to make this happen, but a giant bold headline grabbed my attention:  “Skills Required: None.”  Hallelujah!

Stuff your pinata with small toys in candy. Twine, white crepe paper, and googly eyes round out the instructions.  We will definitely be making these come October.

Perhaps I could make a larger version using a jumbo-sized Pringles container to take to the class parties at school….it’s worth a try.

From: DIY Candy

Mummified Glass Jar Candle Holder

mummified glass jar candle holder

I’ve experimented with luminary jars before and this one takes the cake for easiest craft in the category.  Wrap the mason jar in white gauze. Glue on some googly eyes. Drop in a flameless votive candle and there you have it.

Pro Tip:  The flameless votive candles were a total game-changer for me.

So many times I’ve made crafts that involve tealight candles and they always make me a nervous wreck.  Never again will I have to worry about burning down my house in the pursuit of creative crafting!

From: A Little Claireification

Neon Mummy Jar Candy Holders

neon mummy jar candy holders

Yet another recipe to shout the praises of flameless votive candles!  Or battery tea lights, as the folks at Kids Craft Room call them. Once again we’re using the electric wonders and mason jars. Technically the tea lights are optional, but I’m absolutely loving them, so that’s my recommendation.

Colored tissue paper and white yarn, for that mummy effect, give these a pop of color, with or without the tea lights.  

Be sure to place them in a setting where the sunlight streams through or they are next to a lamp to maximize the bright colors.

From: Kids Craft Room

**Vampire & Bat Crafts**

Toilet Paper Roll Bats

toilet paper roll bats

It doesn’t get much easier than this.  Paint a toilet paper roll black, add some construction paper wings, and glue on the googly eyes. The author suggests folding the toilet paper tube in half and folding in the ends, but I think you could do it either way. Then again, I always prefer the easiest option.

From: Practically Functional

Paper Plate Vampire

paper plate vampire

As soon as my 8-year-old daughter saw this picture, she got very excited at the prospect of using one of her hairbows for Dracula’s bowtie. We both thought that was a cute touch. There are very few things you can’t do with a paper plate and construction paper, and this recipe proves that.

From: Artsy Momma

Paper Bats

paper bats

These bats can be made with black construction paper or cardstock.  You can purchase googly eyes or make them out of construction paper. Use a bowl to trace the body of the bat or use the bat template available on the recipe.  Fold the wings accordion-style and flutter away.

From: I Heart Crafty Things

Vampire Corner Bookmarks

vampire corner bookmarks

What parent doesn’t appreciate a blog called “Easy Peasy and Fun?”  Combine the appealing title with a craft that appeals to the three bookworms in my house and it’s an all-around winner. This is a great way to introduce simple origami to kids and the concept of a cheerful vampire taking a bite out of your book is just too cute to resist.

From: Easy Peasy and Fun

Egg Carton Bat

Seeing as how my son is a Batman fanatic, I enlisted his help for this one. We painted the egg carton black and used the individual egg slots as the ‘body’ of the bat. Add some construction paper wings and googly eyes and you’re good to go.

He did ask if I knew how to make one for Superman, but unfortunately, my craft game isn’t that strong.

Spooky DIY Details: Crafty Morning

**Black Cat Crafts**

Paper Bobble Black Cat

paper bobble black cat

It’s no secret we’re a family of avid readers, so any bookmark craft appeals to us. Although there are a lot of instructions here, it’s nothing too difficult, and most of the items you’ll already have in your craft box.

Everything is much easier if you print out and prepare the cat template in advance, especially if you are making multiples.

From: Fireflies and Mudpies

Cat String Lights

cat outline

*This did not link to a particular blog, only a template, so I just summarized the instructions.

I know what we’ll be stringing from our mantel this fall!. Cut out the cat template from black card stock and use a hole punch to make eyes about 2.5 inches apart.  Stick a twinkle light in each eye to make the cat’s face glow. Use twine for whiskers.

This inspires me to find a way to use twinkle lights on the mantel with every holiday or occasion, 365 days a year!


Sock Black Cat

sock black cat

Gulp.  Stuffed animal involving sewing.  But it only takes 15 minutes– could it really be that difficult?  We’ve already established that my sewing skills are subpar, yet this actually looks do-able.

 Stuffing a black sock with poly-fill (so that’s the official name for that stuffing stuff!) and sewing the top shut is probably something I can manage. I will skip out on the part where I sew on additional white whiskers and just stick to gluing on buttons for eyes.

From: Home Talk

**Ghost Crafts**

Tin Can Ghosts

tin can ghosts

Seeing as how I guzzle coffee, having empty cans lying around was no problem. I spray painted them white, hot glued some streamers, and hung them outside.

It’s a unique decoration that nobody else in the neighborhood has and the kids love watching the streamers blow in the breeze. Sometimes it even sounds spooky when the cans clang together when things get really windy.

Spooky DIY Details: Chicken Scratch NY

Potato Stamp Ghosts

potato stamp ghosts

I must admit, I’ve never seen anything like this, so huge props for being innovative.  Cut the bottom off of a potato to make the flat portion the ghost. Dip it in white paint and stamp on black construction paper.

When all is dry, let the kids dip their fingers into black paint and make facial features.  Bonus points if you make mashed potatoes for dinner that evening.

From: My Mommy Style

Ghost Balloons

ghost balloons

I probably looked like a ghost after I read the materials needed for this project. Wire cutters? Air tank? Since my construction crew was unavailable, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I blew up balloons (not with an air tank!), tied them with some weighted strings, and draped white sheets with eye cutouts over their heads. Just call me MacGyver.

Spooky DIY Details: Oh Happy Day

Lollipop Ghosts

lollipop ghosts

What a breath of fresh air after my last ghost encounter!  My son put Kleenex over lollipops and held the base while I tied them with orange and black ribbon.

My daughter used a Sharpie to dot two eyes. How gloriously simple. Unlike our last project, this one did not require my non-existent engineering degree.

Spooky DIY Details: One Little Project

Ghost Rocks

ghost rocks

Allow me to amend my previous statement that my kids were over rocks.  It just so happens that at Grandpa’s house, he has those light, airy white rocks that anchor his shrubs.

Taking solid rocks that were uniform in color, texture, and size and turning them into ghosts with a marker is apparently much more fun.

Spooky DIY Details: Easy Peasy and Fun

Mason Jar Ghosts

mason jar ghosts

Technically this was supposed to be a ghost.  Which is certainly could be if you painted your mason jar white. But my son decided he wanted Frankenstein instead, so we painted it green and dropped in a tea light for an eerie glow.

I made sure to put it high on the mantle because I have two rambunctious children running around.  Frankenstein would not look so fantastic anymore if he sat my house on fire.

Spooky DIY Details: Simply Kierste

Simple Leaf Ghosts

This takes the cake for easy Halloween crafts for kids.  Send the wee ones outside to forage for some leaves. Paint them white. Use a black Sharpie to make faces. And that concludes today’s craft, ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to allow the kids [and the adults!] to jump into piles on leaves while you’re gathering material.

From: Artists Helping Children

**Witch & Wizard Crafts**

Harry Potter Wizardry Wands

harry potter wizardry wands

Your little wizard will be transported right back to Hogwart’s with these wands.  Not only do they work for Harry Potter-themed adventures, but they add a nice touch to any sort of witch or sorcerer costume.

Note that this does Involve copious amounts of glue from a hot glue gun, so Mom or Dad needs to be in charge of the assembly.

Spooky DIY Details: Boxy Colonial

Finger Witches

finger witches

Double double, toil and trouble….Who doesn’t love a witchy finger puppet?  These construction paper witches are easy to make and require very little assembly.

Kids will enjoy customizing their witch’s hair and hats and can even have a play finger war to see who can knock their opponent’s witch ‘off the broom’ first.  Bonus points for the witch with the best cackle.

Spooky DIY Details: Krokotak

Witches Broom Pencils

witches' broom pencils

This is the perfect treat for the kids to bring for their classmates on Halloween.  Stock up on pencils and lollipops at the Dollar Tree and tape the lollipops upside down to the pencils.

My daughter helped me cut strips of paper which we then secured around the broom and the base of the pencil. It was a total hit– even her teacher asked me for the instructions.

Spooky DIY Details: Exploring Domesticity

Paper Plate Witch Craft

paper plate witch craft

We’ve already established the value of paper plates in crafting. What distinguished this recipe to me was the witches’ hair. Trace your little one’s hands on orange construction paper and cut out to make the witches’ mane.  As for the rest of the project, paint the plate green, and add a black construction paper hat.

From: Crafty Morning

**Haunted House Crafts**

Build a Haunted House from Cardboard Boxes

build a haunted house from cardboard boxes

Grab your little architects and a bunch of boxes because it’s time to get building for a haunted dollhouse. Settle on the look of your house and stack accordingly. Once their custom specifications are met, glue the boxes together for a more permanent structure.

Much to my son’s chagrin, I did not have any refrigerator boxes lying around to make a ‘mansion’ large enough for him to have multiple rooms inside the boxes.

Spooky DIY Details: Project Kid

Haunted House Cutout

My 8-year-old daughter said this cutout reminded her of the advent calendars with candy for each say.  She was kind enough to remind me that there is also lots of candy associated with Halloween. So it’s only natural that after we made our house and drew the ghosts in the windows, she left a bowl of candy beside her artwork in case the ‘ghosts’ got hungry.

A great, tactile craft for kids who love pop up books.

Spooky DIY Details: Sarah Jane Studios

**Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids**

Sugar Drawings

sugar drawings

Dixie Crystals are ideal for this recipe.  According to Mod Podge Rocks, this sugar can be difficult to find out west– but she so preferred it she ordered it online.  Regardless, you will need granulated sugar, flour, and vegetable oil. This craft does involve the stove.

Mix the aforementioned ingredients with water to make ‘glue’ to paint spiderwebs on construction paper.  Let dry overnight and paint watercolors over the spiderwebs.

Both of my kids thought this looked super cool and said they want to add it to our repertoire.

From: Mod Podge Rocks

Spooky Paper Cutouts

spooky paper cutouts

Talk about a one-stop-shop for all things patterned. The illustration shown involves tracing the spider template, folding accordion-style, and cutting. Yet that spider template is one of 45 different stencils and templates offered by Country Living.

You’ll find everything from cupcake stencils to graveyard templates.  This is one of those sites to bookmark for those times when your drawing skills might need an assist.

From: Country Living

Treatbox Village

treatbox village

The versatility of the Scalloped Box [as seen on Lawn Fawn] gives me endless ideas for all holidays. They offer a Haunted House, Shut The Front Door, and Cute Cobweb add-ons to create the perfect haunted house.

Note to self:  order dozens of Scallop Boxes for all occasions because they will inevitably come in handy for a variety of things.

From: Lawn Fawn

Halloween Stick Puzzles

Head to your local craft store and grab some wooden sticks, close to or slightly larger than the size of your average popsicle stick. While there, pick up spray paint in various colors. Let the kiddos create their own Halloween themed masterpieces.

Be sure to allow ample time to dry.  Then, using paint pens, draw on the colored ‘canvas.’ Disassemble the sticks and voila!  It’s both artwork and a puzzle. And the best part? You can do the exact same thing on the other side of the stick. Consider it a two for one deal.

Spooky DIY Details: Made Everyday

Colorful Skull Luminaries  

These luminaries look creepy cool, but there’s a lot involved to make them.  Just take a look at a few of the ingredients:  Con-Tact paper, cosmetic sponges, acrylic paint, and tea lights.

There’s cutting, painting, and tracing involved. Not to mention the fact that there will be a live flame burning. Even though these make a colorful and unique Halloween decoration, parental supervision is imperative throughout. Older kids will appreciate this experience.

Spooky DIY Details: Amanda.com

Clay Halloween Pins

clay pins

What a fun idea for teacher gifts or party favors. Many moons ago, I remember making these as a child with my mom.  It was a special bonding time for us. She even turned on “Monster Mash” in the background for full effect.

We made it our Halloween ritual. I can still see myself in her kitchen, using the cookie cutters and playing with the clay. After she popped them in the oven, we’d glue safety pins to the back, and I’d pass them out like candy.  On Halloween day I think I wore half a dozen on my shirt.  

These are a great way to make lifetime memories!

Spooky DIY Details: Handmade Charlotte

Magnetic Halloween Rocks

magnetic halloween rocks

We actually tried this in our home and encountered a slight snafu.  I let my 8-year-old daughter gather rocks from around the neighborhood. When she returned, some of them were too rough on which to place a magnetic strip.

Depending on your location, it can be difficult to find the smooth rocks necessary for this project. Although we were able to salvage a few, we ended up painting the rest anyway and leaving them around town as a Halloween-themed ‘901 rocks– a city-wide game where if you find a painted rock, you hide it for somebody else to find.

Overall this works best if you have smooth rocks that are similar in size.  

Spooky DIY Details: This Heart of Mine

Salt Dough Ornaments

It’s like a Christmas tree but for Halloween!  After kneading your salt, flour, and water mixture, whip out the cookie cutters and make your designs.

When my son and I made these, we noticed that the holes we poked at the top of each shape shrank considerably after baking, so keep that in mind. After baking for a few hours around 150 degrees, I waited several days until I let him paint with acrylics.

Perhaps because he’s a 12-year-old boy, but this process got very messy, so I would suggest using newspaper outside. Once the paint dried, we tied strings through the hole and made our very own “Halloween tree” by the front door.  

Our neighbors were so impressed I think we started a trend.

Spooky DIY Details: The Craft Train

Simple Halloween Slime

simple slime

I think I had just as much fun with this one as the kids did!  Who knew you could make slime with only a few common household ingredients? Glue, baking soda, water, and contact lens solution.

Must Note:  Be sure that your lens solution has boric acid, as that is what interacts with the glue. Add food coloring to the finished product and you have oozy, gooey, slimy goodness.

The kids would have been fine after this step but I found these adorable little mason jars to seal the slime in for decorative purposes.

We used construction paper and play eyeballs to create Frankenstein pots to use as decoration and give as gifts.

Just please be sure that no little sisters get slime put in their hair during the making of this craft.

Spooky DIY Details: The Best Ideas for Kids

Be sure to share with me any of your favorite DIY Halloween crafts for kids. From our family to yours, Happy Halloween!

kids carving pumpkins with their mom
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