38 Creepy-Delicious Halloween Cupcake Ideas

creepy-delicious halloween cupcake ideas

Few things go together better than Halloween and sweets. From caramel apples to sacks full of candy, sugary treats for Halloween are just as important as the ghosts and goblins.

So, if you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party, you want to send a fun treat to school with your child, or you would just like to have some scary fun in the kitchen, the following 38 creepy Halloween cupcakes recipes are for you!

38 Easy Halloween Cupcake Recipes

Jack “The Pumpkin King” Skellington

To create Jack Skellington on a cupcake, place white rolled fondant over a layer of chocolate ganache. Then, use black licorice for Jack’s eyes and mouth. Then, add some chocolate icing lines to complete The Master of Fright’s ghoulish grin.

To make this recipe easier, you can use smoothed white icing instead of the ganache and fondant. You could also use more pieces of licorice for the smaller lines on Jack’s mouth. This would be a great, easy recipe to make with children and, since Jack Skellington is such a popular Halloween icon, you can bring these cupcakes to any scary festivity.

From: Not Quite Nigella

Witchy Little Women

witchy little women

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble! These little witches start with a Hershey Kiss for the chest and a lime Tootsie Roll, rolled into a ball, as the head. A little extra lime Tootsie Roll makes the witch’s signature nose. Then, candy corn is placed on a dollop of candy melt, then dipped in candy melt to make the witches hat. Put it all together, and you’ve got a cute, edible cupcake topper.

Though the use of different candies eliminates the need for expert decorating skills, these witchy cupcake toppers will be very time consuming and a little messy. This is a project best done by older kids and adults, but young kids will have fun playing with the Tootsie Rolls and munching on candy corn.

From: Sugar Swings

Ghost and Mummies Galore

ghost and mummies galore

With just a little fondant, you can make two iconic Halloween ghouls. For the ghosts, you’ll roll out some white fondant, cut a large circle, and drape it over the icing on a cupcake. Then, dip a toothpick in black food coloring and make small dots for the ghost’s eyes. For the mummies, you’ll start with another fondant circle the size of your cupcake. Then, you’ll add two small chocolate candies for the eyes, and then cover him with small strips of white fondant in random patterns.

Though these cupcakes take minimal effort and skill, they look fantastic and would have a huge impact on a dessert table. Have the kids help roll the fondant and cut out the shapes for a treat the whole family can feel proud to have made.

From: The Things She Makes

Monster-Mallow Pop Cupcake Toppers

monster mallow pop cupcake toppers

To make Frankenstein, melt green candy melts and dip in a marshmallow on a stick. Once dry, place a dollop of wet candy melts on top then dip into chocolate sprinkles for hair. Use candy eyes or draw on eyes, a mouth, and other small details with an edible marker. For the jack-o-lanterns, dip the marshmallow in orange candy melts and draw on triangle eyes and a zigzag smile once dry.

Kids and adults will have a great time dipping these marshmallows and drawing on the faces. Use the finished product as cupcake toppers, or eat them on their own for a smaller Halloween treat!

From: Cake Whiz

Radioactive Eyeball Monster

radioactive eyeball monster

This recipe starts with any cupcake you’d like, homemade or store-bought, but consider using a fun, colorful liner for a really cool look. To make the radioactive eyeball monster, you’ll melt green candy melts then add Froot Loops and coat them completely. Heaps of this mixture are scooped onto parchment paper get covered in M&M “eyeballs”. Once dry, the globs are placed on top of the cupcakes.

This treat with a fruity surprise will be a huge hit with little ones this Halloween. And they’ll really love to help make them, too!

From: Cake Whiz

Beastly Bats

To make these batty treats, start with a cupcake with high frosting. Then, cut a small cookie to make two wing shapes and two small triangles for the ears. Use royal icing to decorate the wings and ears. Once the wings and ears are placed into the frosting, add two eyeballs and marvel at the beastly treat you’ve created.

Since you can make this with all store-bought ingredients, this is a great recipe for those who want to create a homemade treat, but don’t want the baking that comes along with it.

From: Spaceships and Laser Beams

Monster Mash-Up

With Frankenstein, mummies, skeletons, and jack-o-lanterns, these cupcakes will make the perfect addition to a Halloween party. Though most of these cupcakes are done entirely by icing decorations, which requires some level of decorating skill, the spider cupcakes, made by placing a brown peanut M&M for the body and a brown regular M&M for the head, would be a fun and easy cupcake to make.

Whether you create a web design with brown and white icing or leave the icing plain, having creepy spiders alongside your other Halloween monsters would be an exciting treat!

From: Preppy Kitchen

Cute Party Pumpkins

cute party pumpkins

Begin with any cupcake you like. Even miniature cupcakes would be great for this recipe. Then, swirl bright, pumpkin orange icing on top. Use a Tootsie Roll, rolled fondant, licorice, or something similar to make the pumpkin’s stem. You can leave it as is, or add a couple of candy eyeballs to up the cuteness factor.

These easy Halloween cupcakes are great for Halloween parties and don’t require a lot of skill or time to make. Whether you use full-size cupcakes or miniatures, they are sure to be the talk of the dessert table!

From: Fun Squared

Creepy, Crawly Spiders

creepy, crawly spiders

To make these cupcake spiders, you’ll start with a chocolate cupcake in a spider web cupcake liner. Then, you’ll add a thin layer of chocolate icing. For the legs, you can use Tootsie Rolls, rolled into long strings, chocolate licorice, or something similar. Stick four of the “legs” on both sides of the cupcake so that they hang down the sides. Add some eyes, and you’ve got the best creepy, crawly cupcakes.

Kids will love these spider cupcakes for the school parties, but they would be creepy if they were scattered around on a dessert table, too.

From: Crazy Little Projects

Spider Web Toppers

spider web toppers

To make these, melted chocolate is added to a piping bag, then piped onto parchment paper in a spider web design. Once cool, you can add little spiders with dark chocolate or brown M&Ms, or just leave them plain. These little chocolate webs can be set on top of any cupcake to add a special Halloween flair.

Having an extra treat on top of a cupcake is a fun and easy way to get into the Halloween spirit.

From: Cake Whiz

Spikey Spider Oreos

Treats on treats on treats! These spikey spiders are the perfect cupcake topper for Halloween. Using a chocolate covered Oreo dipped in chocolate sprinkles, you can create the body of these scary snacks. Add some candy eyes and pieces of licorice for legs, and you’ve got the scariest, most delicious cupcake topping ever made.

These would be a lot of fun to make as a family and could be used as a cupcake topper or eaten on their own. Place them in a treat bag for a great Halloween surprise for kids to pass out in school.

From: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Easy Oreo Spiders

easy oreo spiders

If the task of covering Oreos in chocolate isn’t appealing, give these easier Oreo cupcakes a try. All you’ll need is half an Oreo, candy eyes, and some piping chocolate. Place the Oreo half on top of the cupcake, draw legs along the icing, and add eyes on top.

These treats couldn’t be easier and, as a bonus, the Oreo on top will stop you from getting icing on your nose while you enjoy your cupcake!

From: Texanerin

Ground-Breaking Skeleton

ground-breaking skeleton

This cupcake is all about the topper, which can be purchased during the Halloween season in many stores. By using chocolate icing, you’ll create a base that looks like muddy earth. Add some Oreo cookie crumbs and green sprinkles for the dirt and grass, and this skeleton hand will look even more realistic.

This would be an easy treat to make with homemade or store-bought cupcakes. And, unlike the edible cake toppers, partygoers will have a fun little decoration leftover once they finish their treat.

From: Eighteen 25

Modeling Chocolate Monsters

modeling chocolate monsters

This cupcake recipe isn’t for the faint of heart. Not because it’s scary. These monsters are actually pretty cute! But the recipe itself could be downright terrifying to a novice baker. From making your own modeling chocolate to covering the whole cupcake and creating all the monster details, this would be a tedious and time-consuming project. Even the hair, eyeballs, and mouths are made of homemade modeling chocolate!

If you’re going for baker-of-the-year, or just want to make a few of these cupcakes to add to others on a dessert table, this would be a great kitchen experiment for adults and older kids.

From: Hungry Happenings

Crazy Eyed Monster

crazy eyed monster

These cupcakes are goofier than they are scary, but kids will definitely love them. First, the cupcake is decorated with different colored frostings. You could use a mixture of purple, green, black, and orange for a fun Halloween effect. Then, white candy melts are affixed to paper straws to make an eyeball. A large round sprinkle and mini chocolate chip are used for the iris and the pupil of the eyeball.

These eyeballs can be put on however you like. You can just put one eyeball for a cyclops, or many for a creepy monster. These creepy Halloween cupcakes will be fun for kids to make and eat for Halloween.

From: Pizzazzerie

Happy Little Monsters

happy little monsters

These easy Halloween cupcakes are a mixture of monsters and aliens, making them adorable and strange. The cupcake liner is covered with a liner made from craft paper with silly mouths, which can be drawn or glued on. The top of the cupcake has frosting to match the liner to create a cohesive look. Then, eyeballs made from malted milk balls, icing, and M&Ms are set on top.

These out-of-this-world monsters will bring smiles to everyone’s face during this Halloween season!

From: Spaceships and Laser Beams

Pillowy Marshmallow Crème Ghosts

These fluffy ghost cupcakes not only look adorable, but the recipe sounds downright delicious. The frosting used to create these ghosts, which is a marshmallow frosting with a marshmallow crème base, is the perfect consistency to make a piled-high ghost. By piping the frosting on in a cone shape, then adding a regular chocolate chip for his mouth and mini chocolate chips for his eyes, you’ll create the perfect ghost.

The best part about this recipe has to be the frosting. Once you try it, I imagine it will make it into all your other baking projects, as well.

From: Frugal Coupon Living

Ice Cream Cone Creeps

ice cream cone creeps

This recipe gets an A+ for creativity. Instead of a traditional cupcake, the batter is poured into multicolored ice cream cones then baked. Create Frankenstein and his bride, the Wolf Man, and Dracula with icing, candy eyes, and any other treats you can imagine.

These cupcakes are really versatile and, with a little imagination, you could make just about any scary Halloween ghoul you’d like!

From: Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Rattling Bones Skeletons

rattling bones skeletons

These sky-high skeletons are created with white chocolate covered mini pretzels, a lollipop stick, and a large marshmallow. You could assemble them ahead of time or create them directly on top of your favorite cupcake. By stacking the pretzels and using pretzel pieces as arms, this skeleton has a bone-rattling, creepy effect!

These skeletons don’t take a ton of decorating skill or time, but they would make a huge impact on a dessert table or as a centerpiece. The pretzels also add an extra sweet treat to an already delicious cupcake!

From: Cookies and Cups

Stylish Skeletons

stylish skeletons

What could be spookier than a skeleton in a hat on a cupcake? These incredible treats start with a scoop of icing for the skeleton’s skull. You could use a mini ice cream scoop or something similar to put the icing on. Then, brown M&Ms are used for eyes and two small pieces of black licorice for the nostrils. You can either use small drops of icing or halved white jellybeans for his teeth.

Whether you leave them as-is or add the top hat with a chocolate wafer and mini cupcake, these stylish skeletons are sure to be a big Halloween hit!

From: My Recipes

Glaring Owls

glaring owls

Another Oreo creation, these owl faces start with a cupcake with a layer of icing. Then, halve some Oreos and put two crème covered Oreo halves on top for eyes. Brown M&Ms in the centers makes the owl’s pupil. Two-quarters of an Oreo will serve as the eyebrows and an orange M&M makes the beak.

These adorable owls are a great treat for kids and adults alike. And since they are easy to make, the whole family can have fun creating them.

From: My Diverse Kitchen

Frankenstein’s Monster

frankenstein’s monster

The classic story of Frankenstein comes to life with these Halloween treats. A scoop of green icing is smoothed to make Frank’s flat head. Then, the top is dipped into chocolate sprinkles to create Frankenstein’s hair. Two Tootsie Roll halves make his neck bolts and M&Ms make his eyes.

These Frankenstein cupcakes will take a bit of time and decorating skill, but the result is well worth the effort!

From: Your Cup of Cake

Professional Quality Creeps

While this is less of a recipe and more of a list of ideas, these cupcakes are just too cool to leave off of this list. The skeletons are made with a mold and can be done with fondant or melted chocolate. The hairy monster can be made with thinly rolled fondant or by using a grass tip with icing. The mummy is very similar to the mummy and ghost cupcakes above.

For aspiring decorators who are looking for something to test their skills, these professional-looking cupcakes would be a fun and challenging project.

From: Cake Central

Flat Frankenstein Toppers

flat frankenstein toppers

By covering a graham cracker with green icing for a face and brown icing for hair, you can create the perfect Frankenstein cupcake topping. Using a cookie stick or Tootsie Roll for his neck bolts will complete the whole look.

This is an easy recipe you could do with the kids. You can also make these ahead of time and use store-bought cupcakes to make this Halloween recipe even easier.

From: Better Homes and Gardens

Gooey Eyeball Slime Monster

gooey eyeball slime monster

Nothing says Halloween like a slimy, creepy monster! This cupcake starts with piled-high green buttercream icing. Then, green gel icing is dripped along the sides of the cupcake to create a gooey, slimy effect. To top this creepy cupcake off, add a gumball eyeball on top.

This is an easy cupcake that could be altered in a lot of ways to fit your party décor. You could use multiple colors of icing and slime, or do all red to make an even scarier, bloody eyeball cupcake. The possibilities are endless with this slimy eyeball monster.

From: Make Bake Celebrate

Melted Eyeball Monster

melted eyeball monster

For this next cupcake, a green blob monster has melted into a puddle, leaving only his green slime and his many eyeballs. By placing green ganache, slightly melted icing, or rolled fondant in a melted blob shape on a cupcake and adding eyeballs, you will create this melted monster look.

You could do a variety of colors for the blob or any other object instead of eyes, like candy bones or spiders. These easy and versatile cupcakes will be fun to make and serve for Halloween.

From: Hoosier Homemade

Broomstick Parking

broomstick parking

This is one of the few non-edible cupcake toppers on this list. For these adorable witches’ brooms, you’ll raid your craft drawer and kitchen for supplies. Start with a paper straw and wrap some corrugated cardstock around it for the bristles. You can corrugate the paper yourself by making small folds or buy it already corrugated. Fix the cardstock to the paper straw with some glue and then tie a piece of twine around the top of the bristles.

You can just use a broom, or cut out small broomstick parking signs, or do a mix of both. These little brooms can be placed on any cupcakes, but ones with some edible glitter would really look nice.

From: Simply Kierste

Witch’s Brew Cupcakes

Witches are always brewing up something green and bubbly. In true witch fashion, these cauldrons have a bubbly goo, made from green gel icing, sprinkles, and candies nested inside a chocolate cupcake cauldron. For the handle, black licorice is looped from one side to the other. Add a chocolate covered mini pretzel stick to stir the witch’s brew.

The way these cupcakes are made without a wrapper may be a bit messy, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use a dark cupcake liner to reduce crumbs and make them easier to bring to parties.

From: Better Homes and Gardens

Little Pumpkins

little pumpkins

At first glance, you may think these aren’t cupcakes, but these adorable little pumpkins are made by cutting the cupcake top off of a cupcake and sandwiching them together with icing in between. You’ll have to use an orange cake for this recipe, but you could simply dye a white or yellow mix or use a pumpkin-flavored mix. For the stem, push a Tootsie Roll into the top and pipe a few leaves on either side.

For the remaining cupcake bottoms, you could use one of the other recipes on this list (the rattling bone skeletons would be a great choice) or you can use the remaining cupcake bottoms for cake pops by mixing the cake with icing and forming them into balls then poking on sticks and dipping in melted icing.

From: The Bearfoot Baker

Baby Bats

baby bats

Another bat made from store-bought cookies, these flying bats are unique and incredibly cute. For these batty treats, start with one whole Oreo on top of the cupcake. Then, break one half of an Oreo in half again and place one on either side for wings. Mini Oreos and brown M&Ms create the eyes and mini white chocolate chips can be used for fangs.

Though these will take a bit of time to create, the end result is stunning and even young kids will have a wonderful time helping to make these little bats.

From: Today’s Parent

Midnight Black Cats

midnight black cats

Most of this list has been focused on the decoration of the cupcakes, but we need to highlight the cupcake recipe on this one. These black cats with full moons are perched atop a pumpkin spice pudding cupcake. Pumpkin spice pudding mix and apple cider give this recipe that familiar taste of fall we all crave. On top, she used Halloween picks in front of full moons made with candy melts and sugar sprinkles.

These beautiful and delicious cupcakes would be perfect for crowds of any age, but adults would really appreciate the pumpkin spice and cider used to create this recipe.

From: Lady Behind the Curtain

Bone Chilling Graveyard

bone chilling graveyard

These graveyard cupcakes are made using the Wilton Tombstone Decorating Kit, but you could also make your own tombstones out of fondant or modeling chocolate. Write some clever sayings on the tombstones in edible marker, add a few candy bones, and you’ll have a batch of creepy cupcakes.

This would be an especially fun baking project for kids who have just learned to write. Placing the tombstones and bones is a great job for the younger ones, too.

From: Moments with Mandi

Blood and Gore

blood and gore

Not for the faint of heart, these bloody syringes are about as gory as a cupcake can get. A basic vanilla frosted cupcake is dripped with red gel icing or thinned strawberry jelly, then a fake syringe is filled with more icing or jelly and stuck into the top of the cupcake through the icing.

These syringes can be found in most pharmacies or online. The fun part about this cupcake is that each person can use the syringe to fill the center full of jelly before eating their cupcake.

From: Living Sweet Moments

More Eyeball Monsters

more eyeball monsters

Another version of an eyeball monster, these cupcakes start with green frosting, piped low on a cupcake. Then, candy eyeballs are placed along the top to make a creepy blob with eyes.

Kids will love putting the eyeballs on these creepy cupcakes. These can be done in any color and an assortment would look very cool on a dessert table. Adding edible glitter, gel icing blobs, and other fun decorations would make these eyeball monsters even more unique.

From: Edible Crafts

Pennywise and His Balloon

pennywise and his balloon

From the depths of the sewer emerges a red balloon followed by a creepy clown arm. I’m talking, of course, about the iconic horror movie IT and the cannibalistic clown, Pennywise. These cupcakes begin with a chocolate cupcake and jet-black icing to get a dark, scary effect. Then, an arm is made out of fondant or modeling chocolate. To finish, a red balloon on a lollipop stick is placed in the arm.

This is the perfect cupcake for an adult Halloween party. When it comes to classic horror treats, these ones take the cake!

From: A Magical Mess

Gluten-Free Horror Scene

This gluten-free chocolate cupcake recipe is sure to be a hit with all your gluten-free friends. By using cocoa powder, gluten-free flour, yogurt, and some other surprising ingredients, these cupcakes come out moist and delicious.

For a Halloween theme, this baker made tiny edible butcher knives and has some blobs with eyes as stab victims and some holding the knives as killers. This is a great idea to do with any of the cupcakes. Adding red icing gel or a strawberry jelly blood will give an even more horrific effect.

From: Fearless Dining

Easy Spider Webs

easy spider webs

The recipe for these pumpkin cupcakes combines all the great flavors of fall. With pumpkin puree baked in and cream cheese frosting, these cupcakes are a delicious way to celebrate Halloween. To get this spider web effect, spread icing thin and do a swirl of chocolate gel on top, then, pull a toothpick from the center to the outside to get a web look. If you’ll like a larger pile of cream cheese frosting on top, do a standard cupcake swirl and top with fun Halloween sprinkles.

The flavors and decorating possibilities of these pumpkin cupcakes makes them a great choice for school parties, adult gatherings, or for an after-dinner dessert.

From: 3 Boys and a Dog

Clawed Creature

clawed creature

These creepy claw cupcakes begin with colored buttercream icing piped on with a grass tip. Using multiple colors gives these fuzzy beasts lots of character. Shape fondant or modeling chocolate into claws and set them into the piped icing. To up the creepiness, dip the ends of the claws in a red piping gel to make a bloody beast.

These cupcakes can be made as fun or as scary as you like. Leave out the blood to make a more child-friendly treat, or really pile it on for a gory effect.

From: Bakingdom

Cupcakes for Every Creepy Occasion

Whether you’re taking them to a party or just craving a Halloween treat after dinner, all of these Halloween cupcakes ideas will help to celebrate the spooky, fun season of Halloween.

Feel free to get creative and add your own special spin to these cupcakes to make the perfect creation for your Halloween celebrations. Happy haunting!

creepy-delicious halloween cupcake ideas
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