21 Spookily Awesome Halloween House Tours

halloween house tour designs

In just a few months, Halloween will be right around the corner, and honestly, I can’t wait! I am so excited to come up with a fun and creepy costume and put up my decorations.

Since I wanted to get a headstart on planning, I decided to watch a Halloween house tour or two to get my creative juices flowing.

Of course, one thing led to another, and I soon fell down the best Halloween decorating rabbit hole. So I thought everyone should see these and hopefully get inspired by some cool Halloween decorating ideas.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and get this party startled.

21 Spooky Halloween House Tours

Stylish With a Splash of Spooky From The Happy Housie

crowtastic front porch

A couple of years ago, Krista from The Happy Housie put together an incredible Halloween house tour. From her porch to her dining room and hallway, Krista decorated every corner of her home with some incredible pieces.

For example, on her porch, she just had a blackboard with a fun little message written and a couple of gourds. But she coupled that with a fun decal on her door, as well as a few ravens.

All of the decorations inside the home are simple, yet effective. With a few carefully placed cobwebs, spiders, and ravens, she managed to pull off an incredible Halloween setup.

Rustic & Wicked Awesome Halloween House Tour From Katie LeeAnne

The next Halloween house tour comes from Katie LeeAnne, who makes a ton of different decoration videos. But the one that caught my eye was the Halloween setup which features plenty of cool and original details.

Like Krista, Katie LeeAnne also decorated her porch as well as the inside of her home, with a special focus on the kitchen. But instead of cobwebs, she put black fabric on her kitchen cabinets that goes so well with the theme.

She also had a fun, yet spooky, centerpiece on her dining room table, which is incredibly easy to make. But in my opinion, one of her best Halloween decorations is the awesome salt lamp, which you can see here.

A Scare Is Born Halloween House Tour From Sandee King

If you already have a ton of Halloween knick-knacks and want to find some inspiration for how to display them — Sandee King is your queen. In her house tour, you’ll see how Sandee utilized a bunch of different decorations in a beautiful way.

Apart from your everyday skeletons and spiders, one thing I loved about Sandee’s home was the LED trees. Not only are they beautiful, but they also add a certain spook factor to the Halloween setup.

If you want to get your hands on some LED trees, I recommend either the Litbloom or Lightshare ones. They’ll be a perfect addition to any haunted home, but you can also use them all year long.

A Skulltastic Setup From Amy Darley

Amy Darley managed to pull off an incredible Halloween house tour without breaking the bank. She went bargain hunting, mixed and matched different pieces, and ended up creating a fa-boo-lous Halloween setup.

One thing I really loved about Amy’s tour was that she showcased so much creativity. For example, I loved the idea of using a cake stand to show off a cool skull and some glitter spiders (who doesn’t love those?).

In her house tour, Amy also shows a bunch of adorable candy dishes, candles, and much more. I think that she showcased the best way to combine your fall decorations with your Halloween ones without spending a fortune.

Love at First Bite Halloween Home Tour From Bits of Bri

halloween decor 2019

Unlike Amy Darley, Bits of Bri decided to let go of her fall decorations, and only focus on a ghoulish, but charming Halloween. She also divided some of the rooms in her home to give them a unique theme.

For example, her kids’ dining room had a Día de Muertos design, which is just to die for. On the other hand, the kitchen was the ultimate bat cave. At the end of the blog, Bri also leaves a link to her YouTube video. There, she shows how she prepared for the holiday and shares some cleaning tips.

But the main reason I wanted to feature Bits of Bri’s Halloween house tour was because of all the incredible Harry Potter decorations. With a sorting hat, house banners, and a broom, I absolutely Dumbledore her setup.

Creepy and Cute Halloween Home Decor Tour From Miss Annie

Over on YouTube, Miss Annie managed to pull together an amazing Halloween house tour and she decorated most of her home. She included lots of adorable pieces, like candy corn pillows, ghost blankets, and lots of blow mold ghosts.

Miss Annie also has a beautifully decorated porch. There, she features one of my personal favorites, a doll of Sam from the movie Trick ’r Treat.

One tip I picked up from Miss Annie and one I’ll definitely use is buying styrofoam pumpkins before Halloween starts. I can carve those and leave them on my porch and home and not have to worry about them going bad. Then, as Halloween starts getting closer, I’ll buy some real ones and carve them out.

Spookiest Foyer Inspiration From Dixie Delights

haunted halloween home tour

If you’re reading this only a couple of days before Halloween and don’t have time to decorate the whole house, you need to check out the Dixie Delights blog. Amanda went all out when it came to decorating her hallway and incorporated some details that I loved.

For starters, she put a cute new skirt on her entrance table and matched it to a black rug with polka dots. On the table, she had a bunch of creepy-looking little plastic rats, entwined in some black garland.

A piece that was a real stand-out for me was the umbrella stand. Instead of moving it or leaving it empty, Amanda put a realistic-looking plastic ax mixed with a couple of fun duck umbrellas. How fun is that?!

Giving Them Pumpkin to Talk About From Angie Bellemare

If you love fairy lights as much as I do, you’ll get a real kick out of watching Angie Bellamare’s Halloween house tour. She has decked out her entire home, including two offices, filming space, and powder rooms, with dozens of different fairy lights.

She also put a bunch of different flame-less candles, which are absolutely adorable. I particularly like the black ones from Yamate, which come in a couple of different sizes.

Angie also put a bunch of different Halloween pieces around her home, but one that caught my attention was the animated broom. It looks like so much fun and I think I’m also going to get one for this holiday season.

Ghosts and Goblins Halloween Home Tour From Nest of Posies

halloween ghosts and goblins in the kitchen

Up until I discovered the Nest of Posies blog, I thought I was the biggest fan of ghost decorations. Turns out that Kellie, the brains behind the blog, is definitely the ghostess with the mostest.

For Halloween last year, Kellie put together a Halloween house tour full of spooky, but adorable little ghosts floating around. She did that by putting a thin, white cloth over the jars in her kitchen and chandelier and drawing faces on them.

Another idea I loved from the Nest of Posies blog was the little goblin section she put together. By strategically placing a few cobwebs, spiders, and a crow, she made one of the best displays I’ve ever seen.

Come Fright This Way Halloween Home Tour From Chic On The Cheap

Chic on the Cheap, also known as Sara Jane, did a Hocus Pocus-inspired Halloween theme last year. She decorated her entire home with different witch knick-knacks, like three brooms and a bunch of different canvases.

In addition to Hocus Pocus, Sara Jane is also a huge fan of Sleepy Hollow and she had countless little pieces from the movie. The one I loved was a Headless Horseman statue that pulled together the whole theme.

Another one of Sara Jane’s excellent Halloween decorating ideas was printing a couple of canvases. She downloaded a few photos and had them blown up to fit her theme perfectly.

Playfully Bizarre Halloween Home Tour From Kelly Elko

Creative Halloween Home Tour

With her Halloween decorating ideas, Kelly Elko shows that Halloween is so much more than just guts and gore. In her home tour, she starts by showing off her door with the cutest, most interesting doorbell I’ve ever seen. It’s an animated eyeball that opens up and lets out a spooky voice every time you press it.

Her next idea is one I’m considering this year and it’s putting a life-size plastic skeleton as a table centerpiece. What’s cool about this is that you can arrange it in all sorts of ways, including having it sit in a chair next to you.

I also loved that she got a little skeleton that looks like her dog, but I think I found an even better one. It’s a skeleton of a balloon dog, which is the perfect combination of kooky and spooky.

Black and White Halloween House Tour From Melissa Parada

Since it was her first year decorating for Halloween, Melissa Parada only did her kitchen, family room, and front entry. I think that not decorating your entire home is a great idea, especially if you’ve never done it before or don’t have enough decorations.

For her home, Melissa went for a more monochromatic approach, with just a few splashes of color here and there. In her entryway, Melissa had a spooky house decoration, along with a couple of black trees, and some spider candle holders.

She went pretty simple for her family room and combined some Halloween pieces with a few fall ones. By combining the checkered throw pillows with the little black and white pumpkins, she managed to pull off a stylish Halloween setup.

Not For Lazy Bones From Pink Sparkly Cupcake Girl

Unlike Melissa, Pink Sparkly Cupcake Girl went all out for Halloween last year and decorated almost every nook and cranny of her home. She starts the tour by showing off her porch, which has a ton of different light features and decorations.

Once she goes into the house, we get to see her wall of antique, Victorian portraits. But in the spirit of Halloween, she added a trick photo that changes when it’s exposed to a flashlight. 

Pink Sparkly Cupcake Girl also put up a bunch of different stickers and cutouts, which is a simple and cheap way to decorate any home.

Enter at Your Own Peril Haunted House Tour From A Beautiful Mess

skeletons in the table

Emma Chapman, who runs the A Beautiful Mess blog, pulled out all the stops last year with a haunted house. She designed and put together a Halloween house tour for all the parents and kids in her neighborhood.

Even before you walked in the front door, you were greeted with a spooky, but delightful full-size skeleton. Then, upon entering the hallway, you could see a bunch of ghosts, ghouls, and apparitions.

But the real treat for the visitors was inside the dining room, where Emma set up a skeleton food fight. It’s one of the most creative things I’ve seen by far and I’m definitely considering doing something similar this year.

Halloween House Tour and Decorating Ideas From Chrissy Marie Blog

porch and exterior halloween design

Chrissy Marie does a Halloween house tour almost every year, but last year she included some of her DIY designs. She put up some pretty simple, but effective decorations to create a stylish Halloween look.

Chrissy Marie put a lot of effort into her entryway and made sure that it looked beautiful. That’s because she says that’s the most important part since that’s what the trickers-or-treaters will see.

But my favorite part was seeing her DIYs since they’re so simple, a child could do them! The one I loved most and will probably try out this year is the haunted cake stand.

Eerie & Elegant Halloween House Tour From Craftberry Bush

halloween family room house tour

Even though she’s not a Halloween fanatic like some of us (present company included), Lucy from Craftberry Bush made one of my favorite mini-tours. She also partnered with Jennifer Rizzo and Kelly Elko to exchange Halloween decorating ideas and designs.

Lucy starts the mini-tour by showing us what she did with her porch and how she managed to keep it both spooky and festive. If you have kids like she does, and they love Minions, you should make a Minion pumpkin just like Lucy’s.

Another great tip to pick up from Lucy is to focus on one or two pieces of furniture and not to overdo it. For example, her china hutch and mantel are more than enough to feel the spirit of Halloween.

A Semi-Spooky Halloween Home Tour From Creek Line House

halloween house tour dining area

If you don’t want to blow your entire decorating budget and want to save some money for other holidays, Courtenay from Creek Line House can relate. She decided to use all of the decorations from previous years and only buy a few new ones.

With a few strategically placed spiders, cobwebs, and mice, Courtenay decorated almost every room in her home. With that said, one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen was the little rat she put on her toilet paper.

For your decorating pleasure, Courtenay also included a couple of other popular bloggers who did Halloween-related content. If you’re interested in checking them out, just scroll down to the bottom of her page.

Gothic Halloween House Tour From Boxy Colonial

As a die-hard fan of Dickens, I was so excited to see that Gretchen from Boxy Colonial decided to put on Halloween inspired by Great Expectations. The focal point of her decorations was her dresser, where she put a display of Miss Havisham’s abandoned wedding feast.

It had an amazing plaster cake that was crawling with mice, as well as some candles, cobwebs, and a couple of portraits. Right in front of the feast was a box of decorative gourds and some adorable woodland creatures.

Of course, Gretchen didn’t miss the opportunity to also put some cool skeletons and decorations in her yard. She even has a skull walkway which she expands every year.

Gourds Galore From The Kim Six Fix

the kim six fix halloween

Kim from The Kim Six Fix blog also went all out for Halloween and decorated her entire home. As you can tell from her pictures, Kim’s a big fan of gourds and pumpkins in all sorts of different sizes and colors, which I think is adorable.

In addition to those, Kim had also put out a bunch of decorative candlesticks, plates, and flowers. Again, I loved that Kim had a theme and stuck with it, using a similar color palette all throughout her home.

Geeky Ghouls & DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas From Our Nerd Home

Kat and Cam from Our Nerd Home definitely like creepin’ it real and doing some simple, but creative DIY projects. They made the majority of their Halloween decorations, and if I do say so myself, they turned out amazing!

For starters, they made some incredible art, including an 8-bit pumpkin and a “cross-stitched” skull. Another really cool idea I picked up from Kat and Cam was their Dexter-inspired tablecloth with blood spatter.

Also, I like that they kept their porch pretty simple, but with a few amazing details. For example, one of the pumpkins had a fake knife in it and there was blood coming off it.

A Witch’s Lair From This Old Colonial Home

A few years back, Kelly from This Old Colonial Home joined the Halloween house tour movement and designed an incredible setup. Her home had just the right amount of creepy crawlies, bats, cobwebs, and candles.

One of my favorite pieces from her tour was the witch’s hat centerpiece on her dining room table. I thought it was really interesting how she stuffed it with some grocery bags. That way, it would always stay upright and I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time.

Final Thoughts

Before I finish this article, I’d like to leave you with this: Why wouldn’t the skeleton go into the haunted house? He had no guts (ba dum tss).

All jokes aside, I couldn’t decide which Halloween house tour I loved the most, so I’ll let you be the judge of that. Hopefully, you’ll get inspired to do some decorations of your own.

halloween house tour designs
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