Halloween Costumes Through the Years

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A very happy Halloween to all of you! I thought I’d pop in to show you all my costume from this year, as well as share some costumes from the past.

This year I ventured into the world of face paint, which I was very nervous about, but it came out great and my skin behaved itself and didn’t break out. I apologize for the crummy pictures, they were all taken at parties where the lightly was spook-ily dimmed. 😉

The Chesire Cat:

chesire cat face makeup how to halloween costume
  • I bought a cat ear headband online for a few dollars then used embroidery floss thread to add the purple and pink inside
  • I wore a purple and black striped tshirt (I already owned), a black skirt (already owned), and purple and black striped tights (under $5 at Walmart)
  • As for the face makeup, I used liquid and pencil black eyeliner and then white face paint then purple and pink eye shadows

The face paint took about 30-45 minutes, and I’ve literally never done it before so I was pretty pleased with how it came out. Here’s the how to:

  • Use your black pencil eyeliner to outline the shape of your mouth lightly on your face- you’re going to cover this up, but you need it to serve as your guide
  • Color in the shape using your white face paint (I used a q-tip to do this). It may take 2-3 coats to get it solid white
  • While your white is drying, use your liquid eyeliner to draw on your whiskers. I also had striped pink and purple eye shadow, and used a cream pink eye shadow to contour around my nose and under the smile (hard to see in pictures). You can add mascara and eyeliner to your liking as well
  • Finally, take your liquid mascara and trace around the outside of your smile and draw on your teeth

…as for my creepy ventriloquist dummy friend, you still just need white and black face paint/makeup. And apply fake lashes at the apples of your cheeks. She was horrifying.

chesire cat and alice in wonderland

Oh and look at that- I found my Alice! Her costume is made out of TRASH BAGS. Seriously. She went as “trashy Alice in Wonderland” and I freaking love it.

And now a quick look at Halloweens of the past….

female halloween costumes easy no make up

In 2006 I was Batgirl, and just bought a little girls extra large costume (adult costumes were like triple the price!). I wore a bathing suit boy short bottom underneath it and nylons with knee high boots.

In 2008 I was an astronaut and made that costume out of a child’s puffy winter jacket and a cardboard box wrapped in a sheet with some dishwasher hoses I found in my apartment.

In 2009 I was a pin up girl, just another store bought costume there and a cute hairstyle. My ventriloquist friend went as 50’s housewife that year (sidenote: she THOUGHT her costume was called “Joan Cleaver” but it actually was called “Joan Cleavage.” Damn you, sexy Halloween costume stereotypes!)

In 2013 I went with the stereotype and bought a sexy cheeseburger costume… but it was just because I found it hilarious that the costume even existed. My trashy Alice in Wonderland was a lady Sherlock Holmes this year…she looked great!

So tell me…. what are YOU being for Halloween this year??


Thrift Score Thursday #38- HALLOWEEN COSTUME EDITION!

Happy Halloween!