Hey Girl.

baby girl and dog

Today I’m playing along with a make-your-own Hey Girl challenge. You know  Hey Girl….. all those studly pictures of Ryan Gosling telling us how everything we do is amazing and perfect all the time.

I’m a regular reader of View Along the Way and she teamed up with Domestic Imperfection,  Bliss RanchTwo Twenty One, and Decor and the Dog for a fun little little party.

Kelly says:

“You find your sultriest photos of your man and hey-girl-ify him. You can use something he’s actually said in real life, or just something you dream of hearing him say someday.”

and for the single ladies:” This party is for you too! Just hey-girl-ify your favorite celeb, your dog, a piece of chocolate cake, or whatever you love.”

Here’s my amazing Hey Girl’s… try and contain the overwhelming turned-on-ness you’re about to feel…

You’re damn right I do.

Even though we’re adults we sure don’t have to act like it.

You know it’s good.

And one last one for the other man in my life:

baby girl and dog
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