High 5 for Friday

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I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but thought I’d hope back on board.

Here’s my top 5 for the week:

1. I got to be a part of an awesome collaboration and was able to create something I never would have done otherwise. (and there’s still a giveaway for it going on too- make sure you enter to win a $200 gift certificate!)

DIY Halloween Window Display

2. Our professional wedding pictures are done and here! Now I can start working on Christmas gifts and frames.

3. I made some crazy good baked french toast last night thanks to Pioneer Woman. It was even more delicious when I had it again for breakfast this morning. When things taste this good they’re totally healthy, right? RIGHT?! Also, it reminded me that even though I’ve been cooking I totalllllly forgot about my Pinterest Food Challenge. Whoopsie.

4. We now have both sinks and vanities needed to redo our bathrooms- we just need to make time to do them! I’m hoping slowly over the next few weeks but right now I’m eagle eyed on finishing up our darn basement stairs once and for all.

5. We had our basement movie room measured by Home Depot so we can start picking out flooring (which will probably be done in the spring) and I found out we’ve got an extra 341 square feet down there! That’ll be so huge for resale. The room is basically finished but has a concrete subfloor, so it couldn’t be listed as such.  I realized it was big, but we packed it with so much stuff I didn’t realize it was that big.

Excuse the label, I janked this picture from the one where we hid all our wires

How was your week? Any awesome Halloween decorations or projects coming together?


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