High 5 for Friday

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Every now and then I link up with Lauren Elizabeth top list my top 5 for the week, so here’s what’s going on in my world right now:

1. I scored this sweet 7×10 rug from Bed, Bath and Beyond for just $90 (!!!) and it arrived on Monday. It is absolutely perfect in my living room, and spurred me to rearrange some things and I’ll be reupholstering a bench soon too. (Pro tip: This rug was on clearance and not available in my store but you can’t use a 20% off coupon online even though they don’t restrict clearance items– go into the store and order online with an associate to use the coupon)

2. My garden is doing a great job at providing us with a bit of food. I’ve got more herbs then I know what to do with (a sprig of spearmint in my water everyday for the past few weeks…mmm!) and lots of cucumbers right now, my tomatoes are starting to turn red and both types of peppers should be ready in a few weeks too. Success!

3. Matt and I just finished watching the first 2 seasons of Hannibal and it is excellent. If you like horror tv then this is a must watch, every single detail is amazing from the set design to the script.

4. This past weekend from Saturday-Monday afternoon Matt and I had our nephew over to our house. We adventured to the children’s discovery museum, to a huge petting zoo farm, and to the park. He’s going to be 2 next month so it was really fun (and exhausting!) to have a long weekend slumber party and play all weekend.

5. Tomorrow we’re going on a day trip with 2 of our best friends to their home town and it should be a fun, silly day with good food and good laughs. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks!

from a weekend getaway a few years ago

How’s your week been? What’s happening in your world?


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