High 5 for Friday: Garden Edition

I may have gotten a little overly excited about gardening this year… normally my hoard just includes glass jars and bags but it has now grown to include plants of all kind. So with that in mind, here’s my high 5 garden edition:

1. BASIL! I got regular basil from my local greenhouse and lemon basil from a coworker both potted in perhaps the cutest pots I’ve ever seen (thanks Marshall’s!) I’ve already pruned about 4 inches off the top of each, so I expect them to get pretty big and bushy once I move them outside.

tip: When using pots this large you do not need to fill them completely with soil, the roots just aren’t going to get that long. I put a layer of rocks at the bottom, then filled each pot about halfway with dried crushed leaves. If you don’t have leaves, shredded newspaper or junk mail will work too.

another tip: I bring a bottle of water with me to work everyday and I’ve started adding 1/3 sliced cucumber, 3 basil leaves, and a squirt of lemon to it. mmmmmm. It sounds weird, but it is goooood.

2. CHIVES! These came from my coworker as well and man do they taste just like eating an onion. I was going to add them to my herb garden but honestly we’re not going to eat them that much and they get really pretty flowers if you let them grow so now I need to find a  sunny spot to use them as a decorative plant.

Where should I put you?
Where should I put you?

3. MORNING GLORIES! Also from my coworker, I’m really hoping I don’t accidentally kill these guys. They’re crawlers and stretchers so I’d like to put them at the base of my cement wall so they can grow to hang over it.

4. SUCCULENTS! It’s hard for me to have plants inside because one particular cat (ahem luigi ahem) likes to eat them. So I’ve got them placed on my swing shelves just out of reach. Each one has a layer of rock at the bottom, then cactus soil to help with drainage. They’ve all been doing fine for several months now.

why yes, I do know how terrible this collage is.

why yes, I do know how terrible this collage is.

5. CACTI! One you see pictured above, and this other one lives in the living room to add just the tiniest bit more color in there… try and chew this Luigi! muah ha ha!

Oh yeah, and note that this is just a “high 5″ post. I’ve also got daisy seedlings, parsley, peppermint, and chocolate mint all hoarded in the basement waiting until this week’s thunder storms are over.

What are you growing this year?

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