How I Showed My Closet Who’s Boss: Part II

Yesterday I shared with you how I took out my nasty closet door and hung up a sheet instead… and left you with a picture of Matt drilling into the ceiling right next to it. Get ready a post full ‘o pictures all about what we did next:

Quality Control Inspectors Zsa Zsa and Dutch waited patiently while made made not one but TWO holes in the ceiling. He drilled holes for anchors, lightly tapped them in with a hammer, then screwed hooks into them. And what was to go on those hooks? A hanging shelf DIY’d by our good friend Scott.

To measure out the holes we just used our level, which is a few inches wide so by default that’s how we decided how far out from the wall to make them- no real science there. And the required drill bit for the anchors and screws came with them, which made that pretty simple as well.

The shelf is just a piece of wood with four holes drilled into it (two on each edge) and some rope knotted through the holes, to make what I call a swing shelf.

At some point in time I might paint the shelf, or maybe just the bottom of it, but right now I’m digging it au’ naturale.

The shelf is super thin- it doesn’t stick in your way when you walk in the room because it’s also where the door opens into. But it does a great job at filling the gap between the lazy sheet-for-a-closet-door and the edge of the door.

Let’s see that bad boy up close:

For now on the shelf I’ve got 2 pieces of a 5 canvas painting, some empty jars form my hoard, and an old tea tin my grandmother gave to me. But you know that could change any day. I love that we’re finally getting to use at least some of that painting, unfortunately it doesn’t really have a place in this house to hang somewhere in its’ entirety. If you’re interested, it’s this unbelievably amazing piece – check out the seller’s whole shop really because she was lovely to work with and incredibly talented.

Life. Is. Good.

The closet door update is kind of meh, but with the addition of the shelf that side of the room is looking WORLDS different from where we started. Let’s not forget though, it’s not the stuff in the house that matters- but the people (and pets) you share it with. 🙂

And just for reference, here’s a shot of the other side of the room so you can see how it all works together:

So what do you think: would you paint the whole shelf? Maybe jazz up just the bottom? Leave it bare?

Other DIY projects in this room: hand stamped tv stand // spray painted bureau

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