How to Beat the (dry, scratchy, forced air) Heat

In my last healthy living round up (here) I mentioned a body cream and oil I’d been using for my super dry skin, and they are awesome… but then we hit the dead of winter. I was literally waking up in the middle of the night because my legs were so painfully itchy. It got rough.

dry skin treatments

I threw it out to Facebookland to see if you all had any great tips and you totally nailed it.

dry skin remedies

If you’re feeling super dry, awful, and itchy, here’s what I’m doing now that may work for you too:

– COCONUT OIL! I always forget about the magic of coconut oil, but I had a jar of it under the sink because occasionally I get on an oil pulling kick and it’s been working wonders. After I shower each night I put it on my legs while my skin is still damp and it absorbs within minutes. My inner thighs are the most dry– I’m talking heat rash dry- and this has totally fixed it.

– HUMIDIFIER! I also always forget that I have a humidifier, because I only use it when we catch the death flu. But it totally works to put moisture back in the air when the heat’s been pumping all day. Sometimes I even add a few drops of lavender essential oil to it, which is lovely and I sleep hard when I do that.

 DOVE! Dove products are seriously the best, I’ve been using them since high school. Recently Influenster sent me their new 48 hour spray on deodorant and it works great and dries instantly. I’ve also been using their dry shampoo so I don’t have to wash my hair every night (because the blowdrying is no good on my scalp right now)- I find the dry shampoo works best if I spray it on at night then brush it out and sleep on it, as opposed to trying to use it and style in the morning.

This weekend I’m planning to do this Maskcara too because my scalp psoriasis has been unbearable- have any of you tried it yet? What other remedies do you have?

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